tagNonHumanThe Breeding of Kitty

The Breeding of Kitty


This story is dedicated to Kittenpuss. Thanks for the inspiration my friend!

* * * * *

The rain was intense this Halloween night. It had been a very long week and I was anxious to get home even though it was not the most pleasant night for the drive. I had been to the city I was trying to sell my works. I am a writer and I was getting low on funds and really needed to sell something before I had to go looking for a 9 to 5 job. That is exactly the reason that I had moved out here in this god-forsaken country anyway. Well, that's not entirely true. But the main reason that I had come out here was to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race. It had done me wonders to get away from it all. But, unless I sold something fast, it didn't appear that it was going to last much longer.

I looked at the clock on the dash and it seemed a lot later than it was. Normally the children that lived in town would be out knocking on doors and begging for candy. But tonight I know that many of them would have to stay home unless they had a party to go to. The rain wouldn't have been so terrible, but the fall in these mountains can be so much more brutal than they are on the lowlands. The wind had picked up out of the north and the air was just cold enough that there were little pieces of ice in it. I had slowed my car down about an hour before that as an added precaution, my senses heightened by the outside conditions. I switched on the radio, hoping to hear a weather report but the only station playing anything was a station that played that crappy heavy metal junk. I reached over to turn it off when I saw the reflection of someone on the side of the road. I slowed down so as not to hit them and being the extra cautious man I am, I continued on my way. Well, I did for about 200 feet anyway and that is when I started to slow down. My feeling of fear at picking up strangers was overcome with the thought of it being me walking in this miserable cold rain and having people drive past me.

I came to a complete stop and then put my car in reverse. I slowly backed up until I saw the figure standing on the side of the road. I unlocked the door and leaning over, pushed it open. "Get in!" I yelled at them and they hurried inside to the dry comfort of my car.

"Thank you mister," the unmistakably soft voice of a female came from the passenger seated next to me. She pulled the hood from her head and the soft face of a young girl came into view.

"What in the world are you doing up here walking in the rain young lady?" I asked her.

The girl was shaking a little, obviously cold, so I turned the heater on so she could warm herself. "My car went off an embankment up the road," she explained as she leaned forward to get close to the heat source. "I've been walking what seems like forever to get help but you are the only person I've seen for a couple of hours."

"Are you ok?" I asked her. "Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"No thanks. I'm ok. I always land on my feet."

"Well, I hate to tell you this miss, but there's not a town or anything the direction you were heading for 75 miles."

"Can you take me to the nearest town the other direction then?" she asked.

"It's about 20 miles that direction. I'm heading home," I told her. "I live about 5 more miles up the road. You are welcome to come home with me and call someone to let them know that you have been stranded."

Her sad expression lightened a little as I told her this. "That would be so cool mister. Thanks."

"Not a problem young lady. Where are you from," I asked the girl?

"California," came the reply.

"California? What on earth brings you to Colorado this time of year?"

"Well, I am originally from Georgia and I was headed back there to see my grandfather. He's in bad health and they have called all the family in. I had planned on being there tomorrow night. Now, I'm not going to make it."

"There's a bus terminal over in Cripple Creek. You can spend the night if you want to. I have a spare bedroom and you are more than welcome. I could take you there in the morning."

"That would be so cool mister. Thank you!" The girl sat quietly for a second and then spoke once again. "I do need to get something straight with you first mister."

"Ok, tell me," I told her.

"Well...I know that a lot of young people are wild now days, but I just wanted to.... uh, I am not sure exactly how to say it."

"Let me guess. You are afraid I'm going to get fresh with you, right?"

The girl giggled a little. "Well, I was going to use some language that was a little more frank, but yes, that is the main idea."

"Well, I've got something to tell you in return then," I told the girl.

"Ok. I'm listening."

"You see the thing is," I paused for a second, choosing my words carefully. "The thing is miss, um.... I don't believe I got your name miss."

"My friends call me Kitty," she replied.

"Kitty? How interesting. Well, you see, thee fact is that I'm celibate."


"Yeah. Celibate. I am a writer and I moved up into these mountains for a little peace and quiet and a time to get in touch with my thoughts and feelings."

