tagMind ControlThe Breast Machine

The Breast Machine


Experimental device with side affects

Sabrina was searching for the cigarettes her mother kept hidden. Her boyfriend was becoming agitated, and she needed to complete an essay so borrowing a couple from the secret stash wouldn't hurt. To keep him quiet she decided to push him off the wagon.

Feeling through a draw of underwear she found a box, but it wasn't the carton looked for. There were buttons on it. She couldn't help pressing one, and when nothing happened she pressed another. A red light came on, but nothing else happened, so she discarded it to resume the search.

"Yep, got you!" she exclaimed. Shaking two from an open pack she turned to go. On an impulse she picked up the device, and hurried down stairs.

"Here, take these," Sabrina irritably said.

"You know I'm trying to give up!" John complained. He took them anyway.

"I need to study and don't want you bothering me for awhile. You'll have to smoke outside, I don't want mom finding out," she warned. "Here, take this and figure out what it is," she challenged.

Both the cigarettes and the device would keep him out of her hair for awhile. Guys loved gadgets and figuring out how they worked. It was probably something mom brought home from the lab. They were developing all sorts of boring things.

John stood on the patio more interested in smoking than the thing he held. He noticed a green light flicker on, though nothing happened. There were no markings on it. It looked like the usual experimental model, Sabrina's mother brought home occasionally.

He figured Sabrina had given it to him to keep him quiet, so he just held onto it with little interest. Feeling calmer he walked back into the lounge and dropped the device on the couch. He looked it over once more then decided to push it behind a cushion, just in case her mother became angry over them playing with it.

Last time they tampered with one of those ultrasonic things, all the dogs in the neighbourhood went mad. The last thing he heard was that they were trying out wave forms on humans. Something to do with exciting body fluids.

Sabrina was eighteen, the same age as him, but her mother treated her like a kid. Though, when he thought about it, it wasn't a good idea to start playing around with something they didn't know anything about.

It looked harmless, yet they had no idea what it did. He chuckled; it was probably just another dog scarcer. Right now, there were probably dogs in the neighbourhood going wild on hearing a high frequency transmission.

John tapped his foot wondering what to do. He had better have that other cigarette, before Jane got home.

He came in and washed his face and cleaned his teeth, even gargling, to get rid of the smell. Just as he was clear of the bathroom, Jane arrived.

"Hi, Mrs. Jones, good day at the office?" he asked.

"Don't ask, well, too late you have," she grimaced. "Where's Saby? I've got a takeout. Choose what you want, I'll have what's left," she said, pushing the bags into his arms.

"OK! I'll dish out a little of everything," John said.

Jane walked off to her bedroom. He heard her shout at Sabrina, then the patter of feet as Sabrina hurried into the kitchen.

"Go put on a movie while I dish out the food," he said. "Drink?" he asked his retreating girlfriend.

Three plates of Chinese food were placed onto a coffee table. Sabrina grabbed one, and John fetched the drinks. Jane came in and grabbed a plate and a fork. John sat down in an easy chair, disappointed not to be sitting next to Sabrina, as mother and daughter were sharing the sofa.

"Is it hot in here, or is it me?" Jane asked.

"I'll get you a drink if you like?" John offered. He wasn't interested in the chick flick. He shouldn't have been so quick to try and impress Jane, by volunteering to dish out the food. Otherwise, he could have found a movie for them all. Leaving it to Sabrina earned him some points though.

He just hoped she didn't go back to the essay afterwards; otherwise the effort would be wasted. They couldn't make-out at home, with her mother here, but they could at least get close to it. It wasn't so bad as the movie seemed to be getting her in the mood.

"I'll have one too," Sabrina called as he left the room. He chose large glasses, save getting up again. He handed them the clinking, ice laden glasses.

The movie was only half way through when they asked for more. He looked surprised, not expecting them to finish the first one, yet they were asking for a third. They hadn't been to the bathroom, so where was it all going?

He sat down, easing himself back, glancing at them. They did look hot, in both senses of the word, though he didn't like to take too much notice of Jane. She had a good figure, but it didn't seem right checking out his girlfriend's mother. She was slim, had long dark hair, with a smooth tanned complexion, much like her daughter.

On more than one occasion, his friends had asked to be introduced to Sabrina's older sister. He was embarrassed to tell them it was her mother, knowing only too well the ribald comments that followed.

