The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 06


"Olivier, no!" I again protested.

However my protests went unheeded. Olivier took one of the lengths of rope and slid it under my shoulders before bringing it across the top of my breasts. He then slid it under my back again before bringing it across the bottom of my breasts. After repeating the process he knotted the ropes above and below my breasts together. This had the affect of squeezing my small breasts together and pushing my erect nipples out.

After briefly admiring his handiwork he took the second length of rope and slid it under my waist and tied it. He then slid the knot under my back and then pulled the free length of rope between my butt cheeks and up over my vagina. He separated my swollen labia to ensure the rope slid down in between the lips. Olivier then pulled it tight and secured it to the rope around my waist. Again he stood beside the bed to admire his handiwork, and he seemed very pleased with the result.

"You look very cute," he grinned. "Bondage looks very good on you. You should wear it more often!" With that he lightly kissed me on the cheeks before quickly retreating out of the room.

"Olivier...the sheets...please cover me, or switch the light off!" I begged, but he was gone.

The house fell into silence and I began to contemplate my predicament. I tried to pull against the scarves but Olivier had done a good job ensuring I could not get free. My breasts were captured in a bra of rope and as I struggled against the scarves the rope made my nipples even more achingly sensitive. But this was nothing compared to my rope thong that split my labia apart. When I struggled against the scarves that secured my hands and feet, this caused the rope on my pelvis to move slightly. Even though the movement was only slight it sent powerful sensations shuddering through my body.

Lying on my bed, naked, spread-eagled, with nothing covering me and the light switched on, I was indeed living out my sexual fantasy. The amazing thing was that actually experiencing it, rather than just fantasizing, was more erotic than I would ever have imagined. And as much as I had to admit it, the vulnerability of my predicament made the experience more powerful. If anyone walked into the room I could do nothing to hide or protect myself. My naked body was openly on display and nothing would be hidden from prying eyes. As these thoughts raced around in my head I began to struggle even more against the bonds, ensuring I moved my upper and lower torso as much as I could. The friction of the rope was electrifying, and after several blissful minutes a sledgehammer of an orgasm quickly built and then ripped through my body. I felt like I was in seventh heaven, so powerful were the sensations.

I then must have dozed off because when I next looked at the clock it was almost 1.00 a.m. and nearly two hours had passed. A quick glance to the side of the bed confirmed that Olivier had not returned. I strongly suspected he had fallen asleep in Abigail's room, which he was apt to do when he got up to her during the night. The question I had was whether he had accidentally fallen asleep or had it been a deliberate ploy to keep me in this bondage. Either way I silently cursed him. My arms and legs were beginning to ache and the rope around my breasts and pelvic region was digging into me. Added to this I badly needed to have a pee. However there was no way I could call out to him and out of frustration I began to yank at the scarves again in a bid to free myself. I thought if I pulled on the scarves hard enough they might tear. But the more I struggled, the more the ropes moved against my nipples and labia. Despite myself I could feel the sexual tension building in my body. I desperately tried to ignore it. I didn't want an orgasm. I wanted to get free and have a pee. I struggled even more, and more, and more. My resistance waned and my sexual desires took over. At that point I knew I was struggling for my own sexual gratification. I wriggled my pelvis up and down to get maximum stimulation on my clitoris. My body was pounding up and down on the bed and I was bathed with sweat. When the orgasm hit it was every bit as powerful as the first one. My pelvis and shoulders were arched high in air as I let the sensations of the orgasm rip through my body.

As the orgasm subsided I lowered my aching body and opened my eyes, which had been closed during my struggle and subsequent orgasm. To my horror a grinning Olivier was standing beside the bed.

"That was some show. You women certainly know how to live out your fantasies."

I was intensely embarrassed. "You bastard," I responded. "Get me out of these ropes."

"Sorry," he smiled, but not looking very sincere, "I must have fallen asleep."

"Whatever!" I tried to sound angry to cover my humiliation. "Untie me as I badly need to pee."

"Is that so? Well perhaps I should go and check on Abigail and come back later."

"Olivier, don't be an absolute bastard," I pleaded.

"Well...perhaps we should talk about my fantasies first."

"Can't we talk about them after I pee?"

"Now come on Jane, don't be selfish." Olivier was relishing the opportunity to take advantage of my helplessness. "If you agree to let me live out one of my fantasies then I will let you have a pee."

"Alright, I agree," I quickly responded.

"Don't you want to hear what you are agreeing to?"

"No...tell me after." I was getting desperate as I did not have the strongest bladder following the birth of Abigail.

"Very well. If you insist."

