The Bridesmaids Ch. 01


Once the choir of eager giggles hushed, Claribel spilled the details. After that, the truth continued to flow. To Kelly's amazement, nearly all of her bridesmaids had a similar experiment in their pasts! She would never have guessed the things her friends had kept secret!

For Claribel, too, it had begun with an innocent mistake. Back in Oregon, at grad school, she had accidentally walked in on her officemate while he was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. Despite the embarrassment, curiosity managed to get the best of everyone, and she actually stayed to watch! When the three of them were joined by her old flame from college the next weekend, it took only a little wine to coax out their exhibitionism again. By then, they were all keen to do much more than watch.

With Marietta, boredom had been the spur. On a cross-country road trip during her last year of college, she and three friends were stuck in a car with little else than a camcorder and each other for entertainment. With hours of goofy antics on tape, there was scarcely any inhibition left to test--until the girl in the front of the car proposed to give her boyfriend a "reward" for driving so much of the way! Marietta and her voyeur-partner in the back seat recorded the whole thing and, before long, found themselves putting on a show of their own for the camera's lens. And that was just the first day of a long trip.

Lily's goad was gossip, and it had tempted her on more than one occasion. She and her roommate used to chatter endlessly about their sex lives. Swapping so many intimate details gave them very little to hide from one another and a whole lot that they were sorely tempted to share. Temptation eventually got the best of them, had its way even more readily with their boyfriends, and eventually swallowed up a few of their other friends, too! Lily divulged just enough of this history to make the other girls at the party breathless, but it was clear that she had oceans of gossip yet to spill.

Rachel's admissions were less of a surprise. Kelly knew that her maid of honor was something of a wild child. You wouldn't have known it from her career-woman façade, but she really knew how to cut loose. It was the sheer rush of adrenaline that first enticed Rachel into doing a threesome with a couple of friends. Once she knew the thrill, it seemed inevitable that her incorrigible habit of flirting with everyone would get her into a similar spot again. Surely enough it did, and that time with a whole group of friends. To this day, Rachel came clean, she could no longer do an innocent "body shot" of liquor without imagining giving head.

Kristen was the sole exception. She was the youngest of the bridesmaids, still a senior in college, while the rest of them were further into their twenties. In fact, Kelly was beginning to feel a little guilty that all of this talk was "corrupting" her younger friend. It was the first time she had felt a tad bit sisterly towards Kristen. They had met in a beach volleyball league and usually thought of each other as peers. But Kristen cast off any pretensions to innocence, confessing that each story she heard made her wish that she had been more adventurous herself!

"So you and Kevin had no regrets?" Kristen asked her friend.

"No, I mean, we talked about it a lot afterwards. It's obviously going to change the way you think about marriage, you know? But the thing is, it was something we enjoyed doing for ourselves--together. I'm sure not everyone would feel the same way, but we feel like we can be committed to one another and still keep things fun..."

"Wait," Marietta broke in, "it sounds like you've talked about doing it again..."

Kelly smiled.

"We've fantasized about it. But it's more daydreaming than actual plans. Let's just say we're keeping an open mind."

"With a guy again, or with a woman?" Lily asked.

"Why, interested Lily?" Claribel teased.

Everyone giggled. Lily hadn't meant to insinuate anything, but after everything that had been revealed tonight, the chide was hardly enough to make her blush.

Nor was Kelly ashamed to answer.

"Either," she smirked. "Actually... I mean, don't feel uncomfortable about this, but there's a running joke between us that now that we've fooled around with our best man, the bridesmaids are the obvious next choice..."

Everyone squealed with amusement. It had been one thing to imagine their friend getting involved with an unnamed woman, but it was quite another to think that the fantasy would have involved themselves!

"Oh just a joke, huh?" Kristen pressed, now that everyone's curiosity was piqued.

Kelly was turning a little pink.

"Well, yes, a joke," she insisted. "But you wouldn't believe how it turns Kevin on!"

"I bet!" more than one of them howled in unison.

"What if we helped you surprise him?" Rachel laughed, only half serious. "You know, toy with him. Can you imagine the look on his face?!"

"Oh, we should totally do that!" Marietta agreed.

No one was quite sure if it was a genuine suggestion or not, but they were all wriggling at the thought of it. They took turns throwing out scenarios for how they would pull it off, and before they knew it, the plan started to seem all too real.

