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The Business Trip


Let me start by saying that I'm not gay. I had never been with a woman before this and, though I'll admit that I'd fantasized about it from time to time, I didn't think that anything like this would ever actually happen to me. I'd noticed fit bodies, of course, and had admired the womanly attributes of girls over the years. I'll even say that, at times, I'd been attracted to girls and had let my mind drift there sexually when I masturbated. I've had celebrity crushes on the girls that everyone had crushes on and have noticed the feminine qualities of some of my prettier friends, especially when we were laying out in bikinis together or were in the same room changing clothes. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't stole glances in some of those situations—but that doesn't make me a lesbian.

With that out of the way, I should start by saying that I work for an international PR firm and share an office with mostly women. With few exceptions, we all get along and it's a great job that I've learned a ton at. Each year the company puts on a training conference out of our headquarter building in New York and two people from every office across the country are selected to participate. This past year, me and my co-worker Alison were chosen to represent our office and would end up sharing a hotel room and spending three days learning about the latest trends from vendors and industry keynotes. I looked forward to the trip, partially just to get away and spend some time in Chicago and partially to hang and party with Alison, who was about my age and a lot of fun.

The flight had been a nightmare and when we finally made it there, we were six hours past our original arrival time. Weather delays and a mechanical issue in Phoenix had turned what was going to be a straight shot across the country together into an all-day affair. At least when we'd eventually made it, the cab ride from the airport wasn't too bad and when we finally got to the hotel, we we're both ready for a change of clothes and a glass of wine.

When we walked in we knew we were in the right place because the lobby was packed with women mostly our age and maybe slightly older and clearly, we were the last two people to arrive for the conference. Alison went to check us in and I sat with our bags, politely scanning the lobby for a bar and letting out a sigh of exhaustion that we were finally here.

After a few minutes Alison walked back towards me and she was smiling, with a you're-not-going-to-believe-this type of expression.

"Oh God, what now?" I asked with a laugh. "Tell me they didn't give away our room."

"Oh they didn't," she said, "but they're all out of doubles and roll-aways and our room has only a queen bed. It's now a slumber party...this trip gets better and better!"

"You know, as long as they have a room, I don't even care...besides, we're both little—we can share a queen bed."

"Agreed, it's fine," she laughed. "Plus, my husband will love it when I tell him we shared a bed since he really wants me to have sex with a girl."

I laughed with her when she said it but my stomach dropped. Maybe it was the long day or the fact that I was so tired but god, it sounded hot when she smiled it out of her mouth to me and held my eyes as she laughed.

"Want to sleep with a girl?" is pretty much what I'd heard. I'd never really looked at Alison like that but there was something in the way that she said "with a girl" that sounded erotic.

Don't get me wrong. Alison is pretty and sexy, with a tiny little body that's always made me a little jealous. She's an avid runner and it shows in her legs and she wears cute little dresses that accentuate her curves and toned lower body. I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't noticed her perfect little butt in jeans or the outline of her thong when she wore one of her clingy dresses.

We took the elevator up and found the room, dragging our bags in as we both laughed again upon seeing the one bed.

"The good news is that there are two bars in the lobby," I announced, "and I think that the plan should involve a change of clothes and another elevator ride to inspect them personally."

"Ding, ding," she said, as she unzipped her suitcase and started hanging up clothes. "I'd love a shower but I'd love a drink even more." "We can change before we go to dinner—let's just go."

We went back to the hallway, to the elevator, down the seven floors and into the bar that was just past the front desk. We both ordered white wine and exhaled again, as we started to relax and shake off the day.

"It's nice that we don't start until noon," Alison said. "We can have dinner and drinks and sleep in!" she said with mock enthusiasm, slapping my hand with hers.

"I know...good call coming in the day before—even if it almost literally killed us!'

There were a ton of people walking in and out and we were having fun watching it all go by. The wine was good and it felt like the day was behind us, as we caught up on nightmare clients and gossiped a little bit on our team back at the office. Alison said she was happy to be away from the routine for a few days and I completely agreed.

We kept laughing and ordered another glass of wine and I could feel it going through me. It was nice to be here, calm and away from home with someone who was just as happy to be out of town and escape for a bit. A nice glass of wine or three wasn't a bad thing, either.

