tagErotic CouplingsThe Breakup Box

The Breakup Box

byJ.Q. Hack©

Mike sat down at the bottom of the steps to finish tying his shoes. He looked at his watch. It was nearly one o'clock in the afternoon. His ex-girlfriend, Sarah, was supposed to have stopped by nearly two hours earlier to pick up her things at his house. As of now she hadn't been there and he was tired of waiting. If she came by while he was out running – too bad – she'd have to stop back later. This was the second time she'd done this and he wasn't in the mood to cut her any breaks.

Mike pulled on a gray t-shirt just as someone knocked at the front door. Mike sighed and felt irritated that Sarah finally felt like coming over nearly two hours late. He was ready to fight about this one.

"It's about fucking time," Mike said as he pulled open the door.

The startled girl standing at the front door wasn't Sarah.

"I'm sorry I can come back later. Sarah asked me to come over." The girl held up a brown cardboard box. "This is her breakup box."

"Lauren, I was expecting Sarah; she said she'd be here two hours ago."

"She called me and asked me to come over and pick some things up. She sounded like she'd been crying pretty hard."

"Come in." Mike held the screen door open for Sarah's friend, Lauren. His anger had subsided considerably since he wasn't going to have to deal with Sarah today.

"So, where's her stuff? I don't want to keep you too long. It looks like you were on your way out."

"Her stuff is upstairs in my room. Actually I was just going out for a run."

"Ooh, a runner. Sarah never told me you ran."

"I'm sure she hasn't been saying anything nice about me lately. Has she?"

"Well, not really," Lauren said.

"It's upstairs." Mike nodded his head toward the stairs.

Mike took Lauren to his room where all of Sarah's things were piled on his bed.

"Is all this crap hers? I don't think it'll all fit in her breakup box." Lauren asked. Her eyes were wide with surprise and a hint of disgust. "It looks like she was practically living here."

"Yeah, she had a lot of junk here." Even Mike was shocked at how much space her stuff took up on his bed. There were several books, a few months' worth of magazines, a few CDs, a pair of shoes, some tops, a couple of skirts, a stuffed animal and several pairs of panties.

Mike sat at the head of the bed while Lauren began to carefully pack the items in the box. He wondered if all of Sara's stuff would fit in there.

After a few minutes of silence while Lauren was packing things into the box she started to giggle.

Mike looked up at her. "What's so funny?"

"Are these really hers?" Lauren held up two pair of panties in her hands, one was a light pink while the other was dark blue. "These look like old lady bloomers."

Mike chuckled. "She said they were comfortable and that's why she wore them. She had a few pairs that she said were sexy but I rarely got to see those."

"Yuck, I wouldn't be caught dead in these things." Lauren tossed them into the box with Sarah's other clothes. "Okay, that's done with … oh; Sarah said to make sure she got back that one DVD."

"That's downstairs. We can get that when you leave."

"That wasn't too bad, I guess." Lauren put the stuffed box onto the floor along with her purse and sat down on the bed. She fanned her face with her hand and pushed a few loose strands of her long red hair behind her ear.

"So you wouldn't get caught dead in those bloomers?" Mike said.

Lauren looked at him and smiled. She uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. "No. No I wouldn't."

"I bet. So what do you have hiding under there?" He motioned towards Lauren's sundress.

"Nothing you'd be interested in," she replied coyly.

"Why don't you try me?"

Lauren smoothed the front of her light green sundress across her lap. "I think Sarah would really mind if I did that. Don't you think she'd get mad?"

"She's not my girlfriend anymore, now is she?"

"I guess not. They're nothing too exciting." Lauren fidgeted with the hem of her dress and pulled the material up enough so Mike could see the matching green of her panties.

"Don't be so modest. I like that green on you. Stand up and turn around for me."

"I can't do that. You've seen enough already," Lauren said.

"Maybe this will help to change your mind."

Before Lauren could protest Mike slid to the edge of the bed and took her face in his hands. Without another word he leaned in and kissed Lauren passionately on the lips. After a few seconds Lauren pulled back from him looking stunned.

"What was that for?" Lauren said.

"I've wanted to do that ever since Sarah introduced us."

He leaned in and kissed her again. This time there was no hesitation or resistance from Lauren. She ran her fingers through Mike's thick dark hair, trying to pull him in even closer to her. Lauren and Mike's tongues glided and slid over each other's as their kiss grew deeper. After a long few moments Lauren broke the kiss, breathing deeply she fanned her self.

