tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Bridesmaid Pt. 02

The Bridesmaid Pt. 02


I stepped into my hotel room and found that one of the girls had already left my dress and shoes there ready for me. There was also an additional box which I opened excitedly. Inside there was a gorgeous shawl and a necklace with a note from Susie, one of the bridesmaids, to say that they all thought this would be a great addition to the outfit. She said that we should all meet in the garden café for afternoon tea.

I unpacked my clothes and only then realised that I had not brought any of my male clothes with me. None at all. I had left them in my office in my excitement, or was it fear? The only item I had was my soap bag. This meant that I was committed to be Georgia no matter what; and I sat on the edge of the bed contemplating the possible consequences. I had packed a case of male clothes, including smart suit and so on, just in case I chickened out at some point. It seemed there was no going back.

I freshened up and headed out to meet the other girls. Other girls! This was strange, but fabulous.

Throughout the rest of the day we busied ourselves with the usual pre-wedding arrangements ensuring that the venue was perfect and that everything was in place for a perfect day. We were so busy, and having so much fun that I completely forgot myself. Usually when Georgia I am in stealth/on alert mode as is the norm for almost every TGirl like me but all of a sudden I was just another girl, having a laugh with the others. Certainly it seems that girls know how to have fun, and I was a part of it all, never feeling odd or left out at any time. I'm certain this was due to the friends I was with and their clear intention to treat me as any other girl.

For dinner at the hotel that evening I wore a lovely summer dress and floral decorated heels from Irregular Choice, a favourite shoe brand of mine. I had tidied up my low key makeup and added a large necklace from Monsoon and a collection of bangles and glitzy rings. We all met in the bar and there were numerous other guests there including a lot of Lyn's friends and gay couples. I was greeted with beaming smiles and hugs from Lyn and the other bridesmaids and complimented on my dress.

We remained in the bar for over an hour and this provided everyone the opportunity to chat and get to know each other. Lyn had some fabulous friends and together they formed a wide spectrum of LGBT and straight people.

By the time we decided to move to the restaurant there were over 30 of us, including some who had joined from other hotels nearby. Tables had been pre-booked and we sat down to a wonderful evening of eating and chatting. By the time the evening was over most were tired and glad to get back to their rooms.

As I removed my jewellery and makeup sitting in front of the mirror in my room I contemplated life and wondered how the big day would go. By now I was far more relaxed than earlier in the day. Everyone seemed to be lovely and I never felt any awkwardness from anyone, although one had squeezed my hand saying how beautiful I looked and how brave I was. I wondered what or who gave me way but decided not to dwell on it. Probably my voice I concluded. I guessed that the secret was out but many there were from the LGBT community like me and a tranny was not an unusual sight.

As I stared at myself in the mirror it came across me that I was looking at Georgia, not my male self; even though I had removed my female disguise. This was the first time this had ever happened to me. Usually I would see my image and feel disappointment, or depression that Georgia was only a part time girl. This shocked me for a second, but quickly turned to delight. After a few moments contemplation I undressed, hung my dress up in the wardrobe, slipped on my vintage satin nightie, cleaned my teeth, moisturised and turned in. Tomorrow was to be the biggest event in Georgia's life.

I awoke to the sun shining into my room and lay in bed for a while going over the upcoming day again and again in my head, planning every detail in my usual way always aimed at reducing risk and likelihood of putting myself in an awkward and avoidable situation. But it soon became clear that the whole day would be spent amongst friends in a wonderfully beautiful and private setting and my mood lightened.

I showered and shaved all over to ensure that I would look my best and stared into the wardrobe deciding what to wear down to breakfast. My head was in a whirl and it took some time to pull myself together enough to decide just to wear some skinny jeans, tee and my lovely fluffy baggy lightweight pink jumper. I put on some tight lace knickers and matching underwired bra filled with my usual boobs, added a splash of Paris perfume and donned my chosen clothes. I spent about half an hour applying my makeup and wig and went downstairs to breakfast where a number of guests had already started. There was a mood of excitement for the day ahead and a lot of discussion about what the bride's dress might look like. This was then followed by equal amounts of speculation concerning the bridesmaid's dresses. We were sworn to secrecy of course.