With that Olivier untied the scarves from around the base of the bed but instead of removing them from my ankles he secured the ends of the scarves together, giving my feet only about six inches of movement. He then untied the scarves from the headboard and then instructed me to roll over onto my tummy. I tried to protest but before I knew it he had rolled me over onto my stomach, pulled my hands together and then secured them with the scarves.

"What are you doing," I protested. "You promised me you would untie me and let me pee."

"No...I told you I would let you pee. I didn't say I would untie you."


Do you want to pee or not?"

"Yes, desperately!"

With that Olivier rolled me onto my back and manoeuvred my legs so they were hanging over the side of the bed, before pulling me to my feet. I stood there ungainly, hands tied behind my back and my feet hobbled together so I could only move in a slow shuffle. I began my slow shuffle to the on-suite toilet when I realised I still had the rope pulled tight up through my labia.

"The rope. Remove it quickly before I pee on the carpet."

"The rope stays."

I wanted to protest but my desperation to pee did not leave time for an argument. I resumed my shuffle, going as quickly as I could without falling over. When I finally reached the bathroom the toilet seat cover was down.

"Olivier," I screamed as loud as I dared. "The toilet seat."

Olivier lifted the cover and then gave a regal bow at the waist. "There you are your Majesty, your throne awaits."

If my hands hadn't been tied I think I would have punched him squarely between the eyes. Quickly I lowered myself down on the toilet seat, and not a moment too soon. The urine fair gushed out of me. The rope was inhibiting the flow but as long as I could pee I didn't really care. Once I had emptied my bladder I had to withstand the indignity of Olivier helping me back to my feet then standing there like an ignoramus while he used toilet paper to wipe me clean.

As erotic as it was being tied up, I realised I liked the feeling of being the dominant one rather than having to be totally submissive, and from that respect I was surprised, and a little annoyed, that I had found it so sexually stimulating. Go figure that one out!

Once I had hobbled back to the bedroom I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"So?" I enquired

"So?" Olivier responded

"So what is the fantasy my smartass husband?"

"I want to screw you, doggy style."

That's not so bad I thought.

"While you are nude and draped over the bonnet of the Audi," he continued.

I looked at him incredulously, while thinking that only a male would fantasise about screwing his wife while she was sprawled naked over the bonnet of his beloved sports car.

"So do I get to be untied while you bang me on the bonnet?" I grinned.

He thought about it. "Given you are going to have to walk naked across the yard to the garage, I think it is only fair that I remove the scarves, but the ropes stay."

I wasn't entirely happy with his response on a couple of counts. Firstly having to keep the ropes on that encircled my breasts and pelvis, and secondly the bit about walking naked across the yard. But I knew that I had an open-minded husband who had taken a very liberal view to my antics over recent weeks, and I felt the least I could do was give him this moment to live one of his fantasies. Besides, our bedroom had doors directly onto the veranda that led to the yard, and neither Francesca nor Abigail's bedrooms had windows that faced that way.

So without argument I held up my feet so Olivier could untie them, and then stood and turned so he could free my hands from behind my back. Silently I let him take my hand and lead me out the bedroom, over the veranda and across the yard. It felt strange and exciting to be walking outdoors in the nude. Given we live on an orchard I was fairly certain we were hidden from prying eyes, but you still had the feeling there were a hundred unseen eyes taking in your nakedness.

Once we got to the garage where our two cars are kept he unlocked it, turned on the light, led me inside and then re-fastened the door. Without being asked I walked over to the Audi TT in the corner, stood in front of it, and then bent forward to rest my upper torso on the bonnet. The cold metal crushed my breasts, which couldn't flatten out because of the rope restraints.

"Open your legs wide," Olivier commanded.

I obliged by spreading my feet as wide apart as I could, causing the rope to push even further into my spread labia. Despite the fact I had already had two orgasms tonight I was surprised how randy I still felt. I provocatively arched my buttocks up as much as I could with my legs spread. I felt like an animal on heat trying to lure the male partner.

"Fuck me hard," I urged.

I felt Olivier take hold of the rope and with some difficulty pull it to one side. Then with a grunt his rigid penis penetrated me deeply. I was so well lubricated that no rope restraint was going to keep out a determined penis. Olivier then proceeded to fuck me with slow, hard thrusts and it felt so good I found myself purring like a contented pussycat. Although we had had sex before with him entering me from behind, we had always been lying on the bed. Being fucked doggie style while standing up was a new and pleasurable experience which I had to admit was heightened even further by the ropes that bound my upper and lower torso. As my third orgasm of the night hit me I felt Olivier thrusting rapidly and hard and knew that he dispersing his sperm deep inside of me.

After gathering our composure Olivier removed my ropes and I was pleased to have them off after being bound for three hours. Hand in hand, like naked jaybirds, we walked back to the house and flopped onto the bed. It had turned out to be quite a night.

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