"We can't do this. I mean at least not right now. Sarah would be so angry if she found out," Lauren said.

"Forget Sarah already; I know I have. Anyhow she's the one that broke it off with me."

Mike kissed Lauren again. Lauren tilted her head back revealing the milky white skin of her neck for him to kiss. Mike slid his arm around Lauren's waist to pull her closer. She clung to Mike's broad muscled shoulders as his lips and tongue found the sensitive part of her neck, the one that sent shivers throughout her body, the spot just below her ear. Lauren let go of a short breathy moan.

Lauren looked Mike in the eyes as if trying to search out his true intentions. "Sarah can never find out."

"Don't worry about it, Lauren," Mike said.

"You know, I never thought Sarah truly appreciated you."

Mike leaned back in to kiss Lauren. He slid his hand back onto her hip.

"But, I know I'll appreciate you," Lauren whispered.

While they continued their kiss Lauren found Mike's hand and moved it from her hip onto her inner leg. Lauren moved in closer until her legs were draped over his and their bodies were pressed together. He didn't need an invitation for what to do next. He slid his hand along Lauren's smooth inner thigh. Her creamy soft skin felt good to his touch.

Lauren's breath caught for a brief second and Mike could feel her smile as his fingers brushed the fabric of her green panties. He could feel Lauren's warmth emanating from her and he could feel some slight dampness on his fingers. His fingers ran lightly over Lauren's pussy lips through her panties, massaging and rubbing her lips while they continued to kiss.

Mike slipped one then two fingers inside her panties. He felt a small patch of soft pubic hair before his fingers encountered Lauren's slickness.

"You feel fantastic," he whispered into her ear.

Lauren grabbed onto Mike tighter. "To tell you the truth I was getting wet while I was driving over here."

"I'm glad I hadn't left for that run. I'm even gladder you showed up rather than Sarah."

"Me too," Lauren moaned.

Mike moved the fabric further to the side with his hand. His fingers were slick with her juices. Slowly, as if testing the waters and Lauren's reaction, Mike slid one finger inside her. Lauren let out a low moan and nipped at Mike's bottom lip. He took that as a good sign and easily slipped a second finger into her. Lauren's vagina felt warm and tight around his fingers. Mike stretched his fingers out along the top of her pussy until they brushed the bundle of nerve endings that formed her G-spot.

Lauren gasped and looked at Mike with a startled expression. Mike started to massage that spot with small circular motions. Lauren's face flushed as she started to grind her pussy onto his hand, urging him into her deeper. Mike began to move his two fingers in and out of her pussy faster. This urged her on more as her breathing grew quicker. Before too long she was practically panting as he fucked her pussy with his fingers and she met every thrust of his hand with her hips.

Lauren grabbed his hand and held it in place. Mike felt Lauren's pussy contract and release several times as his fingers were flooded in a new sensation of warmth and wetness. Lauren released his hand and collapsed backwards onto his bed.

"Holy shit," Lauren said.

Mike guided his come-soaked fingers to Lauren's mouth where she greedily sucked them in, cleaning them off. She looked Mike in the eyes as she pretended to give head to his hand. Mike laid down next to Lauren.

"That was unbelievable," he said.

Lauren turned her body to kiss Mike when she felt his hard on press into her hip. She reached down and squeezed it through his jogging shorts; its length and girth filled up her petite hand.

"I think somebody needs a little attention of their own," she said.

Lauren sat up on the bed on her knees. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her sundress and pulled it up. Mike looked on appreciatively as the smooth firm skin of her hips and thighs gave way to his gaze and then her flat stomach came into view followed by the firm tear-shaped orbs of her breasts, which were capped by upturned rosy pink nipples. Her skin was beautiful creamy white, firm and smooth. Lauren tossed her dress into a pile on the floor.

Mike lifted himself up onto one elbow to get a closer look at Lauren's green panties. His eyes followed the strap from the front over hip and around to her backside where he saw the material disappear into the cleft of her buttocks. With his free hand he gave Lauren's rump a firm pat. Lauren giggled.

"Sarah never wore anything like that, that's for sure."

"Well I'm not Sarah, am I?" Lauren said.

"No you aren't," Mike laughed.

Lauren started to slowly push Mike's t-shirt up his stomach, "Let's see what we can do about getting you out of this."

