tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bush Girl Ch. 01

The Bush Girl Ch. 01


I read the story No Woman's Land by Victoriajohn and very much enjoyed it. It inspired me to write this variant on the theme. If you enjoy this story then part two describes what happens to Kim when she gets to the ranch where she will work.


I left school in the summer and through friends of the family I got a job working as a nanny to the manager at a mining station in a remote part of Australia. My idea was that I would work there for about a year, tour Australia for a few months with the money I'd earned and then head back home to England.

So in early July I found myself on a train to a remote part of Australia. Towards the end of the journey there was only myself and an older woman in the compartment. She asked where I was going and I said the end of the line.

Was anyone meeting me? No I explained. I'd been told to take the train to the end of the line, then catch the coach to Munroe's Station where I would be working. The woman raised her eyebrows at that.

"It's rough out there. They don't see many women, so you'll be the center of attention. No insult intended miss, but I would change that top of yours."

"What do you mean?"

"A hint of cleavage and they'll go mad. Wear a nice dress so they'll treat you like a lady."

I didn't think my top showed very much, but at the first opportunity I got my case down and changed into a summery dress which buttoned all the way up the front and went to just above my knees.

The woman got off two stops before me. So I traveled the last stretch alone. It was harsh, but dramatic country and the sun beat down from a clear blue sky.

At the end of the line I got down from the train and was hit by a wall of heat. I asked the attendant where the coach left from and he said outside the bar. There was no mistaking the bar because it was the only building and had a large sign telling you it was Murphy's Bar. I picked up my case and walked across. There was a notice over the front entrance saying men only, so I went round the back looking for the women's room. I did a full circuit of the building, but the only other doors were one to the men's loo and another into a kitchen at the back of the bar. I walked round the building again in case I had missed something, but there was nothing.

So I headed in through the front entrance. The conversation stopped dead and about thirty men turned to look at me. Feeling rather intimidated I walked up to the barman who cast a quizzical eye over me.

"G'day miss."

"Hello. I've got three hours to wait for my coach to Munroe's Crossing and I can't see that there is a ladies waiting room. Is it OK if I wait in here?"

"Men only in here. The only way you can stay is if you agree to the rules on the notice board."

He pointed to the notice board over on the wall to my left. I looked at it and almost dropped my case in amazement.

Several pairs of knickers were pinned to it and at the top in large lettering it said "Ladies who wish to stay in here must remove their knickers."

I looked back at the barman.

"Is that a joke?"

"A joke?" he said. "Definitely not. You're welcome to a seat in here as long as you take your knickers off."

"No way," I said and headed out to various derisive comments and whistles from the watching miners.

It was sweltering outside and after ten minutes the train pulled away leaving the place eerily quiet. I went round the back to try and get some shade, but the flies were bad, so I had to return to the front.

I'd been out there for over half an hour and was feeling hot and dried out, when one of the miners came out.

"Coach has broken down and there'll be a delay of at least two hours."

I looked at my watch - that meant over four hours to wait in this heat! I hung on grimly for another twenty minutes and then I knew I was beaten - I couldn't stand out there for another four minutes, never mind four hours.

I picked up my case and headed back inside.

"Alright you win, but please can I have a drink first."

He took the top off a bottle of ice-cold beer and handed it to me.

"Water please," I said.

"We don't serve water and it's off anyway, so it's beer or nothing."

I was so thirsty it didn't seem to matter much. I took the beer and it was wonderful to feel the cold liquid going down my parched throat. In no time I'd finished it and he passed me another without comment. That went the same way as the first, so he passed me a third. I had drunk half of that before I realised that I was drinking too much too quickly. The worst of my thirst had gone, so I sat down, but there was an outburst of boos and complaints.

"Come on miss, time to keep your side of the bargain," said the barman.

"Give me a minute," I said taking another swig of my beer. There was obviously no way out of it, so to cheers from the whole room I stood up. Blushing madly I reached up under my dress and pulled my knickers down whilst being very careful not to let them see too much of my legs (and certainly nothing higher up!).

There were lots of cheers and ribald remarks as I handed them to the barman and he proceeded to pin them to the notice board. Fortunately they were plain white cotton ones, heaven knows how excited they would have got if they had been lacy black ones.

I sat down acutely aware of my knickerless state. Men kept coming across offering to buy me a drink, but I refused. The barman (who it turned out was the owner) told them to leave me alone, but some of them got quite aggressive with him and there was soon an argument at the bar.

Eventually the owner came across to me.

"Sorry miss I'm trying to protect you, but the lads want some more fun. To pacify them I've said you'll show them what you have under your dress."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to lift your dress and give them a flash of your pussy. I've tried to talk them out of it, but they won't accept less and I reckon if you refuse they'll just ignore me and grab hold of you and that will be worse."

"Can't you call the police?"

"The nearest policeman is 300 miles away. There are no police around here."

He took hold of my arm and guided me across to the bar. What with the situation, the heat and the beers I'd drunk I felt quite lightheaded. I stood with my back to the bar and my legs slightly apart, then I took hold of the hem of my dress and raised it until it was round my waist. The cheers and comments were clamorous. There were lots of remarks about what a lovely furry pussy I had and so on.

What I didn't understand was the calls for the cards to be dealt out. The owner said no, she's done what you wanted, but several of them told him there would be a riot if he didn't get the cards. He looked at me, shrugged and picked up a pack of cards which he proceeded to deal out, one to each man. I hadn't a clue what was going on, but I didn't like the look of it.

