tagInterracial LoveThe Break In

The Break In


It had been an extremely long day for me. I am the owner of a store in Kansas City. I am a white male and my store was in a mostly minority neighborhood so it seemed like I had been singled out for problems in the neighborhood. It is not a large store, rather what would be called by some a "mom and pop" operation. Over the years it has been extremely difficult to make ends meet, with the high price of rent, taxes and insurance. I have been burglarized several times in the last few years and although my insurance covered my expenses for the merchandise stolen, it did not cover the business lost waiting for the merchandise to be replaced.

It was about an hour after sunset, approximately 8 p.m. and I was just finishing up with my duties, getting ready to go home. I had long since closed the store and I had locked everything up and turned the lights out. I was in the back room and had just finished my inventory and I was just getting ready to leave when I heard a sound coming from the front of the store.

"What the hell was that?" I asked myself. "Not another fucking burglary." I had been through way too many of them and I was getting tired of dealing with all that shit. I am not a believer in handguns, although I did keep one for life and death situations. So, since I did not particularly believe in guns, I looked around the room for my "helper". My helper is a 32-inch aluminum baseball bat that I kept with me pretty much all the time I was there. I spied it in the corner and I quietly walked over to it and picked it up. I quietly walked over to the door and I pushed it open a little. Inside the room I could see two shadows walking around and looking my shelves. I could not make out any details of the two.

All I could tell was that one was tall and one was a little on the short side. I heard them whisper something to each other but could not make out what it was. I sized up the situation and decided that I would take out the biggest one first. I slowly made my way through the door and stood at the end of the aisle they were walking down. The tall one was walking behind the shorter one so I stood back a ways, and decided to wait till I could get a good shot at him. I know it was just a minute or so but it seemed like it took hours for them to get within striking distance. I was nervous because I didn't know how the other one would react or if they had a gun or not.

I crouched in the corner and waited till the first burglar went past me. I could hear the breathing of the two in the silence of the store. I heard their footsteps as they walked towards me. I knew that their adrenaline must be flowing, as was mine from the excitement, theirs from the robbery and mine from the moment at hand. As the second one walked past me, I pulled back the ball bat and got ready. I moved the bat forward and then I felt it stop and heard a "thud" and I saw the tall one go down. As soon as the first burglar realized that something had happened I heard a scream and after a moment's hesitation they made way for the door. I took off and lunged forward and caught the intruder before the end of the aisle was reached.

I heard the other one moan and groan from the pain inflicted on him from my helper. The burglar on the floor put up a struggle but because I was so much bigger and stronger I soon had the little rascal subdued. I could not tell anything about this person but I was sure that it was one of the neighborhood locals. As soon as the struggle was over, I said "Now get up quietly when I tell you to and if you make any sudden moves you will end up on the floor like your friend over there. Do you understand?"

The intruder nodded and I got up. I put the ball bat against the person on the floor and I held it there to let them know that I meant business. I watched carefully as the smaller of the two got up off the concrete floor. I took the intruder with me as I turned on the light. The fluorescent lights hummed as they warmed up and the lights burned brightly.

"Another punk kid," I said out loud as I looked at the burglar standing there in the baggy pants, shirt, sloppy jean jacket and baseball cap turned the wrong way. A ski mask had been pulled over their head in hopes of hiding their identities. "What the fuck is wrong with you kids today? Why don't you go out and get a job like everybody else?" I asked. I was tired of watching the crap going on in the neighborhood when I couldn't even hire any help for my store. I looked over at the kid on the floor and he was still moaning from the hit with the bat.

"Get up kid," I said motioning to him. I motioned for them to go to the back room. The short one pushed the door open and the taller one hobbled in as quickly as he could.

We walked into the storeroom and I switched the light on. I handed the shorter one a piece of rope. "Tie him up," I said. I motioned to the tall one to come toward me. I pushed him up against a pole and he moaned as I pulled his arms around it. "Now time him up or you'll get a little of what he got." The tall man was soon tied and I set the bat down and walked toward the other burglar. I noticed a frightened reaction as I reached forward. "Don't worry, if you do as I say, I won't hurt you." I reached and pulled the cap off and then the ski mask and it was then that I realized that the short burglar was not a man, but a young woman.

