tagLesbian SexThe Business Trip

The Business Trip


Clutching a small case to herself protectively lest it get knocked from her by all of the people who were rushing past her, bumping and jostling her, Stephanie Lucas looked around the huge airport uncertainly.

The corporation Stephanie worked for was hoping to do business with a firm that was based here in England and the matter was seen as being so important that Selma Carrington, her boss and one of the most powerful executives in the company, had come out herself to conduct the meeting with the owners. At the last minute, Selma had called to say that she would be needing some more documents and that she wanted them as soon as possible.

As she was Selma's executive assistant, Stephanie had been ordered to gather up all the information that was needed and immediately fly off to London to hand deliver it. She had suggested that it would be quicker and more economical to simply fax the documents to Selma, but her corporate masters were paranoid that the competition might somehow manage to get hold of the papers and find some way to ruin the deal. Her husband Jack had been less than understanding when she called home to let him know that she had to suddenly jet across the Atlantic with no warning at all and so on top of everything else she'd ended up getting into an argument with him.

Stephanie had never been overly fond of flying and , while the ride from the States had been as smooth and uneventful as anyone could have hoped for, the idea of spending six and a half hours sealed into a plane just so she could deliver some paperwork and then spend six and a half hours flying back home was torturous to say the least.

She'd had high hopes that the in-flight movie might distract her and help her pass the time, but they had screened that film about a plane crashing in the mountains and the survivors resorting to cannibalism. Somebody out there, she judged, had a very sick sense of humor to show them something like that She had also brought along a book to read, but the paperback romance novel only ended up depressing her as she couldn't help but compare the dashing hero to the boring husband she was currently so very angry with.

There had been one bright spot to the trip journey however, but even that had been somewhat disconcerting to her.

She had gotten up at one point to stretch her legs and somehow found herself having a conversation with one of the flight attendants, a sweet little blonde who was probably about her age.. Both women had been surprised to learn how much they had in common and had ended up spending most of the flight talking about everything and nothing. During the course of this conversation, Stephanie was surprised but not entirely displeased to realize that the woman was flirting with her.

Though she'd never had the nerve to actually try it, Stephanie had always been intensely curious about what it might be like to have sex with another woman. Considering how depressed and upset she was over everything else, she found the idea of having a little fling with this girl extraordinarily appealing. After all, it would give her the chance to finally see what it was like to be with another woman, she would very probably never see this young lady again and so it wasn't really like it was going to evolve into a long-term and marriage-threatening affair, and there wasn't the slightest risk that her husband or anyone else she knew would ever find out considering they were on the far side of an ocean.

Stephanie had been flirting right back at that flight attendant and thoroughly enjoying it when the girl suggested exactly what the business woman had been thinking. Running a bold hand through Stephanie's hair, she'd bluntly suggested that they find a hotel as soon as they landed and spend a few hours in bed together.

Well, as much fun as the fantasy had been, the idea of actually doing it was more than Stephanie could handle. After completely humiliating herself by stammering out some lame, implausible excuse, she had almost run back to her seat and spent the rest of the flight avoiding even looking at that young woman.

She'd been driving herself crazy arguing with herself ever since. On the one hand she was kicking herself for passing up the opportunity to live out a dream she'd had for as long as she could remember without any risk of getting caught. On the other hand though, she kept reminding herself that cheating on her husband was the most brutally intimate and personal sort of betrayal possible and that she would have to spend the rest of her life living with the knowledge that she had done that to someone she honestly did love with all her heart.

Now, glad to be off that airplane at long last and even more glad that she had escaped the woman who had raised such conflicted feelings inside her, Stephanie found herself standing in Heathrow airport and trying to find her bearings. She had understood that Selma was coming to meet her and collect the documents she had brought, but lost in this sea of humanity she couldn't begin to guess how she was supposed to find her.

She need not have been concerned however as she turned just in time to see Ms. Carrington sweeping towards her, easily carving a path through the mob of people who seemed to be in a great hurry to get out of her way. Stephanie could not help but take a moment just to soak in the sight of this woman.

She had always admired, respected, and been impressed by Selma Carrington, but had never before had the opportunity to see her outside the office and she took full advantage of this situation.

Selma was a middle-aged woman with an air of absolute and unshakable self-confidence. She wore little make-up, did not spend hours working to get her shoulder-length hair styled just right and yet she could only be described as a very beautiful woman. Her figure did not have anything like the silicon enhanced curves of a porn star and yet she stared in the sexual fantasies of a great many people. Her success in her career had made her a very wealthy woman and yet she never went to those expensive boutiques to buy her clothes and what little jewelry she wore was small, inconspicuous and tasteful.

The executive did seem to have a taste for powerful and very fast cars though. When she had first seen the beast Ms. Carrington drove in the office buildings underground parking lot, Stephanie had assumed it probably belonged to an older, balding man who was trying to compensate for something until she saw whose parking spot it was.

"Stephanie! Thank God, you're here at last!" Selma said as she reached her assistant and took the case from her. "Did you have any trouble finding all the documents I asked for?"

The younger woman shook her head. "Not at all, ma'am. That secretary of your's is an absolute model of efficiency. She knew exactly where everything was and we had it all gathered and ready to go within a half-hour."