Mike sat up enough to finish pulling his shirt up over his head. He looked at Lauren to gauge her response. Her eyes roamed slowly over his torso as she admired the taut and toned musculature of his arms and chest and the rock hard abs proudly on display in front of her. Lauren gently bit her bottom lip not believing the sight in front of her.

"Wow, I mean wow, look at you. Sarah must be blind or crazy to give this up." Lauren leaned over Mike and ran her hands over his shoulders and down his arms. An electric tingle of excitement pulsed through Lauren's body as she caressed his tight abs. Lauren straddled Mike's hips and began to kiss his chest, stopping briefly at each of his nipples to draw them into her mouth. She playfully bit down on Mike's hard nipples drawing a tiny wince of pain from him.

"You enjoying yourself?" Mike looked into Lauren's blue eyes and smiled.

"Not yet, I'm not." Lauren bit her bottom lip again and gave Mike this quick little wicked wink. She ground her pussy against his throbbing cock to make sure he caught her meaning.

Lauren slid down Mike's legs and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. She gave them a hard yank past his waist and down over his hips. His cock sprang free of the confines of his shorts, fully erect and glistening with drops of pre-come.

Lauren took in a deep breath as she gasped and covered her mouth, her eyes wide with surprise. "Sarah wasn't kidding. She's crazy for breaking up with you." Lauren leaned in towards Mike to get a closer view of his tool now proudly on display. Mike was particularly pleased with how thick and powerful his tool looked. "If I had a boyfriend with a prick this big I'd never let you out of my sight."

"So Sarah told you I had a big dick?" Mike had no idea Sarah had bragged to any of her friends about the size of his prick. Knowing this made him feel proud.

"Oh, yeah, she did."

Lauren sat there for a few seconds staring at Mike's massive prick before her.

"Go ahead," Mike said. "It won't bite."

"I didn't think it would," Lauren said.

Lauren reached out and gently took his shaft in her hand and started to lightly stroke it. Mike let out a low groan as her hand enveloped his cock, her hand twisted around his shaft in a way Sarah had never tried.

Lauren leaned her head closer to Mike. Her tongue flicked out from between her lips and licked the underside of his head, hitting the sensitive spot and sending ripples of pleasure through Mike's body. Lauren licked her lips and licked the underside of his prick with a slow broad flat stroke.

Mike closed his eyes and let out another low groan. He had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming all of this. He looked down as Lauren slurped the tip of his penis and most of the shaft into her warm mouth. Immediately is cock grew slick and warm from her spit as her head bobbed up and down. Lauren moved closer to Mike. Her warm tight body pressed comfortably against his leg. With each of her movements her firm breasts pressed into him, their soft flesh was a nice contrast to the hard nubs of her nipples that also pressed into his skin.

Lauren vigorously sucked his cock, slurping it into her mouth and throat as far as it would go, pressing it further until she started to gag, gobs of spit poured from her mouth coating his prick. Lauren would take his prick from her mouth and rub his slick shaft along her cheeks and chin coating her face in her own saliva.

"That's fucking awesome," Mike groaned.

Lauren took his cock back in her hand and jerked him off, her hands glistening with the pre-come bubbling from his prick.

"You like that don't you?"

Mike grabbed his cock and pushed Lauren's head down towards it. As her face got closer he smacked his prick off her cheek and lips a few times. Lauren briefly recoiled, but she had a big nasty grin on her face.

"You nasty boy."

"Keep sucking it," Mike commanded. Lauren returned to sucking it with gusto.

After a little while she looked up from Mike's prick with that look in her eyes again.

"Fuck me," Lauren said.

"What did you say?" Mike asked.

"I want you to fuck me."

Mike got up on his knees, holding his cock in his hand. He stroked it a few times as Lauren lay there on her back.

"Let's get you out of these panties."

Mike grabbed the waistband of her green panties and pulled them down her hips over her thighs and finally removed them. He admired the way her pussy, with all its wetness, glistened in the afternoon sun of the room.

Mike couldn't resist. He dropped his head between Lauren's splayed legs and began lapping eagerly at the pink rose petals of her pussy with his nose buried in Lauren's neat triangle of pubic hair. He spread her lips with his tongue and dipped his tongue into her hole. Lauren began to writhe around on the bed as he lashed at her clit with rapid strokes from his tongue.

"Shit, that feels good," Lauren moaned.

