tagIncest/TabooThe Brit Ch. 01: Thanksgiving

The Brit Ch. 01: Thanksgiving


Sorry, but this was supposed to submitted two weeks ago - you know at Thanksgiving! Stupid laptop.



Chapter 1

The Brit, that's what they call me here. I guess it's better than limey, which I honesty do not know what it means. Do Americans think I like limes? Like a lot.


This had to be the house, right? I asked myself, staring at the goldish-orangey brown wreath hanging from the white colonial house.

I still thought if I should knock or run back to my condo. I said when I moved here; I won't be the old Darren and that I'll keep it professional. I haven't fucked her yet, but the yet is a worry. Then again, it would be rude not to turn up, her mum must have been spending hours preparing the turkey.

It was Monday when I decided to have my first Thanksgiving. The American kind, I don't know what the Canadians do in theirs. I've never been to one before, all of my experience of Thanksgiving has come from American TV shows. I know there's a turkey, Native Americans and American football, but that's it.

I moved to Chicago over a year ago, working in investment. My life before landing in O'Hara was working for this small investment firm in London. It specialized in the emerging markets, China, India, and Brazil. It was doing well so of course it got bought out by someone bigger. That someone bigger, in this case, was McAllen Capital, who then offered me the chance to double salary and a promotion. Obliviously I saw dollar signs but there was another reason why I had to leave London, I'll explain that later.

With that, my English accent and the overflowing bank balance, I did more than okay with the opposite sex. The whole stranger in strange land worked on bar targets, so I was having the time of my life. I don't want to sound like a complete arse but I have to admit that I'm good-looking-ish. I'm tall, hovering above 6 feet, with dark hair that curls up and a slim body. I used to play football every week when I was in London but now I just go running. One of the guys at McAllen describe me as Christian Grey from 50 Shades, which I guess I should take as a compliment but isn't he an abusive stalker?

There was a catch though; McAllen is stacked by some of the hottest women you'd ever see, running the gamut from sex-starved MILFs, petite twentysomethings with perky tits to curvy girls with big asses. All these beautiful women, no chance to date them. I have an assistant, Alicia, who looks like she could be a Playboy centerfold if Playboy still existed. Every late night I'm trapped with her, it feels like that we're one dirty joke away from it being Cocksucking Secretaries 3.

But then here I was. I pressed the doorbell and after a few moments, a blonde opened the door.

Natalie Duvall. A tall but curvy 22-year-old with bright blue eyes, full red lips and considerable assets, which had to be a D-cup but she kept them hidden well during work hours. She was one of the new batch of junior analysts and recently moved into my department to help with a project. At first, I kind of dismissed her, she never looked like she was the type that would make an impression. She did her work and but didn't say much. My name was for was the tall girl, at 5"8 and in heels, she towered over the other girls.

Everything changed on Monday. I was supposed to be working late but after learning about Black Friday and thinking about all the stuff I don't have, I was online shopping. Alicia had gone for the day, spending the last couple of house flaunting her tight round ass. God, I really want to fuck her, she's single and also she likes a drink, a total package. But she slowly becoming irreplaceable and sex in the office rarely works out. So I was feeling a little frustrated when I heard a knock and saw Natalie at my door.

"Come in," I said, looking back at Target's Black Friday page. I heard a sound of a folder being dropped; I took the logical assumption that Natalie had finished the Kolkata-Abelson report. "Thanks, Natalie."

I looked away from the iMac to tell Natalie that it was late and she should go home. But then I felt my dick jump and Natalie grinning at me. She wore this tight, sheer white blouse with way too buttons undone to be considered appropriate. I noticed that she was wearing actual makeup. Her lips were painted bright pink that looked like they were aching to suck cock. She had on eyeshadow that made her icy blues pop; it was the first time I ever noticed her eyes. With that and the short pencil skirt she wore, Natalie was dressed to fuck.

"Darren, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I pointed to a chair. Forget Alicia; this blonde busty analyst was going to get me in trouble.

"I've doing a lot of late nights and... I'm not complaining by the way." She smiled. Natalie leaned forward, giving me an unobstructed view of her tits. "It's just that with Thanksgiving being this week and we have so many people coming. Is it okay if I can have Wednesday off?"

