tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Bullpen Ch. 07

The Bullpen Ch. 07


Had it really only been five weeks? To Erica Rivers, it felt as if it had been over a year since she'd first entered the Bullpen. Thirty-four days earlier, she'd stepped into the Observation Room a ball of a nerves, a button-down, sexually conservative introvert. Her breasts had gone from a B-cup to a double D, her voice had dropped a quarter octave, and she had actually grown three inches in height in just the past month, but the biggest changes had happened not physically, but emotionally and psychologically.

Erica lay stretched out on the clinically-white floor of the Bullpen. She was stark naked, her hair mussed and her body coated in a glistening sheen of perspiration. Though the lights in the room were dimmed, Erica's bewitching green eyes were still wide open, the girl lying on her back and staring up into the empty space overhead. It was her own form of twilight, the moments between orgasm and slumber, and her fingers were still contentedly running across the smooth skin of her stomach. She was more than slender, her narrow waist providing a stark contrast to her ample bosom, the former a product of a controlled diet and mandatory exercise, the latter a product of biochemical enhancements.

Erica's breasts were, in a word, perfect. They were immense, round, and entirely symmetrical. Her nipples, still excited from her recent sexual activity with herself, stood straight out and up into the air. Of course, Erica and those who had watched the past few weeks would have been hard pressed to remember a moment when the girl's nipples hadn't been rock hard. The nipples themselves sat at the center of a pair of luscious, brown areolas, each of which sat higher on Erica's breasts than perhaps normal – their positioning, even before the deuterotone-induced breast augmentation, giving a bit more visual heft to the underside of each tit.

The girl's pussy was bare, completely devoid of pubic hair, allowing the juices upon her still-engorged labia to glimmer all the better in the weak lighting. Since first masturbating beneath the Bullpen's shower on the thirteenth day of the deuterotone experiment, Erica's vagina had been the near-constant center of attention, her pastime inside the small room and out. One could argue that it had held her rapt even before that late-night self-pleasure session, as Erica had been unable to concentrate on anything other than her own carnal need a week before succumbing to her animal desires. From that point forward, however, the dark-haired girl guessed that she had gotten herself off, on average, about nine or ten times per day. The video footage would provide a more concrete number, but Erica estimated that she'd made herself cum a total of over two hundred times, either with her fingers or with the toys that had been left as gifts for her, and her twat. The number seemed unfathomable, but given twenty-two days since that first instance, and little else to keep her busy, Erica knew the sum to be fairly accurate – even if didn't include the three times Wendy Milne had eaten her out (at two hundred bucks a pop, no less), the night she'd spent with Colin and Jamie Eggert, and the day with Hannah Cho just three days earlier.

She had stripped for her science, bared her body to save her company time and money, shed her clothes in order to establish her own reputation as a biochemist. Though Erica had been a last minute stand-in for the twenty-one-year-old girl originally slated to undergo the experimental deuterotone treatment, she couldn't imagine not being her own guinea pig at this point. She couldn't imagine still living in the same rigid manner in which she had conducted herself for twenty-nine years. She couldn't imagine still timidly retreating into herself in the presence of another person. She couldn't imagine how she'd have been able to carry on without discovering herself, discovering her body, and discovering the joy of true sexual release.

Erica fantasized again about being on the end of Colin's cock, sliding up and down upon it, both their bodies wet with Erica's fluids. She remembered the sweet taste of Hannah's pussy, her tongue delving deep inside her friend as Hannah's explored the inner folds of Erica's own, the two girls locked in sixty-nine. And she nearly came again, recalling when she'd leaned back on the ops desk, her ass mashing the keyboard beneath her, and for the first time let another woman – Wendy – lick her to orgasm.

But Colin was married. Hannah was engaged. And Wendy, well, Erica doubted she'd be paying the peroxide blonde's service fee once she had access to the unsuspecting population of Avon, outside the ConnPharm walls. She'd be released by four or five o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and even though the dark-haired girl was dreading the thought of resuming her daily life, she was salivating over the thought of retiring to bed the following evening with an unknown gentleman. Perhaps two. Three?

