tagErotic CouplingsThe 'Buddy's Ex' Taboo Ch. 2

The 'Buddy's Ex' Taboo Ch. 2


Tim finally, reluctantly, rolled off of her. His soft cock popped out of her full pussy with a 'slurp' that could be heard clearly by both of them. He was still turned on, though. Sarah was so hot! She was still horny as well. Neither knew how the other felt about fucking a second time, and both were reluctant to make a move right away.

Sarah got off the couch and headed for the bathroom to clean up. His eyes were locked on the most amazing ass he had ever seen. Firm, round, creamy white skin...perfect. He loved how it shook when she walked away from him. His penis began to harden again - that was all it took.

When a naked Sarah came out of the bathroom, her gaze trailed down to his semi hard-on. A tingle shot through her pussy.

"Come here for a sec." she ordered, turning around. She walked into the bedroom, hypnotizing him with that ass again. She lay down on the bed and he walked over to her, standing in front of her beside the bed. Holding herself up on one arm, she reached for his semi hard cock with her other hand.

It grew when he felt her touch. He was about to realize a fantasy - seeing Sarah's beautiful, full lips around his manhood! She brought her face to him, her hand stroking him as her tongue licked the base of his shaft. Her thick lips softly kissed his fat head as her blue eyes looked at him. She slipped his member slowly into her mouth, realizing his dream.

He watched those sexy lips slide all the way down his cock. He felt so warm inside her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth on his rod, saliva glistened off his shaft. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' Sarah sucked loudly on Tim's penis. It was everything he had imagined it would be. He reached down and caressed the soft skin of the side of her body, fingers trailing over her breast and stomach. He squeezed her ass softly, before sliding his hand around to her crotch.

She adjusted her body, allowing him access to her treasure, parting her legs slightly. He ran his fingers through the curls of her pubic hair until they found the moist heat of her slit. "Mmmmmph..." she moaned, still sucking his cock as she felt him nudge her clit. He ran his middle finger up and down the lips of her vagina, and her mouth seemed to take a more of a firm grip of his dick as she sucked it.

He slipped the finger into her warm, wet tunnel to the second knuckle. She moaned again, sucking him with even more enthusiasm. His finger slid in and out of her hungry pussy and she began to writhe her crotch against his hand. Sarah pulled his long penis out of her mouth with a 'slurp'.

"Will you fuck me again?" she asked. Obviously a rhetorical question. Her hand let go of his member and she lay on her back on the bed as he squeezed a leg in between hers. She parted her legs wider and Tim was able to get in between them. He grabbed his member and ran it down her sopping wet slit to her entrance. She lay before him, chest heaving in anticipation. He pushed forward and her wet cunt easily sucked him inside.

"Ohhhhhh God yes..." she moaned as he slid into her entirely in one stroke. He was engulfed in her heat, and his searching lips found hers. She kissed him eagerly, urgently rubbing her pussy up against him, trying to encourage him to fuck her. His cock glided out of her, slowly, until only the head was inside her. He pushed forward again, his manhood firing into her vagina hard. "Mmmmmph..." she sighed into his mouth.

He shot his tongue into her mouth as he began to slide in and out of her needy hole. The bed began to squeek to the rhythm as he fucked her. Sarah raised her legs up into the air, her feet flailing helplessly behind him as he thrust forward over and over. She was forced to break the kiss as he was fucking her too hard. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, her smallish tits were bouncing up and down to the rhythm. 'squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek' went the bed every time he pistoned into her.

After a few minutes, Tim finally began to tire a little. He slid his penis out of her pussy, and got out from between her sexy legs. He lay down beside her on his back and Sarah eagerly climbed on top of him, straddling him. She kissed him passionately, tongue darting into his mouth as she began to grind her cunt against his shaft. His hands slid down to her amazing ass, squeezing it, caressing it. He was conscious of her juices flowing onto his shaft as she rubbed against him, she was so wet! He needed back inside her.

Teasing him, she continued to kiss him, not letting him penetrate her. Both of them were breathing laboriously, lips smacking loudly as they made out. After what seemed like an eternity, Sarah broke the kiss and reached down underneath her ass. She grabbed his member and raised it up in the air. She pressed her horny cunt down on it, and her lips parted to allow him to enter. She sunk down his entire cock easily.

"Ohhhhhhh..." she groaned, arching her head back. He was once more sheathed in her warmth. He felt so good in side her, so filling. She put her hands on his chest and began to bounce her crotch up and down on his lap. His manhood slid in and out of her treasure over and over as she writhed on top of him. Her blonde hair was disheveled, half in her face as she drove herself down on him as if on a mission. 'squeek....squeek....squeek....squeek...' the squeeking of the bed was less rapid this time, since she couldn't fuck him as fast as he was fucking her.

