The Brady Bunch

byKip Carson©

*** The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with the original television series or its characters. ***

Jan Brady had just finished taking her nightly bath. She stood in front of her bedroom mirror with a towel wrapped around her young body. "I'm so ugly" Jan said out loud to herself. "Why couldn't I look like Marcia" she continued. Marcia happened to walk by and overheard Jan's conversation with herself. Jan removed the towel and stood in front of the mirror completely naked. "Marcia has bigger tits, and fuller hips, and is so beautiful." Jan ranted.

Marcia entered the bedroom and snuck up behind Jan. Marcia reached around her sister and placed her hands on Jan's naked breasts. "Your breasts are so firm, and your nipples are perfect" she told Jan.

"Do you really think so?" Jan asked her. "Oh yes" Marcia added. Marcia began squeezing Jan's swollen nipples harder making her moan.

"And look at your pretty bush" Marcia added, as she slid her hand between Jan's legs. "The hair is such a pretty golden brown, mine is all dark".

"Really" Jan asked her.

"yes, look" Marcia added. Marcia slid her clothing off and spread her legs for Jan.

"wow" said Jan as she looked at the dark curls between her sister's legs. Marcia began stroking Jan's golden pussy fur making Jan very wet and sticky between her legs. Jan reached for Marcia's pussy and began stroking her.

Marcia licked her sister's hot pussy juice from her finger. "you taste incredible" she told Jan.

"Thanks, Marcia" Jan told her. "you make me feel so much better." Marcia then pushed Jan to the bed and spread her tender young thighs widely apart. Marcia looked at Jan's wet, pink pussy. She then began licking Jan's swollen clit. Jan moaned as Marcia's hot tongue parted her pussy lips. Marcia's tongue entered her wet pussy and began to dart in and out. Jan's pussy began opening and closing, trying to grab the hot tongue to keep it inside. Marcia rubbed Jan's hot clit, as her tongue fucked the wet tender pussy expertly.

Greg heard the soft moans coming from the girls room. He quietly crept to the bedroom door and peeked inside. Wow, Marcia was eating Jan's pussy, and Marcia's bare ass was facing him. He could see her soft pink cuntlips as she wiggled her hips. Greg's cock began to grow. He unzipped his bell bottoms, and began stroking his hard 8 inch cock. While stroking himself, he slowly entered their bedroom. Neither Marcia nor Jan were aware of his presence. Greg was only inches from Marcia's hot naked ass. He held his cock by the shaft and quickly with precise aim, shoved the pink head deep inside of Marcia's hot box.

Marcia let out a loud squeal. She looked behind her and could see Greg standing there. His cock was already half way inside of her juicy pussy. "God, Greg, get a life" Marcia told him.

"You know you like it, Marcia" Greg told her, shoving himself all the way inside of her.

"Mmm, it does feel kind of groovy" Marcia moaned. Greg began fucking his sister with long deep strokes. She buried her face in Jan's hot pussy once again and began licking her. Jan moaned and thrust her hips, grinding her hot pussy against her sister's mouth. Greg watched Marcia eat Jan, while he deeply pentrated her hot cunt.

Marcia began thrusting back against him, accepting his big hard cock deeply inside of her warm, moist pussy. "Mmm god, fuck me baby" Marcia moaned. Jan began moaning and her pussy erupted with it's first orgasm. Her sweet pussy cream flowed into Marcia's mouth. Marcia hungrily lapped up all of Jan's hot juices.

"Ooh, Marcia, you are so tight" Greg moaned. Marcia felt his cock twitch and pulsate, and he shot inside of her. Marcia came as her brother's hot cum exploded inside of her. Her young pussy tightened as her orgasm rocked her. Greg came in buckets, filling her with his brotherly love. Greg removed his still hard cock from her tight pussy.

"How about you Jan, do you want some too?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, please give me some too, Greg" she begged. Greg laid on top of Jan and pushed his swollen cock head inside of her tight tiny pussy. Jan moaned as all 8 inches violated her virgin pussy. It hurt, but she didn't care. "Fuck me Greg, give your sister your hard meat" Jan moaned. Greg gave her what she wanted. He fucked her merciless, his hard cock plunged deep inside of her hot pussy.

Marcia straddled Jan's face and lowered her pussy onto Jan's open mouth. Jan began licking Greg's cum from her sister's hot tasty snatch. Marcia moaned as Jan's tongue licked Greg's sperm from inside of her hot , pink pouty pussy lips. Greg began sucking on Jan's hard nipples as his cock tore her pussy up. Jan ate Marcia wildly, devouring all of her juices mixed with Greg's. Greg bit Jan's tender nipples as his orgasm approached.

"God, Jan he told her, I'm gonna fill your hot pussy with my cum!!!"

"Yes, shoot it deep inside of me big brother" Jan squealed. Greg's cock throbbed uncontrollably as his cum erupted. Jan moaned as she felt the hot thick liquid enter her pussy.

"Oh yes, Greg, it's so hot" she moaned. Greg pumped his cock rapidly inside of Jan, spewing his cum. Jan came again, and Marcia moaned, and her juices filled Jan's mouth. All 3 came at the same time.

"God, that was totally groovy" Greg said as he began to pull his pants back on. The 2 girls agreed. Marcia and Jan snuggled together naked under the big blanket on Marcia's bed. They held each other closely. Their naked young bodies felt so good pressing against one another. "Marcia, do you think maybe we could do that again sometime?" Jan asked.

"I'm positive we will" Marcia added, as she slid a finger inside of Jan's hot cum filled pussy.

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