tagIncest/TabooThe Breast Lesson Ch. 03

The Breast Lesson Ch. 03


Sitting at the breakfast table the next morning Hayley was quiet. She sat twirling her spoon in her bowl of cereal, daydreaming, thinking about what she saw last night. Still so much to learn, she thought to herself as she heard her mother's moans and her father's grunts. She peeked up and saw her mother sipping her coffee; her eyes were fixed on him. Hayley's eyes slipped over to her father, whose eyes were focused on his wife, the corner of his mouth turned up. Hayley watched her mother again, biting her lip and cocking her brow at him. Hayley caught her father's slight nod.

"Hayley dear, why don't you go get ready for school." her mother said.

"But im not finished with my..." she started.

"Go get ready dear, you're going to be later." her mother snipped.

Hayley grabbed her bowl and brought it to the kitchen, and put it in the sink, and walked towards the stairs.

She heard her mother giggle and her father ask her how bad she wanted it. She heard rustling and her mother giggling some more, and her curious toes tip toed back towards the dining room and peeked around the corner.

Her mother was on her back, and Daddy's hands were pulling her navy blue satin blouse up from being tucked beneath her tight black pencil skirt, her blazer was already off and on the floor. Hayley watched as her father's hands slid down and back up her mother's long legs, covered by skin toned stockings. Her feet were dangling in navy high heel pumps. His hands pushed her blouse up and then curled around the top of her bra and pulled the cups of her bra down, letting her tits pop out from beneath them. Hayley felt her own nipples harden as her father put his mouth on her mother's breasts. She listened to the shound of his hands ripping her stockings open and watched her mother's body shoot upwards as her Daddy pushed into her. Her mother gasped again, this time her hands clasping to the edge of the table.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard." she growled.

Hayley stood there watching, her mother gripping the table as her father fucked her. Hayley wondered how it felt, if her Daddy was ever going to teach her this part.

"Cum Daddy." she listened to her mother whipser as he grunted and slammed her harder, her body fighting against being fucked across the table by his powerful thrusts as she gripped the edge of the table harder.

"Give me that big fucking dick." she moaned, her one hand reaching to rub herself on her clit as her father grabbed both of her legs putting them up over his shoulders, Hayley could see now where his penis was going. And Hayley touched herself down there, wondering what it felt like to have a man inside you down there.

Hayley knew she'd better get going and get ready for school like she was told, but she was concentrating on watching her father's huge cock disappear inside her mother.

Seconds later her father was hunched over her mother on the table, his ass squeezing as he thrusted forward over and over, loud groans coming from somewhere deep in his belly. Hayley's mother was holding him, her legs now wrapped around him, still moaning herself.

Hayley watched them lay there for a minute and her mother lift his head and watched them kiss.

He was kissing her just the way he'd kissed Hayley, and Hayley felt an unfamiliar feeling towards her mother. Jealousy.

"I miss this." her mother said. "I miss having sex like this. Having sex at all." she said as her father stood and her mother sat on the edge of the table. Hayley looked at her father's cock now hanging limp as he agreed and took his wife's face in his hands and kissed her again.

Hayley walked away quietly and went to her room and got ready for school.

Hayley picked out what most girls her age wore. Tight leggings. The kind that some wore knowing exactly the effect they had on men, and some like Hayley who wore them because they were comfortable, now knowing how well her tight teen ass looked in them, or how it made grown men want to have their way with her.

Hayley threw a pair of black leggings onto her bed, and picked out an oversized knitted sweater. It was her favorite one, and she remembered how her father had complimented how pretty she looked in it once. It was Ivory, and loosely knitted. Hayley dressed herself, slipping on a white cotton thong she'd bought once at the mall with her friends. The only pair of "naughty" underwear she had. She pulled on her leggings. She put on a plain matching white bra, and slipped on her overszied sweater. As she pulled her hair up out of the neck of the sweater her mother opened her door.

"You can't wear that." her mother said, pointing to her sweater. "The knit is too loose, you need to wear a tank top underneath it, I can see your bra."

Hayley looked up at her mother who was tucking her blouse back into her skirt, and noticed her mother was already wearing a new pair of stockings, black ones this time.

"But Jenna and Amy wear it like this." Hayley said.

