tagGroup SexThe Bridesmaids Ch. 01

The Bridesmaids Ch. 01


After a long break, here finally is a sequel to my earlier story, "The Best Man." The story stands on its own, but I think you'll like getting to know the characters. In fact, you'll find that many of the characters in this tale have backstories in some of my previous writings. You can meet Lily in a number of stories, including "We're All Friends Here, Right?," Rachel in "Good Friends Give Good Head," and Claribel in the story of the same name. Enjoy!

~~ [ 1 ] ~~

"So, how do they look?"

Kelly's five bridesmaids lined up in front of her fiancé, Kevin, waiting for his opinion. The dresses had just come back from alterations, and with just a few weeks until the wedding, Kelly had invited her friends over to make sure that everything fit.

Kevin didn't mind the distraction from the book he was reading. Kelly's friends were easy on the eyes, and this was a fact she knew was not beneath his notice. As a couple, they liked to tease each other about their attractions. Still, Kevin was always polite, so he tried to keep his focus on point.

"Wow, the dresses look great," Kevin answered. "Seriously, you all look really gorgeous!"

Kelly had to smirk at the way the complement caused a couple of her friends to lift perkily off their heels.

"Don't they?" Kelly exclaimed leadingly. "Good enough to eat! Though, do you think the dresses are cut a little on the sexy side for a wedding?"

Kevin examined them again, obliged to notice that the strapless necklines did seem to dip a little low, even showing a touch of cleavage on the more buxom girls. The gowns were flatteringly close-fitting and tapered just a little high on the knee. But it was difficult to tell whether it was the dresses that were sexy or just the figures underneath. That fact alone, plus the warm blush that came over the bridesmaids as Kevin sized them up, should have been answer enough to Kelly's question.

"I can see what you're saying," Kevin confessed, "but I don't think they're scandalous by any stretch..."

"Plus," the maid of honor, Rachel, chimed in, "your wedding dress is just as sexy..."

"Shush! No talking about the dress in front of the groom," Kelly lightly admonished. "I think I agree with Kevin anyway. Besides, it would take a lot of work to make the five of you not look sexy. I'm not a jealous bride."

Nor had she reason to be. Kevin was already imagining just how amazing his bride would look in her own dress. She could dangle the charms of other women in front of him all she wanted. As fun as it was to indulge a fantasy now and then, their desire for each other was the one that abides.

Nothing spoke this truth so well as the wink Kelly tossed her fiancé when she caught his eyes lingering behind the bridesmaids as they strolled out of the room.

~~ [ 2 ] ~~

A half hour later Kevin was still enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon on the couch. Kelly and her friends had gone back to the bedroom to take care of more bridal business. In fact, it wouldn't be long before Kevin would have to get ready to tend to business with his groomsmen that night: the bachelor party. In the meantime, he was just trying not to get in the way of all the hustle-bustle down the hall. Once again, however, he heard it approaching on the click-clack of a single pair of heels.

"Do you mind if I use the phone in the kitchen?"

It was Rachel, the maid of honor.

"Sure, no prob," he answered, shifting his book to the other hand.

She scuttled past the long counter that divided the kitchen from the living room and picked up the phone at the far end. Out of the corner of his eye, Kevin marveled at what an endless bundle of energy Rachel was. She flipped speedily through a little notebook until she found the number she wanted, then dialed in a rapid arpeggio. Kevin chuckled to himself, glad that Kelly had such a force of nature to help her with all of the minutia of being a bride.

"Florist," Rachel explained as the phone rang in her ear.

Kevin nodded.

"We're going to see if we can stop by today to...," she started to explain, but was interrupted as the other end picked up. "Yes, hi. We were wondering if we could stop by this afternoon to see the flowers you were going to use for our bouquets..."

As she talked, Rachel switched the phone from ear to ear in order to remove her dangly earrings. Her long twists of golden hair tossed about. Setting the earrings on the counter, she reached down to unfasten the straps on her high-heeled shoes.

"Yes, I can hold," she replied to the phone. Still fussing with an ankle bent behind her back, she continued to explain to Kevin. "I'm in such a rush. We're going to try to get over the florist, but I haven't even had time to change like the rest of them."

Switching the phone to her other ear, she flung the second shoe to the floor and reached under her arm to find the zipper on the side of her dress. Politely, Kevin averted his eyes, even though he knew she only intended to loosen the fastener. He could hear her huffing with annoyance at the stubborn zipper until there was a high-pitched *ZIPPP*...