Selma smiled. "Yeah, Tammy's a real treasure all right. I'm sorry you had to rush all the way over here like this at the last minute though. I've had to rush all over the world plenty of times on short notice so I know just how inconvenient that can be." There was real sympathy in her voice and the other woman's heart lightened just a little to know that someone like this really appreciated all the trouble she had been put to.

"Thanks, but it's all right," Stephanie answered even though it was a little white lie. "These things just happen sometimes."

"It's still not right," Selma told her, reaching out to put a sympathetic arm around the other woman. "But don't worry, I'll make it up to you. Come on now - let's go get your luggage."

Stephanie had been more than a little pleased when that arm went around her shoulders and she could not have stopped herself from leaning into her boss if she tried. She felt like she could just melt into her as she felt the warmth of the other woman's body and took in a lungful of her exquisite scent. She might even have sighed contentedly if she hadn't suddenly noticed what Selma had just said.

"Luggage? I don't have any. I understood that I'd be leaving on the very next flight for home so I just went straight from the office to the airport."

Selma seemed surprised to hear this. "Is that what those bastard's told you?" Selma roared, not giving a damn about the stares of the startled people around them. "They told you to fly all the way over here and then turn around and fly all the way back home!" This news seemed to both surprise and infuriate her. "Don't worry, I'll have a few words with them just as soon as we get back."

Stephanie didn't know what to say to that, hardly able to believe that someone like Selma Carrington would care enough about a simple subordinate like her to stand up to their bosses on her behalf. She felt her face warm with a blush and didn't even realize that she was snuggling a little deeper into the woman's comforting and protective embrace.

"Just think of this as a sort of working vacation," Selma continued, giving the girl a squeeze and thoroughly enjoying the way she was melting into her. "You'll stay over for a couple of days and help me with these meetings, but you should have plenty of time to play tourist and do some sight-seeing. What do you think about that?" She didn't wait for an answer though and, without breaking their embrace for an instant, turned them and started them slowly walking towards the exit.

"I'd love that!" the younger woman gushed, tempted to return the hug she was getting by slipping an arm around Selma's waist. "I don't know how I can, though. I don't have anything to wear, I don't have any of my toiletries, and to top it off I don't have any place to stay."

"Don't worry about a thing, Stephanie. I have a whole suite so you can stay with me. As for the rest, I think a shopping trip is in order."


Weighed down with several shopping bags, which she had adamantly refused to even consider letting Selma help carry, Stephanie followed her boss into the luxurious hotel suite they would be sharing for the next couple of days.

Considering how angry and frustrated she had been when she set foot in Great Britain just a few hours ago, she was in a remarkably good mood now and knew that she would treasure the memory of this day for the rest of her life. As her executive assistant, she knew better than most that Selma had many important things to take care of and so she was just overwhelmed that she would take the time to help her out.

When they left the airport, Stephanie had not been completely surprised to find that her boss had chosen to rent a car to give herself complete freedom of movement rather than force herself to rely on the London's public transportation system. It surprised her even less to see that she had gotten herself a racy little sports car! For a girl born and raised in the United States, it had seemed so odd to be sitting on the left hand side of the car's front seat and not be the one who was driving . . .

The two women had hit a number of cute little clothing boutiques first to find Stephanie some things to wear and Selma had taken complete control of everything right from the start. The young assistant was deeply flattered when her boss picked out some outfits for her and even paid for them out of her own pocket.

Selma may not have chosen to wear expensive designer clothes, but she seemed to have an innate understanding of what would look the best on her young companion. She also proved to be an expert at judging sizes and there was no question in Stephanie's mind that each article of clothing would fit her perfectly.

They next went to a fashionable little store to collect what toiletries Stephanie would be needing. Once more, Selma went for some pretty expensive merchandise and her assistant was appalled to realize how much she would be spending on her. She begged and pleaded to be allowed to pay for at least some of this herself and her heart fluttered when Selma absolutely refused to even consider the notion.

When they finally reached the hotel, Stephanie's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open when she realized that she would be staying at the Excelsior, one of the ritziest and most expensive places in all of Europe. In her wildest dreams she never imagined that she would ever be able to stay at such a fabulous place for even one night!

Selma couldn't help but smile at her assistant's almost child-like excitement at being able to experience some of the finer things in life like this.

Now, safely ensconced in their plush suite at long last, Selma took the small case of documents and sat down at a table. "I'm going to need to go over these and make sure I have all my facts and figures straight." She motioned towards the open door at the far side of the room and added, "The bedroom's through there. Why don't you go and get all of your new things unpacked?"

"All right."

Selma's eyes dropped to her assistant's firm little ass as the younger woman headed for the door with her armload of bags. "You should probably call home as well," Selma called after her. "If your husband was expecting you to fly straight back home he'll probably get worried when you don't show up."

Stephanie stumbled slightly at this, the thought of her husband back home bringing her mood crashing down to earth. She really did need to call Jack and let him know what was going on, but just the thought of having to deal with him right now was making her feel ill.

At the table, Selma allowed herself a little smirk as she opened the case and started unpacking the documents.

