tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 05

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 05


A quick recap on the main characters....

Jane...that's me. 32 y.o. mother and budding deviant!

Olivier...my loving and understanding French husband, and stepson of Francesca.

Francesca...my 45 y.o. alcoholic French Mother-in-law and Penelope Cruz lookalike-damn her!

Paula...my red-headed best friend and next door neighbour, and budding spankee.

Dave...Paula's husband and budding voyeur.


I could not believe how much my life had changed in the couple of months since my Mother-in-law, Francesca, had arrived from France. Not only had I spanked and masturbated her, but I was also guilty of spanking my good friend, and neighbour, Paula. Yes, I was guilty as charged. Guilty of sinful behaviour. But curiously I felt no remorse and very little guilt. I didn't understand what was driving my behaviour, but I certainly knew it gave me intense pleasure when I was dominating another woman, as deviant as that may sound. What I did feel somewhat guilty about was the fact that I had only started on this crazy dominating escapade out of a genuine desire to help Francesca break her alcohol and smoking addictions, and I had to be sure I did not lose the plot along the way.

Francesca seemed to be making progress. She was looking healthier and seemed to have more inner strength. She still had her 'down' periods when she was moody and withdrawn and struggling to keep it all together, but even Olivier was commenting on her positive progress which always brought out a wry smile from me. It was now twelve days since Francesca had last been spanked, and three days since I had been in her room and helped her fulfil her sexual fantasy for the second time.

Paula and her husband, Dave, had been away at a wine festival over the past week and had only just returned. I had wondered a number of times whether their would be any further punishment sessions with Paula, or whether it was a one-off that met a need that she did not want to repeat. Either way I was not going to push the issue and risk destroying a close friendship. I met Paula briefly over the next couple of days and she was her usual friendly self. But I sensed she was a little tense, however I said nothing.

The following day I answered the phone to find Paula on the other end. She stammered as she spoke, and I immediately knew that this was not just a normal social call.

"Will you come over, Jane?" my red-headed neighbour stammered down the phone.

"Is Dave home?" I enquired.

"No. He won't be back until tomorrow."

"So....what do you want me to come over for, Paula love?" I felt I knew the answer.

There was hesitation before she responded. "I want you to do it again, please."

"Do what?" I enquired provocatively.

"You know." I could almost see Paula squirming on the end of the phone.

"Paula," I stated firmly, "If you want me to come over and punish you then you need to ask me properly."

"Please punish me," she responded quietly.

"Have you been a naughty girl?"

"Yes," was her whispered response.

"A very naughty girl?"

"Yes...a very naughty girl," was her tentative response.

"Alright, but you will need to come around and pick me up as Francesca has taken Abigail up town."

"Okay," Paula responded willingly.

"Oh...and Paula, what are you wearing?"

"I ...umm...have just had a shower. I am wearing my summer floral dress that we purchased last holidays."

"Good. Are you wearing a bra and panties?"

Paula giggled like a child. "Of course I am, silly."

"Well take them off before you come around to pick me up. I want you to be wearing just your dress with nothing else." I then just hung up the phone.

Fifteen minutes later I heard Paula pull up in the yard outside of my house, and give a small toot of her car horn. However I ignored her until I eventually heard her knock on the door. I took my time opening the front door, and when I did my red-haired neighbour greeted me bashfully. I could see her nipples protruding against the light fabric of her summer floral dress. It was clear she was not wearing a bra, and I had a pretty good idea she would not be wearing knickers, but I decided to be provocative.

"Have you taken off your bra and panties?" I queried.

Paula nodded, blushing as she did.

"Show me."

Her jaw dropped open. "Here?"

"Yes. Here. Right on the front doorstep."

Paula glanced around to ensure there was nobody else about. Then quickly she lifted up the front of her dress to flash me her naked thatch of red pubic hair.

"All the way up. I want to see your boobs as well."

Paula sighed, and again looked around to ensure there were no onlookers. She then gripped the front of her dress and lifted it right up until her breasts came into sight, revealing her beautiful naked fair skin covered in delightful freckles. I gave her a nod and a smile to indicate I was satisfied she was indeed not wearing a bra or knickers, and then walked away to her car. Paula quickly climbed in and nervously drove the short distance down the road to her property.

When we got to Paula's she hurriedly got out and went to enter her house but I yelled out for her to follow me into the old barn that her and Dave had converted into a wine cellar and sales reception room. Reticently Paula followed.

"Why are we going in here?" she enquired nervously.

