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Sheri was the new girl in the office. She was beautiful and stylish with long legs and a great rack. None of these qualities had caught Frank's attention. When she walked past his cubicle on her first day his eyes were glued to the skin tight white pants that wedged into a deep crevice between her robust heart-shaped buns. Frank was about to cream his pants as he watched her sway down the hall. He couldn't help it. After all, he was an ass man. Buns were his obsession.

Frank followed Sheri after work. He couldn't stand the thought of letting such a perfect pair of buns out of his sight. He knew it was crazy but he couldn't help himself. He was surprised when she met their boss, Mr. Raymond, outside of his private club. Frank ducked into a bar across the street and watched them go inside. He ordered a drink and waited for Sheri to reappear but it never happened. He finally returned home half drunk. It was almost midnight.

Frank staggered into the bedroom and looked down at his wife Marcy who was sleeping face down on the bed. He pulled back the covers and lifted her night shirt. His cock grew hard from staring at the reason he had married her. Her naked cheeks rose like rounded half moons from her thighs before they tapered down into the contour of her back. He ripped off his clothes, climbed onto her back and slid his cock into the valley between her creamy spheres.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Marcy protested groggily as she stirred to life, "I was sleeping."

Frank didn't answer. He closed his eyes and fucked his cock between her cheeks pretending it was Sheri's ass he was pressed against. Marcy shifted and tilted her buns so he could enter her. Frank's cock found the moist opening of her pussy. He heard her moan as it slid deep into her juicy cunt. He fucked her in long deep strokes with his eyes closed.

The image that filled Frank's head while he was fucking his wife was of Sheri. She was standing naked in front of his desk with her legs apart. She was bent at the waist looking back at him. Her meaty ass cheeks were spread open. The nub of her tight pink asshole stared at him just above a swollen and shaved pussy which was folded open and seeping with desire. He pounded his cock into Marcy faster and harder with desperate and jerky thrusts.

"Slow down, Frank," she demanded with a tone of incredulity at his unusually aggressive behavior. "What has gotten into you?"

Frank barely heard her. His cock slammed into her again and again. Marcy shrugged her shoulders and relaxed figuring if Frank was that horny then she would just let it happen. Besides, she liked the way he was taking her almost by force. It was a little kinky but exciting all the same. She tilted her ass in the air and reached between her legs to rub her clit. She might as well get off if she was going to get fucked.

Frank was in another world. He imagined his face moving closer to Sheri's perfect ass. His tongue snaked out between her buns and licked her pink treasure. Sheri moaned and squirmed against him. In the real world his cock continued to hammer his wife's cunt relentlessly but Frank's mind was with Sheri. He could almost hear her words as she spoke in a breathless voice.

"Get up here and fuck me in the ass, Frank. I want to feel your big cock sliding into my asshole."

In one swift motion Frank pulled his cock out of Marcy's pussy and slid it between her cheeks until the head pressed against the tight knot of her asshole. Before she could protest he pushed hard. Her sphincter was pried open. His cock slid deeper and deeper. Marcy struggled to pull away.

"What the fuck are you doing? Get you cock out of my ass," she yelled.

Marcy continued to struggle but Frank was relentless. He hammered Marcy's asshole with his eyes closed tight. She finally quit struggling and just let it happen. Besides, it actually felt good. Frank didn't have to know that his wasn't the first cock that had been up her ass that day. As far as he knew she was still an anal virgin and he was taking her cherry.

Frank was lost in another place and time. He could practically feel Sheri rotating her ass against his thrusting cock and looking over her shoulder to let him know how much she enjoyed it. It was too much. His cock swelled. He thrust hard and grunted. Stream after stream of hot cum sprayed into his wife's bowels until he was spent.

Marcy shuddered one last time before Frank pulled his cock from her tight orifice. She hoped that he had been so preoccupied that he hadn't noticed her orgasm. It had caught her completely by surprise. It turned her on to be taken forcibly, something Frank had never done before. She was still perplexed by the words he had blurted out as he was shooting cum inside her, something like, "Ohhh... Sheeeerrrriiii."