I looked her for a second. I was relieved, I think I've been watching way too much porn and assuming everything is a set up for some nasty sex. I knew what she was doing with her cleavage, but actually kind of respect her. I knew she was intelligent, I've seen her work, and she works hard; so her using her body to get some time off was okay.

"You have been working late a lot," I replied. "Sure, it's fine. So you have big plans for Thanksgiving?"

"Yeah," She smiled, sitting back in the chair. "I have aunts, uncles and five cousins coming, so all together they'll be 15 people for dinner. I'm going to spend Wednesday helping my mom with the food. What about you?"

I explained to her being English; I've never celebrated the holiday. My plans were to watch Champions League highlights that I DVR'd, drink, play new Call of Duty, drink and then make my one man Thanksgiving dinner. I've been making friends here but I doubt I'd be at the top of anyone's dinner party invite list. Also, I'll probably have a wank over some porn involving busty blondes now.

Natalie awe and oh at me with lots of pity, then instantly invited me to her house for Thursday. I politely rejected, saying that it was a family thing and I'd be intruding. I have no choice. I could see it going two ways, I'd get drunk, try to kiss her and then she'll slap me; or we fuck then I get sacked next Monday because Natalie is some higher-up's daughter.

"Darren, welcome!" She beamed and hugged me, her massive billowy tits crushing into my chest.

Obliviously, I said yes. One, Natalie looked so fucking sexy that night. She does now but in a subtle way, wearing an oversize plaid shirt and leggings. Separately, there not as sexy compared to say a lacy teddy but the way Natalie wore it, it was making my cock twitch. Also, there's a good chance I might be staying at McAllen longer than expected, so I should experience these traditions.

"Thanks, I inviting me," I smiled back. "I didn't want to bring so I got some dessert and wine." I handed a pecan pie and a bottle of port, I spent yesterday googling on what to buy for a Thanksgiving dinner.

"Thanks," Natalie wrapped her arms around and kissed me on the cheek. "C'mon let me introduce to everyone."

This was getting dangerous; I thought as I felt my dick twitch when she hugged me again. At most, I can keep any interactions at the playfully flirty level. She led me into the living room where there were several people crowded around a coffee table and were watching the tail end of the parade. Let's see there was Jackie, Steve, Kayla, Frank, Nicole, Penny, Eliot and Charlie; I immediately forgot their names after they were done introducing themselves or their relationship to my lovely underling. Natalie had described me as a work friend, which is saying something, I think.

I said hi and saw their ears prick up at my accent; it was always a great icebreaker. They asked about the usual things; how long I've been here, how I'm finding the change and what part of London I'm from. I did my best to be my most charming self and we all chatted for a bit before Natalie ushered me out of the room.

"And this is my mom, Trish." Natalie pulled me to the kitchen and introduced me.

Holy fuck.

I was expecting to see a middle-aged, slightly plump brunette with a tired look. Instead, I saw a gorgeous blonde MILF with a million dollar smile and big tits that were encased in a tight, white sweater. Trish had a tanned oval face, with deep blue eyes, a dyed blonde mane that curled down past her shoulders and two large unavoidable breasts that jutted out of the thin cashmere fabric. I immediately prayed to be alone, I just wanted to have the complete view and see how her arse looked in those snug blue jeans she was wearing; but I could easily guess that her bum would match her voluptuous figure and be round, tight and longing to be groped.

With the wedge sandals she had on, Trish was just a little taller than her daughter. I glanced back to Natalie; they looked so alike, mainly the eyes, the blonde hair and the busty figure. She also had to be in her late 30s, making me believe that she had Natalie very young. Frank had to be at least 45, guess he was breaking some laws when he hooked up with Trish.

"Hello," She smiled, immediately closing the distance between us. Her arms were open, ready to give me a long hug. "Well, Mr. Spencer, you're just as handsome as my daughter said you'd be." Her tits then crush into my thorax, I swear a felt an erect nipple poke through.

Trish then released me and we had a quick chat, talking about Thanksgiving, American traditions, English traditions and the usual small talk topics. Immediately, I could tell Trish had this friendly air about her, that strangers would pick up on and they'll be instant friends. But things quickly changed as we talked, Trish took a step forward, standing so close to me that her perfume easily intoxicated me. If I made a joke, she would clutch my arm. I looked around and saw that it was just the three of us in the kitchen, Natalie had huge grin and seemed like she was egging her mum on.