It made Erica sad, honestly, to think that this Sunday evening would be her last in the Bullpen. She had brainstormed for reasons to remain in the room – a few last tests, a few extra readings. She had wondered what experiment she could run in the next few weeks or months that would require her to return to her current confines for even a few hours. Both scenarios were unlikely, however, as she and her partner, Noah Forsythe, would be finished with early analysis, and be moving quickly forward on Phase One trials. Even if she were able to convince Bill Forrester and Natalie Hart that she required the company's expensive scanners in order to sequester a female test subject inside, it wouldn't be her. Her Category F eligibility expired the moment Hannah had first injected her with deuterotone, and it would be a full twelve months before Erica would be allowed to apply for reinstatement. And, truth be told, with DD-cup breasts, it was unlikely that Erica would be granted any more breast enhancements.

She had, however, planned on getting a breast reduction – at least until about two weeks earlier, when things had fallen apart with Tom. Sure, she'd contemplated keeping her enlarged chest before then, but never seriously. In the initial aftermath of agreeing to be her own test subject, Erica had planned on having the reduction the day after being released from the Bullpen, ensuring that Tom wouldn't see what she had done to herself. As her tits grew, and her bodily desires grew along with them, she thought about letting him see them once or twice before having them reduced. But now, Erica was firmly in favor of keeping them. They were, after all, a testament to her scientific success, the fruit of her labor over the past few years. And, more than that, the thought of eyes upon them - upon her body, as she walked through the mall, or down the street, or down the very halls of ConnPharm – only served to lubricate her twat that much more than usual.

She craved sex now more than she ever had, her whole life through. Not fingering herself. Not toys. Not cunnilingus. Erica needed flesh-and-blood penetration in a way she needed air to breathe. Her night with Colin only served to remind her what she'd been missing in the weeks she'd been inside the Bullpen, and away from her boyfriend. The prospect of being released, as the hours dwindled inside the walls of ConnPharm, further stimulated the girl, as she knew exactly how she planned to spend her first night free – even if she didn't know with whom. Each second ticked by slowly, as the girl pictured her imaginary lover deep-dicking her from behind, from the missionary position, from beneath, and from a few other positions Erica wondered were anatomically possible.

It was a double-edged sword, of course. The girl longed for a man to be inside her, but she remained anxious about leaving her current environment behind. If there were another subject, an Adam to her Eve, she was sure she could remain blissfully in captivity for the foreseeable future. The Bullpen had been her prison, but it had also been her cocoon. It had changed her physically, emotionally, and psychologically, leaving her more aware of herself, more aware of her desires, and more aware of her own personal, sexual fetishes. Erica Rivers had grown in more ways than she had first intended.


The door to the Bullpen slowly rumbled open as the steady, gentle hum of the TW emitters powered down. The recording device had been up and running for thirty-five days straight, but the deuterotone experiment had drawn to a close, successfully. The five figures waiting in the Observation Room were exposed to the outcome of all their hard work over the previous five weeks, as Erica Rivers stepped naked from the darkening room, her enormous breasts on display for all.

The deuterotone that had been injected into Erica had elicited a second puberty, of sorts. Her breasts had grown, most noticeably, but her chest wasn't all that had been chemically enhanced in her physique. Standing 5'7" when she first entered the Bullpen, Erica left now at 5'11". And her voice was deeper, huskier – a product of expanded vocal chords. She had been attractive before the experiment, if conservative in dress and demeanor, but in the weeks between first day and the last, she had become every inch the embodiment of male fantasy – long legs, huge tits, narrow waist, and an unquenchable sex drive.

It was a few minutes before five when the experiment officially drew to a close, and a small get-together had been convened to celebrate the team's accomplishment. A larger event was being planned for the following night in the ConnPharm function hall upstairs, where company directors, executive management, significant stockholders, and fellow ConnPharm employees would gather to applaud Erica, her partner Noah Forsythe, their lab assistants, and the technical staff of the Bullpen who made the whole experiment possible. But tonight, only Colin Eggert, Noah Forsythe, Jake Rinaldi, Natalie Hart, and Hannah Cho waited for the naked girl to step from her prison. Two bottles of champagne, and a collection of wine glasses sat on the lunch table to one side of the Observation Room.

