tagMind ControlThe Bride Wore Pink

The Bride Wore Pink

byYuu Sakagami©

The mood in the bridal chamber of Tanya MacPhee was thick and awkward. The ravishing 28 year old's gown had been ruined by a guest mere minutes ago, by her own younger klutz of a cousin. 20 year old Jerry MacPhee the virginal college student had spilled a tall glass of red wine all over her virginal White gown...with less than an hour before the vows were to commence!

"You MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE! Get OUT of here!" Tanya screeched, grabbing her headdress like a softball and whipping it at the cowering young lad. It smacked him square out the face and he scampered out the room.

The door slammed behind him, leaving Tanya staring at it sullenly. The whole wedding was ruined now. What was she supposed to do without a dress? The stain was spread all the way down the front, soaking the fabric clean through and making her look like the winner of a Spring break wet t-shirt contest. Her nipples were almost as big as thimbles, even when unerect, and their protrusions were now clearly visible.

Tanya detested her 34-C bustline. All her life people had assumed that those big breasts made her some kind of floozy, and she'd chosen to get married as soon as possible for the sake of respectability. Dennis Rogers was a good find - 35, handsome, and a respectable opthamologist. Every other man she'd ever been with merely wanted to fuck her enormous rack and cum all over her pretty face, before moving onto her other delightful attributes: full round buttocks, shapely thighs and calves, a flat tummy, and silky hair which framed the pixie cheeks and pouty lips of her tiny face.

Tanya's body made her such an effortlessly amazing fuck that she'd always made men wait as long as possible for it, to prove their mettle. But for Tanya's amazing figure they'd wait as long as it took, say whatever she wanted to hear about their careers and accomplishments, and not stick around much longer after the first couple screws. She was a gold digger, pure and simple, and no man until Dennis had fit her bill of criteria for wedlock.

Now what was she to do? Postponing the wedding with less than an hour to go? Impossible. The seaside resort had to be booked months in advance. Hundreds of guests were waiting in the chapel nearby. The weather along the beach outside was warm, sunny and picture perfect. The most important day of her life, and that little shit had to spill his drink on her!

Tanya's eyes darted around the room. Was there ANYTHING that could be done? Some accessory to cover her chest and not expose her see-through cleavage to the bride and groom's entire families?

Sweating bullets, she ran to the only closet the room had to offer. The tiny walk-in was nearly empty except for two boxes left by previous tenants. One had an old pair of silk evening gloves. Fat lot of good those would do...

The other had a pink wedding dress.


Tanya momentarily forgot her dire predicament in sheer disbelief that such an item existed. Who in their right mind would wear such a thing? If those tacky low-class Vegas wedding chapels offered a complimentary dress, this would be it.

Holding the garment to her chest, she figured the low cut hemline would barely cover half of her aureolas, showing off than the wine stain. The bottom hemline would probably show more of her legs than a hooker's miniskirt. Even more ridiculous were the red tasseled ribbons which dangled from the nipple points, and the red heart embroidered and puffing out over the crotch. It bore the word "MRS" on it in cursive lettering. This had to be a novelty, either a Halloween costume or a bachelor party entertainer's getup.

Aside from those red accessories, the shade of pink colored all else. A pink that was blindingly neon, brighter than she'd ever seen. Tanya couldn't look away, hideous as the dress itself was. The pink was like a blanket enveloping her brain.

Against all better judgement, Tanya decided to had to know how it looked. The state of emergency she was in felt a lot less important, as if time would stand still for her alone, for as long as it would take to satisfy her private curiosities about the depths of low class titillation.

Getting it on was tough. The tight fabric definitely had some lycra in it, and her enormous breasts and buttocks barely squeezed inside. The slightest movement sent both pairs of flesh globes wobbling up and down with the elasticity of party balloons.

Minutes later she stepped before her full-length mirror.

She...liked what she saw.

It was tacky, but somehow charming. Part of her felt like the "My Size" Barbie doll her mother had purchased for her eighth birthday. She could never admit it to her feminist friends, many of whom had refused to attend the reception on anti-patriarchal principle, but pink had always been one of her favorite colors. Putting on this dress made her feel as though she'd slipped into the warm water of her old kiddie wading pool on a hot Summer day.

It didn't look bad. Nope, not bad at all. Tight as the dress was, she practically felt naked.

