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The Bulb


The phone was ringing as she hurried quickly through the door, setting the groceries on the kitchen counter.

"Hello," she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Hey!" he laughed. "What're you breathing so hard for Did ya start without me"

Wrinkling her nose, she had to giggle. "No, silly," she answered. I was unloading groceries.....but if you WANT me to, starting without you is not a problem."

He laughed and replied, "Well babe, you know where the toys are. I'll catch up with you when I get home."

"You wish!!!!" she chuckled. "Go work. I love you. Bye."

Her mind roamed as she put supper on to cook. She recalled the short conversation with him, and nodded absently. She walked into the bathroom off the bedroom and pulled the bag out, hanging it on the shower rod. Then she rummaged around until she found what she was looking for......the bulb syringe. Smiling, she washed it carefully and filled it. Then she filled the bowl he kept there just for that purpose, and quickly removed her jeans and panties. A short squirt of Ivory into the bowl, and she was ready.

She knelt on the towel and spread her legs just enough to open her cheeks as she lubed her anus, inserting her finger as far as she could reach. She coated the tip of the bulb and took a deep breath, bearing down. Leaning over, she pushed the tip in and moaned as her sphincter tightened around it. She allowed herself the luxury of time, and waited until she relaxed enough to take the rest of the nozzle. When it was all the way in, she gave the bulb a good hard squeeze and trembled as she felt the water flow deep into her rectum.

He stood in the doorway, watching as she struggled with the bulb.He shed his clothes as he walked through the bedroom. Moaning, she relentlessly kept trying until she felt his hand caress her butt. Want some help" he asked quietly.

She nodded, biting her lip to keep from whimpering. "Please," she whispered.

He helped her to her feet and taking the towel, spred it over the closed lid on the commode. Sitting down, he gently pulled her over his lap.

"Now," he said, running his hand over her cheeks and down to tease her dripping puss. He felt the hard nub that was her clit and chuckled. "You really did a good job of starting without me hon."

She could feel him harden as he touched her, but she wanted the bulb. "Please," she pleaded softly, "Please."

He filled the bulb and teased her bum as he slid the nozzle home. She relaxed against him and sighed. It felt so good to let someone else do it. Within minutes she was full and could hold no more. "I need to go," she said, and he didn't encourage her to take more. He wasn't sure how much she had taken before he got home.

Raising the lid she sat quickly and he stood in front of her, rubbing her back as she expelled in torrents. Looking up at him, she reached for him and he backed away slightly. "No," he grinned. "I have plans for this."

After she finished, she stepped into the shower to wash off and he handed her a towel as he kissed her hungrily. She was dripping and more than ready for him, as he turned her to the wall and entered her. He had known he wouldn't make it to the bed with her. She leaned against the wall, pushing back to take him deeper and cried out, "Fuck my ass!!!" Pulling out, he needed no lube as he pressed against her well dilated anus, sliding in.

He groaned as he felt the velvet vice clench around him, increasing his pace. She matched him stroke for stroke, and they cried out as they exploded one after the other in shuddering climax.

She slid to the floor as he knelt beside her. "You okay" he asked, brushing her hair from her damp face. Nodding happily, she replied, "Yes."

She glanced over at the bulb. "You're not angry with me"

"Why would I be" he asked, puzzled.

"For using your bulb." she answered.

He grinned, and shook his head. "Nahhh," he said. "It can be sterilized, but I just may have to bust your ass to teach you to wait."

"Anytime," she giggled, kissing him. "I love being a bad girl with you."

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