He dealt out just over half of the cards and took the leftover ones back to the bar.

"Aces only", he said. "Nothing else."

There were several cries of aces and kings, but he shook his head and insisted on aces only. I had a worrying feeling that I was the prize in some sort of competition.

"OK", he said. "Check your cards - do we have anyone with an ace?"

Three grinning miners stood up, whilst the rest jeered and moaned.

There was a general commotion, a space was cleared and a bedroll was thrown down on the floor. The three men came over, I tried to back away, but I was against the bar and there was nowhere to go. Two of them grabbed my arms and the third one started to undo the buttons down the front of my dress. I struggled and begged him to stop, but it made no difference and soon my dress was completely unbuttoned. Once that was done they took me and pushed me down onto the bedroll. The guy who'd unbuttoned my dress told the others that he would make sure I was ready. He pushed my knees apart and his head went between my legs.

The shock was tremendous. I was still a virgin and the furthest I'd gone was to allow a couple of boys to get their hands inside my knickers, so I was quite unprepared for a grown man going down on me. I closed my eyes so that I couldn't see all the watching men, but that only made me even more aware of the tongue probing into my pussy. I jerked with shock as he found my clit. To the watching men it may have looked like I was trying to get away, but in truth, and to my amazement, a wave of pleasure swept through my body.

The miner moved away and kneeling upright declared that I was ready. I kept my eyes shut, but could hear the sounds of him unfastening his trousers.

So this was it. I had secretly planned to lose my virginity on this trip. I'd had visions of some handsome Australian lad making love to me on a secluded beach at sunset - the reality was turning out to be very different.

He moved between my legs and carefully positioned himself so that his warm hard prick rested against my cunt lips. Thankfully he eased himself into me gently, though I couldn't help gasping as he penetrated me. Once he was in he started to fuck me properly.

With my eyes shut tight I was able to blot out the rest of the room. All I could feel were the sensations as his big hard cock fucked my virgin pussy. It wasn't long before he speeded up, then gave an extra deep thrust and for the first time ever I felt a man come inside me. His prick jerked and there was a warm, wet feeling as he pumped his sperm into me.

He lay on me for a moment, but there were cries for him to move over, so he levered himself off. I opened my eyes and saw the second man stood over me. He hauled his trousers down and a powerful erect cock sprang into view. He mounted me and positioned his cock. I was wet through and it only took one thrust and he was deep inside me. I experienced the sensations of another man fucking me, then it was his turn to fire his sperm into my fanny.

Before he entered me the third man unfastened my bra and pushed it up and out of the way. I still had my eyes shut, but I could hear the miners shouting for him to give them a good view of my tits. He made sure they got an eyeful, then he put his cock in me and proceeded to give me a good fucking. Finally it was his turn to gasp and groan and my pussy received another load of come.

At last I was free to stand up. The owner said I could go through to a back room. He showed me into a small and rather sparse bedroom.

"Take your time in here miss", he said. "The coach has been cancelled and won't be running until tomorrow. It's not too unusual out here."

I tidied myself up, then lay down on the bed. It had been a strange, almost surreal, day. My last thought before I feel asleep was of the surprising feeling of those cocks once they were inside me - much bigger and harder than I had expected.

I awoke with a start. The light was fading, so I flicked the light switch. A tray with some food and drink was on the side. I opened the door and could hear the sounds of the bar, so I closed it again. I ate everything on the tray then cautiously opened the door and took the tray into the kitchen. As I was coming out the owner appeared.

"You're awake, good. It's probably best to stay in your room, but let me know if you want anything."

He knocked on the door a couple of minutes later and passed me a bottle of beer. At first I left it, but it was such a boring evening that I ended up sat on the bed swigging beer out of a bottle. By ten o'clock I was bored and sleepy enough to change into a nightshirt and get into bed.

Eventually I drifted off to sleep, the noises from the bar a constant reminder of where I was. I had a vivid dream - a man was feeling between my legs, stroking my pussy and slipping a finger into me. I tried to push the hem of my nightshirt down, but it was no good. His prick slid between my cunt lips, then he was pushing my nightshirt up and sucking at my tits.

I woke with a start. This was no dream. A man was between my legs and was thrusting into me. I cried out, but a voice I recognized as the owners told me to not to bother shouting there was no-one around. I struggled and tried to push him off, but he kept thrusting into me and told me I was wasting my time. He said that without him this afternoon would have been much worse, so one good turn deserved another. I kept struggling, pushing against him, but somehow what was almost a fight, changed into a frantic fuck. My cries of anger became ones of pleasure as his prick pounded into me. Feeling the waves of an orgasm surging through me I wrapped my legs round him and pulled him close. My ecstatic cries were echoed by his groans as he flooded my cunt with his spunk.

We lay there for a while then he dressed. He told me he'd bring some breakfast and lunch and that it was probably best if I stayed in the room until the coach came. When he'd gone I looked at my watch - 1:30 in the morning. I tried to get back to sleep, but it was difficult because I kept thinking of what had happened. A few hours ago I had been a virgin who had taken a lot of persuading to even let a boy put his hand up my dress. Now four different men had fired their sperm into my pussy. Part of me was horrified at what had happened, but if I'm totally honest a secret part of me was happy. It seemed that those few hours had turned me from a naïve, inexperienced girl into a confident woman aware of her own sexuality.

Certainly when the owner brought the breakfast and tried to talk me into having sex again, I found it very easy to spurn his advances. I stayed in the room all morning and when the coach came I hurriedly boarded it, ignoring the remarks of the watching miners.

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