"Celibate?" she asked again.

"Yes, Celibate," I told her once again, suddenly sorry that I had told this girl whom I'd just met this little personal fact about me.

"So tell me mister, just what is it that would make a man your age turn celibate? Don't you like girls?"

I chuckled at this girl's question. If only she knew how MUCH I liked girls. "Well, I had a some bad relationships when I lived in the city. And I am not interested in the 'singles' scene, so since I have isolated myself in these mountains, I have decided that until I have a permanent relationship, I am gong to live my life without sex."

"Radical! I've never met anyone who lived without some kind of sex. So is it hard for you to live like that?"

I thought back to the times when I first became celibate. My life had gone through some changes and it was indeed hard to become completely celibate. "It was though at first, but it passed quickly enough," I told her.

"Hmmmmm...." was all she said as she leaned back, letting the warm air blow on her.

The rain and ice continued to beat down on the windshield as we drove, making a slight pitter patter sound. It was a long, slow 5 miles but I finally saw my mailbox and turned into the drive. The rain always gave the property an uneasy feeling. Well, not exactly an uneasy feeling, but a different feeling none the less. I pulled into the driveway and put the car in gear. "Well miss Kitty, we're here."

Kitty had closed her eyes and I could hear her snore lightly. I'd never heard anyone snore like she was but I didn't really think anything about it at the time. "Kitty, we're here," I said touching her shoulder slightly. The girl snapped her eyes open and looked at me like she didn't know where she was. She smiled lightly and stretched her body as best she could. Kitty opened the door and stepped her foot out and then suddenly pulled it back in.

"What's wrong?" I asked her?

"There's a puddle of water on the ground!" she exclaimed.

"Well, it's been raining darling," I told her, amused at her reaction to a little water.

"I DON'T like getting my feet wet mister!" she said glaring at me with pissed off look on her face.

I could tell that she really didn't like getting her feet wet. How odd I thought to myself. I turned the engine back on and crept forward a little. "That's good mister," she said. I once again turned the engine off and opened my door. I stepped out of the car and made my way to the house and unlocking the door, motioned for Kitty to come in. Kitty stepped out of the car and hurried inside. The air was a little damp and chilly in the house. When I had left a few days before, it had been fairly warm but the weather had changed.

I turned the light in the foyer on and turned around and looked at the young girl. The soft lights bathed her face, and then I noticed her eyes. They were interesting eyes to say the least. The light reflected in them and they became a pool of green liquid. "I'll be right back," I told her and walked to the linen closet. I pulled out a towel and walked back and handed it to her. "You're drenched girl,"

"Thanks mister," she told me, removing her jacket. "I hate being wet."

"Well, in that case, follow me." Kitty followed me and we walked down the hallway. I opened a closet that held some clothes. "You need something dry. Here are some clothes. Feel free wear anything that you need."

Kitty eyed the contents of the closet curiously. "Why do you have all these women's clothes mister?" she asked me.

"They belonged to my wife. When I moved out here, I didn't have the heart to get rid of them, so I put them here in this closet."

"Where is your wife?" she inquired.

"I don't know," I said, not really wanting to discuss it. Kitty sensed that I was uneasy and dropped the subject. I pointed to the door at the end of the hall. "That's the bathroom. You can change in there. Feel free to take a shower if you want to." Kitty shook her head no and turned and looked once again at the clothes, taking her time choosing. "I'll go start a fire. You still look cold."

"Thanks," she said. I walked away, leaving the girl at the closet. I walked into the living area and opened the door on the fireplace. I put some kindling in, arranging it like I wanted, I put some logs on top of it. I'm not sure if I sensed or heard Kitty enter the room but none the less she was soon standing next to me. I picked up a piece of newspaper and rolled it up. Handing it her direction I asked, "Would you like the honors?" Kitty, with the look of almost terror on her face, jerked away from me, shaking her head. I shrugged my shoulders, not quite sure what to make of this young girl's reaction. I lit the paper and placed it under the kindling. I watched as the flicker ignited the paper, burning slowly at first, but soon increasing in intensity and then igniting the kindling before it was completely consumed by the fire. It didn't take long and the kindling had started the logs burning so I pushed the door shut. The soft crackle of the burning wood was soothing to me. There was just something about the sound and smell of a fire on a cool fall evening that made me feel warm deep down inside.

