The Bucket List


Slumped in fatigue outside the door to his Mallorcan apartment, Rafael Nadal searched frustratedly through his pockets for the key that would let him back into the small flat that he saw so little of. The weight of defeat lay heavy on his disappointed shoulders; why fate had harshly spat on him he still could not comprehend. He had been so close, so close to tasting the cool metal of the Australian Open trophy for the second time, so close to biting his 14th Grand Slam cup, so close to Xisoming the first man in the Open Era to win every single major at least twice. But bad luck had taken him down, striking him with a back injury in a match against an opponent who he was the overwhelming favourite to beat.

Finally, after minutes of rummaging, Rafa found the small key buried deep inside his pocket. Slotting it into the lock, he noticed the stiffness as it turned, a testament to how rarely he used his apartment, how rarely he was home. That, however, was the only resistance he faced and with a push, he was back home at long last.

Sighing in relief, Rafa let his bags fall from his shoulders into a pile on the floor. From the inside of one, the runner up's trophy of the Australian Open glinted in the afternoon light, taunting him about the painful loss. The tennis great looked away, determined not to get emotional again. Looking around, Rafa noticed that the apartment was squeaky clean; Xisca had obviously tamed it during his month long absence and he loved her for it. With a pained grimace, he stretched his back, rubbing his hand gently against his spine in the aching region. Although painkillers and time had considerably lessened the pain that he'd forced himself to play through just days before, one wrong movement could send it back into the stinging condition that he found so difficult to bear.

The Spaniard limped to the sofa, clutching his back with every step. Slumping down onto the light material, he knew that it was good to be back home. The sun shone comfortingly through the large window, light reflecting off the large expanse of Mediterranean water on the beach below. Where better a place to recover from such a terrible loss than Mallorca?

Just minutes later, the familiar scratch of a key scraping against the lock sounded and Rafa heaved himself up. The door swung open and Xisca, a shopping bag in each hand, entered the room. Quickly, she noticed her boyfriend waiting on the sofa. The bags fell from her hands.

"Rafa!" She gasped, running over to embrace her boyfriend.

A smile spread across the Spanish tennis player's face as she crashed into him. They saw each other so little, what with Rafa's travels and Xisca's work.

Their lips clashed together, conveying the message that they both wanted to convey without words: how much they had missed each other. When they finally released each other, Xisca frowned at him, stroking his hair lovingly.

"I saw the final."

It was the elephant in the room, the one thing that lay most heavy on Rafa's mind at that moment yet also the one thing that Xisca knew was most ill-advised to mention.

Rafa didn't reply. Memories flashed back to him of feeling his lower back twinge in the warm up, the cold feeling of dread washing like a river of ice through his veins, the boos of the crowd when they had thought that he was faking it, the tears at the changeovers, the hours of fighting through the pain to give an unappreciative crowd their money's worth. And then there had been the runner's up speech, when Rafa's tears had finally convinced the crowd that, as ever, he was genuine. That redemption, however, had been little consolation as he had watched Stan, a dear friend, kiss that trophy rather than him.

"I thought that it was the bravest thing that I've seen in a long time, you playing on like that." Xisca told him softly, before turning her tone more suggestive. "If you're lucky, I'll reward you for it later."

A smile broke out on Rafa's face; he was home. He was back with his beloved Xisca. All was going to be okay.

"Thanks, Xisca." He smiled at her. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to have a shower."

Rafa stepped out of the shower, wonderfully warm water trickling down his muscled body in a steady flow. Quickly drying himself off, he felt fresher than he had done in days; he was back home, he had enjoyed a long, relaxing shower but most importantly, he had seen his girlfriend again. Wrapping the towel around his waist as he had done so many hundred times before, the best tennis player in the world unlocked the bathroom door and stepped into the bedroom which he shared with Xisca.

