The Bridge


She touched up her lip gloss and fluffed her hair up. Then, leaning closer to the bathroom mirror, she checked her teeth for parsley. Nothing worse than spending an evening across from someone with salad in their smile. She stepped back and checked the drape of her sundress. Satisfied that she was presentable, she made her way back to the table.

She used the opportunity that crossing the room presented her and she checked him out. He's hot. Just HOT, she thought. Tall, dark hair, broad shoulders.... And a sexy damn smile that sent butterflies into happy, lust filled sambas in her belly. He had a subtle five o'clock shadow shading his jawline. He wore a simple white tee shirt and blue jeans.... but, gawd, did he wear them! On top of all of that, he was witty and intelligent and funny and attentive and sweet. Hot, she thought again.

He noticed her approach and his lips curved. The damn horny butterflies started a ruckus again. So far the evening had been perfect. They had walked to the little pub in her neighborhood. He had held her hand and flirted with her just enough to make her blush. Throughout dinner and drinks, he found excuses to touch her hand or brush the hair off her cheek. She was halfway to smitten.

She slipped back into her seat across from him and smiled. He laid his hand on hers, rubbed his thumb across the top. "Shall we go?" He asked? She nodded and murmured something close to intelligible. The man's sex appeal was affecting her IQ now. Great.

Again, he linked her fingers with hers as they started walking. He steered them along a path that would take them to the lake. They maintained idle chatter about work, about the neighborhood, about the scenery. Night fell around them as they walked the path. They paused to watch the antics of ridiculous ducks and laughed at a dog chasing frogs. He kept her close, leaning in to talk in hushed tones that amped up the intimacy. Occasionally he brought her hand to his lips to brush a kiss across her knuckles. He led her along a circuitous path, taking her further away from the bright street lights.

Conversation tapered off. It seemed as if the less they said, the more the sexual tension built. Her breath was hitching and her pulse felt erratic. The path curved and sloped, bringing them to a fork. The right bend took them up on top of the bridge. It would give them moonlight and views of the lake and the breeze in their hair. The left would take them along the edge of the water and under the bridge, into the shadows and the quiet. He paused and inclined his head in an invitation for her to choose the direction. She hesitated for just a moment before turning left. She caught his smile.

They walked further into the dark. The sound of the water sliding onto shore was almost tangible now. The songs of all the night creatures almost echoed. She was afraid he'd be able to hear the melee the butterflies were sending up in her belly now. What was it about this man that affected her so? She snuck a little sideways glance at him. Oh yeah, she thought. Hot.

Rough stone walls rose up on both sides of the water now, connecting on the path above them, wrapping them up in a little space of solitude. His steps slowed. When they were directly under the bridge, he stopped. Her steps stuttered just a bit and she turned to him in question. His features were a bit obscured in the dark, but the set of his jaw seemed intense.

"I've got to..." his statement ended on sort of a growl. He tugged her against him in a fast move that made her gasp. His hands slide up into her hair. His gaze dropped to her mouth. She lips parted. She wanted his kiss...

He slid his lips across hers. He kept his touch light, almost as if he was restraining himself. He teased them both with the barest of contact. She wanted more. She whimpered just a little bit and angled closer. He still maintained the maddening feather light touches. Frustrated, she fisted her hands in his t-shirt and tugged. On an incredibly sexy and almost feral sound, his control broke. He took her mouth. It was the single hottest kiss of her entire life. His hands seemed to find every single nerve ending in her entire body. The man found erogenous zones that she had no idea existed.

He pulled back, just a breath. She murmured a protest. He swore under his breath. Mouth on hers once again, he walked her backwards until she was pressed against the cool, rough stone of the bridge wall. His mouth moved off hers to her ear and down her throat. He kissed across her collar bone. Her knees started to give. He tugged the hem of her dress up. High Cool air rushed over over-heated skin and caused her to shiver. She could feel his smile against her skin. His open palms tracked up her bare skin. His mouth was back to hers now. No longer gentle, no longer teasing. One hand moved between her thighs. They both moaned. He pressed his palm against her, encouraged her to move against him.

The combination of his mouth and his touch banished any remnant of common sense or modesty that she possessed. She spread her thighs in a shamelessly wanton move. His finger slipped into her panties. Then into her. Again, he swore. He pulled his finger away; let her watch him taste her on it. She reached for him again, this time tugging at the waist band of his jeans. Eyes on his, feeling brazen, she unbuttoned his pants, dipped her hand inside. His eyes closed when her fingers stroked over him. She indulged for a moment, enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him. Then she tugged at his jeans again, this time pushing them lower on his hips. Just far enough. When he opened his eyes again, she just about shattered. The heat and need reflected in them left her breathless.

He moved fast. Not quite sure how he did it, he scooped her up so her legs were around his waist, his hands under her ass. He pulled her panties to one side. It made her gasp. She couldn't believe this was happening. Out here in the dark, with this man she was just getting to know. Then he was inside her. And she forgot to think.

He took her hard and deep and fast. There was nothing she could do but hold on and let him. His mouth stayed on hers. The flavor of his kiss had changed now... Darker, richer.... And, god, hotter. That hot, tight coil of release started to twist and build. She murmured against his mouth, begged him not to stop. He moved faster. She shattered, broke... completely came apart in his arms. He followed. She was vaguely aware of his muscles trembling, but he still held her.

After breath came back to them and the world stopped spinning, he brushed kisses across her temples, her forehead, her mouth. His touch was tender as he set her back down, straightened her panties, fixed her skirt. His hands smoothed over her hair as he kissed her one more time.

Then he took her hand as before and led her back to the path and the street lights.

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