The Bra Salesman Ch. 06


"I see, and how about your willingness to have sex?"

"Oh, I am definitely at 10. Maybe more."

"Really? What do you mean?"

"It's like, we've done all these great exercises over the last few weeks, and they've been great. And after breaking up with my boyfriend, they've been almost as good as having sex. But now that I'm wearing these stockings and nothing else, I just want to have sex. I want to rip the clothes off your body and just have sex for hours and hours. No exercises, no therapy, no anything. I just want to have as much sex with you as possible for as long as possible. I want you to do whatever you want to my body. I want you to kiss me and touch me and do anything you want. That's what I feel right now."

And then she kissed me.

During all the fucking and licking and grunting and squeezing we have been doing for a few weeks, not once, not one time did we ever kiss on the mouth. And now that we were kissing, I had no earthly idea why we hadn't done this before. This was not a quick peck on the mouth. No, this was a long, lingering kiss where you could feel every trembling inch of her moist, perfect lips. It was the sort of kiss where you wanted to explore her entire mouth with your tongue and you did. I don't know how much time passed, and I don't know how long we stood there, but we kissed and it was beautiful and magical and spectacular.

FUCK!! I know exactly what's wrong with me now! Goddamnit!! Shit!! I see it now! I am such a fucking idiot!! Now I get it! I'm fucking falling in love with her! How the fuck did I let this happen? What kind of goddamn fucking moron falls in love with a woman he's lying to in order to fuck her pussy? Jesus fucking Christ, I must be the dumbest man alive! I can fuck this woman any time I want, however I want, and what do I do? I fall in love?!? Good Lord, I'm a dolt! No, I'm worse than a dolt, I'm a dolt in love!! That's just fucking perfect! Now I've ruined everything! Oh shit, does this mean I'm going to get a fucking conscience now about what I'm doing? Fuck, this is a disaster!!

But by now, I am too mesmerized by her kiss to think of much else. At some point, our lips break apart and we keep our faces less than an inch apart. I look into her eyes and she is gazing back at me.

Soon she is ripping my clothes off. I don't mean metaphorically, I mean she grabbed a fistful of my shirt and literally tore it apart. As in, I'm walking out of here later and will shell out additional money to replace the rags wrapped around my neck that I used to call a shirt. But in this moment, I couldn't fucking care less.

We pull off my pants together and it's not long before we are both standing there naked, aside from the stockings hugging her flawlessly curved legs. I can feel her arms around me, and I pull her hips towards me so that our bodies are in as much contact as possible. Then I reach down and kiss her, and we use our hands to explore each other's bodies further.

We don't even make it to the bedroom. Somehow we make it to the couch, I don't even remember how. I honestly can't even tell if I'm on top or she is. Our lips are connected and our bodies are together, so nothing else really matters. My fingers are in her hair, her hands are on my back pulling me close, one of my hands is clenching her ass, her thigh is lifted up into my hip, my teeth are biting her nipple, her breasts are being pushed into my face, my cock is throbbing inside her, her pussy is drenching wet, and together we are writhing on the couch in a single mass of flesh and arms and legs and hair.

She positions herself on all fours on the couch, her elbows resting on the arm of the couch, as I enter her from behind. I gently rub her shoulder with one hand as I use the other to guide her stunning body over my anxious cock. And I don't mean anxious as in full of anxiety, I mean anxious as in so SO ready to fuck.

I can hear her moan as I softly rub the tip of my penis against the nub of her clitoris. I know she's wet already, but I want her to enjoy this. I move myself up and down against her slit, giving a slight nudge inside her every so often. When at last I put my hand on her ass and delicately push myself inside her waiting cunt, she grunts and shakes her hips to help ease me in.

Soon I am moving in and out of her, and she is rocking her body in motion with mine. Her lovely breasts sway underneath her and my mouth waters at the thought of putting my mouth on her huge tits again and covering every inch with my tongue. She shoves her hips backwards into my groin, and she gasps "yes." When she plunges back harder with another "yes," I have to hold her hips so that we don't lose our balance on the couch.

She is pounding her body back harder and harder into me, slapping her ass against my body, "YES! YES!!" and the veins of my cock are pulsing and filling with cum. "YES! YES! YES!!!" Her blonde hair is flailing wildly now, and she is desperately panting for breath with every scream, "YES! YES!!"

I am ready to climax now, but she slides off my hardened cock before I reach that point. She positions me so I am sitting down on the couch and then she straddles my body and presses her gorgeous chest into my face. I use my hands to lift her tits, and my fingers sink deep into her tender flesh as I wrap my lips around one of her erect nipples.

I hear her giggle as she pushes her body towards me. Her hips are hovering just over my cock that by now desperately wants to ejaculate, and she teasingly rubs the outside of her pussy around the tip of my penis. I thrust my groin upwards, but she doesn't let me enter her again just yet. You know what's weird? If she had teased me like this a few days ago, it would have annoyed the shit out of me. But now I find myself laughing at her play. Laughing? What the fuck are you laughing about, dickwad? Oh I am in deep deep trouble.

At first I run my tongue over her perky, sensitive nipples and then I suddenly bite down on them, which makes her body shudder with pleasure. I softly lick her tits again before gnawing hard on them again, and her body shakes again. "YES!! YES!!" I take the opportunity to push her hips down and both of us gasp as my cock drives deep into her wetness. "UNGH!" She grinds herself up and down and my dick is grateful to finally feel the heat of her soaking wet cunt again. "UNGH! UNGH!!!"

Again and again she drives my stiff shaft deep into her "UNGH!!" Her beautiful body is writhing in contentment "YES! YES!! UNGH!" My teeth bite down on her nipples again and she excitedly screams "UNGH!! UNGH!!" smiling and gasping. It doesn't take long before I shoot streams of warm jism deep inside her soft, welcoming pussy. "OOOOOOH!!!"