Over breakfast the girls (and me!) went over what had to be done and what the plans were for getting dressed. Luisa, chief bridesmaid, had arranged for my makeup and hair to be done first in my own room. They were so very thoughtful about making sure my privacy was protected and had clearly worked out what was best for me. I was touched and told them so. We all hugged. A photographer was to be around all day and a photo-shoot was to take place with bride and bridesmaids before and after getting ready so I made a mental note to re-do my makeup on return to my room in readiness for the first photo-shoot.

The morning whizzed by in what seemed like minutes and I received a call to return to my room as it was time to get me ready. Luisa had allowed two hours for my makeup and hair! I arrived to find a guy and a girl waiting for me outside my room door with bags of stuff in hand. I let them in and they re-organised my room laying out all their wares and told me to sit in the chair they had set up by the window. They introduced themselves as Jayne and Si although I recognised Jayne from her website whilst browsing with Lyn some time ago.

There was much discussion about what I'd like, and what look the other girls had decided to go for and the session began with the complete removal of my second makeup of the day. Jayne and Si talked to each other non-stop as they decided what foundations and other products would be best for me whilst I sat wondering if they had brought enough Polyfilla with them. Every now and again they asked me what I thought and if what they were suggesting was OK. To me, this makeup talk was like a foreign language and after much questioning I suggested that they progress with what they thought was best, so that is what they did. As they progressed they explained in detail every step and I was staggered by the number of different products they were using. Occasionally there would be a pause and discussion as they discussed whether something was quite right and then continued. Lyn had supplied all of us with champagne and we stopped occasionally for a top up.

Si carefully removed my brand new wig from its box and brushed it before placing it on a stand he had brought especially for the purpose. He explained that it had already been washed and semi-styled in readiness. After pinning back my own hair and shaving a few strands from my neck and elsewhere he carefully applied the new wig using adhesive in places. This was a whole new experience for me but he explained how the process worked and how to remove and re-fit the wig in future.

Once fitted Jayne went back to work on makeup around my forehead and soon exclaimed that she was done. As she and Si looked me over in minute detail Si asked if it was time for the big reveal as I had seen nothing up to this point. To say that I was nervous was an understatement of some magnitude but I agreed and stood up to move to the mirror.

What I saw was like a photograph of someone else. I literally could not see any trace of my male self at all, and suddenly Georgia had emerged as a glamorous, stylish, well-groomed woman of some quality. I never knew that such professional makeup could make so much difference. I had makeovers in the past but nothing to this standard. Lyn had made a perfect choice.

As I started to cry Jayne immediately handed me a tissue from the box she already had in her hands and instructed me how to prevent the tears from spoiling the makeup, even though they had used water resistant products. Both she and Si remarked on how good I looked. They had even applied makeup to my neck area.

Si asked to look at the dress so that he could ensure that he had adequately covered visible areas and asked if I'd like him to enhance my cleavage. I explained that I would need to put on my new lingerie first and he suggested he and Jayne would take a short break and return later to finish me off.

I undressed and put on my wedding lingerie and for a moment wished that I was to be the bride. Sigh. I used three self-adhesive boob enhancers under my brand new bra ensuring that everything was nicely in place. I had practiced this beforehand to ensure that there would be no problems on the day. I put on a dressing gown whilst I awaited the return of Si and Jayne and stared into the mirror examining the detail that had gone into making me beautiful. The wig was stunning and it looked just as if the hairs were growing out from my head. They had left my hair down as per the other girls' request but it still looked amazing.

When Si and Jayne returned Jayne worked on my cleavage adding bronzers and lightening shades with some considerable expertise and when she had finished the effect was overwhelming and I very nearly cried again. After tidying up and hugs they departed to leave me to finish preparations.