Lying naked in the centre of the king sized bed that Rafa didn't sleep in often enough was the beautiful girl, a thin layer of sweat covering her tanned skin as she waited for him. She'd let her hair free in just the way that he loved it most, sending it cascading in curls down her shoulders like a chocolate waterfall. Her body was thin but toned, with long, muscled, smooth legs stretching endlessly and small breasts capped with little pink nipples waiting invitingly. She smiled at him lustfully, excited about doing what they got to do so much less than they would have liked.

Rafa felt his manhood stir under his towel. "Is the door locked?"

Xisca nodded, Xiskoning for him to join her on the bed.

"I hope you know how beautiful you are," the tennis player smiled as he walked over. He was telling the truth and she smiled at the compliment, sending rays of light reflecting from the whiteness of her teeth. In Rafa's mind, there was no more beautiful a sight in the world than his girlfriend's smile, and the fact that she didn't have any clothes on only enhanced that experience. As he sat, she pushed him onto his back, climbing gently on top of him with a mischievous expression.

"I'll be in charge today," she told him. "We wouldn't want to hurt your poor back any more, so just lie back and let me do my thing."

Rafa was not going to complain; seeing his consent, Xisca pushed her fingers under the towel that lay between them and pushed it off, leaving him bare to her eyes. They both loved this, being totally exposed to another, having nothing to separate their soft, tanned skins, being in a state of undress that nobody else would ever see. When alone, the couple loved to spend as much time naked as possible.

Xisca let out a moan of approval, her eyes flicking down to the part of her boyfriend that she was most interested in at that moment. It twitched and grew under her loving examination.

"I always forget just how big it is when you go away." She whispered, clenching her fingers gently around its head. It had been a month since they'd last done this and although she'd had to experience such droughts of sex countless times since her relationship with the famous tennis player had begun, it had never got any easier.

Rafa gasped as Xisca's left hand cupped his balls and her right hand gently lifted his soft and sizeable member. She held him and squeezed, then stroked the head a little bit before beginning to work the shaft rhythmically, easily arousing him.

"Oh, yes! That's good!" Rafa encouraged. He could see his girlfriend smile widen wolfishly as his organ stiffened and his girth expanded in her hand. In a very short time he was fully aroused, over eight inches of pure male delight for Xisca.

"Look at how big you are, Rafa!" Xisca cooed, rubbing her palm against the now reddish-purple head of his cock. She squeezed his shaft so the head swelled even more, then pulled back on his erection and let go, so it slapped lewdly against his belly.

Enjoying the view, tracing her fingernails down his right arm, she mounted his chest and worked her way down his body, backwards, rubbing her arse over his manhood. Enjoying her control, Xisca pumped his shaft with long, slow strokes and played with his balls. Occasionally she would let go and allow his erection slap back and lie at its natural aroused angle, pointing towards his handsome but flushed face. Then she would stroke the tennis player's stiff dick from head to balls and back again, murmuring words of adoration. Grabbing him again, she traced her fingernail lightly around the underside of his cock head, making him moan despite himself. Then she ran her hands across the underside of his shaft, down to his balls and back up again. She was totally and truly enjoying this lesson in male-anatomy.

Rafa smiled lovingly at her from his position on the bed. This was something that he had missed to an extent that words could not describe, a clothes-less Xisca clambering over his body, doing what she did better than anybody he had ever met. Not a stitch of clothing separated them; they were totally exposed to each other, her soft, naked skin on his.

"I'm gonna give you the best blowjob ever, Rafa. Ever," Xisca whispered in the world number one's ear, catching his lips in hers before beginning a slow kissing descent down his chest.

Rafa spread his legs and she crawled between, taking up residence and getting positioned to suck him. She placed her hands high on his thighs and continued licking and kissing her way across his stomach. She corralled her hair to one side so he could watch her pretty face minister to his throbbing cock. As she pursed her lips and kissed the bulbous head Xisca looked up at her boyfriend and smiled.

