tagGroup SexThe Broussard Sisters Ch. 02

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 02


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 11

Paul Robichaux checked his cell phone one more time, just to be sure. Yes, it was 9:00 pm. He wondered where his father was. Surely they weren't still at the petting zoo? But he didn't want to call him; suppose he was busy?

He double checked the office door to make sure it was locked then got into the MG Midget and drove it off the lot. He got out, pulled the large gate closed and padlocked it shut. He then rapidly drove home.


"Call him," Cindy urged. "It's after nine."

"No, you call him," Candy said.

"Okay," Cindy said, grabbing her cell phone and began to punch in the numbers.

Both girls squealed when Candy's cell phone rang.

"Hey, what you doing?" Paul asked and Candy and Cindy squealed "Nothing."

"Hold on," Cindy said, barely suppressing her excited giggles. "I'm going to put you on speaker phone, okay?"

"Okay," Paul smiled. "Why, Candy there too?"

"Yes!" Candy yelled and giggled.

Paul smiled. IN the four years he'd dated Cindy Jensen, he couldn't remember her ever getting excited, or giggling, or squealing. The Broussard Sisters liked to giggle and squeal a lot. He heard them rustling around a moment, then Cindy's excited voice came back on.

"Okay, got you on speaker phone," she said. "So, what you doing?"

"Kicking back, long day at work today," he said and slowly began to stroke his manhood.

He was in his bedroom, door closed and locked, just in case his dad came home. He'd had a terrific boner off and on all day at work, just thinking about the Broussard Sisters and their passionate kisses. He checked to make sure the towel was close at hand; he knew it wouldn't be long before he was shooting a good load.

"Aw!" both Cindy and Candy sympathized.

"Yeah, but hey, I really appreciated y'all bringing the lunch over," he said and stopped stroking his cock. He was so very close, and wanted to enjoy it just a little longer.

"Yeah?" Candy asked. "You liked that?"

Her hand was between her legs, softly rubbing her swollen lips, inching closer and closer to her clitoris. She hoped her breathing wouldn't give her away; Cindy was lying right next to her in the dark bedroom, and Paul was listening.

"Yeah, the food was good, but y'all were great," he said.

The meaning was obvious and both Candy and Cindy sighed, then burst into happy giggles at each other.

"So where did y'all learn to kiss like that?" he whispered into the phone.

His load was bubbling up to the surface. He pinched his cock at the base in an effort to withhold ejaculation.

"Natural talent," Cindy said in a smug, pretentious tone, and then couldn't help the giggle that burst to the surface.

She was so close to orgasm. Her fingertips grazed up and down her pussy lips, swollen and dripping with her excitement. They'd been that way all day, ever since the intimate kiss he and she and Candy had shared. She'd been pretty excited before they'd kissed, but afterward, she'd thought of nothing else.

"Yeah, natural talent," Candy agreed and giggled as well.

"No, really, y'all are great kissers, I just want you to know that," he said and held the phone away for a moment, his load spurting out of his cock and splashing down on his belly and chest.

He grunted and shook for a moment, then caught his breath; damn but that was a good one, and put the phone back to his ear.

"So, when you think we can go out again?" Candy asked, breathlessly.

"I wish it were right now," he admitted. "But I'm wiped out, long day at work, you know?"

"Aw!" they complained lightly.

"Lunch tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yeah," the both agreed. "You working again tomorrow?"

"Nope, closed on Sunday," Paul said.

"Oh," the both said.

"I go to eleven o'clock Mass," Paul said.

"Us too!" both Candy and Cindy said.

"Then we usually go to the Bombay Café, you know, for their lunch buffet," Paul said. "But y'all might not want to go there, since we just went there."

"No, no, that's fine," Candy, said quickly.

She was sweating, trying to masturbate, without alerting either Paul or Cindy to what she was doing. She was so very close to orgasm; his voice was so sensuous, and the fact that he cared about what she and Cindy wanted was such a turn-on.


Cindy swallowed Bill's load and almost choked as she giggled at the thought of biting down on his sweaty cock. She sat up and looked at him. He caught his breath, then looked at her and smiled.

:I Love you," he said and patted her on her thigh.

At moments like that, her rage was close to the surface and she was sure that she hated him with all of her being.

"Here, rinse your mouth out," he said and gave her a can of beer.

She drank deeply and grimaced. She didn't like the taste of beer.

"Give me a kiss," he said softly and she wrapped her arms around him and accepted his thrusting tongue.

