tagInterracial LoveThe Building Site Ch. 02

The Building Site Ch. 02


Meena rushed around catching up on her housework that afternoon. She had toyed with the idea of returning to the building site on the way to school, but sadly accepted she could not turn up at the school in the state she had got home in that morning, and she had too much to do to set out early anyway. She could hardly concentrate on what she was doing, she was so high on the adrenaline of the morning's events. Her pussy was still aching from the pounding it had received, but the empty feeling in her heart had gone.

As Meena walked to the school she passed the site though, and waved demurely to the workmen who were there, getting an enthusiastic response, with much waving and whistling. This made her feel ten feet tall, but only made her lust sharper.

That weekend her mood was buoyant, but if Naresh, her husband, noticed he made no comment. She even managed to have a friendly conversation with her sister-in-law when the family visited on Saturday -- normally she spoke only when spoken to. On the Saturday night, her husband, as usual without preamble, reached over in bed and lifted her nightdress to her waist. This was always the signal that he wanted sex, and he climbed on top of her and entered her without a word. He could not have failed to notice how wet she was and how little resistance he met. All day Meena had been in a state of arousal, and when alone had had her hand inside her knickers several times.

As the rapid thrusting began she lay still and thought of being penetrated by Eric's monstrous cock the day before, how her whole body was shaken by his brutal fucking, and the sensation inside as he stretched her little cunt. She thought of his huge sweating bulk on top of her, and the animal smell of him. Before she could reach a climax, however, Naresh finished, rolled off her and slept within minutes. As he lay still she brought herself to a silent climax with her middle finger.

Sunday passed all too slowly, consisting of cooking and cleaning, and watching TV. Naresh talked about his work at the accountancy firm, and she listened attentively, though her mind wandered now and then to the site office. In the afternoon she was listening to her children read their school books, when she looked up and found Naresh looking at her. She felt a moment of panic -- could he know what she had done? She felt a thrill of guilt, but he turned his gaze away without saying anything. She told herself she hadn't done so much wrong -- it wasn't an affair after all -- but deep down she knew the consequences of discovery.

Monday morning came eventually, and Meena was up earlier than usual. She got herself and the children ready, and in a state of high excitement she set off to the school with them. As she passed the building site, she looked out for the men, but on this morning there were none in view. Her heart sank. She was not sure what she hoped would happen but knew she could not stop at what had happened on Friday. How would she wait another day?

On her return after leaving her children at the school gates, she looked again, and to her relief, spotted some distant figures in safety helmets. Were they the same men? She did not have the adrenaline that drove her so blindly on Friday, and she had to screw up her courage to even enter the site. Eventually she set off towards them, this time lifting her hems above the dirt. As she drew near she was relieved to recognise Eric and Mike from her previous visit. She walked up to them and smiled. Eric beamed at her and waved weakly. Mike raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Back again?" he said. "What can we do for you today then?" This was where Meena had a problem -- she had not planned what she was going to say. Last week just seemed to happen, and she had hoped something similar might develop today. Over the weekend she had imagined various scenarios, but could never see how they would start.The tingle between her legs told her she had to do something. She looked at Mike.

"I..." she hesitated, clasping her hands together, and looking at them as she spoke. "I just wondered...I wondered if anyone else... had something to show me. Like Mr. Eric." She did not know how else to make it plain what she was there for, other than saying "Will someone please fuck me?", and she did not use that word.

As well as Eric and Mike, there was a tall black guy in his twenties, and a skinny teenager. There was silence for a moment. Mike looked at her and thought about his wife for all of two seconds. Then he looked at the pretty slim woman with the big brown eyes. He looked at her sandalled foot and a tiny ankle poking out from under her sari, and had a vision of the moment he saw those lovely legs with his workmate's big hairy white backside bobbing up and down between them, as he had strained to see through the office window last week. He was suddenly aware that he had a massive erection.

"Well, I guess I..." Meena smiled and almost ran to his side. Eric looked crestfallen.

