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The Breeder


After being poked and prodded, giving up blood, sperm and DNA samples I was directed to a solid oak door. The smell of wax and old wood filled the air. I opened the door on a room cast in shadow, lit only by a guttering oil lamp on a table in one corner. A low step stool, a ceramic pitcher and basin were the only other furnishings. In front of me was the reason I was here and had gone through all of the prodding and poking. Three female rumps were at the far end of the small room. A thick black curtain bisected their torsos. They were presented on a low stage, legs draped over the edge with the curtain hiding who they were. This is what I had been paid to do. The local Amish community needed new Genes, so they had posted an ad in the paper and I had answered. So here I was.

I shut the door, and began to strip off my clothes. I folded them and put them on the wooden bench. On the table was a tube of KY Jelly. I thought of the impersonality of all this and decided then and there that I was going to give these women the best I could give, and as much pleasure as I could.

I stood back and studied the round asses presented to me. Trying to gauge the rest of the body they belonged to, to imagine the whole woman. The one to the right was obviously a young woman; I prayed that she was over 18 and not a virgin. This would be a terrible way to lose your virginity. It was small and round, the legs slender and white. A wisp of dark hair sprouted from between her legs. Some would say flawless but I preferred a little more meat.

The center one was wide and flat, belonging to a heavier woman, just the hint of cellulite showing in heavy thighs. Pimples spotted here and there. I turned to the last one, Round and full hipped, marble white as well. Thick thighs but firm, I could see the muscles on them and the bulging calf muscles, a short woman with cinnamon pubic hair.

Wondering if these women were as nervous as I was I walked behind each one deciding which to take first? I didn’t want it to be an unpleasant experience and I’d read in a medical journal that a woman had a better chance at pregnancy if she had an orgasm. So there was the challenge. I walked back down the line this time I ran my hand over every white mound. Feeling a shiver at the first one, a jump at the second and a wiggle at the third one, the younger one. I guess I would start there.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gilda jumped in anticipation as she heard the door open and close behind her. She looked into the eyes of her Companion Edna. Both just 19 years old, Gilda couldn’t wait for a man, and volunteering to bring new blood to the community was an honorable way to do it. Last week the mid -wife had used a thick instrument to break her hymen. There had been blood and pain, but also something inside of her enjoyed the full sensation in her cave. Many times since they were thirteen Gilda and Edna had explored each other, now she would find out what a man would feel like.

She heard the sound of him undressing and grabbed Edna’s hand. The sound of someone walking behind her made her squeeze it in excitement; Edna squeezed back and patted her hair. The feet walked on, deflating her some but then a hand on the top of her hip, along the small of her back made her squirm in anticipation. She gasped when the hand became two and caressed her hips, following the curtain along her sides and down around her belly. They traced her hips and gently caressed her thighs; her loins began to loosen, like when Edna touched her there. Fingers thicker than Edna’s prodded her, seeking that small pearl button that would send fire through her belly. With another gasp, and biting at Edna’s hand she felt the hands gently spread her, rubbing her inner lips, now moist, into frenzy.

Gilda began to rock back and forth moaning, gasping, so excited. Edna saw her friend’s excitement and began to rub her shoulders, then under the bodice of her dress to the small breasts. Her nipples hardened. “GOD” moaned Gilda. He hasn’t even stuck it in me yet! Her knees began to quiver. Thank god the breeding shelf was holding her up. Edna’s kisses on her neck and face were like fire on her even hotter skin. Gilda clawed and beat at the wall that separated her from the other women.

* * * * * * * * * *

I slowly caressed the small waist, feeling the taunt belly, gently stroking along it. She was beginning to move in anticipation. I slid my hand down between her legs, good she was already becoming wet, and I found the soft lump of her clit and gently pressed it, swirling in circles. Next I slid along the thin, delicate lips, feeling the juice begin to flow. Stifled moans came from the other side of the thick curtain. Good, I’d play with her some more.

Sliding one finger into her pussy I realized if she wasn’t a virgin she was damn close, my one finger was held in a vice. I pumped it in and out, sliding in easier and easier as her pussy lubed itself. She began to move her hips in rhythm with me.