She fought the urge to giggle again; the next time she sucked him off, she would pretend to rinse her mouth out, but wouldn't. She'd pretend to, but when he stuffed his slimy tongue into her mouth, she'd be giving him a mouthful of his own semen.


Ever fuck a woman up the ass?" Cathy whispered to Bob as they lay in her waterbed.

"No," he admitted. Then he squeezed her plump ass firmly. "Never fucked a man up the ass either."

She laughed, a rich throaty laugh.

"Oh, Bob," she said and kissed him. "I do love a man that can make me laugh."

She licked his nipples, then kissed his mouth again and rolled on top of him.

She had pulled her curly brown hair into a ponytail and when he asked her why she'd smiled her playful little smile and told him "So you can watch me suck your cock."

Now she took her hair out of the rubber band and shook it free and smiled at him again.

"First thing we have to do is get that cock all nice and hard," she said and reached behind her.

"Ooh!" she laughed. "It already is!"

He grabbed her breasts and lightly pinched her small nipples. She smiled and shook her chest playfully, making her breasts wing from side to side.

"Then we have to get that nice hard cock good and wet," she said. "What should we use?"

"I don't know," he said.

"Hmm, that's a real dilemma," she mused.

"Maybe somebody's pussy is nice and wet?" he suggested.

"Oh, what a good idea!" she laughed.

She raised her hips up and slid the length of his cock into her hairless pussy, wiggled from side to side, then pulled him back out of her pussy.

"Reach back here and spread my ass wide," she begged.

He reached around and pulled her pudgy ass cheeks apart.

"God, I love anal sex," she moaned and poised the head of his cock at her anus.

"Slow, slow," she chanted as she lowered herself onto him, letting inch after inch slide in.

Bob gritted his teeth, trying hard to think of anything else but the fact that his cock, long just used to his hand, was being shoved into a twenty eight year old woman's plump ass.

"Oh, shit, you're good," she grunted and Bob felt a puddle of moisture on his belly.


Cindy sighed; she was so close, and Paul's warm voice was wishing them a good night.

"Oh God!" she heard Candy moan in orgasm and she burst into giggles.

"Good night," Paul laughed and then he was gone.

"You were touching yourself," Cindy accused.

"And what are you doing?" Candy hissed, highly embarrassed.

"Touching myself," Cindy admitted.

"Ah hah!" Candy squealed and they both giggled again.

"I am so in love with him," Cindy sighed and buried her face in her pillow in an attempt to muffle her groan of orgasm.

Candy playfully swatted Cindy's backside and Cindy groaned again. Then Candy flopped onto the bed next to Cindy and put her arm across Cindy's back.

"I'm really in love with him too," she murmured into Cindy's ear.

"Think he's in love with us?" Cindy asked hopefully, turning to face her best friend.

"He better be!" Candy affirmed.

"Yeah," Cindy agreed. "He better be!"

"Good night," Candy murmured and kissed Cindy on her lips.

"Good night," Cindy murmured. "I love you."

"Love you too, you're my best friend in the whole wide world," Candy said and the girls snuggled together and dozed off, happy and secure.

Chapter 12

"Oh, come on, Bob," Cathy laughed. "I'm a single mom with three different kids from three different dads. What makes you think I would go to church?"

Bob didn't like this Cathy. This wasn't the warm and loving Cathy he'd met a few days ago. It wasn't the sexy and sensual Cathy he'd made love with last night. This was a harsh, bitter Cathy, tired, haggard. He suspected she might be a little hung-over as well; she'd done a good bit of drinking before they'd hit the sheets.

"There's always time to start again," he offered.

"Forget it," she snapped. "I don't want to see God, and He doesn't want to see me."

"Look, on your profile, you said you were Catholic," he said while trying to locate his sock.

"Yeah, 'cause when I put 'Agnostic' all I get are these pretentious intellectual fuckers that just want to talk about themselves," she admitted.

"Look, I'm sorry, but my religion, it's real important to me," Bob admitted.

"Oh, yeah, it was real important last night," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I, um, I don't know what happened here, why you're so upset," Bob tried to talk.

"Yeah, you were real worried about what the fucking Pope might think when you had your cock up my fucking ass!" she screamed at him and picked up a water glass she had on her bedside table. "How many 'Hail Mary's' and 'Our Fathers' is THAT worth?"

He ducked the glass as she hurled it at him. Water splashed him and the glass shattered when it struck the wall.

"Go, just get the fuck out," she screamed.

He did. She followed him, hurling more insults loudly, unmindful of her children.


