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The Breeder

byNo Panty Girl©

Veronique is a true though bred. Like a high-spirited winner she is the classical example of the ideal woman in many ways.

First she is beautiful. God is she beautiful. Long golden tresses framing aqua blue eyes, a cute turned-up nose and full pouty lips.

Her breasts are perfect 36B with rose color nipples crowning flawless alabaster white skin.

Veronique keeps her Mons Venus completely void of pubic hair meticulously shaving daily. Her ass is tightly rounded and her hips flared for comfortable child bearing.

Her shapely legs go on forever contributing to her extraordinary five foot eight height.

We had married when Veronique was twenty and she had produced two healthy children for us, out three-year-old daughter Janet and our two-year-old son Stephen.

We had the family we had wanted but Veronique was in the prime of her childbearing years. It seemed a shame to waste the talent of such an ideal breeder.

Veronique had read articles about "surrogate mothers", women who carried children for women who wanted children but could not conceive. The process inevitably consisted of planting the prospective father's seed in the surrogate's womb where she would carry it until term. For this service the surrogate was financially compensated.

Veronique had breezed through her pregnancies and I had found having sex with a very pregnant wife very erotic.

We discussed the possibilities and finally decided to offer my wife's services in a more unorthodox sort of way.

The donor husband would impregnate Veronique in the conventional way, he would fuck her. The donor husband would be the only man to fuck her without a condom until she had succeeded in conceiving his child. The donor's wife would be present in the bed every time Veronique was fucked.

For this premium service Veronique demanded a fee of twenty-four thousand dollars, half up front and the remainder when a healthy baby was delivered.

We placed an advertisement in an underground paper supplying the terms of our offer and a box number.

Veronique came in smiling clenching a bundle of envelopes.

"We got six replies already!" she beamed as she started opening the envelopes.

We had requested a family background with photos along with a hundred dollar deposit. Two envelopes contained no deposit and another two no photographs. We studied the remaining two for suitability.

"I like this guy." Veronique said passing me a picture of a good-looking forty-year-old businessman. Right away I saw the reason for her choice, the guy in the picture was as black as the Ace of Spades!

Veronique had fucked a colored boy before we were married and found it a delightful experience. In our deliberations we had not excluded donors of other races.

"Really?" I grinned mischievously.

Gene Wolfwrath owned a small trucking business and he and his wife had been trying for the past five years to have a child. Gene had been tested and found to be potent and time was running out. Gene and his wife Anna were completely agreeable to our terms and eager to enter into an agreement.

The other couple did not appeal to Veronique. The husband was a wimpy schoolteacher and his wife implied it was a sacrifice to allow her husband to couple with another woman.

Veronique called the Wolfwraths and setup an appointment to meet.

The Wolfwraths "E" type Jag pulled into our drive promptly at 9 pm. I greeted them at the door.

Anna Wolfwrath was a plus size jovial woman wearing and obviously expensive tailored suit. Gene was dressed more casually in a tweed jacket and a two hundred dollar pair of blue jeans.

Veronique had prepared herself to meet her potential bull. Wearing a sheer black peignoir that concealed nothing she had carefully done her hair and makeup so she looked like a life size Barbie doll.

The Wolfwraths were duly impressed when I introduced her.

We had supplied no picture of Veronique with our ad and no doubt the Wolfwraths were expecting a more average type of woman willing to be bred by Gene. Veronique's unexpected beauty was a definite plus that sealed the deal.

When we questioned why they wanted a half-breed baby Anna told us they were going to tell their friends it was adopted and not reveal that Gene was the biological father.

Gene quickly scribbled out the twelve thousand dollar check.

Although Veronique was not ovulating yet she suggested they consummate the deal that night. We adjourned to the boudoir so Gene could fuck my wife.

Veronique slipped off what little she was wearing and took her place on the bed. As agreed Anna removed her suit and lay next to her clad only in very expensive silk panties and a well-constructed bra.

Gene hastily disrobed. As he removed his shorts I could see m wife had made a good choice. The guy had am erection equal to any stallion's standing in excess of ten inches.

Carefully he covered my wife who lay with her legs spread open. Gently he lowered himself into her wet abyss.