"Whoops!" Rachel gasped, and Kevin peeked over to realize that she had accidentally unzipped the whole side of her dress! "I didn't mean to do that..."

She smiled awkwardly at Kevin, blushing as she tried to pull the zipper back shut. It was the first time he had ever seen Rachel lose her composure, and he had an urge to laugh. Still, he tried act like a gentleman, looking away while she struggled to keep an ear on the phone and deal with the dress at the same time.

"Damn it!" she blurted, stomping her foot. "It's stuck!"

Kevin was losing the fight against his laughter, but it was pointless anyhow since Rachel was already chuckling at herself. The side of her dress was open down to the hip. She retained a little modesty only by keeping an arm wrapped around her bosom to secure the dress. Comically helpless, she decided she needed an extra hand.

"I'm sorry, but would you please try to fix the zipper for me?"

"Sure, I'll try," Kevin offered, popping up from the couch. He was doing his best to keep from laughing at her expense.

Rachel eyed him guardedly as he came closer. He couldn't help but feel a little pity for her embarrassment, but a tantalizing glimpse into the side of her dress was unavoidable as he searched for the zipper. The round underside of her breast was just barely showing, and the skin around her delicate ribs was peppered with goose-bumps, caused as much by her embarrassment as by the cool draft slipping through the breach. His eyes were a little distracted, but with a some effort his fingers were finally able to get a shaky grip on the zipper when...

"What is going on in here??"

The voice was Kelly's.

~~ [ 3 ] ~~

Kelly stood at the entrance from the hallway with her hands held crossly at her hips. The first thing she had seen upon entering the room was her fiancé holding the open zipper of her best friend's dress. Kevin and Rachel went into a panicked flurry of explanations.

"I messed up the zipper on my dress..."

"I was just trying to help..."

Listening to them trip all over themselves to explain, Kelly started to chuckle. She was persuaded, but it amused her to see how much of a scare she had given them. Poor Rachel was still barely holding herself together. Kelly marched over to her friend and had a look at the zipper for herself. Feeling scolded, Kevin took a step away.

"Gosh, it really is stuck," Kelly conceded as she tried to budge the zipper. "Are you still on the phone with the florist?"

Rachel had been listening to the mindless hold music all the while, but it had become the least of her concerns. She adjusted the phone to her ear.

"Yeah, I'm on hold. I can be ready to go soon if we can fix this silly dress."

"At least this isn't happening on day of the wedding!" Kelly replied.

She glanced back at Kevin. He had been doing his best to keep his eyes away from Rachel's dress, still not quite sure that his fiancée had forgiven what she had seen. But, just as earlier, Kelly was a little tickled. She could see what a struggle it was for him not to peek! Studying him for a moment, she tucked her dark brown locks behind an ear and, much to his surprise, shot him a coy smile.

"I don't know Rach," she said, going back to work on the zipper. "You're pretty stuck here." There was a long, pensive pause. "You're just going to have to cover up while I get a better look at this thing..."

And before anyone knew what was happening, Kelly had tugged her friend's gown down to her ankles!

"Oh my... eeek!" Rachel shrieked. Her arms remained protectively wrapped around her chest, but now they were now her only cover. Clutching herself, she glared at Kelly with a look of horror. "What are you doing??!"

"Fixing your dress," Kelly replied, calmly trying to take the dress from around her friend's feet. With a slightly unsettling smirk, she added, "Oh come on, it's not like he hasn't seen you in a bikini before..."

Rachel's eyes darted to Kevin. He looked even more shocked than she was, having dropped back onto the arm of the overstuffed chair behind him.

"Er, I hardly think this is the same thing!" Rachel retorted huffily.

Of course, Kevin's gaping expression confirmed her point. He knew he probably ought to look away, just as Rachel knew she probably ought to run out of the room. But neither did. Even as Rachel continued to glare at Kevin, she found herself intrigued by his curiosity. He knew that he was being unforgivably brazen, but he simply could not pry his eyes away. Though tall and slender, Rachel's body was enticingly voluptuous and boasted a bosom that her arms could hardly contain. Turning away wouldn't do much her for her modesty either, seeing as she had the benefit of but the fig-leaf of a thong.