This tight I‘d never be able to enter her comfortably, for her or me. I added another finger. Even with her swamping my hands in her sweet honey she froze and I heard a sharp squeak from her. Her ass tightened and her thighs clamped down. I slowly moved deeper into her and she relaxed. Her motions started after I had pulled in and pulled out again several times. She began to gyrate wildly on my hand. With a sharp buck and tightening of her ass she slammed my hand down in orgasm.

I could hear panting and gasping on the other side of the curtain. This had my cock ready. I pulled my hand out, and placed both hands on her petite hips. Once again thinking they were too bony. I pushed her legs wide apart with my knees. Exposing her tight twat to my thick head. I felt her gasp and try to pull away as my head penetrated her. I pulled her back into me by her hips. She fought to pull away.

I gradually eased in, feeling her so wet and tight. As I buried myself deep inside of her I heard a cry. She began to relax as I pulled out. More moans and squeaks from the other side. I maintained a slow rhythm until I felt that it wasn’t hurting her too much. I held her hips, as they began to gyrate again, pounding back into me. A hand came from under the curtain to rub her clit, to grab her ass and claw at it. Arching my back I jetted hot cum deep inside of her. Painting her tight canal with goo. She was so tight as I pulled out that she cleaned my cock off. I stepped back, her pussy glossy red in the light, my pearly jiz oozing out of her.

All of her weight was resting on the shelf as she sagged, legs still quivering. I slapped her on the ass with a solid crack. Leaving a red handprint. Letting her know I was done. She crawled up on the stage and under the curtain. To do what, I had no idea. I figure she’d be sore tomorrow, hopefully pregnant too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gilda felt the hands playing inside of her. The finger inside of her was thicker than hers but not unpleasant. She loved the touch on her nubbin too. Edna’s caresses on her breasts were driving her mad. She kissed her back, tongues dancing hot in each other’s mouths. The world went red as he pushed two fingers deep inside of her. She felt herself stretch, the sharp pain of it causing her to gasp. Soon the gentle pressure began to feel good. Edna’s hands rubbed her back and breasts, and then put her breast where Gilda could suck at it. She began to feel the beginning of an orgasm. Suddenly fire exploded in her belly and she arched her back. Gasping at the incredible ecstasy of it, feeling her own hot fluids coating and dribbling down her thighs. She clenched at the fingers deep inside of her. Crushing them with her thighs.

Sobbing for air she reveled in the pleasant feeling in her cunt. When his hands left her, she felt empty, but not for long. He spread her legs farther apart, exposing more of the opening of her softest cave, where she was most vulnerable. With a shock she felt him begin to enter her. ‘GOD NO! It was TOOO big, bigger than the mid wife’s instrument, thicker than Edna’s fingers, or the two he’d had inside of her. Nononono as she felt him slowly sliding in, tearing her in half, fire lacing along her pussy, yes she would call it that; the Vulgar non-Christian term for it. She involuntarily bit on Edna’s tit, bringing a low moan from her. Edna had one hand between her own legs and was working furiously at her self, head back eyes closed lost in her own pleasure.. GOD GOD GOD. It was like a small roast being driven deep inside of her. Then slowly it pulled out and began a slow in and out as she stretched to accommodate it she began to enjoy the feelings inside of her and began to feel the building of another, fuller, orgasm.

Without thinking she reached between her own legs to press her pearl herself, humping her hips back and forth, groaning and surging with each stroke. Each thrust coming harder and faster than the last. Intense pleasure filled her she clawed at her butt, unable to touch everything at once. She reached up to give Edna a taste of her woman’s honey. Edna licked it from Gilda’s fingers and kissed her once again.

Slamming back, eager for more of the hard cock, Gilda’s world exploded in bright stars as the next orgasm caught her by surprise. Lightning streamed from her crotch.

Panting, loosing the strength of her legs, she collapsed on the stage. Gasping for air like a fish from the stream. A hard smack on her ass stung her back to the world. Remembering the mid wife’s instructions she began to crawl on to the shelf. Once under the curtain she rolled to her back and placed her legs in the air. Edna was there helping her hold them up, Gilda felt the thick goo oozing from her, sliding down her crack. She hoped she took, but would enjoy repeat visits from the stud if she didn’t. Such wicked thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * *

I took a minute to catch my breath and regain some strength. Maintaining an erection was never a problem. I looked at the next rump. It sat heavily braced against the stage. As I watched, the buttocks tightened and loosened. The hips were wide; good for child bearing, I analyzed clinically.