Her mother reached up and was slipping her earrings in one at a time. "Well Jenna and Amy are..." she started and then saw her father in her doorway as well grabbing her mother's waist and kissing her neck. She was smiling and pushing his hands off her playfully. "Jenna and Amy aren't my daughter." she finally finished. "Sweetheart please tell Hayley she needs a tank top under that thing." she kissed him quickly. "Gotta go, I'm running late!. You two hurry. Don't make yourselves late!" Hayley heard her mother's voice trail off.

Hayley's father caught Hayley rolling her eyes.

"Well, your mother is right, ya know." he said leaning in her door way. Hayley looked over to him; his eyes looking her up and down.

"Whatever." Hayley muttered under her breath.

"Seriously...you wear that, and you're going to distract the boys." he said, and Hayley looked up.

"Yeah?" she said excitedly and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Mmmhmm." her father said walking into her bedroom slowly, listening to his wife pull out of the driveway. He peeked through Hayley's window to make sure and then turned to his daughter again.

"You wear that and all of he boys will be excited. Their dic...their penises will be excited, and hard...like the photos in the book..." he said looking at her, his own cock getting hard.

"Like yours was in the bathroom?" she asked innocently.

"Just like that." he said closing in on her his hand finding her waist, gripping the sweater in his hand, pulling it up, and peeking behind her at her ass. "Those pants will make them excited too."

"Really?" Hayley scrunched her face. "They're just legging Daddy. Why would they make boys excited?"

"Because sweetie, you have a great little butt." he smacked it playfully and let her sweater go, Hayley giggled.

"Guys like butts?" she asked as she lifted her sweater and checked out her ass in the mirror.

"Oh yes." he said.

"Really?" she asked again. "It's just a butt though...how can it makes boys excited?"

"Boys get excited by lots of things baby, especially girls with nice little bodies like yours." he said.

Hayley smiled, not even aware that her father should not be complimeting her body, her father shouldn't be doing a lot of the things he's done the past few days with her. But Hayley was not aware of this.

Hayley bent over to grab one of her shoes to put on, and her father watched the material stretch, getting a quick peek at the skin of her ass. He felt his dick move in his pants.

"Sweetie..." he said.

"Yes Daddy?" Hayley said slipping on her other shoe.

"Are you wearing underwear?" he asked.

Hayley spun around to him; her head down slightly and began to blush. "Yes."

"It doesn't look like you are." he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards her bed. "Maybe Daddy should check?" he asked, but Hayley knew he wasn't really asking, it was more of a way of him telling her was going to.

"Get up on the bed...bend over for Daddy." he said.

He rubbed himself slightly as he watched her hands and knees crawl onto the bed and bend over for him. "Put your face on the bed baby, bend over all the way" he said.

He watched the fabric stretch even more and foguth the urge to reach out and smack her cute little ass.

"Like this Daddy?" Hayley asked.

"Just like that baby" he told her as his hands grabbed her hips. He could tell she was wearing a thong and he pushed his groin into her butt. Hayley felt him, hard against her ass, not really knowing what it was.

"Are you wearing a thong baby?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"...ye...yes Daddy." Hayley answered wondering what his reaction would be.

She felt his hands squeeze her ass and then her legging being pulled down, the waist of them stopping right beneath her ass cheeks. Hayley stayed in her position, silent.

"Where did you get these panties?" he asked calmly, Hayley's heart beat slowing down a little when she realized he wasn't mad.

"At the mall, with Jenna and Amy." she said feeling his finger trace along the waist of her panties and his finger slipping down the middle, part way and lightly over the crack of her ass.

"Do you have any more big girl panties?" he asked.

"No Daddy, only these ones." Hayley said feeling her father pull her leggings down further, within seconds he had them off her. His finger curled around the thin piece of fabric that was wedged in between her perfect little ass cheeks. Hayley felt the fabric pulled from her.

Her father's mouth watered at her perfect little pussy being exposed like this, bent over in front of him, his hand grabbed his cock and rubbed it.

"Baby." he said lightly replacing the piece of fabric where it was.

"Yeah, Daddy?" Hayley responded.

"We should probably have another quick lesson before school. You know...incase there's a pop quiz." he said his hand caressing her round ass softly, slowly.

"Ok Daddy." Hayley agreed.