That's when they decided to give it a try. The agreement was to get Kevin all worked up, and it was up to Kelly just how far she wanted things to go. At the very least, they'd make sure he would never be able to look at the five of them the same way again.

~~ [ 5 ] ~~

"Wow, so everything today was planned?" Kevin stammered, having just heard the short version of the story and now seeing the two, half-dressed bridesmaids in a way he certainly never had before.

"Not everything," Kelly answered proudly. "We faked the broken zipper to see how you'd react. After that, I told the girls that I would just play along."

Kevin was amazed. It was shocking enough that Kelly had told her friends about their fantasies, but what was really impressive was how far they had gone to tease him about it.

"The things you'll do just to see a look on my face!" he chuckled.

Kelly was pleased with herself, but her smile was still filled with mischief.

"Not so fast," she cautioned. "I don't think I've seen the right look on your face yet..."

"What do you mean?" replied Kevin, worried that he wasn't getting the joke.

Then a new voice came from the hallway.

"You didn't think the rest of us chickened out, did you?" asked Claribel.

Kevin's eyes grew wide. Sauntering into the room came the other three bridesmaids, all now dressed in lingerie!

He was speechless.

"I don't know if that's the look you wanted on his face, Kel," Claribel added, "but it's a good one!" She smirked at Kevin, quite conscious that his eyes were already piercing through the sheer fabric of her black nightie.

Not even in his secret fantasies had he imagined these girls looking so sexy. He eyed them each up and down, finding each outfit more alluring than the last.

"Um, so don't we have a bet to settle, Kelly?" Kristen broke in, shaking Kevin's eyes loose from her stockings.

"What do you mean?" asked Kelly, genuinely unsure.

From behind her back, Kristen brought out a reminder from last night's gathering. It was the large, purple dildo.

"I believe we weren't quite convinced when you claimed that Kevin was even bigger than this!"

The bridesmaids all snickered, remembering the bet. Kevin gulped.

Kristen seemed intent to up the ante for this little game they had started. Perhaps she was covering for inexperience, or maybe she felt a burst of confidence in her new lingerie. She had won the gift certificate last night and had spent the morning shopping for the most seductive outfit she could find. The blonde twenty-two year-old was strapped into a delicious candy-red combo, complete with a lace bra, hiphugger panties and knee-high stockings. She looked as irresistible as her suggestion.

"I don't mind proving that I'm not a liar," Kelly grinned. "Do you, Kev?"

This was a dare, not a question, and there was no chance Kevin would be the first to balk. He submitted to his fiancée like an eager pet, letting her push him into the chair and climb astride his lap. The other girls crowded around.

Until now Kelly hadn't been sure how far she was willing to go, but as she felt the heat of all their bodies drawing together, she simply threw herself into the swell of the moment. Kevin's belt was open before she knew it, and she hurriedly popped every button on his fly. The bulge in his boxers brought a triumphant smile to her face. With a nod to the fake dick in Kristen's hand, she pulled out a real one with her own!

"So, am I a liar?" she smirked.

She was just as astonished as everyone else was that she was letting her friends look at her boyfriend's cock. Only once before had Kevin and Kelly given another person a peek at their sex life, but that had been a quiet affair. Flaunting it in front of five of their sexiest friends was just plain naughtiness. Yet every single one of them was conspiring in it -- most of all Kevin, who was positively swelling at his admirer's reactions.

"Wow, you weren't kidding!" Kristen gasped, and other nodding heads agreed.

"Very nice, Kev," Rachel winked.

Everyone was a little nervous. Making playful remarks relieved some of the tension.

"Yeah, they make dildos this size," Marietta added, briefly palming the rubbery toy in Kristen's grip, "for women who aren't quite so lucky! Now we know one more reason Kelly wants to pin you down."

"I agree," Lily remarked. "If you're not bigger than it, you're at least every bit as big."

Kelly, feeling like Kevin's champion now, didn't like Lily's hedging.

"Oh he's bigger! If you don't believe me, go ahead and compare."

Lily smiled. Her friend should have known that she'd call her bluff. Taking the dildo, she turned to Kelly and threw the challenge back to her.

"May I?"

Kelly swallowed hard. Her friends were really ready to play. She should have guessed as much from the stories they had told the night before. What most surprised her was how badly she wanted to let them. Getting up from Kevin's lap, she rolled his chair next to the couch so that she could sit next to him. She would stay by his side, but he was in her friends' hands now.