This didn't stop her from hurtling towards an orgasm. "Unh! Unh! Unh! UNH!UNH!UNH!...OHHHHH!" she cried, cumming. She stopped riding him, rubbing her crotch hard against him as the violent orgasm overtook her. Her heart was pounding, she felt weak. Tim didn't want to stop. His hands gripped her ass tightly and he began to bounce his ass up off the bed, driving his manhood into her lightening quick.

She gasped for breath, unable to cry out as his actions extended her orgasm. "Ohhhhh..." she breathed out, finally, nearly collapsing on him. He continued fucking up into her, using long, hard strokes.

Not getting the leverage he would like, he stopped, lifting her up off of him. She felt a little bit of despair when she felt him slip out of her. She didn't want this to end! He gently motioned for her to stay where she was, so she remained on her hands and knees as he knelt behind her on the bed. His heart went into his throat. Without touching her, he nearly came.

This was his first ever look at Sarah's naked ass. The ass that wouldn't leave his mind since she wore that bikini 2 summers ago. He had yet to see a nicer ass. Two beautiful globes of creamy white, and he could see the swollen, pink lips of her cunt directly below. He couldn't stop a quiet moan of longing from escaping his lips. He would fuck that ass. Maybe not here and now, but at some point, he would fuck that amazing ass. He needed to fuck it. He knew he wouldn't stop obsessing about it until he did.

Tim couldn't help but bend and kiss her left ass cheek. He then kissed the right one. He could spend the entire day doing it, but he didn't want to seem like a nut, seeing as this was their first sexual experience together.

Through it all, Sarah knelt submissively in front of him, on her hands and knees. Her heart wouldn't stop pounding, her pussy wouldn't stop aching. She needed him back in her. Their was an itch deep inside her, and she needed his cock to scratch it.

He knelt behind her, holding his rock hard organ out before him and ran the fat mushroom head down the crack of her sexy bum. He felt a powerful urge to just force it in there, but he fought it down. Doing that before she was ready might blow a chance at any future encounters. He reached her moist slit, it seemed to be wetter than ever! He didn't push forward, wanting to tease her, but Sarah took matters into her own hands.

She rammed herself back against him, forcing his member inside her entirely.

"OHH! God yes!" she cried when she filled up with his manhood. He was caught off guard, both by her actions, and by the incredible, warm feeling that suddenly dominated his crotch area. She began to ram her ass back and forth against him, forcing him to fuck her.

Tim snapped out of it, and grabbed the sides of her lovely ass. He took it from there. All the lust of that day. All the lust of those years reached the boiling point right there. He slammed himself against her over and over as fast, and as hard as he could. His tight grip on her hips allowed him to force her to meet his every thrust. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!UNH!" she moaned as tingles shot from her pussy throughout her entire body. He was fucking her so hard! 'slap slap slap slap slap' his groin slapped against her ass with such force that the sounds overrode her cries. Her tits were rocking back and forth with every thrust, she bent her head, moaning. Her hair fell over her face as she welcomed another orgasm.

Tim looked over her entire body, filing this memory away as one he will keep forever (and refer to often when he was 'alone'). From the pinkish bottoms of her feet all the way up to her dishevelled, blonde hair, he remembered it all. He made the mistake of looking at her gorgeous ass again. Watching her cheeks shake with every rapid impact. That did it.

"I'm cumming!" he grunted, fucking her rapidly a few more times. His balls heated up, and slid his penis out of Sarah's vagina, about to realize another fantasy. "OHHHH..." he moaned, cock jerking in his hand. A long, thick stream of white fluid shot out the end of his prick. Sarah was gasping for breath, trying to regain her senses when she felt hot liquid land on her ass.

His dick spasmed again, this time he came on her other ass cheek. Cum just kept streaming out, his orgasm was very intense and it would not stop. He tried successfully to shoot the rest of his cum down her crack. He jerked his cock a couple more times, and when the last of his sperm appeared at the tip, he made sure to rub that on her ass as well.

He looked down at the picture he painted. Her perfect ass had his white jism all over it. Why didn't he have a camera!?!?! Sarah was moaning, only now catching her breath. He walked around the bed to the front where he bent to kiss her, brushing her hair out of her face. He kissed her over and over again, smiling.

Unfortunately, he could only stick around for another hour. It was just as well, they spent that hour talking and he was brought back to reality about her. A beautiful woman, but he just couldn't stand her! Still, Tim remembered his promise to himself about her amazing ass...

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