Frank quickly scrambled out of bed and through the door once he was depleted. He didn't want to face the fireworks that were sure to come once he let Marcy go. She locked the door and went to the bathroom to cleanup. Cum was oozing out of her ass and running down her legs. There was a lot of it.

Chapter 1 -- The Initiation

Marcy looked at herself in the mirror and saw a different woman from the one who had awaken yesterday morning still an anal virgin. It wasn't from a lack of Frank trying. Frank had seemed so caring and gentle when they were dating but after they married he changed. It began on their honeymoon. The first night he tried to fuck her in the ass. He told her that there should be no limits to what a husband and wife do in bed but she felt it was dirty and disgusting and refused to let him do it.

Frank became obsessed with her ass. He continued to do things like put a finger up her butt or lick her asshole when he was eating her but she kept pushing him away. He would often bring home skimpy thongs and tiny outfits he would buy at an adult store and ask her to pose and show off her ass. Even though she thought it was strange, she complied like a good wife and enjoyed the sex that followed but drew the line every time he tried to invade her asshole.

Everything changed for Marcy the day she was looking through the computer and came across his collection of female asses. There were thousands of pictures including some of her taken without her knowledge while he was fucking her from behind. She also found an entire movie collection of anal fucking. She was shocked by this discovery and decided to seek advice from her best friend. Susan was light years ahead of Marcy when it came to sex.

"Don't be so uptight," Susan told Marcy. "Frank's an idiot but then so are most men. So what if he jerks off over pictures of female butts. He's an ass man. That's probably why he married you. Has he ever fucked you in the ass?"

"No," Marcy practically yelled. "I mean he wants to but... well it isn't normal."

"Well that's your problem, Marcy. Frank wants to fuck you in the ass and you won't let him. Heck, if I were a guy I'd want to fuck you in the ass. You have a set of buns most girls would die for."

"I don't know," Marcy replied, "I don't think I could do it. It would hurt."

"How do you know until you try?" Susan asked. "A lot of women enjoy it. I know I do. There is something so nasty and at the same time sensual about having a hot pulsating piece of hard flesh shoved deep into your bowels."

"Really? You make it sound romantic. I guess I'm just a coward."

"Well if you change your mind here is a something that you can practice with," Susan told her pulling a tapered rubbed dildo out of a drawer. Despite her misgivings Marcy took it and put it in her purse.

When Marcy got home she couldn't stop thinking about her conversation with Susan. Maybe she was right. If she let Frank fuck her ass it might improve the marriage. Marcy decided to do some research on the internet about anal fucking. She even tapped into Frank's stash of movies and watched different girls getting fucked in the ass. They all seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe she was being a prude with Frank. When she finished watching, her panties were soaked. She had to admit that it did turn her on to see other girls getting fucked up the butt, particularly by those big porn cocks.

That night in the bathtub Marcy, using soap as a lubricant, worked a finger up her butt. It felt a little weird but not at all unpleasant. The second finger was more difficult, but once she adjusted it too felt good. She slowly fucked her fingers in and out of her ass and used her other hand to rub her clit. She was pleasantly surprised when her body tensed and shook with a small but satisfying orgasm. The next night she used the rubber dildo and had another orgasm.

Marcy decided that she was going to surprise Frank on their six month anniversary by letting him fuck her in the ass. She practiced every day with Susan's rubber cock and spent many hours watching Frank's collection of ass fucking videos. She had her first anal orgasm without even touching her clit by slamming the dildo up her ass while watching a big black cock pound into a young girl's lily white ass. She knew she was ready and called Susan to thank her for encouraging her to try it that way.

"I'm so glad you called Marcy. I've found the perfect guy to show you the way to do it properly. Why don't you come by tomorrow and I'll introduce you."

"I don't think so, Susan," protested Marcy. "I can't cheat on Frank."

"It's not cheating," Susan explained. "Look at it as practicing a skill to make your husband happy."

Marcy knew that it made no sense for her to go to Susan's house the next day, but she was curious about this mystery man. She finally decided to stop by briefly to return the dildo. The next morning she took a bath and fucked her ass one last time with the rubber cock. She marched up to Susan's door and knocked, confident that she could resist any temptation her friend might try to throw at her. As soon as Marcy walked inside she knew she had made a mistake.