Veronique's eyes reflected the gigantic size of his cock as it filled her. The ebony giant atop my pale white wife was so erotic. Veronique's slender white legs wrapped around Gene's buttocks and drew him into her.

I saw Gene's black scrotum nestled between my wife's legs and realized that was where her next child was coming from. His huge cum cannon was buried deep inside her baby factory.

Veronique convulse, her hips rising up to slide more of her lover into her. My wife was in heaven feasting on more cock than she had ever known in her life.

I guess you could their trial run was a success. Veronique experienced an intense orgasm as Gene dumped a bucket of cum into her.

As per the agreement Gene was permitted unlimited access to my wife's womb as log as his wife accompanied him on his trips to her garden. Veronique was due to start ovulating the following week.

"God, I am going to be ready tonight!" Veronique beamed.

Gene and his wife were scheduled to drop by during the evening to fertilize Veronique's womb. According to my wife she would be very vulnerable to his sperm.

It was going to be so exciting knowing Gene was firing live rounds into Veronique's active nest and releasing life into her waiting eggs.

Veronique was horny all night demanding I fuck her with a condom to get her ready for Gene's monster to fill her.

She climaxed quickly chattering about having black baby batter dousing her eggs as she creamed all over his big black cock. Veronique was ready to be serviced.

Anna was much more casually dressed when she arrived with her husband.

Needless to say Gene was as anxious as Veronique to get underway but surprisingly Anna was the first in bed, completely nude! She laid there, large naked breasts with chocolate nipples. Her crotch was a forest of lustrous black pubic hair concealing the paradise that lie beneath.

"You are going to join us." She advises me as our spouses disrobed.

Apparently she and her husband had discussed having an all out orgy with Veronique and me.

"Anna wants you to fuck her." Gene said as he and my wife climbed into the bed.

It was something we had not considered. Anna did look very inviting laying there waiting to be taken. Veronique and Gene had already coupled, my wife having climbed on top of her bull and impaled herself on his enormous cock.

"What the hell?" I thought as I undressed to join them.

Anna's legs were like tree trunks compared to my wife's. I positioned myself in her valley and sank into the quagmire of her cunt. She was warm and comfortable.

Veronique moaned beside me as Gene's cock stretched her pussy to new limits.

"Oh God, you are so big!" she groaned as she lowered herself onto his pole.

I knew Anna was accustom to more cock than I could supply but her huge honey pot was a friendly place to be.

"Fuck me white boy." She teased.

Veronique was well into enjoying being filled to capacity with Gene's black cock. To listen to her moans he was touching her tonsils with the head of his lengthy member. It was a strange feeling knowing my wife's eggs were about to be captured by a strange black man.

"Cum in me!" she begged Gene.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the impression of Gene's big hand in my wife's fleshy buttocks as he held her in place on his soon to erupt cock. There was not chance of her escaping his life giving cum.

Not that she wanted to escape his jism, driving herself down hard on his dreadful cock in her breeding passion. No, she was a woman determined on accomplishing her goal.

Veronique's womb flushed her love juices over Gene's cock as she submitted. An earth-shattering orgasm tore through her quivering body as Negro sperm spurted onto her fallopian tubes.

Gene grabbed Veronique's tits and squeezed heightening her delight, "Oh fucking God!" she cried as millions of spermatozoa race to her uterus.

Veronique actually passed-out momentarily, loosing consciousness as her body was being invaded by a black man's sperm.

Witnessing my wife O.D. on black cock was sufficient to cause me to spill my cum into Anna's cunt that surrounded my cock.

Veronique's first breeding session lasted over one hour of non-stop fucking, Gene rising again and again to fertilize my wife's womb while delivering her yet another orgasm.

Veronique slept like a baby that night while Gene's sperm played in her nest.

Gene's visits became more frequent and longer until he was fucking my wife almost every night of the week. Even after Veronique was obviously pregnant the intensity of their fucking did not subside.

Veronique delivered the Wolfrath's daughter as per our agreement but Gene is still fucking my wife for recreational purposes.

Veronique is still acting as a surrogate so the black buck has to cover his monster with a condom also.

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