tagNonHumanThe Bride of Bigfoot

The Bride of Bigfoot


[Big thanks to editor HollyGolightly for helping me with this one!]

The carnies had set up a small village of tents, shacks, and RVs on the outskirts of town. Their coming was, more or less, a yearly occurrence, and the townsfolk looked forward to it as with any other tradition, although this year there were whispers of something special. That kid Jimmy Woodard said he'd seen the carnies carrying a big cage into the purple tent overnight, although it was too dark to get a look at what was inside. By morning, a sign had been put up outside the tent, providing an answer:

See the Sasquatch! A living legend! Only 5$ each!

And underneath that was a smaller placard:

20$ to get into the after-dark show! Adults only!

Naturally, this piqued a lot of people's interest. Out here, a few people did indeed believe in the sasquatch, and a few even claimed to have seen it. Still, they weren't total rubes, and even the most die-hard believer still suspected that it was probably just a man in an ape suit, or a caged gorilla or something. But even the skeptics were lining up to see it. It was like clickbait. You suspect you'll be disappointed and angry, but you click anyway.

The people filed into the tent, paying their five dollars each, and taking their seats on a series of bleachers that had been up in a circle. In the middle of the tent was what looked like a large cage, with a heavy tarp over it. They could hear something moving inside the cage but weren't sure what.

Finally, the lights rigged up to the bleachers dimmed and the lights around the cage were all that was left. A young woman, maybe in her mid 20s, entered the tent through a back flap. "Afternoon, folks," she said, stepping into the light. "My name's Lizzie May, and I'm here to show you the Sasquatch."

Lizzie May was sex on legs. Long, slender, smooth legs, exposed by her cut-off jean shorts and stretching down to a pair of bright green Doc Martens. A green plaid shirt was knotted around her sizable breasts, pushing them up appealingly, and leaving her taught, muscular stomach bare. Above that, a slender neck and a pretty, open, smiling face with big green eyes and long pigtails, dyed a vivid purple.

"How are y'all doing today?" she asked the crowd. They gave a half-hearted cheer. Lizzie May chuckled. "Don't believe it, eh? Think the Sasquatch is too good to be true? Well, I don't blame you. I didn't always believe in him myself. Until a few years ago. I was up in the mountains, trying to get away from it all, and found him hanging around my RV every night. But I showed him who was boss." She licked her lips here. "And now he's tame. I think he's grown to like all the attention from crowds like you. So are you ready to see him?"

There was an impatient rumble from the audience. She laughed again. "Okay, fine. Presenting... the Legend!" She pulled off the tarp, and the audience gasped.

It was no man in a costume. Not a gorilla, chimp, orangutan, or any other kind of known animal. This was the Sasquatch, alright. He was at least seven feet tall, standing upright, like a man. He had hair all over his body, save for his face, feet, the palms of his hands, and it was thinner on his chest. A few of the people in the crowd - both women and men - couldn't help but admire his six-pack abs and his not un-handsome face. His skull was pointed on top, like the narrow end of an egg. And he was wearing a pair of enormous Bermuda shorts.

"Why is he wearing shorts?" called a kid from the audience.

"Because this is the all-ages show," replied Lizzie May, winking, and the crowd laughed, though a few began to put it together with the mysterious promise of an after-dark show. "Now," she asked, "who wants to feed him a chocolate bar?"

The show was a success, and the good word-of-mouth brought in three more crowds that day. Lizzie May and her Sasquatch were the talk of the town. But there remained that persistent question: what was the after-dark show?

The curious ones lined up outside the tent at 9:00 PM, twenty dollar bills in hand. The rest of the fair was largely closed, after an eventful day of business; while Lizzie May's exhibit had certainly been the star, the fortune tellers and sword swallowers had certainly benefited from the crowds as well.

Finally, the tent flap was pulled back, and the crowd - mostly, but not exclusively, men - filtered in. No one under 18 was allowed in. Lizzie May was already there, sitting in the middle of the tent next to the cage, sipping a bottle of cherry cola and making small talk with another carney. A banner had been hung over the stage, reading "The Bride of Bigfoot".

The bleachers were set up differently now, too: there were little rods rigged up, at about head level to a seated person, every few feet.

"What are these?" asked somebody.

"Those are the rods for your privacy curtains," said Lizzie May. "Privacy curtains are five bucks a pop. Pick 'em up by the door." She pointed to the lady at the cashbox, who produced from under the table a pile of curtains. They were of a rigid material that stood up on its own, with rings on one side that you could slide along one of the rods, creating a kind of impromptu wall and blocking you from the view of the people next to you.

