tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Bride's Education

The Bride's Education


"Mark, I'm home," my girlfriend Stacey called out as she walked in our front door.

I hurriedly shut my laptop screen and tried to tuck my huge erection back in to my pants. Stacey wasn't supposed to be home for at least another hour. She had left to go in to the city to shop for our friend's upcoming wedding. My efforts to hide my mid-morning masturbation were in vain though, as Stacey rounded the corner to my office. The bulge in my pants was evident, and the speakers on my laptop did not cut out when the screen was shut. The sounds of moaning were unmistakable.

"Somebody is being naughty," Stacey said playfully. This surprised me. We had a healthy sexual relationship, and even sometimes ventured in to some more kinky things, but Stacey preferred if I kept the pornography use to a minimum. However, I could see in her eyes that I wasn't the only one horny on this summer afternoon.

Stacey walked closer to me. She was a beautiful brunette, with full natural breasts that strained the white cotton of the T-shirt she was wearing. Her curves were my favorite part about her. The way those Ancient Greeks used to sculpt their women, with large breasts and full hips, that was what Stacey looked like to me.

"I could lend you a hand with that situation down there, but I've got something even better in store for you".

I was perplexed. "What?" I asked.

"Get in the car and you'll find out," she replied.

Stacey began, "As you know, Eric and Lilly are getting married next week. I was supposed to pick out their present today, but Lilly called me when I was at the store. We started talking and well...she had a bit of an interesting request."

My erection had started to go away, but I sensed I was going to like the way this story was going, and it started to spring back to life. "Go on," I encouraged.

"Eric was her first and only boyfriend. She's never been with another man sexually, and she's still a virgin. They're so high school, still keeping with just hand stuff. Now, Eric is too shy and polite to complain, but Lilly is starting to worry that she won't be, you know, good, on their honeymoon night."

"And this involves me how?"

"Well...she knows we're both experienced, and she's my closest friend...so she maybe, kind of...asked for a bit of a demonstration."

My dick was at full attention now. Having other people watch me was always a fantasy of mine.

Stacey continued. "She just wants to make sure she's not going to look like an idiot, so I offered this as our wedding present to them. A series of sex lessons between me, you, and Lilly."

I was so caught up in the story I hadn't been paying attention to where we were driving, but figured it out just as we were pulling in to Lilly's driveway.

Lilly opened the front door at the first knock. I had always been attracted to her. Unlike Stacey, Lilly was a slender redhead with short-cropped hair. She stood only an inch or two above five feet. Though she was small, she still had large, beautiful breasts that swayed when she walked.

"Come on in," she said.

The rules for these lessons were laid out for me. Apparently the two girls had been doing plenty of planning before I even knew what was up.

They both took turns going over the guidelines. It was to be a series of different sexual education lessons that would hopefully enlighten Lilly and give her some more insight. Lilly was just supposed to watch while Stacey and I did all the "work". We would start small, and move up to bigger things.

"Now, I know you and Eric at least do handjobs," Stacey said "But, I promised the boyfriend here that I would jerk him off after I caught him red handed looking at porn on the Internet".

"Huh, you know, I've never actually watched any porn," Lilly explained. "I think I may be a little interested."

"Maybe we'll save that lesson for another day," Stacey said with a wink. "But now, let's see what we're working with."

Lilly sat to my left while Stacey situated herself to my right. All three of us fit comfortably on Lilly's couch. I was informed that this was as close as I was allowed to get to Lilly. None of us were trying to break up a marriage.

Stacey leaned in close to me and started rubbing her hand along the outline of my erection through my jeans. She undid my belt and zipper, and slid my pants around my ankles. My erection was clearly visible through my tight boxer briefs, and I could feel Lilly eyeing it hungrily. Stacey continued to massage my cock for a minute or two before finally reaching inside my briefs and wrapping her fingers around it. I moaned with pleasure as she pulled my erection out and started to run her hand up and down. I reached for her breasts and started massaging them through her T-shirt. Stacey stopped momentarily to pull the shirt over her head. She was now only in shorts and a black lacey bra. Her large D-cup breasts threatened to spill out of her bra as they swayed back and forth with the motion of her jerking me off.

I could see Lilly's hand start to slide down her front and rest right on her inner thigh. I knew she must be getting turned on but it was probably too much to ask to get a handjob and watch your girlfriend's hot friend masturbate herself as the same time.

Stacey moved her hand faster and faster on my cock. I wanted to see her beautiful naked body, so I quickly uhooked her bra strap and let her boobs spill free. I cupped them in my hand and ran my tongue all over her nipples. Stacey moaned with pleasure.

"Sex is so great Lilly, but sometimes its fun to mess around like this. See how much it turns Mark on to see my hand move up and down his hard cock, and see how much he likes watching and playing with my breasts? He's always been a tit man. He loves to come all over my boobs."

"You let him do that?" Lilly seemed surprised.

"Of course I do. It's a huge turn on for him, and watching him come really gets me going as well. Watch".

Stacey leaned over me. Her breasts hung down and brushed the head of my cock.

"Come for me baby, come all over my tits. Show Lilly how you like to be jerked off on to my big boobs."

Stacey moved her hand furiously up and down on my cock. I could feel my orgasm starting to rise and knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

I hear Lilly moan next to me. Her voice was hot with sex and desire. "Do it Mark. Shoot your come all over Stacey..."

I couldn't hold it any longer, and my cock started to shoot load after load of white-hot come on Stacey's big tits. Knowing that Lilly was just next to me gave me even more excitement and it felt like I came for hours. As Stacey released my erection and leaned back I could see I had covered her tits in my come. A drop of it hung off her nipple, and without warning Lilly leaned across me, reached out with her hand, and wiped my come right of off Stacey's nipple.

We all looked shocked at her boldness.

"Well, this is going to get really interesting", I said with a grin.

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