Xisca hunched between Rafa's legs and moved her hands into the action. Her left hand cupped his smoothly shaved scrotum and her right hand gently encircled the base of his shaft and steered his rigid hardness toward her mouth. She licked and kissed her way up and down the length several times before jerking the end slowly with circled fingers as she guided his balls, one at a time, into her mouth. She sucked each with lots of heavy breathing and moaning, then began a long slow journey, head sideways, along the ridge on the underside of his shaft. As she got toward the tip, she dallied at that spot just an inch or so down from the head, and concentrated her efforts. Opening her mouth wide, she captured the whole underside between her lips as her tongue swept in circles and washed the tip with lots of saliva.

"Oh, God, Xisca!" Rafa heard himself crying.

"Not quite," she replied mischievously, before returning to her work.

She moved up and over the sportsman slightly, pulled her long hair aside again, and opened her mouth wide as she descended over the tip and took him in deep. He groaned as her smooth hot mouth absorbed most of his substantial length and she gagged ever so slightly.

She began to bob her head up and down, building up perfect friction with her lips and creating a wonderful suction as she moved. She pulled her mouth off for a quick recoup, jerked him a couple times, then spat a wad of saliva onto the athlete's cock and went back to sucking. The more she sucked the deeper she went and she could be heard gagging and choking slightly as she strained to take in as much as she could.

Rafa put his hand on her head, sliding his fingers lovingly into her soft brunette tresses, and pushed her head down harder, wanting her to suck every inch. She reciprocated by beginning an intense up and down sucking motion combined with a slurpy rhythmic moan that would have had him erupting deep down her throat in another minute if she hadn't stopped abruptly.

Xisca gasped, "I can't hold myself any longer. We need to fuck."

The Spanish girl enunciated the last word clearly, emphasising her rare use of profanity; it was symbolic, Rafa supposed, of how different she was in bed from how she usually acted. It was as if every time she took her clothes off, bared her skin, she transformed from a goldenly good girl to a wild cat.

Again, she climbed up Rafa's body from his glistening cock to his red, damp and chiselled face, pushing her lips into his. Their tongues met at the midway point, battling a battle of fiery passion for dominance.

It was Xisca who broke the kiss, settling herself into a position where her legs parted and settled either side of his thighs, his cock slid along the slick channel of her pussy. With bare skin pressed to bare skin, she felt every inch of him.

The best tennis player in the world groaned, flattening his palm against her spine to bring her closer. His other hand closed around her small breast and he took her pink nipple into his mouth. Xisca clutched his hair and arched her back, an embarrassing squeal of pleasure escaping from her lips. It didn't matter; there were no secrets between them. He sucked on her firmly then flicked his tongue over her, kneading her breast with his palm.

She sighed and looked down at him, watching his mouth work. "That feels, so...ahh. Please don't stop."

Her hips glided back and forth, her pussy leaving a wet sheen on his cock. The growl that came from him made her skin prickle. When he moved to her other breast she tightened her grip in his hair, pushing herself closer to deepen the connection. His hot breath washed over her as he drew her nipple into his mouth. She rocked against him, her arousal building as his hardness parted her softness. She longed to have him inside her but wanted to hold out until he couldn't take any more.

She sat back so he could get the full view of her body, hoping it would help push him to breaking point. "All you have to do is tell me," she said. "Tell me you want it and I'll slide right down on your big...hard cock."

Xisca knew the competitive drive that forced him to leave every drop of his energy on the tennis court would make him want to wait her out, but she figured she might have the edge on him this time.

"Someone's feeling a bit competitive," Rafa teased, but did not budge, showing that he in fact was feeling just as combative.

She lifted herself off him just far enough so that she had room to slip her hand between their bodies. Her fingers wrapped around his cock. She felt her own dampness along the shaft and his pooling on the head. Her thumb swirled over the tip and she sent him a half-smile. "Every time I watch you play tennis, I see your opponents put 100% of their energy into beating you and they still walk away the losers. I want to be one of the ones who beats you, and I don't mean at tennis."