"Well, what do we have here. It's a girl," I said as I looked at the dark features of the woman's face. She was an attractive Hispanic woman with mocha colored skin and curly black hair with a blonde highlight on the ends and if you looked past the shame she had the most gorgeous brown eyes. "You got any I.D.?" I asked. She looked around nervously, not sure what to do and then nodded her head.

"I-i-it's in my shirt pocket," she said. "Can I take my jacket off mister, it's hot in here?" I nodded, giving her that look that told her not to try any funny stuff. She took her jacket off and then pulled her sweatshirt off and as she did I noticed her shapely young breasts pressing against her tee shirt. She started to reach into her pocket and I put my hand on hers. "I'll get it little girl," I said as I reached into her pocket. I found the I.D. but as I found it, I couldn't help but notice the firmness of her left breast as my hand touched it. I opened the wallet and found her driver's license. I looked at the name. It looked familiar.

"Let me see Juanita, Juanita," I said several times as I read her name. "Hey, I know you, you are the little girl that used to come in here for candy. You used to come in here with your mother. You're the one they used to call Jonnie. Why did you come in here to rob me?"

Juanita hung her head in shame. She couldn't look me in the eye as I asked her that question. "I'm going to only ask you one more time young lady!! Why did you come in here to rob me?"

Juanita stammered, "My father left my mom a while back and she has 2 little kids to feed. I needed money to get them food," she said as tears ran down her pretty little face.

"Damn girl," I said as I stared at her. "Why didn't you just come in and ask for a job? I would have put you to work in a minute."

"It's because I have to take care of the children while my mom works. If I went to work, we would have to hire a baby sitter and that would cost more than I make. Please mister, let me go."

"Yeah, let us go motherfucker!" the boy said.

I turned away from Jonnie and walked over to him. I pulled my hand back and slapped him hard across the face. "Now you just watch your smart mouth you son of a bitch," I said. "I'm sure that if you got a decent job that Jonnie wouldn't have to be helping you do these things at night."

"Fuck the bitch. She's mine and I'll do with her what I want to."

I looked over at Jonnie and saw a tear run down her cheek. I could tell that those words hurt her but she dried her tear and held her head up in defiance of him.

"Well, I guess the only thing I can do is call the police," I said to Jonnie as I walked to the phone.

"No! Please sir, don't do that. My mom would kill me and I would go to jail. I'll do anything that you want to not go to jail. Please mister."

"Well you have to do something to make up for what you've done. I can't just let you go by unpunished."

"I'll do anything you want sir. Please!!" she pleaded.

"I really don't think that there is anything you can do for me that would change my mind," I said. No sooner had I got that out of my mouth than Jonnie crossed her hands and took the hem of her tee-shirt and in one swift movement, pulled it up over her head. I know that my mouth must have fallen open as she pulled her shirt over her head and was standing there in her white thin bra. Her skin was so beautiful, so rich and dark and she looked so young. Her breasts stood up from her chest and ran down to her smooth flat belly. I felt my cock jump at the sight of this beautiful Mexican girl standing there. Jonnie could see my dick become hard through the material of my loose pants. She walked toward me and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh my Jonnie. You look so good and sweet," I said as she ran her hand down the length. Jonnie moved close to me and put her lips to my ear and whispered, "And I taste a lot sweeter than I look." My hand moved to the front of her bra and I touched the skin of her soft breasts and I reached behind her and undid the snap. She kissed me on the neck and pulled my shirt out of my pants and ran her hands up and dug her nails slightly into my chest.

"Hey you fucking cunt, get your fucking clothes back on you whore!" the man that was with her yelled. I cringed a little when he said this because Jonnie's fingers tightened and she scratched my chest. Jonnie backed away from me and I thought for a minute that she had changed her mind. She walked to him and whispered something to him and started kissing him on the neck. I could tell that he liked the kisses to his neck. Jonnie stopped kissing his neck and them moved away and then she spit in his face. "Fuck you asshole!" she hissed at him. "I don't need to be treated like a tramp by a lazy no good fucker like you. I want a real man, a man who can take care of my needs and not treat me like a dog."