Some measure of privacy had been awarded to Erica at the start of the experiment, Noah and Colin waiting patiently for the girl to strip while averting their eyes at the ops desk. No longer; both men were as comfortable around the naked girl as she now was with them, both men smiling at the sight of their bare-skinned friend. Hannah Cho and Jake Rinaldi were both new additions, and the latter leered a bit more than anyone else in the room but the staring didn't unnerve Erica. In fact, it only served to feed her lust.

Natalie Hart welcomed Erica into the Observation Room. "Congratulations," she smiled, and undeterred by the dark-haired girl's nudity, she leaned in for a hug. The two embraced, neither seeming the least bit unsettled by the fact that one of them wore no clothes. A hug followed from Hannah, but the men hung back. Despite the fact that Colin had fucked Erica six ways to Sunday nine nights earlier, he was too modest to approach.

"When you get dressed," the technician acknowledged.

Erica nodded, and looked to Noah. "Last chance," she offered, opening her arms.

The tall, auburn-haired scientist chuckled uncomfortably. Erica had been intimate with both Hannah and Colin, Natalie had never seemed phased by the dark-haired girl's state of undress, and Jake had the tendency to come off as a lech. Of the group, only Noah seemed be awkward about Erica, her nudity, and her behavior over the previous five weeks. He stammered, "I'll wait," nodding in the direction of her locker.

"Suit yourself," the girl smiled.

Natalie herded the men to the far side of the Observation Room, offering to pour the champagne as Erica dressed. Hannah, though, followed her friend past the exercise equipment, to the bank of lockers where she herself had kept her clothes during her twenty-four hours inside the Bullpen. Her own time naked had been short, but she understood the conflicted emotions Erica had to have been feeling, more than any of the others present. Hannah, if only for a brief amount of time, had been an object of desire, the sexual fantasy for Bullpen technicians and other ConnPharm employees – not to mention the white girl she'd licked to orgasm a dozen or so times over the course of an afternoon.

"It's going to be hard to move on, isn't it?" Hannah asked, taking a seat on the weight bench.

Erica stood before her, reaching into the open cubby in which she'd stored her clothes over the past month. "It is," the girl allowed, "but I'm not sure that it's going to hit me right away."

"It's funny," she continued, pulling her tweed skirt from the locker. "I spent the first week and half inside thinking about this moment, the moment that I could get dressed and go home. But ever since that first wave of libido overtook me, it hasn't really been an issue. I mean, I don't think I've felt the urge to get dressed even once in the past two weeks or so."

She placed the skirt on the bench beside her friend, and then retrieved the white, button-down blouse and alluring pink lace bra. The matching panties, which Erica had hung so tantalizingly on view in the locker, had been stolen a week earlier. But the missing undergarments didn't annoy the naked girl in the least – the thought of someone masturbating with them, while thinking about her, got her more than a little excited. And, she noted to herself, it wasn't as if she'd be wearing her bra home, either, as her breasts had gotten far too large to be contained in its meager B cups.

Erica fingered the material of her bra. Had her chest really been that small? It seemed foreign to her, unfamiliar, and not just because of the size. It would take time before she felt fully comfortable in clothes.

She smiled, and joked, "I just hope that my body doesn't break out in a rash, with me having to be dressed again."

"You'll be fine," Hannah assured her.

Erica put the pink brassiere aside, and reached for her blouse. Taking a deep breath, and avoiding eye contact with the Korean, the naked girl put one arm through a sleeve, and then another, shrugging the open blouse over her shoulders. It struck her, as she did so, that she felt more naked at that moment than she had in weeks. While there was an element of naturalness in complete nudity, being half-dressed only served to remind her that she was still half-naked.

The first few buttons came easily, but the shirt got tighter as her fingers approached her bust. Giggling, she looked to Hannah, and observed, "I might have a problem here."

Hannah nodded. Erica's shirt was going to be far too tight to accommodate her more ample bosom. Still, Erica took the buttons up as far as they would go, leaving the shirt open towards the top. A healthy amount of cleavage was on display as the buttons strained to keep the material closed. And, almost thwarting the very nature of clothing itself, Erica's two adamantine nipples poked through the thin, white material.

