tagIncest/TabooThe Breast Lesson Ch. 06

The Breast Lesson Ch. 06


That night while lying in bed Gavin heard the floor creaking in the hallway and saw his little girl with her hand held on the frame of his doorway. The light from the bathroom behind her, he watched her silhouette move in his doorway, her head resting on the door frame, her hand gliding down the trim of the doorway as she whispered.

"Daddy... Are you awake?" Hayley's small whisper filling the silence. Gavin sat up slowly, on the edge of the bed as his wife lay sleeping beside him. Moving slowly as to not wake her. Hayley's feet tip toed across the plush carpet, the floor creaking slightly and Gavin's hand lifting to his mouth with one finger over his lips.

"Shh. What is it baby?" He looked at her in her pale yellow nightgown. It was a loose fitting, right above the knee length. That had a white almost doily like trim around the bottom, as well as the top. The straps that held it on her shoulders was the same as the trim. It was also cinched right below her breasts, thanks to a yellow satin bow. Gavin felt his mouth watering looking at the way the fabric hugged her breasts and the rest flowed around her.

"Daddy, can we study?" Hayley whispered as her fingers reached down and pulled the bottom of her nightgown up slowly. "I really think I should study more daddy." and Gavin looked over his shoulder, his wife still asleep and looked back to his little girl who had her nightgown raised at her hips, the fabric bunched in her fists. He felt his dick jump when his eyes feasted upon the white cotton panties that were ruffled around the edges. And couldn't believe his eyes when Hayley began to push them down, and they fell to her ankles.

"Please daddy." Hayley whispered and she slipped into her father's lap, straddling him. Hayley kissing him softly and quietly, her little hips already grinding him.

"Hayley, we can't do this right now." he whispered as he felt her grind on his rising cock. His hands grabbing her waist anyways, holding her in his lap as she slid herself over his dick. He could feel how wet she was.

"Daddy, please." she whispered as her hand reached down between their bodies and she held her father's cock against the tight little hole he'd visited earlier that day. Gavin could feel her on him already. Thinking back to earlier in his office and there it was again. The velvet insides of his daughter's pussy slipping down onto him. He looked again at his sleeping wife and then back at his little girl.

"Are you trying to get daddy in trouble?" He whispered, letting her slowly lift herself up and down on his cock. She felt like heaven.

"No, Daddy." she shook her head as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, riding him slowly as they both breathed into each other's mouths panting quietly.

"I just like learning. It felt so good earlier Daddy. Having your big penis in my vagina." Hayley whispered and Gavin groaned listening the wet sounds of his little girl's cunt swallow his cock.

Gavin couldn't help himself as he lowered the straps of her nightgown off her shoulder, his finger pulling at the ribbon that cinched it around her breasts, watching the fabric fall. She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. His little girl's body was nothing short of amazing and he leaned his head down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. Biting it gently, Hayley whimpered and Gavin picked her up slowly, his cock still inside her. Hayley's legs wrapped around her father, her night gown hanging around her waist as he carried her out of the bedroom and into her own room and he laid her on her bed carefully not letting his cock leave her. He then began to slowly fill her pussy over and over. His long thick cock penetrating her as he watched her moan quietly, her face looking like every thrust was the first time he'd entered her. So surprised by the way he felt inside her. How full he made her.

"Daddy, how come it feels so gooood..." Hayley asked as he reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them gently, pressing them together as he leaned down and dragged his tongue back and forth from one nipples to another and then looked up at her.

"It's because Daddy loves you so much... that's why it feels so good." He said and then slowly pulled out. And looked down at Hayley who gasped and asked him why he stopped.

Gavin smiled and gently turned her over. "Get on your hands and knees baby. Daddy wants to teach you another way. It's called doggy style." he said smacking her butt playfully and Hayley giggled pulling herself up on her hands and knees.

"Like this daddy?" Hayley asked looking back over her shoulder.

"Yes baby. Just like that." he said and then wrapped his fingers around his cock and shoved it back inside his little girl. Hayley's head turned forward and he watched her hands struggle to hold herself as he started to fuck her faster now. His dick slipping in and out of her. Hayley overcome with pleasure, her face fall to the bed, her tiny hands gripping the quilt on her bed as her father took her again and again.

"Now reach down baby. And rub your clitoris while I keep filling your vagina with my big dic... big penis" he said and kept pumping himself. His ass flexing as he drilled his little girl deeper. Listening to her squeal, because for her it felt as if he put himself deeper inside of her each time.

Hayley reached down between her legs and rubbed herself. Her fingers pushing in circles around her clit rubbing up and down until she found the motion she enjoyed best. Which were her pointer, middle and ring finger held together rubbing quick small circles over her clit. Hayley squealed and Gavin pulled out again.

"Daddy. Daddy please don't stop" Hayley begged her hand continuing her method of rubbing herself.

Gavin slapped his cock against her pussy and teased her. "I don't know baby. Daddy is kind of tired." he wasn't. "Maybe you should tell Daddy how bad you want him to finish the lesson and then maybe he'll keep going." he said, as his hand rubbed her round ass that was up in the air.

"I really want it, Daddy. It feels so good. Please Daddy." Hayley whined.

"Show Daddy with your fingers what you want him to do." he grabbed his cock and stroked himself. And watched his daughter slip a finger inside of her pussy and start to move it in and out.

"Mmm, good girl. But you know Daddy's penis is bigger than that baby. Why don't you see how many fingers you can fit inside yourself." he groaned.

To his surprise Hayley grouped her four fingers together and started to try and push them all inside her. Fuck that's so hot. He thought to himself.

"You like having things pushed inside your vagina baby?" He asked her as he slapped her ass with his dick.

"Uh huh" Hayley moaned and he squatted down and pushed her hand away and licked her slit from her clit to her pussy hole and shoved his tongue inside her. Hayley cooed and her hands both gripped the quilt again.

Gavin paused. "What about Daddy's tongue baby? You like that in your vagina?" He asked as he began to tongue fuck her sweet tasting hole.

Hayley's bottom bounced on her father's face as she started to ride his tongue, he grabbed her pulling her onto his face.

"Yes, Daddy. I do" she whimpered and Gavin pulled his tongue out of her pussy and let the tip of his tongue drag towards her tiny little asshole Hayley jumped when she felt his tongue there.

"Daddy, I think you're doing the wrong part." she said sounding concerned.

"No baby. This is another little lesson." he said as he licked her asshole, flicking the tight puckered hole with his tongue, Hayley jumped again as he spit on it.

"But Daddy... I don't think that hole is for... oooooh" she said as his tongue poked itself into her little bottom. "Mmm okay." she said "That does... feel kind of good."

"See." Gavin said now rubbing his thumb over her asshole. "Daddy knows what lessons to teach. Now are you ready to learn a lesson all girls should know?"

Hayley responded with a yes and a head nod.

"Now some girls don't like this lesson. Or never learn it. But I promise you baby. Daddy will teach you. And you'll like this lesson. Maybe not the first time, or the second time. But that's okay, Daddy's patient and just wants his little girl to be the best. So we'll work on this lesson a lot okay?" He asked her his thumb rubbing and dipping into her asshole just a little bit. Hayley moaned and nodded.

"Are you going to put things in that hole now too, Daddy?" Hayley's voice sounded uneasy.

Gavin answered.

"Yes baby. This lesson is called anal."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/13/18

Keep the lessons going of course..

... but I think the next responsibile step for an educator should be on the subject of hygienics.
Fantasy is great, but I enjoy it best when tempered with reality. While never having been blessed withmore...

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by Anonymous07/12/18

Super fucking hot

Love it 😈

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