"Can you teach me about what you and Mommy did last night, and this morning on the table?" Hayley asked softly.

Her father's eyes widened. "You...you saw that?" he asked, unashamed, and only turned on picturing her virgin eyes watching him completely destroy her mother's pussy.

"Uh huh. I'm sorry Daddy, I know I shouldn't have without permission." she said sounding worried. "I just wanted to study!" she said with fear in her voice that she was about to get in trouble.

He smiled. "It's okay princess. But no more watching mommy and daddy, Daddy doesn't mind, but if mommy catches you, you'll get into trouble, even if it is for school and studying." he said grinning to himself, and couldn't believe how blessed he was to have such a naive little girl all to himself.

"Okay daddy, I won't, I promise. Will you teach me though?" she said feeling his finger trace back down the fabric of her thong and graze along the crevice between her pussy lips. Hayley trembled.

"You're not ready for that baby girl." he said, even though he wished she was.

"Why not, Daddy? I want to learn." she whimpered as he began to rub tiny little circles, pressing his finger into the fabric of her panties against her clit.

"I know baby, and you're such a good learner, you've done so good so far. But...we mustn't skip any lessons, even if we both want to." he said and Hayley heard his pants unzip and his belt unbuckle and his pants fall to the floor. She felt her Daddy rubbing himself on her ass now.

"Can you rub me some more, Daddy?" Hayley asked. "It felt good. Please?"

His bare dick was sliding between her ass cheeks and up over her back, back down, he couldn't deny such a polite request and grabbed his cock and slipped it down and over her panties rubbing the head of his cock over clit through the fabric. It surprised him when she reached down and pulled her panties to the side, so much that he almost forgot it was his little girl bent over in front of him and not some hungry slut begging for his cock, because for a moment his cock had slipped up twoards her virgin hole and almost pushed into her without thinking, without remembering he had to pace himself with her. It was pure and utter torture.

"Rub it now Daddy, it feels better when my panties aren't in the way." she said in her adorable little innocent voice.

"Yes..." he said as he pressed his cock forward forcing the head of his cock to craze her slit and stop at her clit, pushing himself against her clit rubbing it slowly with his cock. "Yes it does baby."

He wanted to fuck her so bad. He stopped and stroked himself looking at her bent over. He lowered his face and let his tongue find her cunt, and licked her pussy softly from behind. Hayley cooed. She gasped when she realized her father's mouth was on her down there. She shot forward and then turned over onto her back. "Daddy! I dont think mouths go there!" she cried out.

He smiled and grabbed her thong pulling it down her legs, Hayley watched him still confused by what her Daddy was doing when he put his tongue down there.

"It's okay baby, mouths do go there..."he assured her as he he pushed her tiny body up ward onto her bed, her pink comforter being messied as he crawled between her legs.

"I don't think so Daddy." Hayley said unsure as her father's hands spread her legs and he kissed her where she pees. "Daddy..." she moaned slightly. "I didn't see anything about this in the..." his tongue flicked her clit and sucked it softly. "Bo.. mmpf...boooook." she stuttered as his tongue lapped over clit, up and down.

He stopped and looked up at his little girl propped up on her elbows looking down at him. She was a delicious sight, still in her sweater, covered from neck to her belly, and her lower half bare, and her legs spread wide for him, he spread her pussy lips open, her wet hole glistening at him. She was the hottest thing he'd ever seen and wanted her, every part of her.

"Tell me then baby, if it doesn't belong there..." his tongue dragged from her hole to her clit, down and back up again. Hayley could feel her insides aching, as if they wanted his tongue somewhere inside. "Then why does it feel so good?" he asked before sucking her clit softly. His daughter not responding with anything but tiny little gasps. Her tiny mousy voice as she cooed her ooo's and ahh's made it even harder for him not to give in and just shove his bulging cock inside her, to hear what she'd sound like taking a fat cock inside her. His mouth worked her perfectly, and Hayley was no longer proped up on her elbows but on her back, her chest rising and falling as she panted with her father licking her over and over.

He only moved his tongue faster when he felt her tiny hips buck upwards into his face, her back arching for more, he knew her pussy was aching to be filled, but her young virgin body had no idea what it wanted, what to ask for. He loved watching her squirm as he sucked her clit again, and she called out Daddy more than a dozen times in a row.