The audience murmured. Why would they need these curtains? What was going to happen?

Finally, as before, the house lights dimmed and only the stage lights were on. Lizzie May stood up, putting her now-empty pop bottle aside, and pulled the tarp off the Sasquatch's cage again. He seemed more attentive than before, and gave a low, grumbling growl.

The purple-haired girl started to undo the lock on his cage, talking to the audience as she did. "So if y'all caught one of the shows this afternoon, you know I tamed this beast up in the mountains and brought him back to civilization for y'all to see. But," she said, opening the door of the cage and stepping inside, "I didn't say how I tamed him. I'll show y'all how I did that in a minute, but first, I want to show you why, exactly, I make him wear these shorts. What he looked like when I first met him in the wild."

She was in the cage with the monster now, and took a step toward him, shutting the door behind her. He didn't recoil, but stepped toward her, eager, friendly. Lizzie May bent over, pointing - probably deliberately - her delectable ass at the audience, and hooked her fingers around the waistband of the Sasquatch's Bermuda shorts, sliding them slowly down. When she stood up again, and the audience saw, they gasped. His penis was fully erect, and easily as big around as a pop can, and almost as long as three of them. His hands were on his hips, his crotch thrust out, in a very human display of pride at his equipment.

"So," continued Lizzie May, "there I was, face to face with seven feet of Bigfoot and a good fourteen inches of erect Bigfoot cock. Maybe you have a will of steel, but I don't." She grinned widely, almost mockingly, gloatingly, at the audience. Nobody spoke. She grasped it in her hand and began, slowly, pumping it up and down. The monster grunted in pleasure.

"Can we get some music in here?" she called out. An instrumental country song came on the tent's speakers. It was slow, moody, and shiveringly erotic. Lizzie May grinned again. "That's better. Puts me in the mood. Now, who wants to see my tits?" she asked the audience. They cheered their approval, and she pulled at the knot of her shirt. It came off easily, falling to the floor, and her perky, well-formed breasts were now on full display, nipples erect with her obvious excitement. The audience cheered and shouted, and Lizzie May fluttered her eyelashes in mock shyness. The Sasquatch put his arms around her, in both a protective but also a lustful gesture, massive hands running up and down her chest, caressing her tits, and she moaned in obvious pleasure at his touch, pushing her body back against him, grinding her ass into him. His cock was now pushing up between her thighs, rubbing against the crotch of her denim shorts.

"And the ladies in the house must already know," said Lizzie May, continuing her story as the monster groped her, "if there's a guy you're after and you've got it into your head that you'd like to see him tied up... you've got to give him a reason to let you. Show him he can trust you." She turned around now, and sunk to her knees in front of the beast, taking his enormous cock in both her hands. "Show him that letting you catch him in a cage might not be so bad after all."

She pushed back his foreskin and passionately licked his apple-sized head, running her tongue along his dickhole and the sensitive underside, before taking the entire tip, expertly, in her mouth. The whole audience could see this beautiful young woman, on her knees, blowing the Sasquatch. Finally, she came up for air. "Now might be a good time to pick up one of those little privacy curtains," she gasped, and there was, accordingly, a rush for the counter where they were sold. Even in line, they kept an eye firmly on her, as she resumed sucking the beast's enormous rod, swaying her lithe young body in time to the music.

After a few minutes of that, as the audience began to return to their seats and set up the curtains, she pulled his head from her mouth and moved him down between her breasts, never breaking eye contact with the giant creature. He moved his hands down to her shoulders as his monster cock pushed up between her perfect human tits, and he bucked his hips gently. Lizzie May cried out in pleasure as he titty-fucked her, and the audience were struck by how strangely romantic the scene was. The two of them held eye contact, like natural lovers, like they had no audience at all.

Finally, the young woman stood up and surveyed the crowd. Most of them had indeed partitioned off the bleachers with the privacy curtains, though a few - mostly couples - were sharing a space. Most of them had their pants unbuckled by now, and she saw a few cocks out and in hands, or female hands slid down panty-fronts.

"But I think y'all know what I had to do next," she continued, through that insinuating, mocking grin. "A dick that big is for more than just titty-fucking." She slid her thumbs down the waistband of her short shorts and began to wiggle out of them, revealing a pair of floral-printed cotton panties. These, two, she quickly, eagerly removed, leaving her completely nude, save for her purple boots and a few hair elastics. Her cunt was trimmed but not shaved, a delicate pink thing between brown curls, very pale thighs, and visible tan lines, and she was very, very wet. The audience cheered at the sight of her nakedness, and she did a little pirouette, showing off her round, well-toned ass as well.