"The phone's over there," I motioned to the corner.

Kitty walked to the phone and I for the first time noticed her hair. It was a medium brown color and it hung down almost to the backs of her knees. I marveled at the incredibly soft glow of the fire on her tremendously long hair. I had never in my life seen anyone with hair that long. She picked up the phone and then turned to me. "It's dead mister."

"I'm not surprised," I told her. "The phone service is not the best around here." Kitty turned around and I noticed that she had not picked the clothes that I had showed her. Instead, she had chosen one of my old thin t-shirts and a pair of my white cotton boxer shorts. The clothes fit her loosely but somehow she looked mighty sexy in them. I tried to turn my attention away from the young girl standing in my living room.

"So what kind of stories do you write Tom?"

I turned back to the fireplace and opened the door, prodding the fire with a poker. "I'm a freelance writer. I write short stories and magazines buy them from me."

"Can I read some of them Tom?"

"I'm not sure they are the kind of stories you would like to read Kitty. Oh, by the way, how did you know my name?"

"Um, I guess you must have told me or something," she said nervously.

I didn't remember telling her my name, but that didn't matter much. "Would you like something to drink Kitty?"

"Do you have any warm milk?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," I told her, surprised at her request. Kitty followed me into the kitchen. She opened the cabinets just see what was there I guess as I went to the refrigerator and took out the milk. I took a pan and poured a bit into it and turned the fire under it.

"So, you never did tell me what kind of stories you write Tom," she said once again, curiosity gleaming in her eyes.

"I uh, like I said....write stories for any magazine that might want to publish them."

"So you ever had anyone publish any of them," she asked?

"Yes." I am going to tell you right now. The curiosity of this girl as she kept inquiring as to the kind of stories I wrote didn't seem to be letting up.

"Can I read one of them," she asked, perking up as if I had turned a switch on.

I turned the fire out from under the pan and took a cup from the cabinet. I poured a little into it and handed it to Kitty. "You sure you want to know. You might not approve of them.

"SURE I want to Tom!" I shrugged in resignation and motioned for her to follow me. We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Kitty sat down, legs folded under her and leaned forward on her hands, like an animal getting ready to pounce. I pulled a magazine from the end table and opened it and looked for one of my stories. I laid it in front of her. She pulled her hair out from under her and draped it across her lap. Smiling, she picked up the magazine and her eyes got real big. While she was focusing her attention on the story, I took a chance to look at the girl. She was an attractive girl with long sleek legs and a very light complexion. The leg of my boxer shorts was draped open slightly and I could see a little bit of the skin between her pussy and her leg. It had obviously been shaved, but I could see a few stray pubic hairs! In the light, I could almost see through the thin material of my old t-shirt and I took in the beauty through the opaque material. Her breasts, although were not exceptionally large, were none the less perfectly shaped. Her nipples were a little on the puffy side and they poked against the white cotton. My cock was straining at my pants and try as I could, I could not take my eyes off of the dark haired beauty. .

She read a little of the story and then put the magazine on her lap. "You didn't tell me you wrote fuck stories!" she said excitedly.

"I prefer to call them erotic stories!" I said gruffly.

She just laughed. "Well, if they were published in any other magazine besides "Gurlz" magazine, you could call them that. But let's face it Tom, in here they are fuck stories!"

I tried to shrug off the girl’s comment. "I don't exactly write them for "Gurlz" magazine. I write the stories and then whoever wants to buy them does."

Kitty continued to read the story and sip her warm milk. I tried not to think of the beautiful young girl sitting on the couch next to me. I mean after all, it had been a long time since I had been in this situation with an attractive girl. I felt my body start to react from Kitty's presence. Finally I stood up and said, "Well, good night Kitty. I am going to bed now. I'll show you where your room is."

Kitty gave me a timid look. "Can I sleep in front of the fireplace instead Tom?"