Tanya giggled. She placed one hand on her ass and stuck it out. She turned to one side and pushed out her chest as far as it would go without throwing off her balance.

Was a bra even necessary? It would be tacky to have the straps showing. The dress would leave her shoulders completely bare. She reached behind, undid the undergarment and let it drop to the floor.

Why not let her hair down, as well?

Tanya undid the knot holding her long Blonde hair in a bun. It cascaded down onto. Not bad, but not good, either. She walked across the room and picked up her headdress. Placing it back atop her forehead, she checked her reflection again.

The white actually went with the pink! But there was still something missing.

She almost felt like the princess she'd always aspired to be, a princess about to be wed to a handsome prince. Wow, maybe the day wasn't ruined! She was feeling as excited as she'd ever been about the prospect of marriage, in fact.

SHIT! Wasn't it almost time to GET married? Tanya looked up at the wall. She stared at it. Something felt off. The big hand was on the Five. The little hand was at three-zero...

Tanya shook her head and giggled. She was so excited, she'd nearly forgotten how to tell time! It was 5:30. The ceremony started at 6. Of course, of course. Now that she had her dress she needed to finish getting dressed.

She found her shoes right by the mirror and frowned. Really? Those little things? Somehow, the way she'd remembered the princesses from the animated movies of her childhood were different. They wore HIGH heels. The kind that stuck her rear end and chest out...

Thankfully, her bridesmaid nieces Mindy and Katrina had been playing dolls earlier and left a pair of pink(!) scrunchies in a pile with their Barbies and suitcases. Those girls were just the best. Tanya's sister had let them see the bride in full dress before it was time to "go on," and it had warmed her heart to see the little ones so enamored of the future prospect of marriage.

Tanya was beginning to feel that young again, with all the fanciful romance of marriage coming back like a long-lost memory. It wasn't just about security, it was all about prick charming!

"Prick" charming? "Prince" charming? She tried to remember which was which while pushing the scrunchies up into her hair, making two long pigtailed locks just like 6-year-old Mindy had. They felt more appropriate for a royal princess wedding.

Tanya was feeling a lot better about her circumstances. If she'd had a stroke of luck finding the perfect dress by accident, and then the perfect hairstyle, maybe the perfect pair of shoes were right around the corner. Tanya dashed across the room in her stockings and exited the private suite.

The hotel hall was empty. Everyone was waiting in the chapel, including good old Dennis. Wow! She was going to be MRS Dennis soon if she could only find a cool pair of high heeled shoes! Maybe even STILETTOS!

Looking down the plush corridor, Tanya felt a little lost. Almost like a child again, when separated from her mother in the department store. She knew she couldn't just knock on some stranger's door, asking for shoes, right?

On the other hand, this WAS her special day. People HAD to help her out, right?

Tanya approached the first door she saw and knocked on it. Within a few seconds, someone answered.

It was a man. He looked at her funny. He must've really liked the dress, because she noticed he had a hard-on. It was pretty big. That wasn't funny in of itself, but Tanya giggled anyway.

"Hi!" she chirped. "I'm Tanya, and today's my wedding!"

The man gulped and licked his lips, sizing her up and down.

"No kidding" croaked the man.

"Yeah! I know, right? Only the thing is, I don't have any SHOES! Can you believe it??" Tanya exclaimed, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.

"Do you, like, have a wife?"

"Huh?" said the man, only starting to realize this living fetish costume was speaking English to him.

"Does she wear shoes? Does she have high heels?"

"I'm...not married."

Tanya's heart sank. The poor man! Hadn't he met the right woman yet? Had he ever even been in love? She suddenly felt very sorry for him. It wasn't fair that any man should be alone on her special day.

Tanya had an idea. She walked towards the man, and he stepped backwards instinctively. Then he held still, and she continued walking into him, clasping her arms around his back and pushing her tongue into his mouth.

The man's hands responded on their own, reaching around Tanya and grabbing a full handful of her rubber ass cheeks each. She felt no guilt, as she was not yet married. That made sense. She was a "bachelorette," like the one she'd watched on television. That bachelorette had a house full of men who all wanted to fuck her, and she could fuck every one of them as long as she wasn't married. That was fair. One woman in a house full of men, searching for the perfect one, just like in a fairy tale.

