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The Brush


Laying my head on my arms, bent over the edge of the bed with my pantied ass in the air, I wondered what was taking so long. He had told me to come to our room and get into position what seemed like an hour ago. I knew, in reality, it had only been a few minutes, but waiting in that silent room for the door to open made me so nervous.

Would he just spank me this time? I say that as if that isn't punishment enough. His strong hands along with his commanding presence was enough to teach me every time. But, it was entirely possible I had something else in store. My cheeks twinged at the anticipation of my impending punishment.

Finally, the door opened and he entered quietly. Speaking no words, he closed the door. I could feel his eyes giving my backside a once over. He then walked past me into the closet. I knew, then, that it would be more than just a hand-spanking. I listened closely for the sound of his buckle loosening up or him removing the paddle from the wall or maybe even the hair brush being removed from the drawer. But I heard nothing.

Finally, he emerged and spoke.

"I love you, darling," he said ever so gently.

"I love you, too," I replied truthfully. "I'm sorry for disappointing you and making you feel bad." I meant every word. I had behaved so badly, and so out of character, that he was truly shocked and hurt. It had been months since I'd needed a good spanking, but it was definitely time now.

"I know you are, and as soon as we finish your punishment, it'll be over and we can move on. Now, put your ass up so we can begin."

I promptly lowered my body onto the bed, positioning my feet on the floor so that my plump bottom was fully exposed, except for the panties still covering it. Although I was nervous, I knew to relax.

Ever so gently, he rubbed my cheeks to calm my nerves. Then, just as quickly as he removed his hand, I felt it. The first blow of his hand on my right cheek. I couldn't help but cry out from the initial shock. It didn't hurt, really, it was just a surprise. Then, again and again, the spanking continued on random cheeks, so I wouldn't know where to anticipate it next. It stung, but at least my panties were there to cover me for now. After what seemed like minutes, the spanking stopped.

"Thank you for being a good girl. Now remove your panties, please." I really didn't like this part. I don't know if it was the humiliation of my most intimate places on display or knowing there was more coming. Whatever the reason, I hesitated a little too long.

"NOW," he commanded both firmly and lovingly. I always amazed me how he could be both so loving and dominant all at once. I reached back to pull them down below my stinging cheeks. As I struggled to remove them, he reached down and helped me by pulling them to my feet, and eventually off me completely. Placing his foot between mine, he slowly nudged my feet further apart so he could see all of my back side, including my back hole, which he so highly desired. I knew, as he looked at it, that he was deciding if he'd rather stop and take me now, or have the willpower to continue on with my punishment.

Running just one finger up and down my crack, I heard him whisper, "save this for later." Then he reached for the nightstand to grab whatever was coming next.

"I'm going to paddle you with the wooden brush now," he spoke. "It's going to hurt, but I know you're going to take it because you're usually so good. You must stay still. Do not wiggle and do not reach back, or we will start over."

How did he think I would not move in this situation? Surely, if the tables were turned, he would not like being bent over a bed with his ass exposed, about to be spanked with a piece of wood. He'd surely be moving and protesting, and most likely refuse to do it at all. Yet, the truth was, I liked it. I liked the feel of the implements on my skin. I liked knowing someone else was in control when I clearly was not in control of myself. At the same time, oh, how I knew it would sting!

Whack! The first blow came. Whack! Again, and again, and again. Although I did reflexively wiggle some in between smacks, I maintained control so that I did not move or reach back. I wanted this over quickly so we could begin the lovemaking that would follow. Finally, he stopped, rubbing my burning ass with his hand to soothe it. I was surprised that he stopped so soon, after just eight paddlings on each side. We almost always go to ten, sometimes more. I hadn't even cried.

"You were a good girl, so we will stop there. Come, kiss me."

I got up, turned around, and saw his gentle eye looking at me, caressing me with his gaze. He smiled and took me into his arms.

"I love you," he whispered into my ear before giving it a kiss.

"Oh, I love you, too. Thank you for giving me that," I responded. Then, our lips came closer together as our eyes closed. When they finally touched, that sweet sigh of relief came out of us both. We wrapped our arms around each other, just enjoying the touch of our bodies together. As our tongues wrestled and the nerves trickled down my body, I felt his hardness between my legs. My nipples stood erect and ready for him. I loved this man in his entirety, and I knew that he loved me, too.

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