He took a sideways glace at them both. Mrs Jones had loosened her blouse, and was popping another button undone. Seeing a deep cleavage appear, he quickly looked away. Sabrina seemed uncomfortable, with an occasional nervous touch to her breasts.

John took a keener interest in the movie. It seemed to involve the usual guy and woman flirting, then arguing over nothing of importance. Inevitably they would get together for a happy ending, so what was the point. They were mesmerised by the movie, looking excited by it. Maybe it had been a good choice after all.

Sabrina looked hot and bothered, as much as her mother did.

"I could do with another drink," Jane said, with a warm smile.

"Me too," Sabrina added.

Sabrina looked up at him through hooded eyes, when he handed the glass over. If her mother hadn't been sitting next to her, he would have leered back at an obvious look of interest. When he handed the glass to Jane, she too gave him a curious look.

His hand shook from being caught looking down her blouse. Enough blueberry juice spilled around the edge to make it slippery. When she took it, the glass slipped, spilling some of the red juice over her white blouse.

"Oh! Sorry Mrs Jones!" he blurted out.

"Damn! It'll be stained," she murmured. As though he weren't there she flipped the remaining buttons, and pulled the blouse from the skirt.

"Quickly put it in some cold water. In the kitchen sink," she instructed.

"Mom! What are you doing?" Sabrina asked, sounding astonised.

John heard her say something as he quickly left, having tried not to look at her mother.

"This bra is like a bikini top sweetie, besides I'm hot anyway. Is it just me or do you feel it too?" Jane asked.

"It is, but that's no reason to strip off!" Sabrina admonished her mom.

John came back in feeling nervous, trying not to look at either of them.

"If you're going to just sit there like that, I can too," Sabrina grudgingly retorted.

"What do you think, John?" Jane asked.

"Eh?" he croaked. He was staring at Sabrina removing her t-shirt. The way she held her arms over her head, struggling with the t-shirt, her breasts looked unusually big. They were pushed out in front of her, overflowing the small bra.

He tried not to look at her mother, though it was so very difficult. She too must have chosen a small bra, as hers were pushed into what looked like an uncomfortably tight cleavage.

"Do you feel hot?" she explained.

"Yes, I guess so," he nervously replied. Of course they meant the temperature, not how he was feeling.

"Well, you might as well take your top of too, if you want to," Jane smiled.

The predatory look she gave him was too much. Sabrina pulled the t-shirt off and flipped it over the back of the sofa. She looked up at him with a curious look, mirroring her mother's smile. They both seemed to be pushing their breasts out at him.

"I'll go check the air-con," he stammered, and quickly left, hoping they hadn't noticed him staring.

Shit! He really was feeling hot, from seeing them like that. Sabrina's breasts looked unusually large, though he hadn't seen Jane's before, so how could he tell. The illusion was either due to the light, or because they were both sitting there in a bra. Either way, it was going to be difficult to just sit there, watching the boring movie.

"Maybe it's not working right. I switched it off," he announced.

Trying to avoid looking at them, he sat down to stare at the screen. The movie was just a blur. He kept glancing at the two women, or rather their breasts. Their cups really were overflowing. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the two women pushing at their breasts. They looked uncomfortable, and kept squirming on the sofa.

"Oh! It's killing me. This bra is too tight. I can hardly breath," Sabrina complained. Sabrina was lightly panting.

"Take it off if it's so uncomfortable," Jane told her.

"Mom!" Sabrina moaned.

"What? I'm sure he's seen them before. There's no need to pretend," Jane smiled. They both looked at John, with that same curious look.

Sabrina grabbed her t-shirt, ready to put it on.

"Here, I'll take that. Mine's hurting too. It must have been a hot wash, the damn things have shrunk," Jane grumbled. She pulled the t-shirt on and slipped her arms out of the bra, turned it around, and unclipped it. It was produced from under the t-shirt, to be discarded over the back of the sofa.

"I feel terrible, not bad, just funny," Sabrina stated.

"Take it off then, it looks as though its strangling you," Jane told her.

"I was going to use the t-shirt!" Sabrina pointedly said.

"I needed it you don't, he's seen it all before," Jane nervously laughed.

"I will," Sabrina said, taking it as a dare, though not making a move.