Ignoring her I beckoned Paula to follow me to the back corner where the wine barrels were stored.

"Undress," I directed once we were standing in the far corner. We were hidden from the open barn door if anyone was to drive up into the yard, but if anyone walked inside the barn we were in clear view.

Paula had a panicked look on her face. "No, not in here," she protested.

"Yes, in here, right now, undress."

Despite her protests Paula only hesitated for a short moment before she reached for the hem of her dress. In one swift action she lifted the dress up over her shoulders and off, leaving her totally naked. I took the dress off her, folded it up and then stuffed it into my pocket. Paula looked alarmed but said nothing.

"Put your hands on your head."

Paula quickly obeyed.

"So you have been very naughty and deserve to be punished?"

"Yes," was Paula's embarrassed response.

"I think you need to be both humiliated and punished, don't you?"

"Yes," Paula pouted. Even though she looked nervous I could see she was rubbing her thighs together and I strongly suspected she was getting turned on by the anticipation of what lay before her.

"Are you getting turned on, you naughty little slut?"

Paula's fair freckled skin did little to hide her blush of shame. "No", she protested.

I raised my eyebrow and just stared at her quizzically.

However our little charade was interrupted by a car driving into the yard. Paula looked petrified and reached out for her dress however I ignored her and walked away to the barn entrance. The car contained a group of four elderly tourists who had stopped by on their way out of town to purchase some wine. Without hesitation I invited them into the barn to allow them to sample the different varieties of wine available. I had often assisted Paula and Dave in the boutique winery in the past so was fully conversant with serving customers. As we walked to the table for the wine tasting Paula was not visible, however I knew the only place she could hide was behind a couple of wine barrels that were no more than three yards away from where the elderly tourists were now standing.

As the tourists sampled the wine and chatted amongst themselves about the virtues of each variety, I nonchalantly strolled down towards the wine barrels, and as I peeked over the top I spotted my naked, red-haired friend hunched down trying to make herself as small as possible. I walked around the barrels and stood right in front of Paula, my shin bones pushing against her nakedness. From there I began to converse with the customers again, getting feedback from them on the wine tasting. We chatted for several minutes. If only they knew I had a naked woman huddled at my feet.

Finally I had to leave my hapless victim to collect the bottles of wine they had purchased, and it ended up being a very healthy sale. Once they were gone I returned to where Paula continued to be huddled behind the wine barrels on her hands and knees.

"Wasn't that fun?"

Paula glanced up at me scornfully. "I was terrified I would be discovered."

She went to get up but I put my hand on her back to hold her down there.

"Keep your head on the ground and put your butt in the air."

Paula groaned in protest, but did as I had requested. Her buttocks protruded upwards. They were the one part of her body not covered in freckles. Her labia squeezed out provocatively, and her puckered anus was in clear view. I stood and admired the sight.

"Get that butt of yours higher missy," I demanded.

Paula arched her back and stretched her buttocks higher. This further exposed her labia that were clearly swollen and moist.

"You are turned on, you naughty little slut!"

Without warning a slapped her buttocks firmly and Paula yelped out loudly. I then followed up with a further twenty spanks. When I had finished I helped Paula to her feet. Her face was tear-streaked and covered with dust from the floor.

Once she was on her feet I stood her before one of the barrels she had been hiding behind and directed her to lean over it. Without question she did as requested, placing her hands on the floor on the other side of the barrel.

"Open your legs."

Again she obeyed. I resumed the spanking, being firm but not too severe. After a further fifteen or so spanks I noticed that Paula's hips were beginning to grind up and down against the wooden surface of the overturned wine barrel. As the spanking continued the grinding increased in intensity. It was obvious she was using the grinding motion to stimulate her clitoris against the wine barrel. It did not take many more spanks before her body began to shake and she cried out in pleasure. I am not sure if she was hoping to hide her orgasm, but if she was she did a damn awful job of it.

When she finally found the strength to stand there was a large stain on the wine barrel from where her vaginal juices had flowed. She blushed, while I smiled knowingly and handed back her dress.

"Jeez Paula, I am surrounded by woman who like to get their rocks off in unusual ways." I knew I was being provocative.

Paula just continued to look extremely ashamed.

"I'll tell you what. Francesca is going to be punished tonight. Since Dave is not home until tomorrow why don't you come around for dinner and watch the proceedings. At least you can see you are not the only one getting punished by me today."

Paula's eyes suddenly lit up and she quickly responded she would love to come around for dinner.

"I didn't know you enjoyed my cooking so much!" I added playfully.

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