Candy woke up, sunlight pouring into the bedroom. Cindy was still asleep, facing her. Candy happily kissed Cindy's cheek, then got out of Ed and scrambled to the bathroom. She peed heartily then reached into the cabinet for her toothbrush. Cindy had her own toothbrush at her house; since they were always together so much, it just made sense.

"Oh, God, if I had a toothbrush over at Paul's house," she thought and fought the urge to squeal in excitement, Miss Emily and Mr. Bill might still be asleep.


Paul checked his face for any signs of stubble and decided a quick shave might not hurt. If he got a chance to kiss the Broussard sisters, he didn't want any stubble to ruin their enjoyment of it.

He stopped in amazement. He'd never ever thought of Cindy Jensen's 'enjoyment' of anything, empathy just wasn't the norm with her. Yet with Cindy and Candy Broussard, even though neither one was as pretty as Cindy Jensen, he cared about their happiness.

"Because they care about yours, buddy," he said and smiled. "And even if they ain't as pretty on the outside, they're a hundred times prettier on the inside.

He jumped into the shower and lathered up from head to toe.

"If this is what love is, it ain't bad," he thought then laughed.


"Yeah, you got what you want," Cathy was screaming as he scrambled to get into the Impala. "You got what you wanted, now get the fuck out of here!"

"Cathy!" he yelled. "Get back inside!"

She was standing in her driveway, completely nude. Bob could see the curtains move in the windows of her house, and in the windows of the house next door to hers.

"Fuck you!" she screamed and charged him. "Don't you fucking tell me what to do!"

He left a strip of rubber on her driveway and she continued to hurl insults as she chased after his car past a couple of driveways before picking up a beer bottle from the street and hurling it at his car.

"Fuck!" he cursed as the back window shattered.

Cathy realized it was cold, and she was nude. She turned and walked briskly back to her house. She tried the door, but it was locked.

"Crystal, open this fucking door!" she screamed and heard Crystal's laughter.

"Come on!" she called, beginning to laugh herself. "This isn't funny, you little bitch!"

Damn, all I did was ask what time they went to Mass," Bob mused aloud then got his bearings and headed toward Highway 19.

He surmised he'd make it home in plenty of time to shower and get dressed and join Paul at St. Thomas Aquinas.


"I'm not going, I don't feel good," Cindy lied to her father as he tried to get her and J.R. moving.

"Didn't feel all that sick last night," he barked at her.

"That's when I caught it," she said.

"Come on, Cindy, let's go, Cindy, get dressed, Cindy, we're going to church, Cindy, whether you feel like it or not, Cindy, am I making myself clear, Cindy?" he spat, emphasizing each 'Cindy' with a clap of his hands.

Cindy hated her father, hated her smirking brother, hated Paul Robichaux, hated Bill Baggett, and hated all men.

"Fine, ass hole," she grumbled and swung her legs out of bed.

"What did you call me?" Doug screamed at her, gripping her upper arm and yanking her backward.

"Nothing!" she screamed back at him.

They faced each other, hazel eyes glaring into hazel eyes for a long moment. He finally shoved her away from him.

"Just get ready for church," he said and slammed out of the trailer.

"God help me, I could have killed her," he spat, looking up to Heaven.

"Real fucking bright," J.R. sneered and scratched his balls through his boxers.

"Kiss my ass, loser," she spat and slammed the door of the bathroom shut.


"Well, shit," Paul said as he looked at the shattered rear window of the Impala.

"Yeah," Bob agreed.

"Man, I was going to use it today," Paul complained.

"What, why?" Bob asked. "Since when is this your favorite car?"

"'Cause it's got a big front seat," Paul said and mentally went through the list of cars on the lot that would have a big front seat.

"Son, maybe I taught you the wrong thing," Bob joked. "You're supposed to like a big BACK seat."

"No, no, goofy," Paul smiled. "See, I'm dating the Broussard sisters, so they both have to get up front."

"The... You're dating twins?" Bob asked, incredulous.

"No, not exactly, they're best friends, so if you date one, you have to date the other," Paul explained and laughed out loud at his father's stunned expression.

"Then why'd you call them the Broussard sisters?" Bob asked. As they turned to go back inside.

"Because, believe it or not, both their last names are Broussard," Paul explained.

"That's my boy!" Bob said and grabbed his son in a playful bear hug. "Taught him everything I know!"

"Whew, Dad!" Paul complained. "Jump in the shower, huh?"

"Kind of rank, hun?" Bob asked and jogged to the bathroom.

"Kind of?" Paul said.

"Yeah, getting a shitty dick does kind of stink," Bob agreed and stripped down in the bathroom.