"Well go on, don't suffer for nothing," Jane said, with a shrug.

John didn't think they were nothing. Perhaps the bra had shrunk, but her breasts looked awesome, as though they were trying to escape the thing. The brown of her aureole looked as though the nipples were about to peer over a wall.

Jane's looked good too. The small t-shirt only made them look bigger. Her breasts pushed it out and up, to reveal a bare midriff. She had a better figure than he had guessed. A nice flat tummy under a large pair of breasts was very attractive.

"All right then, but don't tell me off for being naughty," she warned.

"I can't reach," she pointed out. With her arms behind her back, her breasts were pushed out and up. The nipples were certainly showing now.

"Here let me," Jane said.

Sabrina caught the cups as the bra pinged free. She held them up to her breasts, trying for some modesty. She looked down at them with a frown on her face. They were more than a handful. Her hand hardly covered a breast. She felt it, squeezing it, as though not believing it was real.

Jane pulled the bra away from her, to examine the label. "It's a thirty-six 'C' cup. Way too small," Jane said.

"They aren't mine," Sabrina distractedly murmured.

Without the bra her hands flexed over the firm fleshy mounds. The dainty hands weren't nearly enough to cover them. They moved under her breasts to weigh them. She pinched a nipple then both. She sighed while playing with them.

"Of course it's yours, I've washed it often enough," Jane stated. She now had a distant look on her face, as though trying to fathom a deep mystery.

"No. These are not mine, they're too big," Sabrina gasped, as she pulled on the nipples. They were big and swollen hard. She flicked one, seeming to be mesmerised by them.

Jane felt her own breasts, weighing them as her daughter had her own. A frown creased her brow, trying to fathom a mystery

"Oh! Hell!" Jane whispered with force. A flash of insight wiped away the consternation, clearing her eyes. She struggled with the t-shirt, only just managing to get it over her huge breasts.

John had been staring, transfixed at the sight of his girlfriend playing with her breasts. He was right, they were bigger, much bigger. He knew that look. The faraway look in her eyes meant she was heated up. The way she was kneading her breasts and pulling on the nipples, it was no wonder. Why she was doing it while sitting next to her mother, was a mystery he didn't think about. He was too busy staring.

"John!" Jane sharply said, to get his attention.

"Shit!" he exclaimed. He hadn't even noticed her pulling the t-shirt off. "Sorry!" he apologised, yet carried on staring at Jane's breasts.

"Have they grown?" she asked, with a pleading look in her eyes.

His girlfriend's mother was pushing her breasts out at him! He continued to murmur incoherently, until she repeated the question. Her voice was a feathery light gasp, not likely to demand attention.

"I don't know, I haven't seen them before, I haven't noticed them before, Mrs Jones, honest," he gushed.

"They are aren't they," she murmured, while struggling to stand. "Help me up," she demanded.

She was struggling to control herself. She wanted to play with her breasts and it was difficult to resist, especially with Sabrina doing THAT. She purposely didn't look at her daughter playing with the inflated breasts. She couldn't leave her alone for long, so made a snap decision.

"Help me upstairs, and bring Saby," Jane sharply ordered.

With an arm around each waist, he guided them out of the room. It was a struggle, not only because they were unsteady on their feet. Being this close to two half-naked women was difficult. At least they were too preoccupied to notice his raging hard-on.

"Dump her on the bed," Jane said. Both women were breathing heavily. Jane gave way, to slump next to her daughter. The mountains of her breast stuck up before her, blocking her view.

"In the top draw, find it!" Jane sighed, forcing the words out between clenched teeth. She could feel herself losing control, and desperately needed to hold on.

John looked through the draw of panties. His hand picked up a pair with the crotch gaping open. Under other circumstances it would have been a thrill to rifle through naughty underwear, even his girlfriends mothers, perhaps especially so. She was forbidden fruit, he reminded himself, as he picked up a tiny pair of fruit of the loom panties. Why would someone want so many pairs? The shapes and colours were so varied, with some looking very uncomfortable and impractical.

"Err, what am I looking for?" he asked, with a small transparent pair of panties dangling in his hand.

"A. Black. Box," she gasped, between heavy breaths.

"Oh! It's down stairs," he replied.

"Don't. Touch it. Bring it," she managed to croak. She laid on her hands to prevent the awful need to touch her body.

