The Bus


The bus was crowded with people getting home from town, as it usually was on a Saturday night.

I'd been out for a few drinks with my mates, but we hadn't pulled and it was time to go home. I rather liked the night buses. You could get into conversations with people, say things to total strangers that you'd never say to your friends or family, maybe even swap fantasies. But this night so far nobody had taken the seat next to me, and I relaxed, swaying with the movement of the bus, my jacket bundled in my lap. I was looking out of the window, not paying attention to anything much, when a sweet perfume nudged me into looking round. A woman was sitting next to me - I didn't look for long, well you don't, it's rude to stare, but she was - interesting. Probably nearly as old as me, wearing a big black wrap thing covering her shoulders and arms, and a long black skirt under it. Hair - reddish-brown, long, curly, pinned back here and there with little sparkly things. Not exactly a pretty face, not pin-up pretty, but very sensual - big, wide, friendly looking mouth, short straight nose, deepset green eyes under fine arched brows. Pale skin, very clear. Not enough makeup to be obvious. She glanced at me, I nodded and looked away, didnt want to seem like I was coming on to her.

That perfume, though... subtle. Not a sinus-clearing blast of stuff but something that wound its way into my mind, sweet, musky, the sort of smell you'd expect a woman to smell of after she'd been making love for hours.... I was vaguely surprised to feel a stirring of interest down there. After all, I'd spent all night watching tight-arsed little dolly birds strutting about, in skirts so short and tight you could've counted their pubes, if they'd had any unshaven .... I had a sudden flash image of the woman beside me lying naked on a black satin sheet, warm and abundant, her bush a splendid flaming mound that breathed the perfume of sex... she'd have big, heavy, creamy breasts, with big stiff nipples that would be heaven to suck and tongue. She'd writhe in ecstasy, and take me to a rampaging climax, just with her knowing fingers and her welcoming cunt.... shit, I was hard!

Carefully I eased my jacket further up my legs so that it covered the bulge of my erection... I kept looking out the window, or straight ahead, part of me a bit embarrassed, but mostly enjoying the sweet pain of being thoroughly aroused and unable to do a thing about it. I shifted my hips a bit, then made myself sit very still, just imagining what she could do with that generous mouth around my cock.

We were climbing up a long hill - Streatham way - and the bus lurched, and she fell a bit sideways, onto me. She apologised, so did I, and she sat very still again, but now her hands were hidden by her wrap, and I could feel the soft pressure of her thigh and hip against mine. I hardly dared breathe as I realised she was deliberately leaning against me... then, very slowly and gently, I felt her hand sliding across, hidden by her shawl and my jacket, slowly feeling its way over my thigh, the fingers probing gently, firmly through my trousers... oh shit, she'd found my cock, she was touching my cock , oh shit she was holding my cock on the bus, only my jacket was hiding her hand! I coughed slightly, she glanced at me and I felt myself going hot and sweaty at the wicked glint in her green eyes. I didn't try to stop her, just kept my hands very still, one on top of the jacket, lying loose and relaxed... her fingers were working up to my flies now, undoing them with amazing skill, and I took in a long, careful breath of her perfume as her cool fingers pushed down through my boxers and took hold of the skin sausage, squeezing it gently and making me want to thrust up wildly against her.

Then she felt lower down, cupped my balls, moved them about a bit, squeezed them a bit, then scraped her nails tenderly up the length of my cock again, right up to the top of the hood, making me jump and flinch when they touched that spot at the flare of the hood... oh shit, I was quivering and rock-hard, wanting desperately to fuck her, unable to move without attracting attention. She had me at her mercy and was loving it, playing with me slowly, very lightly, bringing me to a point of arousal I'd forgotten even existed. My stop was coming up; I let it go, rode right past, unable to move or say a word. The bus was gradually emptying now, as we got to near the end of its route, and finally she gave my cock one last squeeze then withdrew her hand, and gathered herself up ready to get off. Quickly I did myself up, under the cover of the jacket, feeling the discomfort of shoving my huge erection roughly into my trousers, and we got off the bus together. We didn't say a word, there wasn't any need; I walked with her along a quiet street and into a dark house. She turned on the hall light, then took off her wrap and turned to face me. She was smiling, a sort of ancient, impersonal smile that excited me and scared me too.

The long skirt finished at the hips, just covering her pubic bone. Above it, the smooth creamy skin of her belly drew my eyes, and my hands - and up, and up, over her ribcage, and to her naked breasts, which swung heavy, and free, the nipples like raspberries .... she'd been riding the bus wearing nothing but a skirt and that wrap, and nobody had noticed. She was so turned on by the danger of exposure that I could hardly stop her from falling on her knees and taking me in her mouth right there - but I wanted more than a quick excited blow job, and made her get up and go into the front room with me.

The curtains were open, the street lights shone in with a golden glare, and anyone looking in could have seen us. The light gleamed on her breasts and belly as she moved away from me, swaying sensuously, playing with her breasts and teasing me. I followed her in, stripping off my clothes, and as my trousers fell to the floor she came towards me, and clung to me, skin to skin, my cock throbbing against her smooth cool belly, her nipples raking softly against my chest. She kissed me, a deep passionate kiss, and I ran my hands down over her back and buttocks, pushing her skirt off her hips, and she stood there, nude, a beautiful curving ivory statue in the half-darkness. Her fingers found my cock again, and she played with it, moaning softly as my hand forced her thighs apart and found her hot, juicy slit.

We sank down onto a big, wide sofa together, her legs parting wide for me, and I buried my face in her mound, breathing in that sweet perfume. I tongued her clit, which was as big and hard as a tiny cock, and she moaned and writhed, holding my head in position with her strong thighs. I pushed them down and licked my way up her belly and over her breasts, making her moan for me as I sucked and tongued her nipples, then kissed her hard on her white, warm neck. She arched up against me, and at last I relented, and let my cock just nudge at the entrance to her hot cunt. It was almost too much, and I sank down into her, letting my cock slide smooth and well-lubricated right into her, up to the hilt, until my heavy spunk-laden balls were pressing against her thighs. She cried out and clutched onto me, digging into my back with her fingers, her legs wound around my thighs, pulling me deep, deep in.... I felt her cunt muscles moving on my tool, a regular pulsing grip, urging me to pound into her. Slowly at first, I got going, her moaning and quivering under me making it hard not to go straight to full throttle. I gave her the half-speed thrust for a couple of minutes, then speeded up until I was ramming it into her so fast I could hardly breathe, bucking crazily as the spunk gathered itself in my balls, then shot up and into her, my hot thick cum spurting deep into her welcoming cunt, as her muscles milked me, and she yelled out in her own orgasm, jerking and shuddering in my arms, her clit jumping crazily against me as she came with me. I fell down onto her, dripping sweat and cum, until I could breathe again and I'd stopped jerking.

Then she smiled, a slow mischievous smile and my hair stood on end as she stroked my shoulders, and made the suggestion that made my cock twitch with excitement even as I was draining off my first orgasm.

We rode the night buses all night, me with my jacket on my lap, she nude under her long skirt and wrap, and sitting very still, not looking at each other, we used our hands under cover to bring each other off in the most amazing, dangerous way. As we got off each bus and waited for the next, we'd stand close together at the bus stop, and she'd let her skirt drop at the back so I could keep my throbbing cocker nice and warm and wet between her firm thighs, and my hands warm on her beautiful swinging naked tits under her big wrap. I don't know how many times I came doing that - at least four or five - by dawn I was drained and worn out, almost too tired to get up the stairs to my room, and my pecker was wet, soft, sore and very, very happy.

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