The shirt hung down past Erica's hips, and a casual observer might not have been able to tell if the girl were wearing panties or not. This didn't last, however, as the girl bent at the waist to slide the tweed skirt up her legs. Her twat was on display for everyone behind her – in this case, Hannah – before Erica pulled the skirt around her waist, and fastened it in the back.

Erica smoothed the skirt, surprised by how long it was. She'd grown four inches taller in the Bullpen, but the outfit, from the waist down at least, seemed even more conservative than she remembered. The hem hung above her knees, but Erica had a difficult time reconciling the skirt's actual length with how risqué it had seemed in her previous life. Adding to the Puritanical feeling the dress seemed imbued with was the fact that it hung loose around her waist. Though Erica had grown four inches, and added more than a few inches to her chest, the increase in weight had been offset by her increased exercise and consequent weight loss. She had always been able to describe herself as "thin" or "slender," but the girl now found herself worrying if any of her clothes at home would fit her.

Given the nature of her existing wardrobe, Erica wondered if shopping for new clothes was such a bad thing, anyway.

"So what's the first thing you're doing when you get home?" Hannah asked.

Erica shot the girl a wicked grin, and Hannah smiled knowingly in return. It had been forty-five minutes since the dark-haired girl had last masturbated, and there was little question about what she'd be doing the minute her front door was closed behind her.

"Other than that," the Korean girl stipulated.

I'm going to get laid, Erica thought to herself. She knew what she'd be doing that evening, all right, even if she hadn't figured out the logistics - the who, the where, or the how. She was going to find herself a partner with whom she could get herself off, with whom she got lay back and simply be fucked. Instead of revealing the full depravity of her plans that evening with her friend, Erica instead smiled, and offered, "I'll probably go out."

Erica slipped into the black pumps that had lain, unused, at the bottom of the locker. Looking her friend the eye, she added, "You're more than welcome to come with me."

Hannah swallowed. It was clear that she wanted to join her friend, in whatever adventures awaited Erica that evening. But in the battle between Hannah's inner demons and better angels, she sided with the latter, resisting temptation and remaining loyal to her fiancée. She shook her head, explaining, "I've got dinner with Hyun-Shik's parents tonight."

Erica shrugged. As she slipped into her simple, mid-heel pumps, she reflected on Hannah's decision. Erica had never in her life trolled bars in order to pick up a sexual partner for the evening, and she had little clue as to technique or tactics, though she doubted it would be difficult. Still, having Hannah there made things a bit more comfortable and familiar, as she wouldn't have to interact with a complete stranger on her own. In her entire life, she'd slept with only seven people, four of them men, all but three in the past few weeks, and none of them were people Erica could have described as "strangers" at the time. But then, she wasn't looking for a relationship – all she wanted that evening was a cock inside of her, and it mattered little who the man was attached to it.

"And you've got tomorrow off, don't you?" Hannah asked.

"Natalie told me that I had the entire week," Erica answered as she reached for her earrings. Most of her jewelry was sitting in a locked drawer in her office, but the earrings had been an oversight the first time she'd entered the Bullpen. "But I'm only taking tomorrow. I've got work to do here, and it seems kind of unfair to put it all on Noah and my assistants."

"I'm sure they'd understand, seeing how much you've given of yourself these past few weeks."

"Yeah, but I'm not quite sure what I'd do with myself for an entire week," Erica said, though her libido certainly had a few suggestions as to how she could spend the next few days. "And the sooner we get all the paperwork filed, the sooner we can move deuterotone to Phase One trials."

"But you're giving yourself tomorrow, at least?" Hannah worried about her friend pushing herself too hard, not taking any time to even reflect upon her experience within the Bullpen.

"Well, I've got to get my car out of the impound lot, at least," she explained. Apparently, her Jetta had been towed two weeks earlier, after sitting in the ConnPharm parking lot for close over twenty-two days. Jake Rinaldi had apologized to her earlier in the day, when it had come to his attention, and he'd spent the bulk of his day trying to get it back for her. Unfortunately, the local police weren't about to release the car to anyone but Erica Rivers herself.

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