Lauren grabbed a handful of Mike's hair and pulled him tighter into her snatch. Mike for one didn't mind, he had wondered for quite sometime what sort of fuck Sarah's best friend would be? Soon he'd find out.

Lauren continuously wriggled and moaned under Mike's probing tongue and lips. His tongue easily found her hole each time. Mike reached around and grabbed a hold of her ass, pulling her pussy closer to his face. He relished the sweet slickness of her lips.

Lauren loved nothing better than to have her pussy eaten but by this time she was ready to move past the foreplay. He seemed to have read her mind at the same time; after all she was the one that told him to fuck her first. He got up from between Lauren's legs and knelt before her with his throbbing cock in his hand.

Mike grabbed Lauren's hips and yanked her closer to him. She let out a loud squeal of excitement. He grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs further apart. Lauren raised her hips and moaned in anticipation as Mike stroked his cock, pre-come glistening on its head. Mike aimed his cock at Lauren's hole ready to slide his cock into her.

"Wait; I have a better idea," Lauren said. A coy smile played across her face.

Lauren rolled onto her stomach. Slowly and seductively Lauren raised herself up onto her knees, pushing her ass and awaiting pussy closer and closer to Mike's throbbing prick. Lauren was gushing with wetness by now and she could practically feel the heat coming from Mike's body.

Lauren was flush with anticipation, every inch of her flesh begged to be impaled on Mike's shaft. Mike was now positioned above her, their bodies mere inches apart. With a thrust of his hips Mike's cock entered Lauren.

"Ohh," Lauren gasped. Her eyes fluttered as his length and girth stretched and filled her completely. Mike grunted like an animal when her pussy gripped the length of his prick. He drove his cock into Lauren in rapid succession with fast rhythmic movements. The room filled with the sounds of their body's slapping together. Lauren clung to the sheets as Mike slammed into her, her ears filled with their moans.

Mike seemed to know instinctively how Lauren liked it. He grabbed ahold of her hips, gripping her around her waist to pull her into each of his hard thrusts. Lauren's hard pink nipples brushed against the sheets with each of his thrusts sending tiny electric jolts of pleasure through her body. She could feel a light sheen of sweat developing on her body and she wondered if Mike looked the same.

Mike could feel his orgasm building in his testicles. It was a sweet feeling that was urging him to go faster and faster. At that moment he would've liked nothing better than to slam his prick into Lauren and unleash a thick torrent of come, but he also wanted to hold back and savor this experience.

Mike let his prick slide from Lauren's pussy. He needed a breather for a few seconds or this whole experience would be over quicker than either one of them wanted. Before he knew what happened Lauren spun around on the bed and was facing him.

"On your back, big boy," Lauren said. She flashed her eyebrows at him and gave his chest a gentle push. Mike laid back on the bed.

In a flash Lauren was on top of him with her hands pinning his above his head. Mike loved the way her naked weight felt against his body at that moment. Lauren's hair fell around her face and head as she leaned in and kissed him hard. Her tongue mingled with Mike's switching places in each other's mouths. Mike didn't try to struggle against Lauren's sweet restraint.

As they were kissing Lauren began to slide her body down his torso. Her legs were entwined with his.

"Mmm," Lauren laughed. "That's what I was waiting for," Lauren said as her opening bumped into the tip of Mike's cock.

Lauren sat up across Mike's torso and reached behind her legs until she had the shaft of Mike's prick firmly in her hand. Lauren closed her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure as his cock sank easily back into her. Mike stroked her smooth upper thighs as Lauren sat there with his dick buried into her up to the hilt.

"I bet Sarah didn't do this for you, did she?" Lauren said. Lauren began to gyrate her hips back and forth in a tight circular motion.

Mike closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. It was all he could do to hang on and not lose his load right then and there.

"You seem to be enjoying this quite nicely," Lauren said. She put her hands on Mike's chest and increased her motions. He loved the way his cock felt moving around in the tight confines of her pussy as its walls gripped and released his shaft.

"Sarah never did anything this nice," Mike said after regaining his breath.

Mike pulled Lauren closer towards him. Her breasts hung over his face shaking and moving in time to Lauren's movements. Mike guided his mouth to one of her nipples and drew it into his mouth. His tongue lashed at the hard nub and he could feel it expand even a little more in his mouth.

Lauren's body writhed and undulated faster a top Mike. Her moans were coming faster and faster and there seemed to be urgency behind them. Lauren wrapped her fingers into Mike's thick dark hair and tugged on it.

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