The man continued to curse her and she reached down and removed one of his shoes. He tried to kick at her but he was still so sore from the beating that he didn't have much strength. Jonnie pulled his sock off and then moved toward him and put the dirty sock in his mouth. He gagged but she didn't care. She pushed the sock as far into his mouth as it would go. She then slapped him and then turned around and moved back toward me. As she walked to me I could feel my cock start to rise a little again. I found the hot Latin temper of the girl a turn on. Her hand went behind her back and she pulled first one arm out of her bra and then the other and her beautiful round breasts were free for my viewing.

Juanita walked back to me and put her arms around me. The look in her eyes told me that this Latino girl was one hot lady. My cock started to rise, faster now and harder than it had been in a very long time. My blood pressure started to rise as she pressed her soft tender young flesh into mine. Her breasts were warm and her nipples were hard and I could feel my passions rise. She stopped kissing my neck and moved till we were face to face and then she put her lips against mine. The passion in her lips were intoxicating as she kissed me. I kissed her back with a passion and then she opened her mouth a little and her warm tongue slid between my lips and probed my mouth. My crotch was on fire with a burning desire that I had not felt in a long time.

"Leave the bitch alone!! She is mine," said the man.

I pulled my mouth off of Juanita's and turned around and flipped him the finger and said, "Fuck off Pedro!"

He mumbled something I couldn't understand in Spanish but I am sure it was not a compliment. Juanita went back and started nibbling on my ear. She kissed my neck and then she released her hands from my neck and worked her way down my back and then to the front of my pants. I almost came as her tender fingers touched my zipper and she moved it down and her hand moved into my pants. Juanita gently pulled the front of my shorts down and I felt her hand touch my cock for the first time. Her hands were so smooth and soft and she stroked the length of my shaft. It had been such a long time since a woman had touched my cock and kissed me like this little dark skinned woman was doing. Within a short time I felt my dick start to jerk and I came in spurts into Juantia's hand. Instead of being upset at me for cumming so fast, she smiled and continued stroking my cock until I was finished and then she continued rubbing the sticky fluid across the super sensitive head.

"I'm sorry Jonnie," I said, embarrassed by my lack of control.

"That is ok," she said, "now that we have that out of the way, we can get down to business."

She removed her hand from my groin and walked over to the sink that was in the room and got a washcloth and turned the water on. She walked back over to me and started kissing me again. She took her hand and started to undo my belt. She unsnapped my pants and pulled my shorts down. She took the warm cloth and started to run it along my crotch, cleaning my semen up. I couldn't believe it, but the feel of the warm cloth as it ran across my cock along with her kisses, I could feel my manhood start to stir. This hot little girl then started kissing my neck again and then she started working her way down my torso. Her warm tongue and lips ran down the length of my body, kissing my nipples as she ran her fingers down my back. I felt her breasts against my chest and then my stomach as she worked her way down. I put my fingers into her long brown hair and started to moan as her breasts slid down my body. Her lips were soon on my stomach and she nibbled a little.

I felt her tits touch my dick and it came back to life. Her hands slipped around to my ass and she dug her nails into my flesh and worked her way down until she came to my waistline. She pulled her face away from my body and then got on her knees. She was directly across from my cock. Juanita looked up at me and smiled and then took her tongue and stuck it out and touched the head of my now throbbing prick with her tongue. "Oh yes Jonnie," I said as she licked the head. She smiled and then she took her tongue and moved it down to my balls and licked up the entire length of the shaft. It tickled my underside as she made her way back up my cock and then she swirled her tongue around the head and I moaned with pleasure.

"Yes Jonnie, your mouth feels so good," I moaned. She looked up and giggled and then she slid those young lips around the head and moved them down the length of the shaft. I had never in my life felt such a warm set of lips and hers were burning up. Juanita then moved one of her hands to the crack of my ass and I felt her move her hand down till her index finger found the entrance to may asshole. I tensed up as her fingernail probed the tender area. I soon relaxed as she slid her mouth down over the length of my cock and I felt it move down her throat.

