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The Breaking of the Bat


Author's Note: Sorry it's been so long since the last story post! My muse went on vacation for a bit, obviously! I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be shutting down my personal webpages, and my diary on Diaryland. I want to concentrate more on writing and less on that stuff! However, anyone who wants to reach me can do so still by my email.

Also too, I know this story will not be accurate to true Batman comics...the inspiration came when I was going through my comic books and came across the Catwoman mini-series "Her Sister's Keeper". Also too, don't sue me, DC comics! You won't get very much if you do, and I get no royalties from using your goodies, so let it be known that these characters are your property and I'm simply helping to get them some publicity...yeah, that's it!! Enough with the chatter, on with the story! Enjoy.

* * * * *

It'd been months since anyone had heard from the Batman. Gotham City was enjoying an unusually extended lull in its crime rate. Thanks to the efforts of the Batman, nearly all of the underworld's greatest criminals were in police custody. The Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler...even the bit players like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were taking extended vacations in Arkham Asylum. Those who weren't had smartly chosen to lay low outside the city limits for a while, and the Batman's reputation kept any new talent from choosing Gotham City as their new home. For now, the streets were safe, and the people went blissfully about their normal schedules. There was one person, however, who was not enjoying the crime-free time in Gotham. Selena Kyle stalked the length of her apartment in frustration. "Damn him," she scowled aloud to one of the many cats weaving their way around her feet. As if in response to her anger, the tiny kitten let out a howl of agreement to her plight.

"Damn him," Selena complained again, flopping down on her sofa for good measure. Trust the Batman to find a way to take all the fun out of being Catwoman. It had been all in fun, mostly...Selena had never been in the crime business for the same reasons the other Gotham goons were. Oh, sure, she'd started out doing it for the money. It seemed like a sweet deal at first. Rob a few precious things from the rich, and never have to spend another night working on a street corner for her dinner. She even took a cue from the caped crusader and bought herself a costume to conceal her true identity, except she added her own twist by making her "cat-burglar" outfit that of a giant cat. It was laughably easy, especially with the self-defense training she'd received and her own natural agility. But all that was before her run-in with the Batman. Remembering their first meeting still sent chills up Selena's spine. She could see why he struck such fear in the hearts of Gotham's underworld.

A normal man should have looked ridiculous dressed as a giant bat, stalking down crime where the police couldn't handle it. It wasn't ridiculous on the Batman; he'd taken her breath the first time she saw him in person. He was tall, clearing six feet easily, and his gray and black costume made him seem a part of the shadows of the nighttime buildings. The outfit fit the man like a glove, molding to his muscled chest and arms, the cape billowing in the night breeze behind him. He had the regal bearing of a king in the way he moved and walked. Beneath the mask, he had to be good-looking...Selena could tell by the fullness of his mouth below the hood of the costume, and with those grayish-blue eyes that looked so intently at everything.

When he turned those devastating eyes on her, she could have sworn he could see past the costume, past the soft flesh of her body straight into her heart, and for a moment she felt the quickening of fear in the pit of her stomach and the tiniest spark of heat in her loins. She would have sworn he was immune to such reactions himself...if she not seen the slight widening of his eyes when he found out she was a woman. Their next run-in sealed the way she judged the Batman for the rest of their lives. Selena's former pimp, Stan, had taken it upon himself to kidnap her younger sister in a desperate attempt to lure Selena back to kill her.

She'd gone back to confront him to save her sister, and in the ensuing struggle Selena managed to kill the pimp but not before he shoved her little sister over the side of a two-story catwalk. Selena had been helpless to do anything but watch her sister fall down, down, down...and straight into the arms of the Batman, who'd been waiting silently below to catch her. The fact that he'd let her get her revenge on Stan and still saved her sister proved to Selena that something was there between them. And so the attraction had begun. Always a game of cat-and-mouse when they met, she began to focus less and less on the money she was stealing for and more on her chances of running into the Batman. Sometimes she'd throw him for a loop, showing up to help him take down a dangerous criminal, then slipping away before he could thank or confront her.

