tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Breeders Ch. 02

The Breeders Ch. 02


The next morning, after eating a much better fare than roots and berries, Micah was taken to a smaller, humbler hut, and introduced to an older woman of about forty. Her body was nothing special, but her vitality and insatiability seemed to be that of a much younger woman. She used him for almost an hour, having climax after climax, but he, in spite of his erection, was uninterested, and only achieved his own climax by thinking about Contessa. As his sweat dried, and his breathing returned to normal, the woman cooed as to how he was the largest that she'd ever taken inside her, and she hoped that her future daughter would be beautiful. He was taken by two guards only an hour later to another hut, and his manhood was again put to work with a young woman of about twenty-three, a frightened woman who needed much coaxing by him. He parted her thighs and worked his tongue on her, exciting her to no end, bringing her close to orgasm before stopping and denying her release. Three times he did so until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"I'll have that monstrosity inside me if it splits me in half!"

She insisted that he be on her, and grasped his manhood, guiding him to her and inside her. She was amazed that he could possibly fit inside her, and he was soon driving himself inside her, encouraged by her squeals of delight, fueled by her orgasms, until she climaxed so fiercely that she did faint. Undaunted, Micah brought himself to climax, pushed as deep as he could, and spewed forth his seed inside her. She moaned, still unconscious, and he, upon feeling his last weak spurt, withdrew from her and awaited his ragged breath.

He was given lunch, a few hours to rest, which he really needed, and then was brought to a third hut. When he found himself before a nineteen-year-old beauty, he finally protested.

"She should probably be with someone a little smaller."

One of the guards, a mere slip of a girl, swung her spear and struck him in the back, dropping him to his knees.

"You will do what you are told!"

Micah sighed, and followed the woman to her bed. He had to get her as wet as possible to facilitate entry or risk injuring the poor girl. So he worked on her with his fingers, and then his tongue as she writhed on the bed, begging for more. As the wet spot underneath her grew, he hovered over her as she guided him to where he had to go, and he eased himself as slowly into her as he could manage. He could tell that she was hurting, so he stilled himself, feeling the throbbing of her vaginal walls around his length. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she grimaced in pain. He wanted badly to stop, to withdraw and let her be, but the guards behind him would not allow it. He waited until her eyes opened, and her grimace of pain to fade before he allowed himself to move within her.

He was a little surprised when her arms wrapped around him, and her legs squeezed tight around his waist. Once the pain faded, she urged him to pound it in her, and no matter how fast he moved inside her, she demanded more. She quickly reached her climax, and another within a minute. She was so tight on him, however, that he couldn't achieve his own.

He reached down and whispered in her ear, "Let's try something different. I think you'll enjoy it even more."

Warily, the young woman let him move her onto her hands and knees, and he eased back inside her. True to his word, she enjoyed it much more than the previous position, and her next few orgasms proved it. With her driving herself back into him as he thrust, it was only a few more minutes of manic thrusting for him to achieve his climax, and the amount of his seed that he seemed to shoot inside of her was enough to be painful when those last few, meager spurts came out. He knew that she would be intensely sore in the morning, and, most likely, so would he.

After a brief period to rest, the guards led him back to Contessa's hut for the night. He staggered in, and fell to his knees before Contessa, who was alarmed.

"How many women did he visit today?"

The girl answered nervously, "Three, my Queen."

"Three? Are you mad? This isn't just one man on the island. There are three others as well! Unless I say otherwise, he will only visit with two women per day. Is that understood?"

The two girls bowed and returned to their position at the door. Contessa helped Micah to his feet and brought him to the large tub again. She removed his shirt while he swayed unsteadily on his feet, and gasped as she saw the bruise across his back from the guard's spear.

"Guards! Come forth immediately!"

The two guards returned and one of them winced when Contessa turned Micah's back to them.

"Who struck this man?"

The one who had winced, stepped forward, her head bowed.

"What warranted this?" she indicated the bruise.

"He…refused to do his duty, my Queen."

Contessa turned to Micah and asked, "Why is this?"

Micah, feeling as if the room was spinning, managed, "I suggested that one of the others would hurt her less."