"Do not worry, Mr. Eric," Meena said, seeing his disappointment. "I would very much like you to show me again soon." Eric seemed to cheer at this, and the other two workmen laughed, probably out of shock at hearing a respectable-looking woman speak like this in her careful accented English. Last Friday afternoon Eric had redoubled his efforts at whistling and shouting at passing young women, following the spectacular result it had brought in the morning, when this little goddess had come and submitted to his desires, but with a total lack of success and a lot of abuse from its victims.

Meena held Mike by the hand as they walked over to the office. She studied him as they went. He was a little taller than her husband, but much stockier. He was in his thirties, tanned, with streaked blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a couple of days' stubble, and wore an ear ring. He wore a high-visibility vest with nothing underneath, and dusty, stained black jeans.

Mike opened the office door. The familiar smoky smell hit Meena, and took her instantly back to Friday's adventure, increasing her arousal. Her heart was beating fast again, and she could not wait to have Mikes big dirty hands touch her. To her surprise and disappointment, though, there were two workmen in the office, talking and smoking, with two mugs of coffee on the desk. They looked up.

"Could you guys excuse us for ten minutes?" Mike seemed to have some authority, as they both got up and left, though they smirked as they went. Word had got round. Meena felt disappointed that he had said ten minutes, and hoped it might be longer. As soon as they had left, Mike wedged a steel-framed chair under the door handle. Meena reflected that she had not even thought of privacy with Eric. At that moment she wouldn't have cared if the whole crew had been in there watching. In fact it might have been a positive, and she suddenly remembered that she thought she had seen faces at the window while underneath him.

Mike was wondering where to start, but needn't have worried - Meena took the initiative and led him to sit on the sofa where she sat next to him, leaning against him and slipping a dainty hand inside his vest, stroking his chest, running her fingers through his copious chest hair. Mike put an arm around her, leant over and kissed her. Meena noticed the same taste of tobacco, but a smell of cheap aftershave with it. She felt Mike's tongue enter her mouth, and reciprocated - so this was how people kissed! She had wondered if it was just an unusual feature of Eric's technique.

Mike's other hand went straight to her breast, squeezing it through her blouse and bra. Meanwhile Meena's went straight to the front of his jeans, feeling for his erection. When she found it she grabbed for his zip in her lust and innocent enthusiasm. Mike had to release her breast and take over to avoid an accident -- when he pulled the zip down Meena could see that his cock had already escaped from his boxers. Meena eagerly grasped it in her hand -- it was unlike Eric's, not as fat, but still a little longer than her husband's, and with a lot more foreskin than either. Mike reached for the hem of her petticoat and lifted it to her knees. He stroked her legs, smooth and soft, and returned to kissing her pretty mouth. The feel of his rough palm on her skin was what she had waited for.

After a while his hand began to slide inside the petticoat along her thighs, which parted a couple of inches as he advanced. Before long his fingers reached the top, and made contact with her swollen lips -- he realised with a start that Meena had no panties on. Meena writhed as he touched her there -- the tingling hadn't subsided since she had left her house with the unaccustomed sensation of the cool air around her pussy, and now it increased as he fingered her clumsily. Her hand was still gently pumping Mike's shaft, and she squeezed it involuntarily.

Mike was a slightly more sophisticated lover than Eric, which wasn't difficult, but he was still in a hurry. He knelt on the floor and pushed Meena's knees apart. He lifted her sari and petticoat up as high as he could, exposing her bare cunt. It was unshaven but tidy, and her dark lips were swollen exposing just a little pink. He pulled her bottom towards the edge of the sofa, and positioned himself between her knees. As his face approached her, her thighs tensed for a moment -- this was outside her experience, but as Mike buried his face in her pubic hair, and his tongue then found her clitoris, she relaxed, and allowed him to push her legs up and apart.

"Oh my God, what are you doing?" she wailed. "Don't stop it, don't stop!" Mike flicked the tip of his tongue around her clit for a while, then pushed his tongue as far into her as he could, tasting her juices.

Mina shuddered with an orgasm -- she had never known sensations like these. As Mike pulled away, she looked over his shoulder and noticed the faces at the window again -- this time there was no mistaking them, and she recognised the large shape of Eric. She was lying on the sofa, with her lower half unclothed, and her legs wide apart, with three strange men staring straight at her most private parts.

Mike knelt between her legs, closer to the edge of the sofa. He held his cock in his hand, and rubbed it up and down Meena's soaking slit.

