The Bus Ride


We were taking an overnight trip across the state on a bus line. We were sitting at the seat furthest to the back, close to the restrooms. I couldn't sleep at all on the bumpy ride but the other passengers apparently could. The lights in the bus compartment were turned off and the window shades were drawn so it was quite dark. You were resting your shoulder on me and trying to sleep. You eventually dozed off while I was wide awake.

I was lying back and admiring the soft contours of your tits accented by the low neck line of your tank top. My dirty little mind started wandering. I was looking forward to some "private" time at our destination. It didn't take long before I was hard as a rock. I boldly unzipped my fly, pulled out my cock and started to stroke it under the protective blanket we were sharing. I looked over at you and reached down with my other hand and started to gently caress your breasts through your tank top, sliding down to the side of your round ass that was covered only by your loose skirt. I eventually found my way to your inner thigh and started rubbing you gently while you were still asleep. I got more ambitious and guided my hand up your skirt and found the soft panty covered mound of your pussy. Quickly nudging your panties aside, I began to gently massage your clit.

You soon awaken, a little sleepy, and whisper to me "what are you doing?" I made a gentle shush to have you remain silent as I continued to wake you up with my stroking. You moan silently as I stroked your clit continuously until you are clearly very wet from the experience. You glance over to my lap and see the tee pee created by my huge erect cock under the blanket. I noticed you staring at it and quickly whisper in your ear: "Would you like to suck on it baby." You were hesitant at first and briefly sat up to take a look around. Seeing that everyone was asleep, you lie on your side and duck your head under the blanket and reached for my hard cock with your hand. I knew your fantasies of sex in public had always excited you but you were often too timid to carry them out with me.

In a heartbeat I could feel your tongue twirling all over my cock, driving me crazy. It was hard to subdue my moaning. You lick my shaft up and down several times until I was hard as I could ever get. I was getting very frustrated that you weren't sucking my dick yet. I reached under the blanket and grab a bundle of your hair firmly and guide your mouth towards the engorged head of my penis. You hated and loved it when I took control and under the circumstances you didn't want to attract any attention by resisting. I forcefully pushed down on the back of your head, forcing you to take my long cock inch by inch. You didn't have any leverage to lift your head and have no choice but to allow me to force your mouth down all the way on my cock until it hits the back of your throat. I could hear your gag response which was muffled by the soft blanket. You try to bite down on my cock to get me to release you which only gets me hornier and angrier. I tightened my grip harder on your hair and push you down even deeper. You soon give in to my will, considering the circumstances we were in. I give you a minute to try to breathe while my cock was still embedded in the back of your throat. I could hear you gasping and slurping as you try to breathe with my dick in your mouth. When I feel you've caught your breath, you immediately feel the pressure of my hand force your head back down on my prick. I wiggle my cock around your mouth trying to find other avenues to stuff myself deeper down your throat.

After a minute of this hard throat fucking, I release a little pressure from my hand and allow you to come up just enough so my cock isn't pressed against the back of your throat. I start to guide you in a rhythm as I sit back and enjoy it as you suck me off in the back of the bus. As I get closer and closer to cumming, I pull you off of me so the intensity can subside a bit. I grab you up from your seat and turn your back to me, pulling you onto my lap as I lean against the side window of the bus. You feel my arms wrap around you as I start to roughly grope every part of your figure. I start fondling your breasts, pinching your nipples, and following your curvaceous waist line down to squeeze your ass. I begin caressing your thighs under your skirt, each stroke rubbing up closer and closer to your panties, moist from all the erotic stimulation. I hike up the back of your skirt just enough and press my crotch against your ass. You feel my hard cock pressing up against your cunt through your wet panties. At the same moment, my left hand is massaging your breast while my right plunges beneath your panties and rapidly strokes your clit, as I breath and whisper in your ear how badly I want to fuck you right now. I glide my tongue in your ear and up and down the side of your neck as I continue to rapidly finger your clit. I hold you firmly between my arms as you struggle to contain your thrashing as I build up the sensation between your legs further.

I feel powerful and in full control of how much pleasure you receive. I watch your body shuddering as you try to restrain yourself from vocally screaming out the tiny orgasm I bring out from you. At that point, my hand is soaked by your pussy. I continue to agitate your clit towards another climax. As you whisper to me to stop because you realize how hard it is to contain the pleasure, I cup my free hand over your mouth to silence you while with my other hand plunges between your legs. I quickly part aside your panties allowing my thick cock to sharply plunge deep up your cunt.

I control your surprised reaction, smothering you with my arms and covering your mouth, allowing you to bite into my hand to restrain your shock. You feel my initial thrust go as deep as possible. You feel your pussy fully engulf my huge cock as I savor the initial first sensations of entering you. The cramped bus seat doesn't allow for any hard thrusting so I simply rock your hips against my groin. As you grind your pussy back against mine, you feel the subtle gyrations generating a lot of movement inside you. My penetrating cock probes and bumps against the inside walls of your pussy, moving you around inside.

I keep ferociously agitating your clit at the same time and you soon start to shake towards another orgasm. I can feel the muscles of your pussy clenching as you approach your next orgasm, adding greater sensations to my hard throbbing cock. The intense play on your clit by my finger is relentless and I bring you to your next explosive orgasm. The intensity much higher after building on the first. The incredible spasms inside your cunt also brings me over the top and I explode deep inside you. Our simultaneous orgasm is barely restrained and you feel my hand smother your mouth firmer . My mouth and teeth dig into the side of your neck to control my own sounds.

Our controlled panting is barely audible as we allow the intensity from our orgasms to gradually subside. Our wet cum mixes, and thick globs and moisture run between us where we remain joined.

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