To the guard, who trembled with fear, Contessa demanded, "Who was the woman he was with?"

The guard whispered, "Katrina, my Queen."

"Katrina? You made this man lay with Katrina? Have you seen his size? You witless child, he could have split her in two! You will go see the elders, and tell them what you have done. They will decide your punishment."

The now weeping guard left to do as she was told.

To the other guard, and to her servants, she bid them to leave, "This man is in no shape to raise even a finger against me. I can only hope that he is even alive tomorrow. We can not afford to lose this breeder, not with our village in such decreased numbers. Stay outside and make sure nobody enters. I will not be disturbed."

As the servants and the remaining guard retreated outside, Contessa turned to Micah and eased him into the warm water.

"This abuse to you will not happen again, or there will be much to pay."

From a pitcher, Contessa poured Micah a cup of fresh water to drink.

She washed him gently, taking special care not to press too hard on the blackening bruise on his back. Still he hissed and swayed even with the slightest contact. Once he was clean and no longer smelling of sex, she dried him and led him to the bed. He collapsed onto it as if his bones had turned to water, and she cursed the idiot guard who had been so thoughtless. She brought a salve from a collection of salves and treatments, and tenderly applied it to the bruise before letting him sleep the sleep of the exhausted. Then she spent most of the night questioning her feelings.

The next day, Micah was given a reprieve from his duties to recuperate from the previous one. Contessa was not there when he woke up long past noon, only her servants and two different guards. The servants gave him food and helped him to relieve himself, holding him upright and unabashedly staring at his flaccid member, which was admittedly large. He found it almost impossible to bend for any reason, and even walking made him break out in a sweat. The guard the day before definitely had an impressive swing. Contessa returned a few hours later, severely irate, sputtering colorful curses. She helped Micah to his feet and led him outside to where a group of women, the other three men, and the captive women. She unbuttoned his shirt and turned him around. Everyone gasped as they saw the bruise.

"He was given this by one of the guards because he protested the lying with Katrina! This abuse is not to be tolerated. Yes, they may be breeders, but to treat them so brutally is to be on the same moral level as the beasts who no doubt did the same to our ancestors. This man," she indicated Micah, "Is in no condition to lay with any of us this day, and perhaps the next! That is a maximum of four women who may not receive the chance of becoming pregnant today. This blatant, disregard for the breeders will not be tolerated. That is all!"

Micah, having been turned around, glimpsed the third girl he'd been with yesterday, Katrina, barely able to walk back to her hut. She was assisted by two others.

"The poor girl," he mumbled.

Contessa turned to see, and nodded, "Yes, it is very unfortunate for Katrina. Maybe I can set up another meeting between you and her, and you can help relieve her pain."

Micah nodded and said nothing. It would be nice to make up for the evident pain he had caused her.

Contessa led him back inside and to the bed, "Lie on your stomach. I will put something on it to help relieve the pain a little."

Feeling a mixture of pain for himself and remorse for Katrina, he waited as Contessa spread the salve over his bruise, which extended across his back in a painful line. When she leaned back, he struggled to sit up. Hissing against the pain, his forehead broke out in sweat.

"Damn that idiot girl!" Contessa shook her head, "This is my fault. I should have made it clear about all this. Three women in one day, and then this! I must apologize."

Managing through his haze of agony, Micah replied, "I don't blame you for this. I blame myself for not refusing. I have never hurt somebody so badly, and it made me sick to have done that to her. I don't know if I can do this any longer. I can't live with what I've done, so if you want to have me put to death, then I'll offer no resistance."

Thoroughly amazed at what he had said, Contessa laughed, "I will do no such thing! It is not your fault for Katrina. For the same reasons that you made that bargain with me, you did what you had to do in order to survive. Katrina will heal in time, as will you. In fact, I have spoken at length with her today, and despite her soreness, she cannot wait to see you again! This speaks something about you, Micah. I will arrange your meeting with her tonight, not to lie with her, but to spend the night. What you do with her this night is your own choice."

Micah was led to Katrina's hut by Contessa herself. She reassured him that in no way was he required to lay with her, and then left him. Katrina limped over to him, smiling through the pain, and the sight of her almost drove him to his knees.

