tagMind ControlThe Breast Machine Ch. 02

The Breast Machine Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Waking up to the Consequences

Jane nudged her daughter's boyfriend. Wanting to avoid the unwelcome moment when he woke up, she didn't try too hard. He was laying heavily on her arm, trapping her on the bed. With his face inches from hers, there was no option other than studying the handsome face while he slept.

John was lightly breathing with a pleasant relaxed expression. It was a wonder he didn't have a big grin plastered over it, as he had made love to her daughter last night. It wasn't the first time, and as it was him, she didn't mind. Just so long as they were careful.

She pulled her arm again, trying to wriggle free. Before waking him, she wanted to get dressed, to at least retain some dignity. Lying on her bed naked, with her daughter's boyfriend was bad enough. If he woke up it would be terribly embarrassing. Especially after what happened last night.

She blew in his face, hoping he would turn over. He wrinkled his nose, and began to snore. She looked over his shoulder at Sabrina, to find she was still out for the count. He snuggled up closer. She felt his flaccid cock press against her thigh. Damn!

She blew in his ear, hoping he would move away. He murmured something and rubbed himself against her. It felt cold and wet with sticky sperm. Her thighs were wet too, from when he made love to her. It was definitely not making love, so much as rutting like an animal.

The sordid sex had been necessary, to counter the effects of an experimental, sonic device. It was supposed to stimulate fat cells in the body, and worked well. The cells absorbed water to expand. Unfortunately the frequency wasn't tuned enough.

A females breasts grew larger as expected. Though the first experiment with a human female, had an unforeseen side effect, not detected in primates. The poor woman became aroused. Probably because a human doesn't have an annual mating cycle, though biology was someone else's department.

The lab experiment only lasted a few minutes, whereas Jane and her daughter had sat through a movie, while it worked away at them. Eventually Jane realised what was happening, and took the only course open to her. She asked John to relieve the intense arousal effect, by taking them until they climaxed.

There was nothing she could do about their breasts. They would just have to wait and see what happened.

Having to tell him to take her daughter, was bad enough. Asking him to take her too, was damnably embarrassing. Though at the time, she was so carried away it was the one thing in the world she desired. Sooner or later she would have to face them both. That would be hell!

She just hoped Sabrina wouldn't fully remember what happened.

He was rubbing her inner thigh, with a growing hard-on! She would have to escape this damnable situation before he woke up. Jane pushed with one hand, and pulled with the trapped arm. He moved. He pressed himself closer, and wrapped an arm around her.

He was a big hunk of a handsome guy, yet not full of himself at all. He was a nice modest young man. She liked him, but not this much. He instinctively moved in his sleep. He stiffened his legs, while pushing up with his feet, as though stretching. She felt the head of his cock nudge her lips.

"Bugger!" she breathed. Thinking she could have been facing the other way, brought on a nervous giggle. Being buggered by her daughters boyfriend would have been despicable, though how much worse could it be than what already happened?

She tried to squirm away from him with desperate tugs and manoeuvres. A wrong move pushed the head of his penis between her lips. That stopped her movements dead. Still asleep, he began to slowly and imperceptibly enter her.

Laying very still she felt his penis slowly impaling her, deeper and deeper.

"John!" she whispered. She strained to peer over his shoulder, and was relieved to see Sabrina still sleeping soundly.

"Hell! Please stop," Jane whispered, a little louder this time.

She had been married long enough to know how soundly men slept after a heavy sex session. His efforts had been more than enough to keep him dead to the world. After taking her daughter, she had pleaded with him to take her. The humiliating memory made her cringe.

Jane softly groaned. He had helped her to a feeble climax, enough to counter the devices unwanted arousal. After that she had clung onto him, needing a more fulfilling orgasm. The memory of imploring him to fuck her hard, was terrible. When he had cum last night, it set her off. That second orgasm had been wonderful, and fulfilling.

He had worked hard, so deserved a long rest. She looked into his face confirming he was still asleep. Waking him was a nasty thought, but it had to be done.

The gentle movements weren't anywhere near as frantic as that last session. The slow long thrusts were gentle. Having a strong young man fuck her, was too much to resist. She quietly moaned, becoming deeply aroused. That he was asleep while it happened, with her daughter on the bed, was too creepy.