Susan introduced a tall good looking Italian man in his mid-forties named Paul. Marcy looked into his deep eyes and felt like putty. No one had ever had this effect on her. When he took her hand and pulled her close she melted into him. He leaned down and kissed her briefly on the lips. She was on fire and helpless to stop his advances. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst.

"Go ahead and use my bed," Susan offered, "I have to run some errands."

Paul picked up Marcy and carried her to the bedroom. She didn't even try to resist. He sat her down on the side of the bed. Marcy trembled as he pulled the top over her head. Next went her bra. He pushed her back and unsnapped her jeans. Marcy lifted her ass so he could slide them down her legs. He removed her panties. She now lay naked beneath him tingling with excitement. She was about to get fucked by a man who was not her husband, a man who was a complete stranger.

Paul pushed her legs back and clamped his mouth over her pussy. He licked and sucked her expertly using his fingers and tongue to hit all the right buttons. She had never had her pussy eaten like this. Marcy was on the verge of a tremendous explosion, but Paul never let her reach climax. He was like a musician playing her body. She shuddered the first time she felt his tongue brush across the tight nub of her asshole. He did this several times before pushing a finger into her dark passage.

Marcy's body was shaking when Paul stood and removed his clothes. She stared at the throbbing vein streaked protrusion that rose up between his legs. Without being asked, she sat up and took it between her lips. She sucked and slurped greedily taking as much between her lips as she could fit. She kissed down his shaft to his balls and then back up. She stroked him while bobbing up and down with her mouth. She didn't care if he came. She wanted to taste him.

Paul pulled out of her mouth, pushed her legs back and mounted her. Marcy gasped when she felt his huge member drive deep into her pussy. He fucked her in long steady strokes sending her to places she had never been. She was moaning and gasping erratically. Her heels dug into his ass cheeks and her fingers clawed at his back. The pressure in her belly was so intense she was afraid it would rip her apart when the explosion hit, but every time she was almost there Paul backed off.

He rolled her over and mounted her from behind. Marcy felt his cock slide between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. Once again he fucked her in long steady strokes. Her moans and gasps were loud and out of control. Marcy reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. She desperately needed to get off. Suddenly he pushed his thumb into her ass causing her to tense. He drooled spit to help with the lubrication and twisted it back and forth. Next he shoved two fingers into her asshole.

Paul held his cock deep in her pussy while he fucked her ass with his fingers. She felt something cooler pour onto her asshole which made it easier for his fingers to twist around inside her. He had produced a tube of lubrication from somewhere. He was going to fuck her in the ass. He pulled out of her pussy and pressed his cock against her sphincter.

"Be gentle. I've never done this before," Marcy pleaded as she turned to look at him.

Paul just smiled and pushed. Marcy felt her asshole stretch wide until his large knob popped inside. She gasped and tensed. It felt so much different from the dildo she had used that morning. His cock was warm and throbbing with life. The pressure was incredible. She felt him go deeper and tried to relax. After what seemed like forever he was deep inside her bowels. He slowly moved it in and out until Marcy adjusted to his size. Then he fucked her in long hard strokes.

The pressure slowly turned into incredible pleasure. Marcy reached under her body and rubbed her pussy and clit. She buried two fingers in her cunt and could feel his cock fucking her ass through the thin membrane. The pressure in her belly continued to build. She rubbed her clit in circles. It was going to happen. She stretched her legs and curled her toes. Her entire body stiffened. Everything became a blur. She screamed. Her body jerked and bucked uncontrollably.

Paul pulled her head back by the hair and rammed his cock deep into her asshole. Another scream filled the room. Juices exploded from her pussy and soaked the bed beneath her. Marcy was out of control. Paul rammed his cock into her ass again and again until she could barely stand the pleasure. She felt his cock swell. He grunted and spewed hot cum into her bowels sending her into another series of convulsions.

Marcy momentarily blacked out. When she opened her eyes Paul was sitting next to her on the bed. He took her hand and led her into the bathroom where he turned on the shower. He fucked her up against the wall and then turned her around and fucked her ass. They returned to the bed and licked each other in a sixty-nine position until Paul came in her mouth. She swallowed it all... another first.

