tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Burrito Letter

The Burrito Letter


The Burrito Letter

Thomas Whittenotworth
345 Burlin Wrap Road
Sulfur City, LA 00100

Dear Mr. Whittenotworth,

I am writing to thank you for the enjoyable time you gave my wife, Kelly, at the local Taco Haven restaurant. She talked about her experience for the rest of the evening after you left and then asked me to write you this letter of thanks.

I must admit I watched, as she performed on the burrito for you. I wondered if you would satisfy her, she informed me you were an extraordinary lover. She wanted me to let you know she especially enjoyed the way you pushed your tongue so deep into her hot cunt, much deeper than I could put anything of mine. She also enjoyed the way you lapped up her dripping juices after she came three times for you.

She told me in infinite detail the wonderful things you did to her as you took off her shorts and panties, how your fingers first felt as they dipped into her pussy. She was already wet, even before she stood up and walked to the restroom, but when you stood up to follow her, she could practically feel it running down her legs.

When you sat her on the toilet seat and pressed your three, large fingers into her, she practically came right there, but then when you moved your fingers and used your tongue she couldn’t believe how good it felt. Whenever she lets me eat her, she has to bring herself off with her own fingers, so what you did was an pleasant surprise for her.

I peeked through the crack between the door and the partition wall and watched, as my wife greedily rubbed her dripping pussy against your face and lips. She wanted me to tell you that I have never seen her move like that with anyone before. She even told me how she liked the way the mole on your chin felt as it slid over her lips. That alone nearly made her come, and then when you slid that long tongue into her she wanted to swallow your whole face into her cunt.

Listening from the adjacent stall while I jerked off my tiny, skinny cock, I could tell by the loud slurping noises you made, that my wife was enjoying your expert tongue. The way she moaned was more than anything she has ever done for me, so I want to thank you for making her feel so very good. She wanted me to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your slurping, it turned me on finally hearing a real man bring her off.

Knowing you were doing such a good job made me come so quickly. The little bit of cum I spilled on the floor I quickly cleaned up as I wondered how much sperm you would fill my wife with. As I cleaned up, I heard my wife’s moan of joy as she first saw your large cock.

Once again peeking through that tiny crack by the door, I couldn’t help but be impressed by how thick your cock was. My wife said she now wishes you shoved it up her pussy instead of her mouth. I could never fill her like you could, she wanted me to let you know.

She said she could barely get you in her mouth, but when she did, it tasted wonderful. The pre-cum that dripped from you was more than I spurt when I come, and yours tasted so much better than mine ever did for her.

I want to thank you for coming in my wife’s mouth the way you did. The copious amount of salty cum poured down her throat, and filled her mouth. Later, when she kissed me with you watching us, she spit some of your cum into my mouth. I did enjoy your salty taste almost as much as she did.

She kissed me several times during the evening later and I could still taste your wonderful cum. She wanted me to be sure and tell you that the taste of you alone made both of our evening so exciting.

In conclusion, Mr. Whittenotworth, thank you for so thoroughly eating my wife and fucking her mouth the way you did. The orgasms she had were the best she has ever experienced and she so loved the feel of a real man’s cock. At her instruction, I have filed the card you gave her so whenever she absolutely needs a real man, she can get in touch. We both look forward to the time you can slip that massive cock into her pussy, until that time she will just have to settle for me.


Chase Tinidich.

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