This whole hotel is full of men, thought Tanya. And somewhere are my magic slippers. The man had swung her behind him and locked his door. She dropped to her knees and undid his pants buckle and fly, causing the man's hard-on to spring out in front of her face like a jack-in-the-box.

Tanya daintily kissed the swollen purple head, and smiled up at the man.

"We have to hurry. I'm getting married in less than an hour."

"Jesus Christ" the man said, looking around the room as if meeting the stares of equally disbelieving friends.

Tanya abruptly stood up and pointed to the man's hotel bed.

"Go sit down! Go on!"

The man did as he was told, like a frightened child too confused to disobey orders.

"Lay down on your back!"

The man did so, his erect prick sticking straight up in the cool air as he stared at the white ceiling. Before he could look back down toward the insane woman, he felt the bedsprings sink around him as his cock was enveloped in a wet spongy vise that slammed down upon him forcefully.

The man looked up now and saw his mystery woman desperately impaling herself on his rigid member. Clad in her pink bridal gown, Tanya outstretched both arms and pulled at both pigtails in opposite directions. Her teeth were gritted in intense concentration on the stranger's prickmeat inside her, and her eyes were squeezed shut.

The man closed his eyes too, focusing on the hot wet flesh squeezing his bare dick -

"Hey wait! WAIT!!"

Tanya opened her eyes and paused her bucking.


"I gotta put on a condom!"

Tanya giggled and resumed riding the man.

"I'm not MARRIED yet, silly. Remember?"

The man shrugged inside, giving up without a fight. He thrust his hips feebly upwards, which prompted Tanya to rock even faster and rougher. The intense friction set his cock on fire and nearly made him black out, and he was mentally prepared to awake from what surely had to be a dream when Tanya suddenly pumped both arms in the air and screamed as if home team had just scored the winning goal.


From the moment she'd walked into his room, the man had never encountered Tanya's behavior from any other female in his entire life. This additional outburst was probably the most normal thing she'd done or said in the past five minutes. And because it was a cry of exaltation, as if his very own cock were the most thrilling roller coaster the buxom trollop had ever been on, the man lost control and quickly came deep inside her wet cunt.

Tanya felt the man's warm seed shoot into her womb and spread through her insides. She felt his member pulsate and swell with each spurt. She fell forward onto the fabric of the man's shirt and breathed heavily. Tanya felt better than she'd felt in a long time. Why had it been so satisfying, making a total stranger cum inside her? For years it had been like a chore. Was it because she was getting married?

Shit! She was getting married! Tanya looked down at her pink bridal gown and thought of the sperm swimming around inside her. She glanced to the man who'd been so nice to come inside her and frowned apologetically.

"I gotta go, mmkay?"

She kissed his cheek and rolled off the bed, making a slurping POP as she detached from his deflating prick. Their co-mingled juices dripped onto the bedspread and rolled down Tanya's legs, soaking her white stockings. Feeling the floor through the thin fabric reminded her of her mission: perfect shoes for an ab-so-LUTELY perfect day!

Tanya noticed the man had gum on his dresser. It was Doublemint, and not Bubblicious, which would have been the perfect choice for reasons she couldn't quite pinpoint. She knew that she needed gum, and for a moment considered her craving the onset of pregnancy from that nice man's see. She might want a big bowl of ice cream next, but that could make her fat. At this moment she wanted only gum. She didn't ask the man if she could have some, grabbing at it so quickly as to knock it on floor.

Tanya leaned over to pick it up without bending her knees, and her long legs made the gum's recovery take a long time. She unwrapped the sticks and shoved them all in her mouth one by one, bent over the entire time. Subconsciously, it pleased her to know her ass was being exposed and pointed skyward. Each stick of gum was like a potato chip or a piece of chocolate that demanded another, and she fed off the floor until there were none left.

In a daze, the man watched Tanya's peach-shaped behind shift around, no longer covered by the pink dress now hiked up around her midriff. Her labia lips were also visible - swollen and ravaged in his fluids. She finally stood up and tilted her head backwards, chomping at the massive gob of gum which left her barely able to close her mouth. She turned to the man and smiled, then closed her mouth and puffed up a gigantic bubble. Tanya was surprised. She'd never been able to blow bubblegum bubbles her entire life until this moment, and now it felt as natural as breathing.