With everything else that had happened to her today, the girl had not noticed that she'd said "bedroom" and not the plural "bedrooms." This suite only came with one bedroom and she couldn't wait to see what happened when her innocent young assistant suddenly realized that they would have to share a bed.

This was promising to get very interesting and Selma was now delighted that the company had forced Stephanie to fly all the way out here and into her clutches.

Sitting on the edge of the bed meanwhile, Stephanie made sure to keep the telephone conversation with her husband as brief as possible. She assured him that this was because the transatlantic phone rates were so outrageous, but really it was because Jack Lucas suddenly seemed so rude and stupid compared to the urbane and breathtakingly intelligent Ms. Carrington.

Whereas before she had been just as upset over having to fly off to London as him though, she now seemed perfectly content to be there and kept talking about how badly Selma needed her help. Jack was unsympathetic to the needs of Stephanie's boss however and so they ended up squabbling and arguing yet again. The young woman was only too happy to be able to hang up that phone and hurry back into the next room where Selma still sat at the table with her paperwork.

The two women spent the next few hours studying the documents and deciding on the best way to handle the owners of the British company at the meeting tomorrow. Even the adrenaline rush this day had turned into for her couldn't last forever though and soon Stephanie started to feel the combined effects of jet lag and exhaustion take their toll on her.

Selma thought it was adorable how the girl was fighting desperately to stay awake like a child who had stayed up past her bedtime and now was trying to pretend that they weren't sleepy even though she was yawning widely and studying the inside of her eyelids an awful lot. "My goodness, you must be exhausted! Why don't you go on to bed, Stephanie? I'll be along in just a little while."

Stephanie had risen to her slightly unsteady feet and indulged herself in a nice long stretch before what her boss had just said started to sink in. "What?"

"Oh, didn't I mention that there was only one bed?" Selma asked with studied innocence. "It looks like we're going to have to share . . ."

Stephanie stared, stunned by this revelation. She may have survived the temptation of that stewardess back on the plane, but she wasn't so sure that she could handle being in the same bed with Selma Carrington. Even if her boss wasn't plotting anything romantic, she couldn't be certain that she wouldn't do or say anything awkward or unforgivable herself in her present state of mind. Blind to how ironic it would be to have to sleep on a sofa while staying at one of the most luxurious hotels in existence, that's just what she offered to do.

Selma just laughed though and told her to stop being so silly. "I'm going to need you well rested and in peak condition for that meeting tomorrow," was the reason she insisted that they share the bed, keeping to herself for the moment the other reason.

Still looking a little uncertain, Stephanie withdrew to the bedroom to change into the romantic little nightie her boss had bought her for earlier and slide between the sheets. Though she was uncertain why, she wanted to stay awake and wait for the other woman to join her, but the combination of her weariness and that impossibly soft bed overcame her and she drifted off into a deep sleep.

When Selma walked into the room a couple of hours later, she took in the sight of that young woman sleeping in her bed with a broad smile. Chuckling softly to herself, she started getting undressed.


Stephanie had apparently been even more exhausted than she'd thought. When she finally began to stir and opened her eyes to see how much sunlight was spilling in through the window, she realized that she must have slept late into the morning.

She knew that she should be getting up and seeing what needed to be done, but she just didn't want to. It felt way too good to be lying in that big soft bed all cuddled up against . . .

Her breath caught as she suddenly realized that she was snuggling with her boss, Selma Carrington!

Stephanie couldn't imagine how it could have possibly happened, but somehow during the night she had ended up lying up against the older woman, her body molding itself to Selma's. As if that wasn't bad enough though, Stephanie found that she had thrown a leg across both of her bosses and had wrapped her arms snugly around her middle. Even worse, was that Stephanie's head had somehow come to rest comfortably on the other woman's chest. Finally just to put the icing on the cake and make this situation just as uncomfortable for her as possible, she was pressed up against Selma's so tightly that there was no question at all in Stephanie's mind that the executive was completely nude.

Stephanie couldn't imagine how she had ended up in this position, but couldn't help but note that she hadn't woken up curled up against her husband like this in years!

Safe in the knowledge that her young assistant could not see it with her head where it was, Selma couldn't help but smile playfully. The change in the girl's breathing told her that she had finally woken up and she could just imagine the thoughts that were going through Stephanie's mind right now.

Slowly, fearful of how her boss would react to this overly familiar behavior from a lowly subordinate, Stephanie raised her head and blue eyes met glittering green eyes. She was deeply relieved to see that the older woman was smiling, but it didn't entirely quell her concerns. "Um, I . . ."

"It's all right, Stephanie. Don't panic." Selma couldn't help but laugh a little at the worried look on the girl's face. "Everything's all right." The smile on her face got a little less playful then, replaced with a look that made her assistant's heart race. "Besides, we could all use a little cuddle once in a while."

Stephanie was unable to resist and her eyes dropped to take a closer look at the naked woman who lay beneath her. Selma may have reached middle-age, but she obviously worked out to keep herself in shape and her full bosom still looked deliciously firm and tempting. Stephanie was a little startled to realize that she wanted to lie back down with the other woman.

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