Both of us sit there panting, feeling my throbbing cock against her soft, swollen vagina, until our heart rates eventually slow down. Her hair is beyond disheveled, and the sweat from our bodies is making us stick to each other as we feel our bodily fluids mixing and blending inside her. We look into each other's eyes and then together press our faces forward and kiss.

Our lips are barely open, tongues dancing in each other's mouths, crescendoing into a passionate embrace. When our mouths eventually part ways, we smile at each other. "So," I say.

"Yeah," she giggles. She bends her head down and lays it on my shoulder, and I mindlessly twist one of her nipples between my fingers.

Suddenly she sits up on top of me, my cock losing its erection within the clenched muscles of her pussy, "I hope you don't mind the kiss, I just... I've wanted to do that for a little while. I'm sorry."

I laugh, "You don't have to apologize."

"I just.... You've been so good to me, Albert, helping me with all these exercises. I know it wasn't sex to you, but... well, it's meant a lot to me." Hearing my fake name suddenly makes me feel awful, and thinking of all the lies I've told about the exercises makes me feel even worse. "I hope that doesn't sound weird. I don't want to make anything weird between us. You've been very professional and I... I'm sorry, I don't want to cross any lines." Great, I was feeling really happy there for a second and you had to go and ruin it for me by reminding me what a horrible person I am. Thanks.

I start speaking, "You didn't. I..." Don't you do it, you prick. Do not be a slave to your hormones. You've got the girl, you can fuck her, you don't have to do anything else. You don't need to bring anything stupid like emotions into this equation. "I confess our sessions have meant a lot to me too." God, you are such a fucking slave to your cock. Jesus.

She smiled, and I find myself feeling all gushy inside. Because you're a fucking hormonal jackass, that's why. But I love seeing her smile. "I'm glad," she says. "In fact, if you ever want to take a break from the exercises and just... you know..." she leans in close and whispers, "fuck," and giggles with a blush. "I'm just saying, I'd be ok with that."

This is the time to stand firm and do not let your emotions run wild here. What are you going to do? Stop the exercises and then do what? What are you going to do that's different from fucking her? What is going to be the difference between the bullshit exercises you've been scamming her into doing and the loving fucking you want to do, huh? What's the difference? And what is she going to do when she realizes they're the same thing? Come on, dickhead, think.

I hear myself reply, "So would I." Oh my god, my brain cells must be located in my sperm because I transform into the stupidest fucking person in the universe after I let those boys go.

I hold her shoulders and push her gently down so she is lying on the couch. "And here is something I have wanted to do for a while," I tell her as I kneel beside the couch and tenderly spread her legs apart. She gasps and smiles and I press my face into her crotch and start licking her wet pussy.

Y'know, it's weird. During this whole time, I can't count the number of times she sucked my cock or let me fuck her, but not one time did I even think about doing anything like this. God I am a selfish prick. But now that I taste her, I want to bury my face in her hairy crotch for hours. I want to move my tongue up and down and sideways and in and out until she begs me screaming to stop. And then I'll say fuck you, I'm not stopping.

I reach up and start kneading her breasts as my tongue presses against the lips of her juicy cunt. I hear her grunt "ungh" as she spreads her legs farther apart to let me get even deeper. She starts grinding her pelvis around and moaning, so I press down with my elbows to keep her groin in place. She laughs but continues to grin against the bed as my tongue dances around her entire pussy, "UNGH!" her luscious pussy, "UUUNGH!!" her drenching wet, succulent pussy "UUUNNNNNGH!!"

By now, her body has been converted into a convulsing mass of orgasmic excitement, so I have to use all my strength to keep her from moving, "YES!" I press my tongue as hard as I can against her clit and her body continues to tremble. "YES! YES!!" My hands are spread fingered and gripping her breasts firmly so I can keep her groin still. "YES! UNGH!" Then I thrust my tongue as far into her wet pussy as possible. "YES! YES!! UUNNNGH!!" Her pelvis is still trying to thrash around "UUUNNNGH!" but I manage to subdue her.

Finally I feel her entire body relax and slump into the bed with exhaustion. Her heavy panting causes her considerable chest to move up and down alluringly. I kiss her pubic hair, and then I kiss her navel. I can hear her moaning with appreciation as I slide my tongue up the center of her stomach and into the soft underskin of her tremendous breasts.

I open my mouth wide and take in as much of her soft mammary flesh as I can, as she arches her back and groans, and then put my teeth around her erect nipples and lightly chew. My hands run up her arms and into her hands, where I interlock my fingers with hers. Then I run my tongue zigzag across her chest and into her neck where I hold her firmly in my teeth.

This is the time when I push my cock, now throbbing with another erection, into her pussy newly flooded with moisture. I can feel how engorged her vagina is as I move inside her, sliding myself in and out of her. In holding myself up over her, the weight of my hands are pinning her down on the bed so that she cannot move, but she doesn't resist in the slightest.

I pull my head away from her neck and stare at her beautiful face. And then she opens her eyes and gazes back at me grinning. As our bodies slowly grind into each other, we are now moving together, breathing together, holding each other together. I have never seen her smile more, and although I cannot see my own face, I know that no one has seen me smile like this either.

And yet I know, deep in the pit of my stomach that I am seriously fucked. Yesterday I was "fucking the shit out of her," and today I am "moving together, breathing together." My hormones may be falling sickeningly in love, but I realize that I am falling for someone I have lied to over and over and who doesn't even really know my name or what I do. I know, I know, this is an absolute fucking disaster. As much as I am enjoying this moment, I guaran-fucking-tee this is going to bite me in the ass. Isn't that right, "Albert?"

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