Xisca remained in her raised position and tilted his cock toward her, rubbing the head against her pussy. She used him to massage her clit, her undulating hips increasing the sensation. He had her so aroused it wouldn't take long to come this way.

He gripped her thighs and his eyes drifted closed. "I could use my strength and have you on your back in two seconds flat."

A wave of desire rolled through her. She gasped at the vision and wanted so badly for him to take over...but not just yet. "You won't, though," she said breathlessly, knowing the answer before she'd even asked the question.

His eyes opened to meet hers and he shook his head. Xisca held his shaft to her clit, teasing the swollen bud. She applied more pressure, sliding her slick heat against the head of his cock. Her orgasm came as a surprise when it hit her. A moan tore from her as the first squeeze of lust tightened her belly. The ache inside her swelled, Xisoming a rush of tingles that spread through her body. Her gaze locked with his. She watched his jaw clench. She grabbed her breast with her free hand and cried out as her hips jerked. He growled as he watched her fall apart.

"Fuck this," he said. "You win."

Rafa grasped the back of her neck and pulled her down, kissing her hard as he guided his cock inside her. He plunged into her with one deep thrust, his pelvis lifting to meet her downward glide.

She let out a strangled moan at the intrusion, overwhelmed by the thick heat of him, his fullness. Relief took hold now she finally had him inside her. He gripped her neck and clasped her hip, his mouth bruising hers as they kissed. He lost it completely but she loved it—all of it. Xisca leaned into him, her breasts nudging his chest, her hands tangled in his hair. His passion left her reeling. He fucked her hard, using her body for his own pleasure just as she'd used his moments ago.

Xisca pulled her mouth free and licked her lower lip. She dragged in air, trembling with pleasure as he groaned beside her cheek. His stubble rasped her skin, only adding to the sensation overload. He loosened his hold on the base of her neck and pushed her back from him with his firm grip. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her down hard against each thrust of his cock.

She ground down against him, still feeling the lingering tingles from her climax. Xisca watched the changes in his expression, mesmerised by the intensity in his features. His eyes were dark with arousal, his mouth open with the fast breaths coming from him. He looked her over, his gaze lingering on her breasts as they jolted in time with his thrusts. "Jesus, I can't— I can't hold back."

Pleasure rushed through her; she just wanted more and more. Her hand slipped between her thighs and she gave her clit vigorous rubs that had her moaning deep in her throat. He watched her reach behind her body with her other hand, delving beneath her arse to find him. Her fingertips stroked his balls and her touch had him cursing all over again.

She wanted to smile but she couldn't concentrate on anything other than coming. With her pussy still sensitive from the earlier attention it didn't take long to reach that point. She bucked her hips against him, chasing her release. It came on her in slow, lazy pulses at first, building to a rolling wave that crashed over her and sucked her under. Xisca kept rubbing and finally cried out, shaking until she thought she'd collapse.

"Come here." Rafa gripped her elbows and dragged her against him, wrapping her up in a hug so tight she couldn't move. She rested her mouth against his throat and kissed him while she caught her breath.

He sank further in his seat for leverage and drove inside her. The forcefulness of his thrusts brought on aftershocks that left her whimpering. He kept going, plunging into her until she knew he couldn't last any longer. Finally he clutched her body, held her hips against him and came with a groan so deep and guttural it sent shivers rushing over her. The gushes and gushes, ropes and ropes, streams and streams, of his warm release being pumped into her sent her into one, final orgasm.

Minutes, or what felt like decades, of bliss later, Xisca dismounted her lover and rolled into the space in the bed next to him. Their sweat and discharge were mixed in a potion of passion. Rafa had a look of the most blissful ecstasy on his face, the pain of loss seemingly gone from his mind.

Xisca turned away and frowned despite the pulses of pleasure still resonating around her boiling body. When was she going to tell him?

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