I had been told not to put on my dress in my own room but to join the other girls with Lyn in her suite where we would all prepare together. So I packed up a few things I would need into a bag and headed to Lyn's room. It was mayhem in there and all the girls were in hilarious mood, partly I suspect being enhanced by the champagne. As I walked in there was a moment of silence followed by yelps of approval and overwhelming hugs from everyone. It seemed that they too thought that the team had done me proud. Three of the girls had already had hair and makeup done and just Susie remained but was almost done. Lyn was part way through her transformation too.

Once Susie was finished we retired to the large bedroom and all donned our dresses, helping each other as required. There I was, a guy amongst three gorgeous girls all getting dressed in unbelievably sexy lingerie and it never crossed my mind. To Georgia this was what being a girl at a wedding was all about, and thoughts of a male life were far from her head.

We put on our heels and revealed ourselves to Lyn who swung around in her chair for us to enter the room. I wished that I had a camera to catch the look on her face as she saw the four of us lined up in front of her. She laughed and smiled and hugged us all saying that this was going to be the best wedding anyone could ever have. We all agreed.

Once Lyn was done she retired to her bedroom to put her dress on and two girls from the shop were there to help her into it. When she returned to the room we all cried as she looked the most beautiful bride that anyone had ever seen. Nicky, her partner to be, was going through the same process in a nearby hotel and we all talked about how she might look too.

Once everyone was ready and Lyn's Dad arrived we all had a group hug. Lyn told me that she didn't think that I would go through with it and said that was the happiest woman alive knowing that I had done it just for her. She knew too of course that it was also a big day for me.

We bridesmaids left for the church and received rapturous applause as we stepped from the car on arrival at the venue. We were quickly ushered to photographs by everyone including the official photographer and I was happy that I looked almost as beautiful as the others.

The wedding went incredibly well and the mood in the venue was overwhelmingly happy with laughter and applause at various parts throughout the ceremony. Lyn's bride looked absolutely stunning and wore an equally beautiful white dress. I knew that this was a unique and beautiful wedding and that I was unlikely to attend another. The weather was perfect and the photographer worked hard to catch all the best moments of the event. He kept remarking how beautiful the brides and bridesmaids were and said that it was the best wedding he had ever done.

The formal reception was wonderful and I was delighted to receive a gift from the brides for being one of their bridesmaids for the day. Lyn winked at me as she handed the present over and kissed me. I think it is fair to say that I received the biggest round of applause and I blushed terribly.

After the formal event afternoon tea and relaxation was had in the beautiful grounds and with guests in best attire, white painted and very ornate tables and chairs on the lawn and so on. It was a very English affair, with an LGBT twist. The guests chatted, wandered around the grounds, drank tea and generally socialised and laughed a lot.

I found an unoccupied table and ordered some tea from the ever present waiter and as I was taking a breath and enjoying the sunshine on my face I was interrupted by a voice from behind.

"Time to put your feet up at last?" I turned to see Charlotte approaching with a wide grin on her face. We had met at dinner the previous night and chatted briefly. She was in marketing and was a friend of Nicky. She was very English in appearance. She was very stylish and expensively dressed in what must have been a designer summer dress with what I recognised as Louboutin open toe suede pumps.

I smiled and just said, "Indeed."

"Can I spoil your peace?" she asked.

"My absolute pleasure," I replied, and was about to stand up and offer her a chair when I recalled that I was female too. I blushed and I'm sure she noticed.

We talked non-stop and Charlotte told me that it was the most perfect wedding she had been to. "Full of lots of surprises," she said, and I agreed.

I asked her how she knew Nicky and she said she used to work in the same company and was a very long standing and dear friend. We talked about how I originally met Lyn and generally did some people watching, exchanging information that either of us knew about said person, in a very light hearted way. It reminded me of a conversation that may have taken place in the film Notting Hill.