She was definitely a big girl. Probably 5 foot 10 or better. Her crotch was just above my belly. Large, thick lips on her pussy. Dark tufts of hair. The buttocks were flat slabs of meat. Not sharp angles of the ones to her right and especially not the curvy ones to her left. The angry red pimples made her look whiter than the other two. Even in the lamplight her ass looked like two big meaty hams. If she’d had a tail I would have likened her to a Holstein. As I approached I could her soft murmuring and a sigh of boredom from behind the curtain.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ruth looked down at her daughter’s head as it lay in her lap. Emotions warred in her. God forgive me for subjecting her to this, she prayed, She is a simple girl, strong but dull. Let her get a child from this that will strengthen the community.

She stroked her daughter’s hair as she heard the door on the other side open and close. Moments later her daughter gave a jump but settled back on to her lap. Child like. She hoped he would be gentle. Not like the ham fisted, clumsy oaf of a husband that she had. Thankfully he had not touched her in years.

Ruth hoped that Gerta would take on this first time. She’d seen the way her cousin Gerhardt had been sniffing about, and the two of them were close. If they were to marry, then it would be a good match. A childless one. This child would be of good genes, the doctor said. With out the taint that marriage within blood passed on. That Gerta was a product of.

They had shown her pictures of the Outsider. Good teeth, good muscle tones. No family history of defects. This child would be strong. Maybe even a leader. Gerhardt was so dense that he would accept it as an Honor. Thank God he was a good Farmer and provider.

She heard the disgusting sounds in the stall next door as the stud must be working on that slut Gilda. Ruth didn’t like her much, too mouthy and always with that Edna. It was almost embarrassing to have her daughter share genes with her. She almost said no when she found out She would also have a child with the stud. But the sacrifice for Gerta would be made. Anything for her daughter and her future.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gerta jumped as the hand touched her. She was scared, but having her mother there made her feel better. She was just tired of laying there, her heiney in the air, it was getting cold. Her dress was bunched up around her huge breasts. She hoped to be brave and not cry out. Be Momma’s brave girl. She knew it would hurt a little, but like with Gerhardt it would soon fade and besides it would not last long. Then she would have a baby. Gerhardt would be honored, and they could get married. He was a good farmer and was always nice to her.

A hand touched her cold butt and she jumped in surprise. She was glad her mother was there for her. They had washed her and made sure she was clean and fresh smelling. Why? She didn’t know. She just did what Momma said to do.

She wanted the baby so bad. She heard all the commotion in the stall next to her. What was happening to her cousin Gilda, was she hurt? It sounded like a fight going on in there. She hoped she was being hurt. Gerta wiped that thought quickly from her mind as un- Christian. She didn’t like her cousin because she was mean to her. Called her a cow and stupid. If she was being a little hurt that wouldn’t be too bad; She deserved it.

It was going on for an awful long time. Then with a few thuds against the floor, she heard her cousin crawling across it. I hope I am next. I am so scared. More scared than when Gerhardt stuck his thing in me. “God, please make me pregnant” she sighed. “Hurry up! My legs are getting tired!” she thought at the Man behind the curtain.

* * * * * * * * * *

I moved to the middle mission, as I began thinking of these women. What would she want or least expect? I was still a little drained on excitement from the last girl. A thought struck me as I approached her. I looked around for the low step. I pulled it over and measured my self while standing on it. Just right. I stepped off of it.

I began stroking the back of her thighs, rubbing them softly then up over the meaty buttocks, knowing how sensitive the back of the thigh a woman was. The meaty lips of her pussy were sealed tight. The wisps of dark hair on either side giving a clamshell look. With my index finger I put the tip at the top of her pink slit and slowly drew it down, parting the petals of her flower. She gave another jump.

Her petals were jeweled with her cream. I pulled up the step and sat on it putting her box at eye level. I began by inserting my tongue into her. She clenched her ass, and pulled away. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her back into me. Enjoying this, I lapped and spread her wide, exposing her entire labia to my soft and dancing tongue. Surprisingly, she smelled good, a deep musky smell that invaded my nostrils and began to bring me back from rock hard to diamond cutter.