They fucked all afternoon and into the evening. Paul was pounding Marcy's ass for the fourth time when Susan returned home at 8PM. She stood in the doorway and watched Marcy screaming as Paul's cock repeatedly drove straight down into her tight orifice. He grunted and filed her bowels with cum before pulling out and rolling off her. Marcy slid a hand between her legs and shuddered one last time.

When she returned home Marcy was relieved that Frank was not back from work. She wouldn't have to make up a story. She went upstairs, put on her night shirt and climbed into bed. She pretended to be asleep when Frank finally walked through the bedroom door. She was surprised when he attacked her and took her by force but played along to avert any suspicion. When he shoved his cock up her asss without permission Marcy no longer had any regrets about what she had done with Paul.

Chapter 2 -- Sheri's First Day

While Marcy was getting ass fucked by Paul, Sheri was at her first day of work. She wanted to make a good impression on her new boss. Sheri had spent a long time picking her outfit to make sure it was a blend of stylish and sexy without going overboard. She had often been told that her best asset was her butt so she picked a pair of pants that would be sure to entice but not violate protocol.

She was surprised by the stares she received when she walked through the office. Maybe she hadn't dressed as conservatively as she thought. On the other hand, Sheri had always enjoyed it when other men looked at her. She liked to show off her body in a swimsuit or a sexy pair of pants. She could feel her nipples swell as she walked down the hall. She knocked on Mr. Raymond's door to let him know she was reporting for work. He glanced at the nipples poking from her blouse.

"Have a seat, Sheri, and welcome aboard. I can see that you are excited to be here."

Sheri blushed. She tried to compose herself and look professional but her nipples were not cooperating. It didn't help that she found Mr. Raymond quite attractive despite his being 15 years older and married. She was about to panic when he put her at ease and explained the job and office routine. At the end of the session she was flattered when Mr. Raymond invited her to his club for a drink after work.

Sheri met him at the front door of the club. She didn't notice the man watching them from a bar across the street. Mr. Raymond guided her to a dark booth in the back and ordered drinks. It was still early and the place was mostly empty. By the second drink Sheri was feeling dizzy. She could never handle alcohol very well. In college it was like an aphrodisiac. When she got drunk she became passionate and uninhibited. If she had too much to drink she often blacked out. More than once she woke up with a hangover next to a boy she didn't even know.

Sheri was giggling like a little girl over something that Mr. Raymond said when she realized that his hand was on her thigh and had been for some time. Sheri was nervous and quickly downed her drink. Mr. Raymond ordered another. His hand slid further up her thigh. The alcohol was making her feel relaxed and sexy, but she still had enough sense to know what was happening. She needed to act before it was too late. After all, this was her boss.

"I appreciate the drink and everything, but... um, don't you have to get home soon? I mean your wife might be wondering where you are. Besides, my boyfriend is expecting me to call so we can go out and celebrate my first day of work."

She didn't really have a boyfriend but he didn't have to know that. Mr. Raymond moved his face closer to hers and looked into her eyes. She felt his hand slide higher and brush against her swollen mound through the tight pants she was wearing. She wanted him to stop... didn't she? Then why were her nipples getting hard and why were juices flowing from her pussy into her panties?

"Don't worry about my wife, and I'm sure your boyfriend will understand. I think it is important to get to know my employees. You know I took a chance on hiring you, don't you Sheri? I just need to find out if you're going to be a team player or not."

His lips met hers. Everything was spinning out of control from the alcohol. Sheri kissed him back forgetting that they were in a public place. His hand cupped her pussy. She moaned and opened her legs. His fingers dug hard into her swollen mound through the pants she was wearing. They finally broke the kiss when the waitress arrived with the next round of drinks. His hand stayed on her pussy.

Mr. Raymond gently moved Sheri's hand to the bulge pushing out from the front of his pants. He kissed her again shoving his tongue into her mouth. Sheri was quite drunk by now and barely aware of her surroundings. She squeezed his hard meat with her fingers. Mr. Raymond kissed around to her ear.

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