Charlotte was delightful and on leaving she promised to continue our discussion at the evening dance. As I watched her walk away she turned to glance over her shoulder and smiled at me and it was only then that I realised that at no time had she mentioned or referred to in any way the fact that I was a TGirl and I was so delighted

I whooped out loud, startling Lyn's Mum as she walked by. "Good day Honey?" she asked, grinning, and carried on by. I smiled a big big smile.

We all retired to our rooms and I kicked off my heels as I dropped onto the bed. There was no way I was going to take this dress off until I really had too. If ever! I sat up and watched some TV for an hour or so before deciding that it was time to get ready for the evening event. The bridesmaids had agreed to arrive early to ensure that everything was perfectly organised for the day and to repay a number of the various people who had all contributed to making the day so perfect.

Just as I sat up and switched off the TV there was a knock at the door. It was Jayne. "Hi, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"You're going to the party tonight aren't you?" she replied. "Then I need to re-do your makeup. Can I come in, if you're ready? I just need to make some changes for the party. A bit more eye liner, darker eye shadow and some glitter, but not much. Is that OK?"

"Of course," I said.

About half an hour later and she was gone, and I looked ready for a night on the dance floor! This is a skill I need to learn, I thought, and freshened up in the bathroom before retiring to the wardrobe.

I had bought several party dresses and now had to decide which one to wear and so the process of trying them all on, more than once, commenced. The other girls had said that they would either wear gowns or party dresses and I forgot to ask which they had settled on. At last I settled on a long red velvet dress with lace top and short lace sleeves. Remembering previous experiences, I made sure I tucked very well and rather than wear padded knickers just wore lovely lace ones as I thought the dress didn't really need my curves to show it off. Besides, the thought of being in large and fairly ugly pants filled with padding really didn't appeal. I wore the matching underwired black lace bra and my usual boobs as I didn't need to create cleavage. The corset was added to provide just enough shape on this occasion. Not too tight. Anyway, it was a chance to wear some gorgeous RHT stockings that I had bought, without there being a risk of displaying stocking tops. I added matching necklace and earrings. These were for pierced ears but I modified them to fit using clamps. I slipped on my 4" heels which I knew were comfortable for long sessions, packed some essentials into my clutch bag, threw a shawl around my shoulders and departed just on time to meet the girls.

I waited for the lift and as it arrived I was joined by a rather handsome guy no doubt also dressed smartly for a night out.

"You're looking gorgeous," he remarked as we entered the lift. "Smelling wonderful too," he added.

I blushed impossibly as he had caught me completely by surprise. "Thanks," I stumbled, almost quietly. "Not looking too bad yourself." I smiled. Christ, I thought to myself. Stop flirting!

"Have a great evening, and night," he said as we both left the lift.

"You too," I said, hoping my heart wouldn't burst open with pressure, splashing all my insides rather messily around the lobby.

I walked to the event room to find the other girls and was very thankful when I saw that they had all chosen the gown option. If they hadn't I had almost decided I would go back to my room and change.

"Are you alright Georgia," Lyn asked, "you're looking a bit flushed." I laughed and relayed the lift story to hilarious laughter and enthusiastic applause.

We went through the actions list and ensured that cheques were written and put in envelopes ready to be picked up from reception and made some changes to the seating around the edge of the dance floor. Luisa spoke to the DJ to make sure that all music choices were clear and then to the band to make sure they were happy with timing and so on.

It was almost eight and guests started to arrive early so we just grabbed some seats and chatted with those that we hadn't met previously. Many had not attended the daytime events and few knew who I was. Typically of Lyn and Nicky's friends all greeted me warmly enquiring how I knew the brides and so on. By this time, I had noticed that the other girls were happy that I could hold my own and had stopped standing guard by me in order to prevent any awkward situation arising. I smiled to myself at that thought.

The party was a complete success having been kicked-off with the brides' first dance. I don't think anyone had a dry eye.

For most of the early part of the evening I had not danced and just spent time catching up with old friends, new friends and anyone else who fancied a chat really. But as is often the case the music suddenly invited everyone onto the floor (It must have been Dancing Queen) and off I headed, being dragged at some speed by Lyn.

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