Meanwhile, in the face of all the awkwardness she had created, Kelly just feigned indifference. She busied herself with the zipper. The two of them might have even suspected that they were the pawns in a twisted joke if they hadn't been hit with another interruption...

"Did I hear someone shouting?"

This time the voice was that of Lily, one of the bridesmaids.

~~ [ 4 ] ~~

"Whoa!" Lily gasped, before anyone had a chance to reply. "Wh... what the...?"

Again, Rachel and Kevin panicked. Their guilty reaction this time was revealing of where their minds had wandered, but Kelly ignored it and explained calmly.

"I had to take off the dress to fix the zipper." She paused and gave an apologetic smile, for the first time showing some empathy for poor Rachel. "I guess it didn't really think it through. Could you give Rachel your sweatshirt?"

Lily looked down at her white, fitted zip-up and tugged at her sleeves somewhat embarrassedly.

"Um, I... well I would, but I just kinda threw this on," Lily answered, quite aware that Rachel was about to demand a better reason than this. "I only have a bra underneath!"

"Only a bra??" Rachel mocked indignantly. "If only I could be wearing so much!"

Lily laughed despite herself, followed by Kelly, then Kevin, and eventually Rachel herself. What was most comic, Rachel realized, was that she easily could have been out of the predicament by now if she hadn't been so keen on arguing about it. Nonetheless, Lily had been persuaded.

"Is it alright?" Lily asked, looking at Kevin as she reached for her zipper.

"I... uh... um..." Kevin started, fumbling around for the right way to answer the question before realizing it was really directed at Kelly.

"Of course," Kelly cut in. "It's just Kevin... and I assure you, it has become very hard to embarrass him lately."

Lily smiled and peeled down her zipper to reveal a lacy, turquoise bra underneath. Kevin had been prepared to play it cool until he had heard his girlfriend's last comment. "Hard to embarrass lately." He knew exactly what she was alluding to, and the comment was not at all intended to help him keep an innocent mind. Recently the two of them had indulged a little thrill-seeking in their sex life, which had shown them both to be harder to embarrass than they would have expected. The thrills, whether taking the risk of getting caught or sharing fantasies about threesomes, had been a sure way to get the two of them hot. Kevin had suspected that Kelly's openness around her friends today was meant to stoke his fire a little bit, but her comment just now had sparked a more improbable thought: could it be that even her friends were in on it?! Watching Lily shrug off her top, his heart was now pounding with innuendo. "Hard to embarrass...?" Lily herself finally gave away the answer with a question that dripped like syrup from her lips.

"Oh?" she intoned, with a highly suggestive coo. "Just how hard has it become?"

At that moment, the corners of Kelly's mouth curled up into a diabolical grin. She had been able to keep a straight face so far only by concentrating on the zipper, but when she tossed the dress aside, Kevin faced the baffling, yet tantalizing, realization that he had just been a dupe in an elaborate joke.

"How hard?" Kelly echoed. She was keen not to leave Lily's cue unheeded. "Let's find out."

She swaggered up to her fiancé. Staring him smugly in the face, she squeezed the front of his pants and watched his eyes go buggy!

"Oh boy," she announced, practically chin to chin with Kevin, "even harder than I expected!"

Her accomplices tittered. The charade had all been worth it just to see Kevin get his goat. Meanwhile, Kevin's mind was racing. What had gotten into his girlfriend? What sort of high jinks could have inspired these girls to show him a little skin just for a laugh?? Whatever the game, the grip of Kelly's hand was making him certain that he wanted to play along.

"I doubt you can be that surprised," Kevin smiled, letting his eyes drift from his fiancée's smirk to the gleaming bodies of her two friends.

It was a little disarming to see how readily Lily invited the attention, letting her chest heave proudly in its turquoise cups. The color was lovely against the light, tawny tones of her skin. She was native Hawaiian with a tight surfer's build and luscious, midnight-black waves in her hair. Tossing her hair behind her shoulders, Lily grinned.

"I guess we're rather hard to embarrass, too," she quipped, slinging her sweatshirt onto the counter.

A wince of disappointment came over Kevin as he saw Rachel reach for the shirt. She looked so good without it! He was quickly consoled, however, when she turned her back on him in order to free up her arms. His eyes glided down her slender back and sunk a long, juicy bite into the peach of a rear that was blushing in her thong. Smiling to herself, Rachel slipped the sweatshirt around her shoulders and zipped it.

