tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 09

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 09


The following evening, which was Friday, Dave and Paula again arrived just after dinner. It was clear that even though Francesca and Paula were being punished for their stupid wine-drinking incident earlier in the week, the punishment sessions were now overlaid with a high degree of sexual tension, especially after the previous evening. I knew I was responsible for letting this happen, but surprisingly I felt no guilt. It was hard to let guilt get in the way of something that was so enjoyable. Call me selfish. I don't care.

Once we were satisfied Abigail was asleep the five of us moved into the lounge. Olivier, Dave and I seated ourselves, while Francesca and Paula stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Tonight you are both going to be punished by the three of us," I announced. "You will be punished in any way we choose. Do you understand?"

They both nodded.

"Right. Paula, I want you to slowly undress first, and hand each item of clothing to me."

Self-consciously Paula removed each item of clothing and handed them too me. Eventually she was wearing only her purple lace panties.

"What pretty panties," I complimented, "Did you buy them especially for us?"

Paula nodded, embarrassed.

"I hope when you remove them there is not going to be a big wet stain right where there shouldn't be. It would seem a shame to wet such pretty new panties."

Paula cringed.

"Well, are they going to be wet?"

"I hope not," Paula whispered.

"But you are not sure?" I probed.

"No," Paula responded honestly.

"Well you had better check for the audience and put us out of our misery."

Incredibly Paula did not hesitate to pull her panties down low enough so that she could check the crotch.

"Push them down to your knees and leave them there," I commanded.

Paula obliged.

"Well?" I enquired.

Paula pouted but did not respond.

"Are you wet or are you dry?"

Paula blushed in such a manner that an answer was not necessary, but I kept pushing.

"You are wet, aren't you?"

Paula nodded.

"Answer me."

"Yes....I am wet," she finally admitted.

"You are such a wanton slut, you realise that don't you?"

"Yes," she murmured.

I shook my head as if in despair. "Keep you panties around your knees but open your legs as wide as you can."

Paula slid her legs apart and stretched the thin fabric of her panties as wide as she could.

"At least with your panties down there they won't get stained by your cuntie juices any more."

I then turned my attention to the Mother-in-law.

"Come forward Francesca. It is your time in the limelight."

Reticently Francesca stepped forward.

"Undress until you are down to your panties," I directed.

Despite the audience, Francesca managed to remove her clothing in a manner that bordered on graceful. She then stood before us wearing only her panties.

"What question do you think I am going to ask you now, Francesca?"

Francesca cringed, "Whether my panties are wet?"

"Correct. Why don't you take a look for us and let us know?"

Francesca lowered her panties to mid thigh and inspected the fabric. The fact that she inspected them so closely demonstrated to us she was not really sure either way.

She looked up, relieved. "They are dry," she proudly announced.

"Good girl. Let's hope they stay that way. Lower your panties to your knees and open your legs."

Francesca did as requested.

"Now keeping your panties at you knees and your legs open, I want you to take turns lying over our laps and politely asking to have your bottom's smacked."

The two ladies hobbled over to us, with Paula electing to go over her husband's knee first, while Francesca draped herself over mine. Each requested to be spanked on their bottoms. After receiving a sound spanking Paula came and laid herself over Olivier's knee while Francesca did the same for Dave. She was putting off having to lie over her son's knee. Each again requested a spanking and they certainly got what they asked for. Both ladies were tearful by the time the last rotation came. Francesca could no longer avoid the task of going over Olivier's knee, and bashfully she hobbled over, with movement difficult because of the request to keep their panties at their knees while keeping legs apart. She lowered herself over his knee, while Paula did the same over my knee.

As I spanked Paula I couldn't believe she had the audacity to start rubbing her pubic bone against my thigh, seeking to stimulate her clit.

"Are you rubbing your pubes against my leg?" I tried to sound stern, but could not suppress a smile.

"No," Paula whined.

"Yes you are, you naughty girl. Stand up, and keep those legs open."

Paula stood before me, spread-eagled.

"I think you can stand up Francesca, and do the same."

Francesca obliged, standing up and opening her legs as wide as her panties would allow her.

I leaned forward and slid my finger along Paula's labia. When I withdrew my finger and held it up for all to see it was no surprise to find it was glistening with her juices. As I leaned over to repeat the demeaning exercise with Francesca I found Olivier had beaten me to it. He was already running his finger between her pussy lips. Initially his finger remained relatively dry of her secretions, but Olivier repeated the routine several times, each time increasing the pressure as his finger moved up and down her labia. Finally Francesca gave a telltale moan and this time when Olivier removed his finger it was decidedly moist.

"I know what these ladies need." To my amazement it was Olivier stepping up and taking control. For the time being I was happy to take a back seat.

"Take off your panties and hand them to me," Olivier directed.

For a moment they both looked startled that Olivier was issuing commands and this was new territory for them. With some reticence they both removed their panties and handed them to Olivier. But instead of just putting their panties aside, he took Paula's ones and made Francesca hold them with her teeth so that they were suspended from her mouth. He then repeated the exercise by putting Francesca's panties in Paula's mouth.