"Put it in, oh God, what are you waiting for? Put it into me, put it in!" Mike pushed the head of his cock between her lips until just the head had disappeared. Meena tried to push herself forward to get more of him in, but Mike held back.

"God, you're desperate for it, aren't you?" he said."Beg for it, then."

"Please put it in."

"Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to fuck your cunt."

*Oh God, please sir, please fuck my cunt, fuck me, please" whimpered Meena.

This seemed to turn both of them on even more, and Mike slid the rest of his length inside her to oblige. He started to piston in and out of her, and was surprised when she climaxed again after a couple of minutes -- she didn't make a sound, but she arched her back and grabbed his wrists which were supporting him on the edge of the sofa, and he felt her muscles contract around his cock. He continued his rhythm, and began to massage her clitoris with one thumb at the same time. Meena was surprised when he stopped, as she had not felt him finish. She looked inquiringly at him.

"Turn over" he said hoarsely, getting up off the floor and helping her up from the sofa. He turned her round and pushed her back down, positioning her kneeling where he had knelt, with her upper body face down on the sofa. He then knelt behind her and positioned himself between her legs. He lifted her petticoat to reveal a pair of perfect firm buttocks framing the entrance to her pussy, then put his cock into her opening, before roughly adjusting the angle of her pelvis until suddenly entering her all the way with a sigh.

He started to fuck her hard and fast now, his hands holding her roughly by the hips, and their skin slapping together as he gathered pace. Meena's face was buried in the cushions of the sofa, which smelled of dust and smoke. She was amazed by what Mike was doing to her -- she had no sexual experience beyond the marital bed (and Eric now of course), and no idea about different sexual positions, or oral sex. She had never imagined sex was anything more than what she endured on a Saturday night -- she had been a virgin when she married, and had lived a sheltered life, without any exposure to pornography. She had seen the implied eroticism of Indian movies, but found it difficult to connect it with her experience. This was thrilling - just the thought of a stranger's penis inside her was driving her wild, especially a rough, dirty uneducated man. This was a whole new world of pleasure, waiting to be explored.

When Mike eventually shot his load deep inside her, Meena was just reaching her third orgasm. Mike withdrew from her, and his semen spilled down her leg and onto her petticoat, which was already dirty from Mike's hands and the floor of the office. Her blouse showed the evidence of Mike's handprint, while her sari had come loose from her waist and trailed on the floor. Mina got up and did her best to make herself presentable, but still looked somewhat dishevelled. Mike zipped up his jeans and took her in his arms and kissed her hard again.

"Are you not getting it at home, sweetheart?" he asked her as he broke the kiss. He took hold of her ponytail and pulled her head back. She smiled sweetly at him but said nothing. Mike released her, moved the chair and opened the door, to find his three workmates standing outside.

"Enjoy the show boys?" he said. The black guy laughed and shook his head.

"Not impressed, I can do better than that, my friend" he said, grinning.

"Fuck off, Leon" replied Mike irritably. "What about you Wayne?" he asked the skinny youth. "Bet you've never seen a woman naked before anyway" he laughed. Wayne blushed and said nothing. Eric just smiled at Meena, remembering how he had destroyed her little pussy three days earlier.

"You coming back again then, miss?" he said hopefully.

"I think I will be back tomorrow" replied Meena. "But I do not know who I would like to fuck me then. You boys can decide and inform me when I come". She felt confident now that someone would take up her offer, even if it was only Eric.

"Come on lads, let's get some work done" said Mike sharply, and turned to walk away. The others followed him, and Meena could hear them arguing about something. She imagined with a thrill that they were arguing about who would be next to get inside her.

She turned and walked across the mud towards the road. As she walked she thought of the three cocks that she had had inside her in the last few days, and how different they all were. She also knew that she craved more -- she now knew what was missing in her life: it was sex, but not like she had known before.

She arrived home, where after a quick shower and change of clothing she resumed her daily routine. Her head was spinning, and she had to try to drive the lustful thoughts from her mind at least for a few hours.

That night in bed she even contemplated approaching her husband for sex, which was unheard of, but decided he would probably consider her little more than a whore if she did. She would have to wait again...

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