Jane took a deep breath, and shoved at him. "John! Please!" she whispered, as loudly as she dared.

John moaned, and his eyes flickered. He yawned, and a little spray of spit brushed her face.

"Hi Mrs Jones," he murmured, and looked as though he was going to fall back to sleep.

"Wake up!" Jane urged.

Seeing his eyes flicker open, she whispered close in his ear. "Move away from me, please," she breathed heavily at him.

"Sure," he murmured, and began to turn over.

She grabbed him before he fell onto Sabrina and woke her up. "Take it away, please," Jane said.

"OK!" he sleepily spoke. He moved his arm from around her, at the same time arching his back.

Jane felt his penis smoothly push deep. The feeling rocked her for a moment. Having thought she had brought herself under control, it was a surprise to feel how arousing it was.

"Not your arm," she said. There was nothing for it, this had to stop!

"Your penis! Take your penis out of my, my vagina," Jane firmly told him.

The words sounded prim, wrong, and awkward. It was surreal. If anyone came in now what would they think? As troubling as it was, she had instigated an orgy with her daughter and boyfriend.

What if he spurted his sperm into her now? He would wake up to find he had yet again fucked his girlfriends mother. He might think she instigated this too. She would have to convince him it was all an accident. If Sabrina woke up, Jane would die of shame.

At least John had stopped those delicious slow thrusts. "John, please, remove your penis," Jane pleaded.

"Mrs Jones, you OK? What happened?" he asked, with a muzzy voice, matching the expression.

"Keep quiet, and don't move. Don't wake Sabby," Jane hissed. She could see waking memories enlightening him, from the confused expressions crossing his face.

"Sorry, Mrs Jones, I didn't mean to, last night, you and Sabrina, I mean. . . Oh! What?" he slowed down to a stunned halt.

"Keep quiet," she reminded him. With her free hand she put a finger to his lips.

"My cock, is it in your cunt? Oh! Sorry, Mrs Jones. I meant you're pussy, no, err," he stammered into silence. He closed his eyes tight, as though hoping it would all go away.

"Yes! Don't fidget!" she warned him.

He carefully moved his arm away from her, slowly manoeuvring to make space. His eyes opened wide. "Your tits, sorry Mrs Jones, your breasts," he stammered.

"Yes, I know. They'll take awhile to return to normal. Lift yourself up, so I can get free," Jane told him.

She could feel a fit of giggles coming on. The horrendous situation was enough to make her cry, or laugh out loud. Either might wake her daughter. She could imagine telling Sabrina to move over a little, so her boyfriend could remove his cock from her cunt. His coarse terminology, though only too true.

He was staring at her enlarged breasts. She could feel the nipples were engorged, and it wasn't from the cold. Now he was awake and so close to her, the embarrassment was cooling down her arousal. She could feel her vagina tightening around his penis.

It felt all the more big and hard inside her. She felt as though she had been speared.

"Lift up a little more, so I can get my arm free," she encouraged.

"Wait! Not like that," she warned him. As he lifted his muscular frame, his penis was shoved deeper still. She gulped air. She felt him nudge her cervix, while trying to lift his body.

"Lie still, for a moment, please," she gasped.

"Sorry, Mrs Jones," he sheepishly said.

"Try not to move back or you'll wake Sabby. Lift upward, so I can free my arm," she directed.

Laying on his side it was difficult, but he managed to arch his back allowing her to pull her arm free. It also meant him thrusting hard into her. With a dead arm free, she concentrated on the next awkward manoeuvre.

It was difficult to think of anything while his cock was deeply imbedded at that unusual angle. Every time he squirmed, it rubbed her clit.

"Keep still!" she warned.

She took a moment to get her strength back. The animal like rutting earlier, and this embarrassing situation, had sapped her energy.

The humiliation of inadvertently being on the end of his cock when he woke up, was keeping her aroused. She had an urge to press against him, and smother him with kisses.

"Damn! This is so bad," Jane murmured to herself.

"Sorry, Mrs Jones, I didn't mean to . . ." John whispered back.

"Stop calling me that. You've got your cock up me. We can't get more personal than that, so call me Jane," she hissed back at him. "Push me off the bed, but don't let me drop," she said, afraid the noise might wake her daughter.

He didn't seem to know where to hold on.