"Now, if either of you drop the panties from your mouth you will both receive a double punishment. Is that understood?"

The ladies nodded, unable to speak.

"Now open your legs as wide as you can."

Francesca and Paula did as requested, sliding their feet wide apart.

"Come on, you can do much better than that," Olivier barked, definitely the hard task master.

They strained their legs open even wider. Both of them looked a sight of stunning erotic submission. Francesca with her near-perfect body; unblemished pale skin set off by jet black hair. In contrast Paula was a more angular, bony build with bigger hips and boobs on a small frame, finished off with red hair and a body that was covered with freckles everywhere except her buttocks.

"Put you hands on your head," Olivier continued.

With that Olivier walked behind Paula and brought his hand down below her crotch. My initial thought was that he was going to fondle her very exposed vagina, but I was proven wrong. With a swift action he brought his hand up and spanked her wide-open pussy. We all jumped with surprise; however Paula certainly jumped the most. She was taken totally by surprise and jumped forward, dropping the panties from her mouth and falling ungracefully into my lap. Hurriedly she picked herself, swooped up the panties and put them back into her mouth before resuming her position.

"What did I say would happen if you dropped the panties?" Olivier whispered into her ear.

"Dats dot fair," she struggled to say through the panties.

"Life can be so unfair at times, can't it Dave," Olivier smiled over at his neighbour.

"Sure can," Dave responded, "And your instructions were so clear."

However instead of continuing to spank Paula, Olivier stepped behind his Mother-in-law. He reached around and withdrew the panties from her mouth.

"You know what is going to happen to you now, don't you," he spoke into her ear like they were sharing a secret.

"I think so," Francesca responded tentatively.

"Then tell me."

"You are going to spank my pussy?"

"You are so right. Have you ever had your pussy spanked before?"

Francesca hesitated, seemingly in two minds as to how to respond.

"You have been pussy-spanked before, haven't you?"

Francesca looked down at the carpet. "Yes, but it was a long time ago," she blushingly admitted.

"Well, don't keep all of us in suspense." Olivier was not holding back on his Step-mother.

"When I was a young teenager I once went out with some of my friends and forgot that my brothers had invited the neighbourhood kids around to see me expose myself on my bed."

"And?" Olivier urged her on.

"When I did get home my brothers were very angry and I felt really bad. So we agreed that the next day the kids could all come back, and as a way to say sorry to them I was to lie naked on the bed with my legs open and let all the kids take turns at spanking my pussy. It was really tender by the time they finished."

"Did your brothers spank your pussy as well?"

"Yes," Francesca replied, embarrassed by her admission.

"Is that the only time you had your pussy spanked?"

"Well....your father has spanked it a few times when we were making love," Francesca admitted.

"Did he just," Olivier pondered, "Well it is going to be a case of 'like father, like son', isn't it?"

"I guess so."

"I guess so, too. Are your legs opened as wide as they will go?"

Francesca strained to open her legs an inch or two wider. The muscles on the inside of her legs were stretched taunt.

"I can't get them any wider," Francesca's voice sounded strained from the anxiety, possibly mixed with the erotic tension that had built up.

"How do you feel about being spanked on your pussy by your son?"

"Ashamed," Francesca's eyes were downcast.

"Ashamed? So ashamed that your pussy is wet. Do you realise that your lips are wide open?"

I could not believe the extent Olivier was prepared to make his Mother squirm.

"Admit to me you also find it a turn on to be spanked and humiliated, even if it is by your own son?"

Francesca's eyes remained downcast and she gave no response.

"Be truthful with yourself Francesca. Look your audience in the eye and tell them you find it a turn on to be spanked and humiliated."

Slowly Francesca raised her eyes and stared at us with those beautiful round puppy dog eyes. "I am ashamed to admit I do get turned on by being spanked and humiliated."

Satisfied with her admission, Olivier reached around and replaced Paula's panties in Francesca's mouth. "I want you to set a good example to Paula by not moving when you are spanked, and certainly not dropping your panties."

Francesca nodded, and with that Olivier swung his hand from between her legs and connected squarely on her vagina. Francesca grunted but held her stance. Olivier repeatedly spanked her pussy a dozen times, and when he had finished I was surprised how red her pubic mound was. I did not realise it would go so red from a spanking. Francesca's eyes had welled up with teardrops but apart from that she had weathered the storm well.

Olivier stepped back to be behind Paula, and briefly removed the panties from her mouth. He leaned close to her ear.

"Let's do some maths, Paula. If Francesca got a dozen spanks, how many are you due for?"

"I suppose two dozen?" Paula responded ruefully.

"Good girl. Go to the top of the class. So, are you ready this time?"

"I think so," she responded tentatively.

"Are your legs open as wide as they will go?"

Like Francesca, Paula managed to widen her feet an extra few inches.

"Why don't you also tell your audience you get turned on by being spanked and humiliated, because your cunt is dripping wet."

Paula looked up at Olivier, Dave and I. "I don't understand why, but I do get turned on by being spanked and humiliated," she confessed.

Olivier then proceeded to spank her pussy soundly. She was so wet her juices were literally spraying each time Olivier's hand connected with her pussy.

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