He knew he had her on the edge of cumming for him, and stopped.

Hayley panted and looked down, propping herself up again.

"Daddy, why'd you stop?" she whimpered. "Daddy please, don't stop." she pouted and her tiny hips wiggled, as if to beckon him back between her legs.

"You want more, baby?" he asked, stroking his cock. Hayley looking at his penis, wondering if more meant he was finally going to teach him what she saw him and mommy doing.

"Can I be like Mommy now Dadddy?" she asked.

He smiled, shaking his head at her determination, wondering if he should just give her whats she wants. Make her regret she ever asked for it when he tears her tight little cunt open, wondering if he should fuck her like all the nasty little Daddy's whores he watches in porn. He crawled onto the bed and laid on his back.

"Sit on Daddy's face, baby." he said, deciding against his deeper desires.

"Huh?" Hayley asked.

He took the time to postion her, her young little pussy hovering over his face, he lifted his mouth to her and licked her pussy , sucking at it, tasting her sweetness. He felt her hips being to rock instinctly. His hand reached down and began to jerk himself off as her juicy little cunt rubbed itself on his mouth and face. Hayley was panting within seconds.

"Daddy, Daddy! It's going to happen again." she moaned, referring to the orgasm he'd let her have on his lap the other day, grinding her curious, little cunt on him.

His tongue lashed, and his mouth devoured her entirely as she began to cum. He felt her juice covering his mouth, his chin as she came. He felt his cock ready to explode as he jerked himself off to his little girl riding his face.

Hayley's body trembled as she felt the waves of orgasm pulse through her, and removed herself from her father's face when her pussy became to sensitive to touch and fell onto her back beside him.

He flipped her onto her side faceing him, and with her legs closed together, he pushed his cock between the tiny triangle clearance, and fucked the hole between her thighs and pussy.

Hayley looked up at her Daddy, panting, grunting as he held her hip and thrust himself hard into her body, his dick hungry for more but settling for this, for fucking the tiny space between his daughter's thighs, fucking it so hard he must've had her thinking he was some kind of maniac.

Hayley knew her Daddy was probably ready to make more white stuff like her had the other day, and she waited as her father used her, feeling his cock slip between her pussy lips as it slid in and out.

Seconds later he had rolled her onto her back and was kneeling between her legs and spreading them.

"Hold yourself open, baby" he said showing her what her mean by pulling back on her pussy lips, spreading them open.

He watched her fingers spread herself and then jerked himself off onto her pussy, and couldn't believe he was able to cover his daughter's young cunt with his seed. He watched ropes of cum shoot on her pussy, into her pubic hair and another shot cover her clit and he watched it drip down her cunt towards her little tight little pussy hole. He watched it drip right over virgin cunt and down between her ass cheeks. He slowly stopped stroking himself, Hayley still holding herself open, he then replaced her fingers with his still holding her open, admiring his load seeping all over her.

"Rub it in baby." he said softly, "Use your hands, rub Daddy's white stuff all over your vagina."

Hayley used one hand and began rubbing, he watched the streames in her pubic hair dissappear as she rubbed it in, and then watched her fingers slip between her lips and over clit, and watched her hips buck slightly when she realized her clit was still sensitive from cumming on her Daddy's face. She still rubbed though, just as her Daddy told her to.

"Perfect baby, keep rubbing it in." he said watching her. "Just like Daddy had you help him put lotion on his penis...this is like lotion for a girl's privates...keep rubbing."

Hayley believe every and any word her father told her...why would he lie? She rubbed herself and they both could hear the sound of her wet pussy being played with my fingers as they pushed his cum all around.

"Good girl." he said as he stopped holding her open and got off the bed and stood up. Hayley watched as he grabbed his pants and started to put them back on.

Hayley crawled to the edge of the bed and sat on her knees her hands in her lap watching him.

"What lesson was that Daddy?" she asked.

He smiled as he lifted his pants to his waist and zipped them, grabbing his belt and pushing it through the loops and buckling it, grinning down at her, at how perfectly fucking naive she was.

"That is called cunnilingus, and sometimes called oral sex. It's when you use your mouth on a girl's private area to making her excited." he said patting her head as if she were a pet, and tucked in his shirt better walked across the room and straightened his tie in her mirror.

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