"Oh! For pity's sake. Just grab my breasts," she scolded him.

It felt like her body was being pulled inside out. The slow movement of his cock retreating, knowing she was losing it forever, made her gasp. He stopped pushing her away. She so desperately wanted him to pull her into his arms, she nearly told him to.

"Sorry, Jane, did I hurt you? Your very tight, Oh! Sorry, should I have said that?" he asked.

She didn't answer him. It did feel as though her vagina was holding on, but she didn't want to think about it. She pushed him with a foot, and slowly slipped onto the floor, with him holding on to her breasts. He was leaning over the edge of the bed looking worried.

"You can let go of my breasts now," she scolded him.

She got up onto her knees.

"Try to get up without waking Sabby. Follow me out. Scooping up her clothes, she remembered throwing them off last night, to press her naked body against him. She shuddered to think how uncontrollable that damn device had made her.

As she was pulling on her panties in the hall, he stepped out, carrying his clothes. She stared at his erect penis for an embarrassing long moment. It seemed to be pointing accusingly at her. She imagined it telling her that she did this, so finish it off.

"Get dressed, and we'll have a coffee. We need to talk before Sabby wakes," Jane said.

In the kitchen Jane busied herself making coffee, trying to find the right words to keep him quiet. She handed him a cup, relieved to see how sheepish he looked. It was a difficult situation for him too.

"It's imperative we keep this quiet. For all our sakes," Jane flatly stated.

"Yes, of course, I understand," John nodded vigorously.

He felt guilty over switching on the damn device. Having Sabrina, while her mother was on the same bed was more than unusual. It was only because Sabrina was so worked up that he managed to keep it up. Having her mother beg him to fuck her was beyond unusual.

How Sabrina was going to react, and what she would say, he dreaded to think about.

"You're going to have to talk it through with Sabby, you know that," Jane advised, trying to sound firm. He nodded his head, with an obvious look of trepidation. "I'll try to soften her up first. She's bound to be angry. With herself, you, and me," Jane mused.

They both stood quietly contemplating how Sabrina might react. Predictably she would blow up, raging, banging doors, and eventually calming down to analyse the situation. Like her mother she would eventually make the best of it.

"How things go from here is up to you two. I'll stay out of the way. Let you sort it out between you," Jane quietly said.

"You had better go home and change. Let her blow off steam then come back to talk," she advised.

"Thanks, Mrs Jones, err, Jane," John said, giving her a weak smile, that instead showed he felt sorry for himself.

At least he didn't look as though he was about run out and brag to his friends. She knew he cared about her daughter, and was a decent caring young man. What happened was beyond decency, but maybe they could handle it.

She put a hand on his shoulder, wanting to comfort him. The dejected look had her ready to mother him. They pulled close in a mutually needed warm embrace.

"Thanks for being so good about this. You're marvellous. I promise not to say anything to anyone. I'll try real hard to make it up to you both," he sincerely spoke.

She didn't understand he felt guilty over switching on the device, rather, she thought he meant what happened in bed.

"It's OK. Not your fault. You did what you had to do. We just have to find a way to live with it," Jane told him.

She took his face in both hands to stare in his face, trying to comfort him. It was important to keep him on their side. On impulse she kissed his lips. The kiss went on a fraction too long. She opened her mouth without thinking about it. His arms wrapped themselves around her holding on tight. Their tongues met briefly.

They quickly pulled away, looking embarrassed. Staring at the floor, not able to look at each other, they murmured something inane, which went unheard. She watched his cute ass disappear out the back door.

Steadying herself against the worktop, she told herself not to be stupid. It was just the effect of what happened earlier.

"Shit! Of course I'm feeling hot after what happened. He's a handsome, virile young stud. He had me three times and that's never happened before. Of course I'm bloody well hot and bothered," Jane spoke out loud.

She tried to convince herself everything would be all right. Of course it would, it had to work out, eventually. Sabrina would have to be calmed down enough to talk to him. The last thing she wanted was for them to fall out. It would allow him to talk about the sordid affair to his buddies. That was the last thing she should mention to Sabrina, or it would rile her.


"Sabby? You awake?" Janet slowly spoke, trying to quietly rouse her.

She sat on the edge of the bed, helping her daughter to sit up. She purposely didn't hand her the coffee, and wouldn't until she calmed down.

