tagFetishThe Bull, the Bitch, and the Cupboard

The Bull, the Bitch, and the Cupboard


Bill is the gym jock and he's sitting butt naked in my front room, ass cheek to sofa, with his hand wrapped around that semi hard monster cock. Nine inches in length and he hasn't even started yet.

He has that smug grin on his face, the kind he has after he gives me a shiner. A bitter beer in his hand that the stud has helped himself to too.

He's pure trash. I don't know what the girls see in him. When he isn't being mean to people all he does is go to the gym and play rugby. He probably mugs people too. I wouldn't put it past him. I mean he steals my money all the time but that's just standard.

Every day he sends me home with a black eye, or limping, or simply weeping my eyes out. My lovely mum has always asked me what's happening, I can never ever say though. The words just don't come out of my lips. I'm too frightened he will do something else.

He's been gloating to his friends recently, telling them that they've matched on Tinder, and she's been sending him the kind of pictures that are no way safe for work. I don't believe him though, it's just a mind game. No way on earth would my mum be interested in a pig like him. She probably isn't even on Tinder.

It has been a year since my dad passed, but surely it's too soon for her to even be thinking about dating again. Plus the age difference. She's 33, Bill is 18. No way is it possible.

You should hear the way he talks about her too. It's not right. Calling her a slag, and a total milf. Saying her tits are perfect size for his cock to fuck. Saying she's gagging for it. All of his mates go along with it too. It makes my blood fucking boil.

Never the less, it's come down to this. With me locked up in the living room cupboard, a pair of my mum's dirty knickers stuffed in my mouth. Petrified to even move a muscle while my evil tormentor lounges around in my house.

I should be round my friends house tonight for a sleepover but instead I'm stuck in this pitch black cramped hell hole.

It must have been half an hour since he locked me up in here, the beating he gave me doesn't hurt so much now. I can hear what he's doing, watching a porno on TV. He's got it up so loud, he clearly just does not give a fuck. Drinking my beer and having a wank on my sofa, it's just dirty. I know mum will be home soon.

She always get back from work at half 7 on the dot. It must be getting close to that soon. God I hope that she doesn't come home now, please. Just let her be late for once.

Suddenly I hear his phone beep and then turn the TV off. The rooms dead quiet. He's walking somewhere too. Thank fuck, I think he's leaving. I think he's going before mum get's home!

In reality, on the other side of this locked cupboard that could not be further from the truth. You see she just sent him a text, and he's getting ready.

"five mins away big boy, sorry I'm a little late, I stopped off to grab some wine from the shop. Hope you've found the spare key, it's under the plant pot if not. Help yourself to some booze, I'm sure my son won't mind. He shouldn't be in because I got him to stay round his mates tonight. I can't fucking wait to meet you xxxxxxx"

To which he simply replied with a pic of his hung dick next to the beer can in his hand. Bills cock is even bigger than the can. "Get your ass here now."

A few minutes later I hear the car speeding into the drive way. The wheels spin on the gravel outside, then it's only moments before she's burst through the door.

She's dressed up nicely from work. Wearing a tight blue dress that looks classy, even if a little short. Her sizeable 32 C boobs are pushed up just for Bill. My lovely mum has a pearl necklace on, the last valentines day gift that Dad ever gave her. Her hair is tied up neatly in a bun, and her blue eyes are gawping directly up and down my bully's cock.

"Oh. My. God." Her handbag, keys and jaw drop to the floor with a clunk.

Bill has that smirk on, his hand slowly jerking his huge white cock. Showing her every inch and detail of his throbbing pipe.He doesn't even have to say anything, just looks her up and down and takes a swig of his beer. That is all it takes to make her cheeks glow cherry red with a blush.

"Well, I'm Rosie..." She lightly giggles, trying to make this surreal situation seem a little more normal, even though she can't take her eyes away from his dick for longer than a second. "...It's nice to meet you."

I can hear everything. What the fuck is going on? Did she just greet him? Please don't do this.

His smirk says it all, clearly not interested in chit chat. The first words that come out of his mouth are a very cocky "Crawl to me."

I think she must have been hesitant at first, but soon enough I can hear the sounds of wet sucking coming from the room. This is the moment my heart starts to shatter.

She's on her knees in between his big strong legs, her lips kissing down his massive cock. Planting sweet kisses on every hard inch. Followed by her tongue licking all the way up. She's sucking on his dick for a good few minutes. I can hear her enjoying herself. She mmm's every now and then.