"I suppose so," I said. I walked out of the room and went to the linen closet and got a blanket and pillow out. I walked back to the living area and put them on the couch. Kitty sat the magazine down and wrapped her arms around me. "Thank you for being so nice to me Tom," she said pulling me tightly.

"It's quite alright young lady.” Kitty held me tight and put her cheek next to mine. I patted her on the shoulder with my hand and she moved her lips to my face. I thought she was going to kiss my cheek but instead, I swear the girl took her tongue and lightly licked my face. I hoped that Kitty didn't notice it, but my little friend in my jeans was starting to rise to the occasion. My god, I thought to myself. It's been too damn long without a woman. Funny how the imagination will run wild when one has a beautiful long haired girl in his arm! "Good night Kitty," I told her, giving her one last squeeze. "Sweet dreams kid."

We released each other and I strolled off to my room, my blood pumping furiously to my penis. I wanted to throw this girl down on the floor, tear her clothes off her body and not make love to her, but to fuck the young woman’s brains out! I closed the door to my room and began to remove my clothes. I usually slept in the raw but since I had a guest today, I decided that I would at least wear a pair of boxer shorts. It was extremely difficult, but I was able to take a few deep breaths and think of other things and finally my prick stopped screaming at me. I pulled the covers back and lay there, thinking about Kitty being in the other room and what I would do to her given half a chance. Oh well, I was a gentleman and I had given my word. "Damnit!" I said out loud.

The next thing I was aware of, I woke up in the middle of the night with one of those raging piss hardons. I looked at the clock. "Damn, 3:15 am." I pulled the covers back and got out of bed. I quietly pushed the door open and making sure that Kitty wasn't anywhere around, I walked to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I moved back toward the bedroom. Instead of going inside, I walked toward the living area to check the fire. The embers of the burning logs smoldered in the fireplace, giving off an eerie light. I could see Kitty as she lay there on the floor, her t-shirt pulled up slightly, exposing the skin on her back. I looked and I could see the outline of this thin girl's butt cheeks in my shorts. My cock once again betrayed me and began to rise. I found my hand going down to it and stroking it. God I wanted some pussy so bad! I took a deep breath once again and slowly turned to my room.

I got back in bed and closed my eyes. I had almost drifted back off to sleep when I heard a voice. I opened my eyes and there was Kitty standing above me, looking down at me. I reached over and flipped on the lamp on the nightstand. My hard cock showed through the thin sheet that was covering me and I put my hand on my crotch to try to hide it. "Hi Kitty," I said softly.

"Hi Tom," she said, her eyes diverting to the floor. "I need to ask you something."

"Of course Kitty. What is it?"

""What I wanted to ask was...,” she said trailing off slightly. "What I wanted to ask was...can...can I sleep in here?"

"I don't think it's a good idea Kitty. It's been a long time since I've had a woman and I don't think I could handle a beautiful young girl like you lying next to me in bed."

"Oh no!" Kitty explained. "I just want to lay on the floor by the bed. I promise, I won't snore Tom!"

I smiled at the young lady and said, "Well....if it would make you fell better, Ok." Her face lit up when she heard this and almost ran out of the room. In a little less than a minute, she came back in and lay her pillow on the floor. Reaching over and turning out the light, I tried to get my mind off the young girl. I was sure it was my imagination but I swore that I could smell the girl's aroma in the room. It was not the aroma of perfume or any man made agent, it was the smell of a young girl's sexual organs wafting in the night air! My cock strained at my shorts and I couldn't help but touch it, stroking it gently, imagining that it was Kitty's hand on me. Once again, for the second time tonight I could hear Kitty snoring. Again, it sounded like she was purring! What a strange and wonderful creature this was I thought to myself.

The clock on the nightstand clicked one minute after the other. What the fuck was happening to me tonight. Had it been so long since I'd enjoyed the presence of a young woman that I was loosing what little faculties that I had? My cock was about to burst from the smell in the air and the sounds of another human being so close to me. I stroked my cock and thought about how nice it would be to put my dick between those long lanky legs and push deeply into Kitty. I heard Kitty stir a little and I removed my hand from my cock and pretended to be asleep.

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