Other times, she'd steal someone blind and purposely dawdle for long enough to see him. She'd disappear for months at a time, silently watching the goings-on of Gotham until her money supply ran out and it was time to get more, and each encounter with the costumed hero proved to be more intense than the last. On several occasions, she'd baffled the Batman by throwing herself into his arms, forcing him to put his gloved hands around her slender curves to keep them from toppling off a building top while she sealed her mouth to his for an incredible kiss. She'd let him sample the sweetness of her mouth and body for a few moments, relishing in the sensual mating of tongues and lips. He kissed like he fought-hard, passionate, and dominating, and sometimes the sexual tension between them made Selena see stars beneath her costume.

After their brief interlude, she'd slip away if she could, leaving the Batman breathless, aroused, and alone. There'd been a few times where he'd used her passionate embraces to snap a pair of cuffs about her wrists and haul her in for justice. There'd also been times where she'd used them to her advantage, catching him off-guard with a well-timed punch or slamming him with the butt of her whip to disorient him long enough to escape. It was a double-edged sword, the game they'd been playing, and yet neither of them could stop themselves from coming back to the blade time and time again, regardless of the cuts. There'd been a span of time when the mantle of the Bat had been passed to another, and the Batman Selena knew had disappeared.

She'd known it the moment she'd locked lips with the new Batman, and he'd stood there, cold, unrelenting, deadened. She later learned her Batman had suffered a broken back at the hands of the bastard called Bane, and was away recuperating. She avoided the new hero like the plague, and was relieved when the original caped crusader returned to reclaim his city. But now their meetings had stopped again, due to the lack of crime in Gotham, and it was driving Selena crazy. She'd tried everything to draw the man out. She'd tried stealing from the rich again, but the police were the only ones called out on those occasions, and she'd ending up hocking the jewelry and donating the money to a "Save the Tigers" foundation.

Then she lifted an artifact from the Gotham Museum of Art, a rare Ming Vase on showcase temporarily. It didn't even get so much as a Bat-Signal in the sky, and she got so pissed off she broke back into the Museum of Art and returned the vase just for spite. So now here she was, in her apartment like a tiger in a cage, wondering what it would take to draw out the Batman from his solitude.

"Heh," she snorted, leaning her head back against the cushions and absently stroking one of the cats that had climbed in her lap. "Nothing short of a natural disaster could bring him out into Gotham, now that he's on bloody vacation. A disaster or a bomb threat..." Selena's eyes snapped open with an idea, and she bolted upright from her reclining position, sending the feline in her lap sailing to the floor. She ignored the injured glare she got from the cat as she began to smile. "A bomb threat," Selena murmured, a slow smile spreading across her face. She had her idea, now it was time to see if she could build a snare to snag a Bat. Heading to her writing desk, she sat down and began to plan.

It was nearly ten-thirty at night when he arrived. The instant Selena saw the sleek black car pull into the warehouse district, she got butterflies in her stomach. She'd almost been afraid the plan wouldn't work. She'd sent a note to Commissioner Gordon under the guise of another one of Gotham's top criminals, threatening to bomb the city if Batman didn't come alone to the warehouse she'd chosen. Now all she had to do was wait. Peering out the small warehouse window, she could see him exit the car, his gaze taking in the warehouse from all angles. From the alias she'd used in the note, no doubt he'd be expecting henchmen to come from all directions.

When they didn't, his eyes narrowed and he started for the only entrance to the building. Selena slunk back against the overhead beam, flattening her body to hide along its girth. Her Catwoman outfit blended with the shadows, camouflaging her from his sight. She let him pass beneath her, watching out of the corner of the eye as he scanned the place for enemy attack. He was cautious, never leaving one side of himself open to attack for more than a few moments. Selena crawled along the beam slowly, until she was close enough to make her move. Pressing the button on the small detonator she had strapped to her whip, Selena set of a chain of small explosions back towards the entrance of the warehouse. In the split second that it took the Batman to whirl around to see the source of the bombs, she leapt from the rafters and onto his back, knocking him to the floor.