When it popped, she pivoted on her heels and trotted out the door slamming it behind her. The man pulled himself upright against the bedside wall and stared at his half-hard cock, slicked with the mystery bride-to-be's secretions. The stench wafted up into his nostrils and his eyes absently followed the trail of drips Tanya's well-fucked pussy had left on his carpet. They led from the doorway to his bed, and between those two points was a pair of frilly lace panties.

White panties. Attempting to reconcile what had just happened with reality, he realized could scarcely remember the woman's face. Only her pendulous pink-clad melons bouncing up and down in time with her bubble butt pressing against his ball sack stood out in his memory.

Would he ever see her again? What was he supposed to do, check the panties with every woman in the hotel until he found the bubble butt that fit?

Tanya's lips chewed and smacked her gum wad as she walked on her tiptoes down the hall. Until she found some heels, it felt unnatural merely to be walking flat on her feet. The sounds of her bubble blowing echoed up into the high ceiling. Passing a mirror, she realized her dress was hiked up to her hips and left her pussy exposed. She pulled it back down.

Just then, the elevator doors further down the hallway slid open. A boy no younger than 18 stepped out, ogled Tanya incredulously, and turned beet red. He started to walk quickly down a connecting hallway, then sped up to a full run. By force of habit, Tanya ran to the elevator doors that were now about to close. She didn't even know where she was going, but was happy she ran close enough in time for someone inside to hold those doors open.

There were two young people inside the elevator with Tanya, a young couple. The young man, Mike, had held the door open for her and was being rewarded for his trouble with the sight of a breathless wet dream. Wide eyed, breathing heavily and frantically chewing a baseball sized pink mush of chewing gum, the stacked babe's tits nearly squashed him between her and the wall behind him. Standing beside those tits was the young man's girlfriend, Nancy, a shortish and thin whisp of a thing who didn't appreciate being pushed away by the incredible body now taking up most of the narrow elevator space.

Nancy had never seen such a skank outside of the red light district. The only explanation was that she'd been last night's entertainment for the bachelor party of that big wedding reception outside...and had just woken up. Shouldn't she be gone yet? If the bride saw this walking porno fantasy her groom had been ogling, she'd probably rip his balls off on the spot. Just like she felt towards her boyfriend, who was letting his eyeballs do a full cavity search of the curvaceous white-clad babe. Mike fidgeted with his pants as Tanya pushed her conical tits up into his face.

"Hi! My name's Tanya! What's yours??"

Mike looked to Nancy as if for approval. She shot him a glare that would stop a clock. He looked back at Tanya, whose smile was so wide it resembled a toothpaste commercial. Combined with pigtails that drooped down over her breasts, the vacancy in her dumb grin gave the impression of a loopy five year old who'd aged 20 years instantaneously. Nancy would probably have some words for Mike later, but he couldn't just ignore someone directly addressing him in an elevator.

"Name's Mike" he mumbled, attempting to stare down at his shoes but unable to see past Tanya's torpedos.

"What's YOUR name, little girl?" Nancy hissed with sour sarcasm from the corner of her mouth.

Tanya tittered to herself, oblivious to the derision in Nancy's voice.

"I'm not a little girl! My name's Tanya MacPhee, but today I'm getting married and then I'll have a whole new name!"

Tanya swiveled her upper body side to side as she talked, knocking her breasts into both Mike and Nancy. Tanya noticed, but since her nipples were becoming erect again she didn't care too much.

"My new name will be...uh...let's see..."

Tanya trailed off, biting her lower lip and rolling her eyes. Thinking was hard.

"You don't know your husband's name?" asked Mike.

"You're getting MARRIED?" snorted Nancy.

"Uh huh! My new name will be MRS Tanya!"

Tanya bounced on her toes as if she'd just cured cancer. The whole elevator shook with her. Mike watched her jiggle. Nancy cleared her throat and began to speak, coolly and slowly so that the idiot would understand.

"Well, MRS Tanya. What floor do you get off on?"

"Get off?" chortled Tanya.

Now it was Nancy's turn to roll her eyes.

"Which FLOOR?!"

Tanya stared blankly at the ugly girl, smacking the gum between her lips.

"Whichever floor you want is fine, I guess!" she laughed.

Nancy pushed the button for ground level and swallowed hard. Tanya was already blathering on and staring unselfconsciously at the tent in Mike's drawers.

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