John was about to ask how he was going to bring it, if he couldn't touch it. It dawned on him what had happened, and what he had done to them. He dare not look at the two women, as he hurried from the room.

They had been sitting on the device, where he had hidden it in the sofa. He was in deep trouble. The image of Sabrina's swollen breasts dominated his mind so much, he nearly fell down the stairs. She was going to be so pissed with him, that it would be the end of their relationship. He had to do something to make amends, to get them back to normal.

Throwing the cushions to the floor, he couldn't find it. His hand delved into the back of the sofa. He pulled a couple of pens, coins, a notebook, a condom still wrapped - definitely not his - and eventually the little black box was pulled free.

Keeping his fingers away from the buttons he sped up stairs. In Mrs Jones bedroom he held out the box. It took a little while for her to let go of her breasts.

When she took it from him her hands were shaking. He turned to Sabrina to apologise, wanting to get it over and done with. She had given him the damn box in the first place, and told him to fiddle with it so it wasn't his fault entirely.

He gaped at her. She had her skirt up around her waist, with the panty crotch pulled aside. Her fingers were busy, very busy. He had tried to avoid looking at her when she was messing with her tits. Not wanting to face an embarrassing scene in front of her mother.

He gave the black box a look of fright and guilt. What the hell had he done?

Mrs Jones slowly hit the buttons in a certain order, for the red light to flash then fade. She dropped it on the floor.

"John! Stop her! Do it to her," she mumbled. Her hands moved to her breasts, as though they were magnets. She squeezed them and pinched the nipples, unable to avoid them any longer.

"Don't cum, in her. I need you too," she sighed heavily. Seeing him just stand there with a stupid look on his face, she had to force the words out.

"Help her John! Do it to her, fuck her, you've got to. Then me, please," she croaked.

She closed her eyes, to concentrate on her needy breasts. They ached for attention. Sabrina was in deeper trouble than she was, as she had arrived home later. Although she knew what was happening, it was still impossible to resist.

It gradually sank in what Jane was saying. It was nothing to do with impregnating her. She didn't want him to cum in her daughter, because she needed him too. Seeing Sabrina so desperately rubbing her pussy, and so out of control, he had to do something. She was laying next to her mother, so how could he?

Both of them were loudly groaning. Sabrina sounded more urgent and plaintive. Mrs Jones eyes were tightly shut, while she rubbed both breasts and pinched the huge nipples. They shouldn't be that big, even after playing with them so much. He couldn't take much more encouragement. He pulled his jeans off, and dropped his underwear. He climbed along the bed, with his cock sliding up Sabrina's thigh.

Jane opened her eyes, to see John mounting her daughter. It was too much to cope with. She hiked up the skirt and delved between her legs with two fingers. Her thumb found her clit to rub it furiously. With the other hand she pulled both nipples together, to pinch them hard.

It was nowhere near enough. Now the box was off, the torment wouldn't grow more fierce, but it wouldn't subside until they had an orgasm. In the lab the subject only received ten minutes of 'treatment'. They had over an hour.

The damn box was supposed to stimulate the soft tissues of the breasts, which it did, only the side effect proved it wasn't tuned enough. The subject in the lab had been acutely embarrassed, after becoming aroused. After only ten minutes she remained in control, unlike Sabrina and Jane.

It had been painful telling him to take her daughter, and so much more humiliating to say she needed him. All she could do, was wish her daughter to hurry up and cum.

Sabrina wouldn't pull her hands away from her pussy. When she felt a cock nudging her lips, a spark of reality ignited. She pulled on it, and thrust her hips up, to impale herself.

The head of a cock was inside. It wasn't enough. The slow movement brought an impatient gargle of sound from her throat.

Thinking he had hurt her he stopped. Balancing on knees and hands he meant to ask her if she was alright. Instead he gasped when she threw her legs around his buttocks and pulled him down. His cock buried into her deeply. The obvious groan of satisfaction answered his half formed question.

He used his muscular legs to thrust into her, faster and faster, under her desperate urging. She kicked with her heels digging in to him, spurring him on. He felt her go limp and clasp her legs around him, holding on tight.

The desperation of her movements surprised him, so much so, he didn't cum. This was not the usual long build up, with lots of persuasion, followed by a slow methodical ride. He didn't even think she was aware it was him. She just needed a cock, to make her cum.

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