tagBDSMThe Branding

The Branding

byChase N Auburn©

Slowly coming to, eyes opening lazily I realize somehow and at sometime I have been bound. Twisting my wrists I can feel the leather cuffs snuggly holding my arms outstretched, the feel of flannel against the back of my entire body alerts me to the fact that I am obviously bound to the whipping wheel.

Attempting to draw my legs towards my body, I groan softly as I find them also bound in leather cuffs. The sound of the clasps sounding with a crisp jingle as I twist and strain against my bonds, lifting my head slightly I see only the dim light from the burning candles placed around the room on various stands. Most of which illuminate the tools of pleasure and torture, groaning again my mind races to the previous hours wondering what I have done to invoke being placed upon the dreaded wheel.

Hearing a slight noise, I turn my head slowly to the side and look at Your smiling face. The smile somewhat different than before chills race over my body as I whimper softly unsure as to speak or not. Watching You walk slowly towards me, my nipples harden instantly my body reacting to Your nearness.

Trailing a finger over my jaw and across my dry lips, You look lovingly at me. Not speaking a word to me as You raise a glass of chilled water to my parched lips.

“Drink my whore, it has been awhile since you have had anything to wet your throat.”

Drinking greedily from the glass a small amount of water dribbles down my chin onto my chest. Closing my eyes against the cold water on my skin, Your soft chuckle draws my eyes back to Your face. Still wondering what I might have done to deserve being shackled to the wheel, I watch You slowly draw the glass from my lips and feel the wheel tilt slightly.

Eyes searching Your face, I cringe as You slowly turn Your back on me. Finding my voice I ask softly what I have done. Receiving a stern look from over Your shoulder I lower my eyes to quietly wait for what is in store for me.

Relaxing slightly against the table, I listen to the soft sounds of the room. Your footsteps retreating towards the door sends another chill across my naked form. Lying quietly tears spring to my eyes, my mind racing. I know had much to drink, and I did not serve Master well as I was much intoxicated by the time He brought me home. Still worrying over the subject the door opens quietly with Your return. Daring to open my eyes, I see that You are carrying a small package.

“I have something for you my pet.”

The huskiness of Your voice alerts me that this will not be exactly pleasant for me. Looking up into Your shadowed features my breathing becomes shallow as the realization sinks in. Quickly returning my gaze to the box, I moan softly as the Celtic brand is removed from the packaging.

Closing my eyes, I slowly toss my head from side to side. Hands clenching into fists,

“No Master, please.” My soft whisper might as well been a scream in the silent room. Your smile telling me that the plea has fallen on deaf ears.

“You stated in the contract between U/us years ago, that this day would come. I have given you five years to adjust to My way. It is time slut, you will wear My brand and My ownership proudly.”

Closing my eyes, I feel Your lips against mine kissing me gently then deepening into a hungry lust filled demand. Rubbing Your hands between my legs, Your fingers slip roughly into my wet cunt. Moaning into Your mouth, I squeal as Your fingers roughly ram into my pussy. Breaking the kiss You watch me pant from the unexpected abuse.

“Did I say you could make any noise?” Gasping softly I feel Your fingers circling inside my cunt, shaking my head I bite back the moan building inside me. Your fingers continuing to stroke my insides, I count at least three moving inside me. Spreading my lips further with Your free hand I tense against the intrusion of another finger.

Straining against my bonds I suddenly realize Your intent, squeezing my eyes shut I breathe deeply as I feel Your thumb slowly enter into my tight hole.

“Moan slut, tell your Master how you feel.” Releasing the moan, I cry out shrilly as Your entire hand slips into my vagina. Panting with the pain, dazed eyes beseech mercy.

Struggling against the bonds

“This will give you something else to think about My whore.’ Feeling Your fingers slowly push against the walls of my vagina, I moan again as my body sheens with perspiration. my body writhes with the pain being inflicted on it.

“Have you had enough slut? Do you dare utter the word?” Looking at Your face, mine contorts as a sneer crosses my mouth showing white teeth.

Panting as Your fingers work against the muscles of my vagina, I mouth the word never. Smiling at my determination You spread Your fingers open inside me, arching against the demand I again gasp out. Tears sliding down my cheeks Your soft lips kiss the salty streaks from my face.

“Had enough My pet?” Nodding my head I softly whisper O/our safe word. Slowly withdrawing Your fist from my body I nearly faint with relief,

“Very well done precious.” Watching You move to the table next to my imprisonment, fresh tears spring to my eyes as the fire is lit and my brand is slowly heated.

Watching the slow movement of Your wrist as the brand is turned into the fire to heat evenly. Cringing as You come to me, again I shake my head to plea against the branding. Smiling slightly, a soft clicking of Your tongue says that the plea is worthless.

As Your cool hand rubs my right hip, I close my eyes. Smelling the alcohol prep before it touches my body, I jerk slightly at the touch of the cold cloth. Rubbing my lower hip with the prepared cloth, I listen as You toss the cloth to table. The sound of the metal being lifted from the table forces my body to tense.

“Relax sweetheart, the pain will subside and you will truly be Mine.”

Turning my head to the side, tears slip down my cheeks. Placing the heated metal against my flesh, You hold tight against my hip as I scream with the contact against my skin. Taking the brand from my hip, You quickly apply an iced cloth then soothing balm to the welting area. Gently placing a bandage across the quickly festering area, my sobs echoing in the silent room. Letting my head hang, I shiver with the cold and relief of being finished.

Tilting the table completely back You slowly remove my bonds, releasing me from the table. Picking me gently up into Your arms from the table, I wrap my arms around Your neck sniffling. Laying me easily onto the bed I am pulled closely next to Your body, as You cover O/our bodies with the blankets I am tucked securely next to Your warm body.

“My love, My life. Tis done my precious and never again will I demand such a sacrifice from you My pet.” Feeling Your strong arms around my body, I snuggle closely to You. Sighing in the embrace of Your soothing love, my tears being lovingly kissed into nothing by Your gentle mouth as my arm rests across Your bare chest.

“Master, I am unworthy of such love.” The soft sound of Your clicking tongue gently chastises my words.

“Nay little one, you honor me with a willingness to serve like none other.” Gently stroking my face, I feel Your lips press warmly against my brow. The lazy trail of Your fingers against my arm, brushing the side of my breast. I hear the softly whispered I love you little jewel, before fading into sleep.

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