I had never had a woman deep throat me before and at that point she could do anything to me that she wanted. She pushed her finger a little ways into my asshole and I felt a sensation that I never knew existed. She started to work her finger in and out of my butt as she sucked my cock deep into her throat. I felt the cum once again build up in my groin and she must have felt it too because she pulled her finger out and slid her mouth off of my dick.

She moved back and stood up. Up till this time, I had only felt her tits sliding down my body. As she stood up, I noticed how brown her nipples were, like delicious Hershey’s kisses waiting for me to eat them. She turned around and bent over and pointed her ass at me. I watched intently as she put her hands in the waist of her pants and slid them off of her ass. She stood up and stepped out of her pants and then turned around. Her pussy was almost smooth shaved with just a little hair in a nice v shape in the center. She moved toward me and whispered in my ear, "Now we fuck."

I didn’t' have to have a second invitation. I took her hand and moved toward a stack of boxes. I sat her on the boxes and then dropped to my knees. I could smell her womanly juices and although I wanted to fuck this pussy more than anything in the world, I wanted to taste it first. I spread her legs and extended my tongue. Up till this time I thought that her tongue was hot but I found out that her pussy was even hotter. Juanita squealed as I touched her slit with my lips and began to probe her pussy. "Oh yeah," she moaned as I licked her.

"Eat me," she said as I pulled her hard clit into my mouth. I sucked it in deep, making her writhe with pleasure. I took my hand and moved around and started squeezing her ass cheeks. They were so nice and firm and they felt so hot in my hands. Although I wanted to stay there all day and eat this girl and taste her juices, my primal passions took over. I released the girl's pussy lips from my mouth and started kissing up her body. Juanita trembled and I felt the goose bumps start on her flesh. I kissed up her torso, stopping for a minute to take each nipple into my mouth and suck on the little brown bumps. She opened her legs and I knew that the moment was at hand. I moved my lips up to her neck and as I touched her neck with my lips I felt my dick touch her vagina.

"I'm gonna fuck you Jonnie," I whispered into her ear.

"Yes, please fuck me. Oh god, please, fuck my pussy," the young girl said.

Juanita took my cock into her hand and pointed it at the opening of her prize. I felt the fire burn in her loins as I pushed it toward the opening. Juanita opened her legs a little wider and although it was tight, it was extremely wet and I easily slid my dick into her velvet box. "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned as I pushed into her. Her cunt was as tight and wonderful as anything I had ever felt before. She put her arms around my neck and I started to move into her first with long, gentle strokes and then increasing the pace. She wrapped her legs around my hips and held me tight, releasing me long enough to pull out and then push back in again.

"Your pussy is so hot and tight," I said to her.

"Oh shit yes!" she said, "fuck my hot tight pussy!!"

I pulled back and pushed my dick into her with one long quick thrust. I could feel her smooth pussy as I pushed against her. She started meeting my cock thrust for thrust and her muscles gripped my cock like a glove. Juanita dug her fingernails into my back and the slight increase in pain just increased my pleasure.

"Oh god. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she said as I stroked the inside of her pussy with my dick.

At that moment I knew that I was going to be coming soon. I pulled all the way out and then pushed hard into her. I watched her breasts bounce as I fucked this hot Latino girl. I felt her tighten her grip on my hips and dig her nails into my back harder. "I'm cumming!!" she said. "I'm fucking cumming!!"

I pushed hard into her one last time and then I felt my cock give up it's life giving fluid. Juanita moaned as the first wave of cum splashed the back of her pussy. I felt her muscles in her pussy contract like it was milking the sperm out of my dick. I buried my cock all the way to the balls into this woman and I felt her pull me to her like she was holding on for dear life. "Shit!! Oh damn, yes baby, cum inside me!!" she screamed as she finished her climax. I stayed inside her until my cock became limp and she let go of my neck. I looked at her and she smiled sweetly at me and I kissed her on the lips. I moved my lips away and started kissing down her neck, licking the sweat from her body, and kissing her on the nipples and then I felt her release me and I pulled out.

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