"Weird dream, mom," she started to say, then her eyes opened wide. "Your chest!" she exclaimed, and looked down at her own breasts. "What happened?" she yelped.

Jane patiently went through the previous evening with her. Often stopping to let her catch up. She was obviously putting the explanation together, with what she could remember.

"So John brought you up here," Janet said, making it sound perfectly reasonable.

"He did it to me, didn't he," she said. The first words spoken since the monologue started.

"He had to. It's not the first time, nor the last I expect," Jane smiled, trying to calm her. She was waiting for the explosion.

"What about these?" she asked, changing the subject. She cradled the large breasts in both hands. "You were rude last night with John. You pulled your t-shirt off!" she laughed. It was a tight noise, and nothing like a relaxed pleasurable sound.

"They'll go back to normal after awhile. Give it a week," Jane reassured her.

"It'll be alright for me. The girls in class often suddenly develop bumps. I've been through the usual bawdy jokes before. How can YOU go to work like THAT?" Sabrina eventually asked.

"I haven't thought about it. I'm owed time, so maybe I'll have a week off. I can't let you go to school like that, you'll have a week off too. Look Sabby, you've got to face up to what happened and speak to John," Jane said, with a grave frown. Her daughter was taking this too easily.

"I remember playing with them in front of you both. I couldn't stop myself. Is that why he brought me up here? You told him to do it to me?" Sabrina asked.

"I had to. The effect was so strong, you needed help," Jane explained. Sabrina was looking at her with a curious expression.

"What about you? You didn't have anyone to 'help' you," she quietly spoke, with a deep frown creasing her brow.

She looked at her mother's bed, as though seeing it for the first time. She moved a leg over to feel a wet patch. Looking at the rumpled sheets, where a visible indentation was, she guessed the truth.

"John 'helped' you too." Sabrina calmly stated.

"I'm sorry, so very sorry. It couldn't be avoided. I tried so very hard," she said, with tears in her eyes.

"I bet he enjoyed that!" she spat at her mother.

"No! It wasn't like that. It wasn't his fault, it was that damned device!" Jane almost shouted. She stared at her daughter, willing her to understand.

"Why did you develop such an awful thing?" she asked. Her voice was controlled, only just hanging on to an outburst of anger.

"It was supposed to be a safe way to avoid surgery. It worked too. We just had an overdose. The side effect was unexpected. It was so strong because it had been on for too long," Jane explained.

"Why did you bring it home?" Sabrina asked.

"Once we found out about the side effects another model was built. I thought it best to keep this one out of the way. The lab guys have a stupid sense of humour. I didn't want them getting their hands on it. They were going to use it on the receptionist. I thought it would be safe in there," she said, pointing to a draw. "It has to be broken up," she added.

"What did John say?" she asked.

"He was too embarrassed to say much, you know what he's like. He'll keep quiet about what happened. I just hope you two can make up and get back to normal," Jane weakly smiled.

"I'm not sure I want to try. Leave me alone, I need to think," Sabrina angrily said.

As Jane closed the door, she heard her daughter sobbing. She was like her father in some ways. A quick outburst of anger, followed by feeling sorry for herself, was the usual pattern. This time the angry outburst had been skipped.

Jane couldn't go back in there to fetch the stash of cigarettes, and she didn't feel comfortable going out for some. She would be too self-conscious without a bra. A couple of new bra's would have to be bought, to wear until these big things went down.

She unconsciously rubbed them, and started to think of John. She hadn't had such a good session in a long time, maybe never as good as that. She started thinking over experiences with college boyfriends, remembering the inexperienced fumbling.

Her husband was considerate in bed. He had never been as energetic as John. She re-ran that second time, which culminated in a wild orgasm. She hadn't dreamt it could be so fulfilling, and so powerful. Hearing her own heavy breathing, she became aware of a deep excitement, and a lustful need.

She jumped up off the sofa. "That damn box!" Throwing the cushions around, she searched for it. Remembering John had brought it to her bedroom, she calmed down. It was off, she was sure of that. It wasn't the device working her up.

The arousal was from this morning, obviously. Having his penis inside without an orgasm, must be the reason. On top of that was the naughty session last night. Of course she was on edge.

Jane tried to concentrate on something else. Looking on the internet for an illness to keep Sabrina off school would help.

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