Someone clicked on the stereo while Lily confronted Kevin. He was giving her the same woozy look of wonder as she and her friends had given his erection. Lily flirted with him, tapping the rubber toy against his knee to the beat of the music. The rest of the girls, staying closely gathered, watched with baited breath as Lily went down to her knees and slipped the toy towards Kevin's lap. He held a deep breath, but Lily left him in suspense. All it took was one last glance toward the couch to assure her that Kelly was as eager for it as everyone else, so Lily made the move, putting her hand around Kevin's hard member and measuring it up against the rubber one!

Kevin's whole body clenched with nervous pleasure. The touch of an unfamiliar hand was both strange and fantastic.

"I dunno, Kel. Looks pretty even to me," Lily insisted tauntingly.

Kelly was on fire.

"Oh, please," she argued. "It's not even completely hard!"

"Could have fooled me!" Lily remarked, giving Kevin a tantalizing squeeze.

Kelly squirmed right along with Kevin. She smiled and reached down to feel his erection for herself.

"Trust me," she said to Lily. Yet Kevin knew that the words were for him. These few words of encouragement, along with soft strokes from both Kelly and Lily, were already starting to unburden him of the stage fright.

"There's got to be something we can do to help, don't you think?" Rachel asked coyly, leaning over the arm of the chair with just the slightest bit of jealousy. As Kelly's best friend, surely she could be allowed to one-up Lily. So she did, crawling up onto the chair and straddling Kevin's lap.

Kelly was getting so excited that she had to bite her lip. The further she let her friends advance on Kevin, the more gratitude poured from his eyes. Feeding the momentum, Kelly took her fiancé's hands and pressed them against her best friend's bare rump!

"Oh wow," he gusted. His hands reacted on their own, squeezing Rachel's warm, supple flesh.

At first, Kelly was shivering with enthusiasm. Her friends were making a whole lot of fun out of Kevin's fantasy! As strange as it felt to see them together, it made her tingle to notice Rachel grinding lightly against his erection. Meanwhile, Lily, continuing to be brazen, made the choice to tease Rachel for stealing center stage. And she used Kevin's cock to do it. Kelly's eyes clung Kevin's hardness as Lily grazed it along the maid of honor's thighs and tapped it scoldingly against her rear. Breaths were becoming heavier. What had begun as lighthearted play now suddenly seemed to be just a stretch of a thong strap away from hot and heavy fucking. Kelly was starting to feel that it was all a bit too much, too fast. In the moment, they all wanted it, even she. But it was a moment that had arrived too quickly.

"Let's slow it down there, tiger," Kelly warned, keeping a playful tone but placing her hand protectively over Rachel's crotch.

Kevin cooled his jets, despite the location of Kelly's touch.

"Just for the bride?" Rachel asked, wanting to respect her friend's limits.

"Not necessarily," Kelly smiled. "There's plenty to share."

She was feeling way too horny to discourage her friends completely. Her friends got the message.

"Plenty," Rachel agreed, mussing Kevin's hair with approval. "Maybe, then... just a little taste?"

She slipped down to the floor, and the force of her last question hit Kevin at about the same time as her mouth.

~~ [ 6 ] ~~

Kevin thought that his heart had stopped beating. Grinning up at him was his fiancée's best friend, rolling her tongue around the head of his cock!

Rachel's velvety strokes bathed him with guilty pleasure. After nearly taking things too far, he was feeling distrustful of his own desires. The surprised gasps of the other girls only made it worse. But it was the way Kelly reacted that brought back his pulse: she moaned.

Kelly had indulged fantasies like this with Kevin, but she had never imagined that it could make her as horny as she was right now, seeing the enticements of Rachel's mouth. She wanted to see more. Resting her head on Kevin's shoulder, she felt his body finally relax.

Rachel smiled. Until last night she had never even entertained the thought of going down on her friend's future husband, and until that very moment she had not been sure that it was really something Kelly wanted out of this game. The prospect now excited her, and with Kelly watching, she opened her lips and let her mouth sink down.