She dropped onto her hands and knees, on the floor of the tent, lifting up her hips, her excited breath audible across the entire venue, the creature's baseball glove-sized hands gripping her around the waist. Engorged with enthusiasm of his own, he fell to his own knees behind her. Everyone went silent, the only sounds the heavy breathing of the performers and the audience, and the wet sounds of the latter's fervent masturbation.

Finally, the Sasquatch began to push his monster cock forward, slowly, into Lizzie May's twat, and she moaned, loud and low, as he filled her. She was pushing back against him from the very first stroke, and it was clear to the audience that they had done this many times before. They were used to each other.

The monster grunted rhythmically as he fucked her, with long, leisurely strokes, in and out. She lifted up her torso further off the ground now, moving her hands up and gripping the bars, looking directly at the audience as the beast fucked her, that same irreverent, taunting grin on her angelic face, and her tits bouncing as she moved.

"He's so big," she purred. "Think of the biggest thing you've ever managed to get up your pussy. A dildo, a cucumber, a really big dick. My boyfriend is bigger."

The audience were getting more and more into it now, cheering and whooping at the spectacle. A few of them had already come, but were continuing to watch out of sheer fascination. And who knew, maybe they'd get up a second wind. Others were still going. In the front row, a redheaded woman's face was bobbing up and down in the crotch of the man she was sharing her own partition with, a handsome dark-haired fellow. But even as she sucked her man off, the redhead's eyes were on the display in the cage. For a moment, her eyes locked with Lizzie May's, and the purple-haired woman winked at her and smiled. It turned her on, knowing that other people were enjoying the depravity she shared with her Sasquatch.

After a few minutes of solid doggie-style, Lizzie May's jokes gave way to inarticulate moans, her eyes fluttering shut in orgasmic bliss. She was no longer performing. She was simply getting fucked, and the audience were along, so to speak, for the ride.

"So big," she groaned. "So fucking big inside me. I love my monster boyfriend and his giant cock!"

The beast behind her, meanwhile, was grunting ecstatically with every thrust into his human lover, his massive fingers wrapped around her waist, a string of spittle dripping slowly from his upper jaw and into her vividly purple hair.

He kept going. Long after everyone in the audience had come at least once, he was still pumping into the human girl's thoroughly-stretched pussy, and her screams of delight must have been audible all through the woods.

As she came down from her third orgasm of the night, Lizzie May looked around at the audience. They were clearly getting tired now. Probably best to bring the finale on soon.

The redhead woman was now slouching, legs wide open and skirt around her ankles, on the bleacher, her man's hand down her g-string, working. Good, thought Lizzie May. She tried to catch the redhead's eye, but her gaze was fixed just above Lizzie May's head, and with a thrill, the purple-haired girl realized that she was staring right at the Sasquatch.

Almost reluctantly, Lizzie May slid forward, unhooking herself from her lover's dick. She turned around now, on her knees, facing him, jerking him up and down with both her hands, and pushing his tip up between her tits once again.

"He's going to come" she hissed. "I can feel it. He's gonna cover me in his Sasquatch jizz. I bet you fucking perverts can't wait to see that shit!" The audience cheered and hollered.

Finally, the monstrous rod began to shoot out thick, creamy seed all over Lizzie May's pert breasts, her neck, her face. The Sasquatch, largely silent thus far, let out a triumphant cry as he came onto his human mate, and she squealed in delight as he covered her in his stickiness. The audience continued to cheer.

The beast collapsed, sitting down on the floor of the cage, gasping in exhaustion. Lizzie May, however, stood up, nude, dripping with inhuman seed. She dabbed a finger into it, caressing the round of her left breast, and brought a fingerful of cream up to her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, sucking it down. "Well, that about wraps up tonight's show. Hope to see all your lovely faces again tomorrow night!" She waved, daintily, at the audience, and an attendant carny walked up and tossed her a towel. As she started to clean herself up, the carny tossed the tarp back over the cape, shutting her in with the Sasquatch as the house lights of the tent came back on and the audience, still a little stunned from what they had seen, got to their feet.

Lizzie May and the Sasquatch stayed in the cage under the tarp until the audience left, his powerful arms wrapped around her, holding her close. Once the last of the villagers had gone home, he helped her up, and they got dressed and made their way back to the trailer they shared.

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