It took him a moment to get enough leverage to throw her from his body, giving Selena enough time yank the medicine injector from inside the cuff of her glove. Pressing the muzzle of the gun-like device to the Batman's neck, she pulled the trigger and watched the needle shoot straight through his cowl and into his neck, pumping him full of the drug it contained. He managed to fling her from his body, a move she didn't expect, and she went sailing through the air to crash into a stack of wooden crates. The wind knocked out of her, Selena could only lay there and pant while the Batman got to his feet and came her way. "You?" He rasped, scowling when he saw her.

"What in the hell are you doing here, Selena?" The tranquilizing drugs were starting to take their effect on him, for his words were becoming slurred slightly. When he came close enough, Selena lashed out with a scissor leg-lock, latching on to the Batman's left leg. Normally, his agility was a match for her own, but with the potion in his bloodstream, it was enough to send him crashing to the ground heavily. He was starting to slip under when she crawled over to him, his eyes confused and cloudy.

The last word he managed before he completely blacked out was, "Why?" Then he was limp, breathing steady as he slept, completely vulnerable to her. Selena smiled and draped one of his limp arms around her shoulders, her arms encircling his waist as she strained to pick him from the ground. It was a little difficult because of his massive size and the fact he was deadweight, but she managed to get him to the stolen car she had hidden in the back of the warehouse. He had asked her why she was doing this, why she had ambushed him. Selena smiled to herself as she loaded his unconscious form into the passenger seat. Why...a good question. He'd find out soon enough.

It was easy enough to get him up to her apartment. The old Gotham district used to be a series of old businesses, and even after they had been renovated into apartments, there still were qualities about them that other upscale apartments didn't have, like a freight elevator in the back of the building. Abandoning the stolen car five blocks from her home, Selena took her real car the remaining distance back to her building. She took the Batman up using the service elevator, not that she really needed too. It was late at night, and the other tenants of the building were probably drunk or asleep by now. In this part of town, she could have taken Batman in the front door, and no one would have batted an eyelash.

Her body was going to be sore tomorrow, from all the lifting and carrying she was doing with the man's unconscious form and the nasty bruise she could already feel forming on her back from the crates at the warehouse. But it was worth it as she loaded the Batman into her bedroom and onto the bed. She removed his boots and the gloves of the costume, setting them neatly by the nightstand. Opening the drawer of the small table, she withdrew the little surprise she'd gotten for her guest. Selena strapped a thick leather handcuff around each wrist of the Batman, clipping the other end securely around the strong wooden poles of her poster-style bed frame.

She did the same with his ankles, maneuvering his legs until he was spread-eagled on the bed and totally secured down. He had just enough slack to be comfortable, but not enough to slip free of the restraints. The Batman in bondage, Selena thought with a chuckle. Looking at him, lying there helpless to whatever she chose to do with him, was in a strange way erotic to her. Beneath her costume, she was starting to feel that sensual little tickle that she always got when she was near him. But, that could wait...she had all the time in the world with him later. For now, what she needed was a hot shower to soothe her tired muscles.

The drug passed quicker through his system than most people, though through partial immunity to the liquid or just luck Selena didn't know. All she knew is when she emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and carrying her Catwoman outfit, the Batman was already awake and testing the strength of his bonds. "I assure you they're quite sound," she purred, watching those gorgeous eyes swing over to rest on her, the corners of his mouth turning down in disappointment. "So," he said quietly, his voice rich and strong. "Working for the Scarecrow now, Selena? I thought you were above that." She laughed, hanging the Catwoman costume on its place in her closet. "Use your head, Batman," she chuckled. "What purpose would I have with the Scarecrow?"

"The bomb," he said flatly. "The threat. It was you, but you put the Scarecrow's name on it. Why?"

"If it had my name on it, would you have believed it? Or would you have sent the police over?" His mouth twitched slightly with acknowledgement, and she climbed up on the bed with him. She straddled his lower body, wrapped in nothing but her bath towel as she sat down square on his costume-covered groin. She knew she would have an effect on him. If the sight of her nearly naked body crawling on his didn't do it, then the tumbling waterfall of wet black curls framing her face and shoulders or the scent of her would. Try as he might, the Batman was only a man, and the evidence of that was starting to swell against her body. "So why the threat? Why am I here?"