All Kevin felt at first was hot breath. Then her mouth closed on his thick shaft. The embrace was wonderful and wet, and Rachel pulled back slowly so that he could feel each inch slide along her tongue. Kevin gave an exalted groan. He reached for his fiancée's hand and entwined his fingers with hers, wishing he could squeeze his own pleasure into her body. Kelly swelled with emotion, feeling his grip tighten with each slow plunge that Rachel gave him.

The other girls were awestruck by Rachel. The sight of her giving a blow job was so erotic that they couldn't help but share Kelly's infatuation. Lily, who had not moved far at all, felt drawn back to the scene.

Lily watched Rachel admiringly. The gentle sucking was so sensuous. Having lulled Kevin and Kelly in quiet fascination, however, Rachel's mouth was ready to offer something new. She pulled back and started to plant kisses softly down the length of his shaft. Lily couldn't resist the window of opportunity, so she snuggled up to Kevin's knee and clasped her little hand around the tip of his erection.

"Ho-leee!" Kevin howled. The stuff of his fantasies just kept coming to life.

"Just checking to see if it's been getting any bigger," said Lily with a smirk that Kelly returned.

Kevin got a delightful massage from Lily's thumb while Rachel's lips continued to wander. Finding his boxers in the way, Rachel grasped the waistband and stripped off his shorts and pants entirely.

His nakedness was all too tempting for Lily. Before he even settled back into his seat, she had her mouth around his cock!

Kevin practically growled. Lily's mouth was juicy and warm, and her eager surges were bringing him dangerously close to a boil. He breathed heavily into his girlfriend's hair, making a dogged effort to keep his cool.

Just when Kevin thought he could handle Lily's smothering blow job, he found that his trial was just beginning. Rachel, joining back in, started sucking on his balls. Never had he felt anything like this! The sensation of two mouths ganging up on him was making his body melt. With what strength he had, he clung to his fiancée, wanting her to know every ounce of pleasure her friends were giving to him. To even so much as think that there were three more of them clinging to his chair, dolled up in fancy lingerie, would have been enough to put him over the edge. Fortunately for him, the remaining girls had other designs.

~~ [ 7 ] ~~

"I hope you're not thinking of spoiling the fun for the rest of us!" protested Marietta, with feigned indignation.

The interruption was well timed. Lily hadn't realized it, but, as the other girls could clearly see from Kevin's reactions, she was perilously close to getting a taste of his bliss.

Lily acquiesced and pulled her lips away with a hard suck. She and Rachel were ready with smug response: they let Marietta's challenge hang out there, swollen and wet.

"Want some fun for yourself?" Lily chided.

Marietta had known that speaking up would put her on the spot, but she had secretly wanted a little prodding. With her heart racing, she walked around to the front of the chair and faced Kevin.

She was a gorgeous brunette, Colombian by descent but a born New Yorker. Kevin eyed her with a trembling attraction. She was wearing a plum-colored, strapless bustier that propped up her modest bosom like two clenching hands. On the bottom she wore matching Brazilian panties, which made for a fantastic view of her behind.

Kelly knew what a treat it was for Kevin, after so many stolen peeks at her friends, to see them like this. It was, like the moments before, something she wanted him to savor. Reaching down, she calmingly stroked the sides of his erection.

The sight enticed Marietta. She moved closer, taking the invitation when the other girls moved aside to slink down to her knees. A terrified pulse drummed in her ears. Had the game gone far enough for Kelly? Was she resentful that another one of her friends was willing to participate in such a debauched game? The answer came bluntly when Kelly swung her boyfriend's swollen member toward Marietta's chin. Bizarrely relieved, she gladly bowed down and let it slip into her mouth.

"Oh, gah..." Kevin choked, hopelessly unprepared for yet another new embrace.

Kelly, too, was tingling. Having a bit of control was making her mischievous, so she decided to play her own game. Just as Kevin was becoming acquainted with her friend's mouth, Kelly pulled him gently back out again. A string of warm saliva dripped onto Marietta's chin, and she couldn't help but share Kevin's disappointment.

"I'm sooorry," sang Kelly, clearly teasing them both. "Did you want more of that?"

"Yes!" replied both Marietta and Kevin in unison.

Kelly chuckled. Obligingly, she pushed his cock back into her bridesmaid's mouth. The gambit excited Marietta, and she took a couple eager plunges before Kelly pulled it out once more.

"Like you said, we can't have one person spoiling all the fun," Kelly explained with a smirk. "What do you think, Kev? Can you handle it?"

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