"You've been needing this for a long time haven't you, Rosie?"

"Mm, fuck yeah, you're so yummy. I could suck this dick all day."

"Good slut." He lays his now wet cock on her face, rubbing it from side to side. "Show me how much you want it."

"So much" She moans, kissing the underside of his shaft.

He cock slaps her twice.

"So badly..." She slips her tongue out of her mouth like a doggy, and he pats his humungous shaft down on her several times.

It's impossible not to cry. I can hear everything. Suddenly I hear her pearl necklace smash on the wooden floor making her gasp. He must have ripped it off. "It's alright, I'll give you another one when I'm finished with you."

She looks up at him in awe, red faced and flushed. A little dribble seeping from her lips. She begs him to take her now, and the bully commands her to lose the clothes. It only takes her moments to get naked, and it takes him even less time to bend her over the arm of the sofa. Squeezing her boobs as handles, and stuffing her back doors in raw. No protection at all. Just her gushing wet pussy and his almighty cock.

She is just a toy for him to use right now, making her squeal after every single thrust. He savagely pummels her, making her ankles shake though an orgasm just minutes in. Jesus. It sounds like they're going to break the sofa.

After 10 of the most painful minutes of my life, I hear him grunt "That's it slut, ride me. Milk my cock."

He must be sat down on the sofa with her willingly straddling him. "Ooowh yeah, baby, this is so fuckin good."

Bills sat there with my mum's tits in his face, bouncing her up and down on his lap, and she's loving it.

They're at it for absolutely ages. He must be fucking her to exhaustion. A while later I hear him grunt "Fuck it, your ass is mine."

Soul crushingly, the answer my mum whimpers is "...Yes please."

I hate to imagine the position that they are in now. The truth is horrible. He has her in full Nelson, and if you aren't aware that is a wrestling move. He's locked both her arms by reaching under her armpits, pushing her head down by his hands behind her head. Her legs are flailing out like an upside chicken. She cant do anything but take it up the ass and moan, loudly.

It's not long before she's squirted all over the floor, screaming as she does it "Fuck me!"

He pushes her off into the puddle, her knees now slippy and wet. I can hear "Gluck gluck gluck" as he fucks her face.

After what seems like hours of torture he's finally done. I can hear him grunt as he shoots his load all over her tits. "Whore, give it final kiss."

"Mm, thankyou. That was the best sex I have ever had in my life."

"You're beautiful, Rosie." He's actually nice to her for once. "Now go cook us up something."

The rest of the evening is just as awful. She makes up some lasagne. It smells delicious, and I'm so fucking hungry. I haven't eaten anything since the walk back earlier.

When they're done eating they have a little wine, watching a movie on TV. When they turned on the tele he made me feel sick with lies. "Ha. Someone's been watching porn."

"Oh my god..."

"Must have been your son? Before he went to his mates house?"

"Oh god yeah, that's so bad. He's such a little pervert. I'll have to mention it to him."

"Don't be too harsh, Rosie. Just maybe laugh at it. He'll get the message. As long as he says sorry."

"Yeah, that's great advice, babe."

The film lasts a couple hours, I can hear every scene, and when the movie finally stops, I can hear them kissing on the sofa again. It hurts to hear them kiss but what happens next is unthinkable. She whispers to him "My room, lets go."

Minutes later the sound of the creek of her bed invades my ears over and over again. He's shagging her again. Twice in one night? And he's lasting for so fucking long. Please stop soon, Bill.

It's not even twice. They go at it again when I'm nearly falling asleep, and once more in the morning.

She get's ready for work and kisses him goodbye, after what sounds like a long lustful blowjob at the doorway, until finally my torment is over.

Bill unlocks the cupboard and throws me on the floor. He rips the tape off my mouth and gets me to spit out her dirty knickers.

"Your mum is addicted to my dick. Kiss my boot if you want me to stop fucking her."

I look up to him humiliated and broken, before kneeling down to kiss his boot. I will get my revenge.

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More please!

More bullies dominating hot moms!

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that black pregnates the mother

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by Anonymous10/14/18

It's okay, but...

...it'd be even better if, at the end, the mother discovered the little fag and both she and the bully laughed in his face, and then /she/ was the one who made her son lick his boot...or lick /somethingmore...

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what the fuck is it with you sorry excuses for men?

Just write a story where the guy fucks you up the ass until you can't walk and submit it to "gay male" section since that's obviously your REAL kink.

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