"Why seems to be your favorite question, Batman." Selena smiled. She stretched out over his body, her breasts pressing against his chest and her knees planted on either side of his hips. She brought her mouth inches from his own, so close she could almost brush his lips with hers, close enough so her words sent a whisper of hot air over his mouth. "You have a woman who's taken all this trouble to get you into her bedroom, and all you can say is why?" She gave a low chuckle, and flicked her tongue out in one quick motion to trace his upper lip. "Because, Mr. Superhero Extraordinaire, I tried everything else to get you to come and play, but nothing worked."

"You did this to get my attention?" His voice was carefully neutral, betraying neither humor nor anger.

"Well, I tried robbing the elite for a while, but the police took over those cases. I even stole that damn Ming vase from the museum to draw you out."

"I thought that was you," He admitted. All the facial control in the world couldn't have stopped the wry grin from making the corners of his mouth tilt up. "Who else would steal a priceless Ming vase and put it back?"

"Who, indeed?" Selena laughed quietly. They shared a moment of amusement together. Selena could almost see the humor click off when he slid back into "fierce hero" mode. "So where do we go from here, Selena? You obviously know that you have me where you want me. Now what do you intend to do with me?"

"From why to what," Selena quipped, sliding off his body in one fluent motion. "At least we're progressing a little." She moved over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. Pushing aside the clothes, she pressed in the center of the cedar panel that was the bottom of the drawer, causing it to spring open, revealing that it was a false layer. Beneath was a veritable arsenal, with everything from small guns and their ammo to elaborate clawed gloves to go with her costume. Selena rummaged through and came up with a simple, sharp boot knife, then rearranged her drawer and shut it. Holding up the knife, she watched the wariness creep back into the Batman's eyes.

"Oh, don't give me that look," she chided. "I didn't bring you all this way, dragging your costumed butt here to kill you. I could have done that back there." She noticed he stopped struggling at his bonds a bit, going very still to watch her movements carefully as she re-straddled him. "We're going to even the odds, Batman. You know who I am, after all. You've known for years. But you, you are still a mystery." Holding up the knife with a grin, she watched his eyes widen in slight shock. "I want to see the pretty face that is behind that mask."

"Selena, wait..." For the first time since she'd created the Catwoman persona, Selena saw a little fear in the Batman's eyes. "Look," he said firmly. "I knew it would come to this one day. But it doesn't have to be like this. If you really want to see who I am, Selena, undo the cuffs. Let it be my choice."

"Clever, clever," She taunted him. "But no cigar. The instant one hand is free, you'd have me down and out in a hot second, and you'd be gone. No, I think this way is better. It's more fun." Selena brought the knife up and laid it against the soft cloth that covered his upper cheeks. "Like unwrapping a big, pretty package at Christmas." She watched his lips tighten as she scraped the point of the blade lightly against the material.

"Now stay very still," she ordered. "I don't want you to get hurt." Grabbing the mask in one hand, Selena angled the blade diagonally and slid it beneath the cloth. The edge was razor-sharp, splitting the material in a neat line as she slid the blade up in a slow motion. If he would have flinched, it may have cut him, but he was as still as stone as she worked. When the mask had been slit enough, Selena grabbed the flap, and on baited breath pulled the cloth aside. Bruce Wayne. Pampered little rich boy heir Bruce Wayne was the Batman. Her lips curving up in a satisfied smile, Selena studied his face for the first time, free of the mask. How could she not have seen it? If anything, she should have known by the lips and the eyes, dead giveaways to a woman who'd spent time fantasizing about both. Her reaction must have surprised him, for he searched her face for ridicule or shock. "You don't seem very surprised," He commented dryly.

"It's not that much of a stretch of the imagination," She replied. "I mean, I knew you had to be a man of money. Look at the car, at the technology you have. It was simply a question of which wealthy Gotham socialite you were."

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