"I deserve this bruise and worse," Micah bowed his head.

Katrina took his hands in hers, and made him sit on the bed.

"Nonsense!" she laughed, "I'll heal just fine, and will be better for it. My Queen has spoken to me, and I understand that you feel badly for my pain, just as I do for yours. I have to confess, I've practiced with our collection of implements, but never have I been so…completely filled before! I cannot wait to heal, so that I can have you again!"

Micah shook his head, surprised that she could say such a thing. She ought to be traumatized from the previous night, not wanting more.

She smiled again, "Oh, you worry too much. We can be gentler next time, and I am sure that there will be only pleasure. I must have you again! For tonight, I'm not sure what we will do, only that you are spending the night with me."

Micah had her undress, much to her delight, and began massaging her, using techniques that an old girlfriend had once taught him. The girl, Mallory, had been a masseuse, and a very talented one.

"I actually learned this from one of the other masseuses, a woman named Cassandra, who had to…show me." A little embarrassed, yet also excited, Mallory admitted, "That, actually, became my first lesbian experience."

Micah now used it on Katrina, beginning with her legs, just above her knees, massaging his way upward to her inner thighs, which she had trouble opening for him. He spent at least ten minutes on each until they relaxed completely, and then reached the center. Keeping his fingers at the correct positions, he massaged her just outside her entrance, and then he gently worked two fingers inside her.

She sighed with pleasure, "If you never stop, it will be much too soon for me."

Almost an hour later, he was finally too tired to continue the massage, but it looked as if it had been effective. When Micah helped her to her feet, she was able to walk much easier, though not as she probably had before their first painful encounter.

She laughed, delighted, "You've done so much for me tonight that I must do the same for you. Only," she touched his back above the bruise, "There is nothing that I know that would relieve that bruise. May I try something else?"

Micah nodded, and allowed himself to be sat on the edge of the bed. Katrina knelt on the floor at his feet and unbuttoned Micah's pants. He began to understand what she intended to do, and wondered if such an act was forbidden here. She extracted his half-flaccid member from his underwear and stroked it to hardness.

As he watched, she began kissing along its length, and then opened her mouth, taking his head between her lips, drawing her tongue across the head. Since there was no way she could take the entire thing into her mouth, she took as much as she could manage, which was about a third of it, and stroked the rest with her hands. The softness of her hands combined with the heat of her mouth and her ceaselessly moving tongue brought him quite quickly to climax, within only a few minutes. He began to pull back, trying to warn Katrina about his impending orgasm, but she only gripped tighter and sucked harder, until he cried out and his seed shot forth into her waiting mouth. She gagged a little on the taste and that it shot so forcefully into her throat, but didn't let it stop her from swallowing as much as she could. Some of it dripped down her chin, and when she let go of his withering member, she used her finger to gather the remaining seed and it vanished into her mouth.

He sighed and shivered a little. Knowing that it was so forbidden actually made it that much more pleasurable, though he would take this secret to his grave. Katrina crawled up into the bed, pulling him with her, and lay in his arms. He stroked her hair, an almost platinum blonde, and soothed her to sleep. Long after, for at least a few hours, Micah couldn't fall asleep. His mind was whirling with mixed feelings towards Contessa, feelings of attraction and need, yet conflicted by feelings of resentment towards his captors. Their whole belief structure centered on the fact that there would be more peace without the violence of men, that the only necessity for men was breeding. But this structure just seemed wrong. It seemed so emotionless. What of the household, though? He harbored no crazy hopes that he alone could change the beliefs of a whole village, especially one that had followed this same belief for so long. He finally drifted off to troubled sleep.

The next morning, as Micah slowly ascended from sleep, Contessa walked into the hut where he had spent the night with Katrina and stood at the foot of the bed where he was curled up. Katrina, able to walk almost normally again due to Micah's massage, now waited behind Contessa, feeling a bit jealous that this man was to return to Contessa's hut. She wanted this gentle beast for herself. Nevertheless, she waited idly by while Micah was helped to his feet and led from her hut. Micah followed Contessa back to her hut, where he was bathed and dressed.

