tagRomanceThe Brilliance Bomb Ch. 03

The Brilliance Bomb Ch. 03


Lyla was stunned by Michael's ease with the whole situation. He moved with a certain grace and power that only one another man had ever shown her and that was Matt. Both so similar in ways and yet almost polar opposites in others. It was still breath taking to watch and made her heart slam against her chest as he dodged the drunk's attempted blows and went in for the kill. Thankfully the man was only unconscious, but Lyla found herself in a daze. The room seemed to slow, his actions almost slow motion until he pulled her away from Susan's hold and against his chest.

His voice brushing against her ear and stilled every tremor inside and for a dreadful minute she forgot to breath. Her fingers bunched into the smooth expensive material of his shirt and crushed it in her fists. Slowly leaning back she blinked wide eyes up at him, clearly stunned by the news. "What?" Her question fell on deaf ears. The music was too loud, the crowds closing in and then she was being dragged away after Michael briefly leaned in to speak to Susan who's own eyes widened. She nodded in understanding and let him pull Lyla away, further off the dance floor, through the throngs of crowds until cooler air hit her over heated skin.

It was like cold water hitting her square in the face and Lyla couldn't help but dig her heels in and jerk at Michael's hand. "Michael, please! What's going on? Is he dead? Is Matt dead?!" Her voice wavering and cracking slightly as panic welled up inside her.

He hushed her gently, which was a far cry from what had just happened on the dance floor. Mr. Big Bad Protector going all soft. "We don't know, okay? I promised I'd pick you up and get more details."

She nodded numbly and fought the urge to fall apart and start blubbering like a weak pitiful female. "This might not be appropriate, but better stop for coffee on the way."

He gave her a short nod and tugged her back beside him. She fell silent, a little numb as he gently urged her into the car and then joined her. His scent seemed to fill the small space. Expensive cologne....not over powering, but definitely male and sexy. It should have unnerved her like Michael usually did. Something about his sharp gaze always seemed to cut right through her. It had partially been what had attracted her in the first place, but then he'd thrust her into Matt's way and the two had clicked quickly. Still there had always been that underlying current, tension; a connection that she'd never been able to completely define and they had both avoided like the plague.

When a hot cup of coffee was gently place into her hands, Lyla blinked. Mildly startled that she'd completely zoned out. "Thank you." She murmured, a little embarrassed by the whole ordeal, but also worried about her husband. Nausea rolled through her, whether from alcohol or worry, she wasn't sure. Either way, it didn't settle well, but she sipped on her coffee, forcing the hot liquid into her system.

Michael said nothing and she was somewhat glad of it. She felt foolish, having him come to her rescue while some drunk pawed at her. Jumbled thoughts filled her mind, coming and going between worries and questions about Matt and what Michael was thinking, but she had come to no conclusions. Vaguely she realized they were on the way back to her place and glanced at Michael's profile, so much like Matt's and yet...not. His features were sharper, almost harder and unlike Matt's open, devil may care attitude, Michael always seemed to have shadows behind those eyes.

"Where are we going?" She finally asked.

He spared her but the briefest of glances, his hands she noticed tightening on the steering wheel. "Washington."

Once again dread crawled up her neck. If Matt was dead, then there wouldn't be such a fuss. Not, something else was wrong. Something bad. Feeling clammy, she slumped against her seat and remained quiet until they returned to the house. Not waiting for his help as he parked, she pulled herself out of the car and mechanically opened up the front door. She could feel his gaze on her, but didn't meet it anymore. Instead she left the front door wide open for him and went to her room to start packing an overnight bag before she immersed herself under the hot spray of a shower. Clean and feeling more awake and alert, she ran through her routine and returned to the living room in a pair of soft worn jeans and a bright long sleeved shirt.

"When do we leave?"

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