"I was kinda hoping that zipper would be broken, too," Kevin cracked. But when Rachel turned around, it was apparent that she had zipped it scarcely enough to cover more cleavage than before.

"Oh, there was nothing wrong with the first one," Kelly revealed, relishing the chance to turn the tables once more on Kevin. She strolled over to pick up the dress and instantly pulled the zipper shut.

Kevin could do nothing but laugh.

"So you were really just setting me up all along?" he asked in bewilderment.

Lily smirked at him and pulled an open cell-phone from the back pocket of her hip-hugging jeans. She smugly flipped it shut as Rachel clicked the house phone back onto its receiver.

Kevin chuckled, clapping his hands with congratulations.

"Wait a sec," he said, arriving at the most tantalizing question of all. "Setting me up for what?"

~~ [ 5 ] ~~

The scheming had begun the night before, at Kelly's bachelorette party. Her maid of honor, Rachel, had planned it to be a low-key event, just a private room at a bar where they could unwind and play some of the typical party games for sending off a bride.

So they dolled up Kelly in her honorary "princess" crown and kept the champagne flowing. The early evening saw several rounds of "truth or dare," more than a couple drinking games and even a friendly raffle for a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. But as the night wore on, the games became even more risqué.

One game involved—in a perfectly innocent fashion—that staple of bachelorette debauchery, a large, purple dildo. The girls had to hand it around, and at each of their turns, they had to ask the bride a "probing" question. The catch was that, if the bride chose to answer, then the asker had to divulge an answer of her own. So around the dildo went, the questions getting steamier with each pass.

"How many dates was it before you and Kevin had sex?"

"Have you ever been so loud that the neighbors complained?"

"When was the first time you gave a blow job?"

"Spit or swallow?"

"Is Kevin bigger or smaller than this dildo?"

"What's your favorite position?"

"What's his?"

"Have you ever done a strip tease for him?"

"Have you, or would you ever have a threesome?"

To the chagrin of her friends, Kelly had answered every question readily until the last one. The threesome question not only probed, it hit a sweet spot. Her hesitation spoke louder than words.

"You have??" gasped Claribel, who had asked the question.

Kelly glanced around furtively, worried that she was being judged. She had never mentioned this experience to anyone. But none of her bridesmaids appeared to be scandalized--just curious, even excited, to hear the details. They coaxed her eagerly.

"With another woman, or another man?" Lily asked.

"Man," Kelly answered, smirking once she noticed how their eyes lit up.

"Tell, tell!" they all urged.

"Well, it was with Kevin..." she shakily began.

It had been several months back, when Kevin's best man, Charlie, was still his roommate in the apartment that was now their own. It was a late night after a party, and thinking that Charlie had fallen asleep next to them, Kelly and Kevin started getting frisky. She crept down and started giving Kevin head, only to realize at the critical moment that Charlie had caught them in the act! Fortunately, Kevin had been oblivious about his roommate having awoken, and both Kelly and Charlie kept it a secret. But the scene replayed in Kelly's mind for a week, making her hornier each time around. She had meant to put the incident behind her, but when things started getting hot and heavy at the apartment again the next weekend, she decided to see if Kevin would be into letting Charlie watch. It was a bold and scary move for her, but it turned into one of the hottest situations any of them had ever experienced. After that day, the three of them would end up having only one more encounter because Charlie was moving across the country for work. The night before he left, things got hot again, and this time Charlie was invited to join the fun. It went only as far as some heavy messing around, but Kelly confessed that the things she did with Charlie were thrills that she and Kevin fantasized about even to this day.

"Wow, that is so hot," Rachel breathed.

Spellbound, everyone nodded in agreement. Kelly felt strangely unburdened by sharing the secret and comforted that it was so warmly received. Talking about it even made her a little tingly.

"Have you seen Charlie since then?" Kristen asked.

"Not so fast," Kelly admonished, grinning wryly. "I believe I'm entitled to hear an answer in exchange!"

It was Claribel, her friend from high school years, who owed the response. Caught off-guard, she began to blush.

"You, too??" Kelly shrieked, realizing that the two of them apparently hadn't confided all of their secrets over the years. "A threesome?"

Claribel bit her bottom lip, holding up four fingers in reply.

"Four!" Kelly exclaimed, in an almost ecstatic hallelujah. "Oh we SO need to hear about this!"

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