tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 08

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 08


The following evening, Thursday, Dave and Paula arrived around after dinner. Francesca was still fully clothed as she had been entertaining Abigail and was just in the process of reading her bedtime stories until she fell asleep. Olivier and I shared a coffee with Dave and an edgy Paula until Francesca finally joined us. The five of us then went into the lounge, where Dave, Olivier and I took a seat and made ourselves comfortable. Francesca and Paula stood in the middle of the room and looked anything but comfortable. I then ordered the both of them to do an excruciatingly slow strip in front of us, each of them taking turns to remove an item of clothing. They could not hide their embarrassment at having to slowly undress in front of our prying eyes. I had already decided that tonight it would not be wise to punish their buttocks again too severely for risk of bruising, especially Francesca who had been spanked with the belt the past two evenings. However to compensate for this I was determined to ensure they were both thoroughly humiliated, which I was sure was going to be every bit as bad as a sound spanking.

When both ladies were naked they were made to place their hands on their heads and slowly keep rotating around so all parts of their bodies were on full display to us.

"Pull your elbows back and push your breasts out,' I ordered, and both obediently complied.

"Now stand facing each other," I continued.

Both ladies stood awkwardly facing each other about three feet apart, their breasts jutting invitingly forward.

"Stand closer until your nipples are touching each other."

Both ladies looked at me disbelievingly.

"Don't look at me," I barked like a Sergeant Major. "Get those nipples touching, and keep those elbows pushed back."

Reticently they both shuffled forward until their nipples just touched.

"Closer," I urged.

They shuffled closer until they were nose to nose, their breasts crushed together.

"Now open your legs."

Both ladies opened their legs slightly. I stood up from the couch and stood beside them, then without warning gave both two very firm hand spankings, causing yelps of surprise. They both instinctively moved forward to avoid the spankings which only served to crush their bodies even closer together.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"No," they chorused.

"Well open those legs up as wide as you can."

Francesca and Paula both spread their feet wide open. They were so close together that even their pubic regions were touching. Satisfied with the result I returned to my seat to take in the sight. It was intoxicatingly erotic and I could not believe that the men were not of a similar inclination.

I left them in this position for a full fifteen minutes.

"Alright you conjoined twins, stand up and come and face us," I finally ordered.

Both looked relieved their ordeal was over as they moved to stand facing us, but it would be short lived.

"Turn around."

Both ladies faced away from us.

"Open your legs,and wide this time."

Both complied with my order.

"Now bend over at the waist and grasp your ankles."

Not surprisingly both Francesca and Paula hesitated at this request, knowing that bending forward in such a manner was going to leave them intimately exposed to our prying eyes.

"Is a further spanking required to get obedience?"

Slowly and reluctantly both ladies leaned forward at the waist until they were bent like staples.

"Grasp your ankles," I reminded them.

The sight of the two of them bent forward, legs spread, and pussies totally exposed was an incredible, almost unbelievable, sight. I had to pinch myself to ensure I was not dreaming. My Mother-in-law and best friend were under my control to the extent they were prepared to degrade themselves in this manner. I soaked up the view.

Incredibly before our eyes Paula's labia swelled and opened like a flower welcoming the morning sun. A teardrop of her vaginal secretions leaked down on a moist thread like a spider hanging under its web.

A glanced over at my Mother-in-law, the Penelope Cruz look-alike. Her firm, round buttocks framed a vagina that also looked surprisingly aroused.

"I hope you two little sluts are not getting turned on by the shameful manner you are exposing yourselves to us?"

There was a deathly silence.


"No," she groaned, none too convincingly.


"No, Jane," Francesca tried to sound offended.

I let the two of them stew on their predicament for several minutes.

"I am not sure we are getting the full truth from you ladies." I turned to an awe-struck Dave. "Dave, perhaps you might like to run a finger over these little ladies' vaginas to see just how truthful they have been with us?"

Both ladies did quiet howls of protest, but neither of them moved. Quick as a flash Dave was up from his seat and standing in front of his very exposed wife and Francesca. It was an opportunity he had no intention of turning up. Slowly he ran his finger along the swollen labia of his wife, running it up and down several times. Paula moaned and her legs buckled slightly.

Dave then held his finger triumphantly in the air. "Methinks my little lady has not been very truthful."

With that Dave turned his attention to Francesca. It had been clear from the first time Dave set eyes on Francesca that he found her a very attractive, exotic female. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought she would bend over luridly and allow him to touch her in such an intimate manner. It was the stuff of teenage wet dreams. Dave let his hand rest on Francesca's vagina before slowly arching his finger up, then down, her labia and not stopping until he reached her puckered anus. He repeated this action several more times. When he finally held up his finger it revealed Francesca's moistness. While she was no where near as aroused as Paula, she was clearly not unaffected by proceedings.

"Ummmm," I pretended to pondered. "It sure looks like to me these naughty ladies are aroused. Perhaps we need the medical opinion of a Doctor?"

I raised an eyebrow and looked over at my husband. I knew this was a real risk on my part. Right from the outset Olivier had remained largely impassive and detached. But recently I had noticed a change in his demeanour that suggested he was not quite as detached as he was acting. Olivier returned my gazed, and appeared to be evaluating the situation.

"Well, Doctor Olivier Le Roy," I prodded.

With a typically French shrugging of his shoulders he slowly stood up and tentatively took the two steps necessary to be standing in front of his red headed, freckle skinned neighbour and his Step-mother. For a long moment he just stood there, gazing down at the very exposed derrières of the two women.

He then placed a hand on Paula's backside, before uttering in his strong French accent, "Bend forward more and stick your butt out."

Paula groaned in utter humiliation at the realisation she was going to be intimately fondled by Olivier. I smiled like a Cheshire cat in the knowledge that my hunch had been right about my husband. He was not the detached bystander he had been making out to be.