He sat on the edge of the tub, prepared to turn the taps He sat for a long moment, immobile.

Rebecca might have wanted him to start dating again, but surely this isn't what she would have wanted. She had a great sense of humor, a beautiful laugh, but surely she would not have wanted him to date an insane woman that would chase him down the street, stark naked.

"God, Rebecca," he said under his breath. "Baby, please help me."


"Oh my goodness," Emily laughed as Cindy and Candy chattered nonstop. "Since when are you two so excited about going to church?"

"We've got religion!" Candy burst out and she and Cindy collapsed in giggles.

Bill shook his head and rolled his eyes. Inside, there was a little part of him that was tearing apart; his little girl was in love with someone other than her Daddy. He knew the day would come but tried to pretend that it wouldn't ever happen.

Emily squeezed his thigh; in tune with his feelings.

"It'll be all right," she said under her breath.


Paul pulled up to St. Thomas Aquinas in the 1939 Woody. (He had to laugh when he picked it up; the Broussard Sisters sure did give him a 'woody' of his own.) He did not miss the many admiring glances the old panel truck got from the males that were bustling up to the door of the large church.

He got out and ran up to the doors of the church. Once inside he looked around and smiled as he spotted the Broussard sisters looking around for him.

Cindy spotted him first and her whole face lit up. Candy's face lit up too when she saw him.

Cindy Jensen sat, glaring at the world and Paul looked briefly at her then shook his head.

"Hi," Both Candy and Cindy whispered loudly as he walked up.

He knelt down in the aisle, quickly did the sign of the cross (right thumb to forehead, then to heart, then left and right shoulders) then slid into the pew between them.

"Hello Mr., Mrs. Broussard," smiled to Bill and Emily.

"Leave some room, Jake and Bobbi are going to be here any minute now," Bill growled, sounding a little harsher than he'd meant to.

Emily squeezed his thigh again.

"It'll be all right," she repeated to him.

"Hello Paul, good to see you again," she said and smiled to the young man.

Jake gritted his teeth; he did not miss the adoring glances his little girl was giving the handsome young man. It was one thing when this Paul Robichaux was just an adolescent infatuation, a school-girl crush. It was another thing entirely when he was sitting right next to his Candy.

Bobbi patted his arm and he looked at her.

"Want me to go get your gun?" she teased and he had to smile.

"Just hard, you know?" he said back.

"My dad didn't like you either," she reminded him and he smiled a little wider.

Paul could feel Cindy Jensen's eyes boring hatefully into the back of his head and smiled. It was she that had broken up with him; if anyone should be mad, it would be him. But he wasn't mad at all; he was grateful.

Bob felt horrible. The first reading and the Gospel were both on the wages of sin. In his homily, Father Gregory was intoning about how grievous it is to go against God.

"He loves us, like a Father loves His child," Father Gregory said. "Think back, do you remember how bad you felt whenever you made your Father cry?"

"God, I am so so sorry for having offended you," Bob prayed silently. "Please forgive me my weakness.

"But that was one hot piece of ass," he thought. "Damn, I loved that shaved pussy!"

"Sorry God, and right in the middle of praying to you," he prayed.

"We believe in one God..." Father Gregory intoned, signifying that he was finished with his homily.

The congregation stood and prayed along with him.


"Cool truck," Candy said when they were able to get out of church.

"Yeah," Cindy agreed, determined to be the first to get in so she could sit next to Paul.

"Hey, how's it going?" Bob asked jovially.

"Oh, hey, Candy, Cindy, this is my..." Paul said.

"Big brother, Bob," Bob said and smiled playfully.

"Uh huh," Paul smirked. "Dad, this is Candy."

Bob shook hands with the giggling and blushing blonde.

"And this is Cindy," Paul went on and Cindy reluctantly let go of the handle to shake Bob's hand.

"Bombay?" Bob asked and the three teenagers shook their heads in agreement.

"Good, just be careful in the Woody," Bob cautioned.

"You got room to talk!" Paul laughed. "You're in the Shelby!"

"Had to get here quick," Bob smiled and walked toward the classic muscle car.

Paul unlocked the passenger door and opened it. Cindy beat a pouting Candy and scrambled over to unlock the driver's door for Paul. Candy got in and slammed the door.

"Hey," Cindy said as she slid over close to him.

"Hey," he smiled and she clutched his right arm in both of hers.

"Hey," Candy petulantly said.

"Hey," he said. "You get to ride in the middle on the way back, okay?"

"Hah!" Candy said to Cindy, who stuck her tongue out at Candy.

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