"So, Mr. Spencer, I hope you brought your appetite. I want you to have a Thanksgiving that you will never forget," she grinned then pointed the various sides that were being cooked, "I went all out this year."

My eyes bulged at all the food that was being prepared, mashed potatoes in one bowl, a gold turkey on a roasting tin and gravy being cooked on the hob. I glanced back that two lovely blondes, both had suddenly shortened the distance between them and me. I could see myself accidently swinging an arm and hitting their breasts. I don't think they would complain.

I cleared my throat; I really need to stay composed. "Since you two have been such gracious host for inviting me today, the least I can do is to show my appreciation and try everything." I smiled. "And if it's good, I'll give Natalie next week off."

"Charming, isn't he?" Trish turned to her daughter and smirked. "I like the idea that we supposed to work so hard for you...," she paused, letting that hang for a moment, "...so my daughter can get some vacation time."

Trish grinned, so did Natalie. Wow, I'm being double-teamed by a mother/daughter duo, I think I may have hit my head and inter-dimensionally traveled into a porno. If this was what Thanksgiving is usually like, I'm naturalizing.

I wanted to stay but we heard voices from outside. I turned and saw Natalie's aunts and some other women; I think they were friends of the family come into the kitchen, saying they finished watching the parade and were ready to continue cooking. I looked back to my two unbelievably fit hosts; I saw that Trish quickly slipped on a dark blue, woolen jacket with the hem nearly touching her knees. She was hiding her tits. So that tight sweater was for my benefit.

"Back to the basting!" Trish grinned.

Natalie led back me to the living room; I wondered if she knew how much I wanted to stay there with just two of them. I don't know what she and her mother were planning but I was excited and scared. Also, they were watching American football; which being English, I am programmed to think as a weaker version of rugby. I made some small talk but since I was a room with 100% men, everyone was silent while watching the screen with a beer in their hand; which is fair enough.

Actually to be fair, Natalie's Uncle Charlie to his credit brought a whole crate of craft beer from some village in Wisconsin. Thank god, I was terrified that I'd just be drinking Bud all day. The beer tasted smooth and strong enough; also it was delivered by Natalie which was a huge plus.

She gave me a huge grin when she handled me the icy bottle. Since everyone else was focused on the game, my sexy employee bent down, completely unnecessarily and just for my benefit, giving me an unhindered view of the deep chasms of her cleavage. But then she was gone, tasked with entertaining her younger cousins while I was trying hid a growing erection in front of Natalie's surly father. I'm going to be in so much trouble.


It was around 3 when we sat down for the meal. I did ask why that time but I got several different answers, it was either down tradition, the Pilgrims did it or football. The actual meal looked immense, while I took my place I watched Trish describe every plate. Rosemary buttered rolls, baked mash potatoes with Parmesan cheese and green bean casserole with caramelized onions. To think I was seriously contemplating ordering a roast turkey and cranberries from Blue Apron.

There were other sides but I was losing attention as Trish described how she made the casserole. My eyes were drifting from her luscious red lips to the mountainous bust she was trying to hide. Natalie was away from my eyeline; I think she was helping set up the kids table. So there was no one else to watch but the gorgeous, blonde, busty MILF with a dirty sense of humor and excellent cooking skills.

Everyone raved about the food, saying over and over how mouthwatering it looked. And believe me, they were right, the roasted acorn squash with bacon maple drizzle smelt particularly tasty. Then they turkey was brought out and a sweet cinnamon and herby aroma overpowered the dining room and again everyone went crazy.

Except Frank. I don't know why but since I got here, Frank felt like he had this angry, frustrated side to him that was slowly bubbling up to surface. He would make a snide comment here and there, raise his voice occasionally and roll his eyes. Right now, he looked like he wanted to punt the turkey and tell everyone to get the fuck out of his house.

"She never used to do this in the past," Frank mumbled, loud enough for everyone else hear.

The mood then changed, two of the aunts gave each other a pensive look while some of the cousins had their heads down, staring at their empty plates. Silence quickly filled the room and awkward coughs. Something is going on; it feels like it's going to be like one of those Eastenders Christmas plots, misery for all.