I slurped at her as she began to spill her juice. I moved down and sucked her clit, honey already coating it and the soft hair of her thighs. Better be careful, I mentally laughed, a man could drown. Her hips pistoned back and forth, grinding on my face every now and then. Harder and harder. I grabbed at her hips to lock into her motions. My face was taking a beating!! I jammed my tongue deep into her and curled around deep inside. With one hand I was holding on, the other crept up to roll circles around her tight brown bunghole. I kept this up as long as I could. Until I was almost knocked from my seat. Her pussy lips sucked at the fingers I’d pushed up into her like a new calf. The fascination of it almost made me cum right here. But I had a job to do.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gerta was enjoying the gentle caresses on her thighs; they were so soft and nice. She began to warm up in her personal spot. The finger splitting her lips was a start but that too felt nice. Now why couldn’t Gerhardt do this? She nodded up at Momma to let her know that it had begun. Momma shushed her and began to rub her back, “It will be over soon dear,” she said. I hope she is wrong thought Gerta.

Then Gerta felt a warm breath down there. “Oh my god,” she thought. “He’s kissing down there” She began to feel a strange tightness in her belly. She raised up in her arms and began to buck back at the soft tongue inside of her and all around her, wanting more of it, bitting back on the cries and moans that were fighting to get out. More! More! She said. Somewhere she was wondering if Gerhardt knew how to do this!!! She was thrusting her hips back as hard as she could. More! More! More! She was saying to herself. She felt her thighs wet with something. She dropped back down to her elbows as she gave one hard buck back and her stomach tighten and her back arched, a bellow ripping from her throat. She had never felt this way with GERHARDT!!!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Ruth was taken aback at her daughter’s wantonness. She pulled back away from her. If this is what it takes, she was willing to let her go. God have mercy on her soul.

* * * * * * * * * *

I pulled my stool back up to the gasping clam. So pink and ready. No virgin this woman! Judging by her hips and the response to my tongue-lashing she was a very physical gal. This I could have fun with. I wiped the glaze dripping from my cheeks and chin, and positioned the step to get a good grip with both feet. I pulled her hips as low as I could. She spread her legs and bent her knees. I placed the head of my cock at her opening, hunching over her, then, heaving my hips, thrust as hard and deep as I could. My thighs rebounded off of hers as I sunk deep inside of her. My balls made a slapping sound as I thrust harder and deeper into her. Her ass moved in waves and she came slightly off her feet. I slammed hard into her, my hands gripping her hips, pulling lightly at her big belly. Sliding easily in and out of her greased pussy.

My right hand stroked her outer labia and the skin between her vagina and her rectum. Feeling her tighten when I did this I kept at it as I slowed down to grind at her. The head of my dick was pressed against her cervix. So I backed off a little. I felt her rise up on her arms and grind in circles on me. Like a roast on a spit. I smeared her new clear juices along the path to her ass, up around to her rose bud with my thumb. Waiting, I heard her groaning and pushing at me and figured the time was right so I slid my thumb into her ass. With a bellow she pushed harder at me. I twisted my thumb about and fucked her like a mad man. Fucking her hard and deep. She responded like an angered Female moose.

Her pussy sucked at my cock, and she was hammering back at me. Rolls of fat bounced back and forth, nearly knocking me from my stool. I had to grab with both hands onto her hips and just let her slam on my rod while I hung on for dear life. I couldn’t resist; I slapped her huge white ass. This spurred her on so I did it again. Finally she pushed hard on me and held herself there. Her pussy locked around my dick so hard it threatened to cut it off, she froze. Her pussy juice gushed over my crotch and thighs, squirting over my belly.

She slid forward with a groan, bringing her legs off the ground as she relaxed. This hit the right button on me and I came, jetting hot cum deep inside of her. There was no way to hold back the laughter and joy she had given me on such a wild ride. She had become loose in orgasm and I pulled out with a wet sound. As I staggered back I heard “I think he’s done Momma,” and the giantess crawled up on the stage and under the curtain.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gerta wasn’t sure what to do next. She did know she wanted more. She felt the hands on her hips pushing them down, so she bent her knees. She felt the stiff rod at her opening then suddenly it slammed deep inside of her. Not as long or thick as Gerhardt’s but it felt nice. Not stretching and painful. He thrust hard the way she liked it. His thighs on hers, her insides felt every inch of him. She pushed back to match him. She wanted more! More! It felt so good; her cousin next door couldn’t take this! It was so much nicer than Gerhardt’s.

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