"Are you well enough to be with me?"

Micah could see how hopeful she was, and shrugged, "I think I'll be okay as long as you take it easy on me."

Contessa brought him close and touched her fingers to his face. Since she had first had him, she had ached for him to have her again. Her dreams were filled with fantasy, and when he had been bruised by the guard and forced to cause Katrina such pain, she had despaired that he would refuse to perform as a breeder any longer. Before she was fully aware of what she was doing, she pressed her full lips to his, and her tongue pressed to his tongue, and they shared a kiss that could have the women in the village suspicious. She finally broke the kiss and looked into his dark, Spanish eyes.

She helped him undress, and then disrobed before him. He saw that she had shorn her pubic thatch, and was amazed. This, as much as the kiss, showed him how deep her feelings for him ran. She had trimmed the hair in an undeniable effort to please him, and it did. He sank slowly to his knees and pressed his face to the now smooth skin, inhaling the fragrance of the oil she had applied after, and an underlying yet singular aroma of her womanhood. Touching his lips to her skin, he felt her shiver, and her hands plunged into his hair. He turned her so that she was between him and the bed, and then lay her down on it. He kissed the smooth skin again, and then went up to touch her breasts. He drew a nipple into his mouth and licked it, rewarded by her light moans. She was careful not to touch his back, instead reaching down to grasp his manhood. She stroked it to full hardness, and kept her hands on him while he flicked his tongue across her jutting nipples for a few seconds. He wanted to taste her again, and moved to do so, but she refused to let go of his shaft, so he turned his body around until his groin was close to her while his face was directly above her newly shaved flesh. Breathing in her mingled fragrances, he enjoyed the feeling of his lips on smooth skin, and slowly worked his lips and tongue around her sex, deliberately driving her crazy. Her hips left the bed and attempted to guide him where she so wanted his lips.

"Please, I will go mad if you insist on torturing me like this!"

Hiding his smile and his intentions, he made another circuit, from her shaved skin, to her inner thighs, and back, before finally succumbing to her urges. He placed his lips upon the hood of flesh that protected her clit and exposed the nub of pure pleasure to his questing tongue. She gasped, and her butt again left the bed. Micah rested his hands upon her butt, caressing as it left the bed, just gripping it once she relaxed. He moved his mouth down to where her juices seeped from her, lubricating her entrance, facilitating an inevitable entry.

He tasted the natural lubrication, capturing it in his mouth, lapping at it for more than three minutes before returning his attentions to her patiently waiting clitoris. His continued contact with her most sensitive areas brought her closer and closer to the orgasm she needed. But whenever she was almost there, he would feel it, and he slowed down, bringing her just short of it and no further. As she drifted back, he sped his actions enough to get her back to the edge before letting her drift back again.

She cried out, a little frustrated, "This is worse than your actions before! Why must you do this to me?"

He tapered off and lifted his head briefly, "Believe me, you'll understand why when you finally do get there."

He returned his mouth to her swollen nub, brought her closer a lot quicker than before, and then stopped. When she groaned with frustration, he got himself into position above her, and rubbed his erection across her inner lips, and then down to up, spreading the lips, and slowly working the head inside. Her mouth opened and a small whimper escaped it as he pushed slowly inside her, taking his time. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, giving him better access to her sex, and he worked another few inches into her. Whatever implements she had practiced with in the past were woefully useless other than to break the hymen. She was almost as tight as Katrina had been, which was actually better, because Katrina's tightness had been painful and difficult to enjoy.

A little at a time, he stroked his member into her, deeper and deeper until he was completely within her. She was already panting from the exertion, and he let her relax a little before he began moving in her, drawing out most of his length before sliding it back into her, feeling her vaginal walls throbbing around him. She could feel her climax building, even at such an agonizingly slow pace, and she began moving with him, squeezing her legs against him as she lifted her hips to meet him. He increased his pace slightly, and she matched him rhythm for rhythm, arching into him eagerly. She had trouble finding a place for her hands that would not be anywhere near his bruise, and had to settle for clutching the sheets. He filled her completely, and his largeness stretched her, and she loved all of it.

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