"That's because we have Darren joining us this," Trish grinned, "Since it's his first Thanksgiving, we should treat him."

Frank looked nonplussed but said nothing. He then asked one of the uncles to pass him the carver. The tension slowly dissipated and everyone else got back to talk amongst themselves. Finally, Natalie returned to her seat. She gave me a big grin and then glanced her mother; those two were up to something.

While Frank carved up the bird, Trish served everyone healthy portions of each side. Once I got some turkey on my plate, I thought it was okay for to start eating. But as this whole holiday completely alien to me, I just watched everyone and copied them, they didn't eat so I stay still. I thought they were waiting to pray and or holding hands, but Frank just stood up with a drink in this hand. He gave a short, simple toast, praising the turkey and Trish, then sat down.

All the others saluted and started saying what they were thankful for. Shit, I should have studied more Friends repeats. They went around the table and quickly got to me. I stood up and awkwardly raised my glass, "I am thankful for err...being invited to this special holiday and for everyone being so patient with my complete lack of all things American," I said, adding a thank you to Natalie and Trish then sat back down.

"Oh," I then muttered. As soon as I sat down, a foot immediately brushed against my leg. It didn't feel like it was accidental, the owner of the foot was running her toes up and down my calf. God, I hope it's Natalia, Trish is too far to reach from her seat. I looked up from my plate and saw her with a nothing expression. Natalie was talking to her family and passing the food around while her big toe crept up my thigh with plans to push up to my crotch. I thought about doing something, shift my weight or offer to grab anything from the kitchen, but my slowly waking cock forced me to stay. What McAllen Capital's HR rep would say if they saw this?

Natalie lowered her foot and her toes began to caress my ankles. One of the aunts asked my opinion of the dinner; I couldn't really answer, just mumble some words. My eyes had glazed over and I could only focus on what was my analyst doing. I felt tense, scared that we would be caught either now or just after her foot makes me cum. She tried to slip her toe under the hem of my pants but I was wearing slim fit jeans, so she stopped that. Natalie then quickly ran her big toe up my calf before letting her foot casually rest on my lap.

Looking up from my plate, I turned at Natalie, she finally acknowledged me and her under table action. She gave me a wink and a smirk, before returning to her conversation with her cousin. Such cockiness from her, something that I've never experienced during work hours. It was so brazen and so hot. I could feel myself slowly getting uncomfortable in the area between my legs. My eyes flickered to Trish; she had this sly expression. Did she know what her daughter was doing to her boss in front of her family?

I tried not to groan when Natalie's big toe rested against my now-throbbing dick, nearly choking on the large chunk of turkey I just bit into. I thought about dropping my knife and fork, sit back and unzip my jeans. I shuddered as she sped up her foot-rubbing, her toes massaging and somehow squeezing my dick through my jeans.

"How's the food, Darren?" she asked, finally looking at me.

"Yeah, it's good," I said, barely sat a whisper.

"Natalie, can you get us some more wine!" Frank's voice boom from the head of the table.

I felt her foot quickly retreated and I nervously sighed. Natalie rolled her eyes at her father then turned to me, smirking as she stood. She disappeared into the kitchen and then returned. She took her seat but I didn't feel her foot this time. As she chatted with her relatives, I finally could sample Trish's food.


More American football, ugh.

After the epic meal, we sat down to watch Washington against the Dallas Cowboys. Also Redskins, really? That's the team's name, what the fuck? I think I should ask someone why all these teams need to have these 'cool' names. Anyway while everyone else was enthralled by a safety or a touchdown, I was staring at my phone. Oh look, they've gained a yard, happy fucking days.

I'm probably just pissed off because Natalie was segregated from me. She was with her female cousins in the dinner room while I was with the men, watching blokes run into each over and over. I needed to talk her, desperate even. I'm not complaining about the under table action; actually, it would have been better if her foot wasn't the first thing she used to touch my cock.

But on Monday I'm going to see again and I'm still technically her boss. Natalie could have just been flirting with me and was looking for a quick fuck, a hypothetical that I would not reject. But she could be looking for more, maybe a relationship. Is that me?

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