Paula stretched down and gripped her ankles lower, further stretching her taut buttocks and opening up her labia even more invitingly. More droplets of her vaginal excretions were beginning to dribble down. Olivier slowly ran the back his hand over her labia, resulting in even more low groans being emitted by Paula. He then flipped his hand over and effortlessly slid two fingers deep into her well lubricated vulva. Paula reacted as if she had received an electric shock. Her body jumped and rippled in short spasms. She was clearly on the verge of an orgasm. Realising this Olivier extracted his fingers and proceeded to remove the juices by wiping them over her buttocks. Paula looked like the ultimate promiscuous woman, bent over totally exposed, her own juices smeared over her buttocks and dripping freely from her vagina. The invitation to be taken was unmistakeable.

Olivier then stepped over to his Step-mother and repeated the process of placing his hand on her buttock.

"No, Olivier, please," Francesca pleaded.

Olivier ignored her plea. "Bend forward and stick your derrière out as far as you can."

Francesca groaned as she arched down even further. Her exquisite vaginal region was coated with a matt of short cropped jet dark hair, which was a contrast to the red haired, freckled, lightly covered vagina of Paula. Olivier repeated the process of rubbing the back of his hand gently up and down her vulva. Francesca gave a muffled sigh and one sensed she was desperately trying to mask her emotions, aware of how shameful it would be if she displayed her arousal while being fondled by her stepson.

Olivier then poised his two fingers over the entrance to her vulva, then ever so slowly he began to penetrate her until the fingers were firmly embedded. Stoically Francesca held her emotions in check, although she could not hide her laboured breathing. Olivier kept his fingers deep inside her for what seemed an eternity, almost as if he was testing her ability to restrain herself. When Francesca failed to react he slowly withdrew his fingers before sliding them in again, and continued to repeat this motion a number of times. Finally Francesca could hold back no longer. She let out a long, deep guttural moan like an animal on heat. She swivelled her hips and pushed back towards the fingers that were invading her. Satisfied he had got the response he desired, Olivier withdrew his fingers and walked away, leaving Francesca hanging on the edge of an orgasm.

"Well ladies. I think we have a consensus on this one," I commented as I stood up, "You definitely lied about being turned on by your punishment, and for this you can expect extra punishment tomorrow night."

With that Olivier, Dave and I withdrew to leave the ladies to pull themselves together emotionally, as well as find some clothing. Dave and Paula departed a very short time later. Both of them looked flushed and I strongly expect a night of sex was very much on the agenda.

Mind you, Olivier and I were in much the same state. As soon as our guests had left we quickly retired to our bedroom and enjoyed some very intense lovemaking. Neither of us commented on the events of the evening, but clearly we were both very much affected by it.

After the sex I was lying on the bed in a very relaxed state and about to drift off to sleep when I heard the faint noise of Francesca using the bathroom. I felt guilty that I had deliberately allowed her to become highly aroused and then left her high and dry. Even though it was meant to be a form of punishment, I did feel my actions had been selfish. Noticing that Oliver was sound asleep, I put on my dressing gown, crept out of the room and entered Francesca's bedroom after lightly knocking. The room was in darkness.

"Switch on your lamp."

Francesca obeyed. The light switched on, revealing her lying on the bed in her nightdress, covered in a sheet.

"Get out of bed, and stand beside it." I continued.

"Now remove your nightie."

Francesca was now standing beside her bed, naked. I removed my dressing gown so I was also naked. I had not been undressed in front of Francesca before but it felt surprisingly natural

I sat down on the edge of her bed with my knees hanging over the side. I then placed one of my hands, palm-upwards, on my knee and then pointed two of my fingers upwards.

"I want you to sit on my lap, facing me, but be sure to position yourself so that my two fingers are embedded inside your pussy."

There was no hesitation on the part of Francesca. She opened her legs and positioned herself on my lap. She lowered herself but realised her vulva was not lined up with my fingers, so she manoeuvred herself about until I felt the warm moistness of her vagina encasing my upturned fingers. Slowly she lowered herself until I was fully embedded inside her. Her body was so close to mine. Her nipples were only inches from my eyeballs, and I could clearly smell her musky aroma. Her skin was soft and warm on my lap.

I gazed into her eyes. "When you are ready I want you to start fucking my fingers."

Francesca nodded her understanding.

"And you know I want to see that orgasm shuddering through your body. I want it to be so real that I can feel it too."

Again she nodded.

I reached out my free arm and placed it on her shoulder, pulling her closer to me. Francesca lent forward, her breasts crushing delightfully against my own. She nuzzled her head onto my shoulder, like a resting baby. For a long while we sat in this embrace, letting the warmth and contentment of our bodies envelop us. Then slowly Francesca's body began to rock gentle up and down on my fingers, initially only travelling a short distance. The rhythm increased, and with it the strokes up and down my finger became longer and more intense. I could feel her body becoming warm from the exertion and her increasing arousal

However Francesca did not want to rush, as I sensed she was at peace with herself and enjoying the sensations. When she could feel herself going over the edge she forced herself to slow down, then gradually build up again. This was repeated many times over the next twenty minutes or so, until finally she could hold back no longer. She grunted loudly and her body pulsed rapidly up and down my fingers. When the orgasm hit she lent back so that I could see her tummy. She forced her stomach muscles in and out repeatedly as she ground her thighs into my lap. Her whole body was shuddering. I could see she was trying very hard to ensure her orgasm was being vividly displayed for me, so I could experience it along with her. It was then that I felt her hand pressing down on my thigh. I opened my legs slightly and her hand easily slid under me and found my own very aroused vagina. She rammed her fingers deep inside me and I instantly exploded in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced.

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