As the wine kept going down, I was still thinking about what she said in the lobby and kept hearing my old college speech professor saying "every sarcastic remark has a bite of truth to it," like he did during his lectures.

Could she have been serious? Even a little bit? Could something happen between us in that bed? Whether it was the wine or my exhaustion, I couldn't stop thinking about it. That is, I couldn't stop thinking about the 'what if?'

She was talking and I was looking at her lips, at her tongue that moved as she spoke. She was really pretty. Could I kiss her? I thought that maybe I could. Did I want to kiss her? I was starting to think that maybe I did.

"Hellooooo?" she said, waving her hand in front of my face, as she'd clearly asked me a question that I hadn't heard. "Are you awake?" she smiled.

"Sorry," I stammered. "I was zoning... I'm not very good company after the day we had!"

"You're just fine," she smiled, as my stomach dropped again. "But I'm tired, too. Should we just get something to eat here and plan to go out tomorrow night?"

"I was hoping you'd say that...I'm done and the thought of actually going out seems impossible."

We ordered edamame, sushi, two salads and a couple more glasses of wine each. Halfway through, Alison got up to pee and I found myself watching her butt as she walked away from the table. It felt weird to think this way about her but I wasn't really trying to stop. I swear this wasn't normal for me. Like I said, I'd been attracted to girls before and had fantasized about having sex with them but the opportunity had never presented itself and I'd pretty much pushed it from my mind as something that would never happen.

And maybe it was still the wine but I kept thinking about sharing that bed with her, how we'd both get ready at the same time and I wondered what we'd both end up sleeping in.

She came back from the bathroom and sat down with another smile.

"What, I asked, like I'd been caught doing something I shouldn't have been doing.

"Nothing," she smiled. "What were you thinking about while I was gone?"

"I don't know...nothing, really, why?" I said as my face started to feel warm.

"Because...I'm freaking out that I told you what my husband said about wanting me to have sex with a woman."

"Ohmygod! Don't feel weird!" I said, relieved. "I didn't even remember until you just reminded me."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, really," I lied, and then paused. "OK, fine...I have thought about it...it caught me off guard but it's not a big deal!"

"Oh god," she said. "Sorry—I'm totally embarrassed!"

"Nonono, don't be. I didn't say it surprised me in a bad way. I just didn't expect it."

There was one of those awkward silences and we both looked at each other, and then away, and then back, as we briefly held each other's eyes.

"Um, have you ever been with a girl?" I asked, surprised that I'd said it so directly, so out-loud.

"No," she paused. "I've thought about it but I was probably too tame in high school and college to go there. I think I get more daring the older I get, you know? I guess I'm a late bloomer. Have you, um, ever been with a girl?"

"No," I said. "I mean, I kissed a girl in college once but that was really for the benefit of the guys in the bar who were watching. I'll admit I've thought about it, though, once or twice," I said as I smiled.

We both fidgeted a little bit but I didn't feel embarrassed. It was exciting. Maybe it was because of the wine or being out of town but I was totally pursuing the conversation and liked that both of us we're acknowledging the desire.

The subject eventually changed again and after two more glasses of wine and twenty minutes on reality TV, we decided that it was time to go back up to the room. We were both pretty buzzed and we giggled as we walked in staggers to the elevator, off the elevator, and finally into our room.

"Did we drink all the wine in the hotel?" I said. "Let's discuss."

"But it was good wine and that makes everything OK," she said back.

"Ha! So true!"

I fumbled with my card key and dropped it, while we laughed and leaned ourselves against the wall. The door opened and we both walked in, as it closed itself behind us.

"OK I'm taking a shower," Alison announced as she kicked off her shoes and grabbed some clothes from her bag, walking towards the bathroom while I started unpacking my things.

I heard the shower turn on and I slid my jeans off, folding them neatly as I put them in my bag. The thought was back in my head. What am I going to sleep in? I usually just wore panties and no top but had packed a t-shirt at home since I knew that we'd be sharing a room. I pulled both from my bag and quickly realized that the six glasses of wine were looking for a way out.

I knocked lightly on the bathroom door as I cracked it open.

"I have to pee," I said sheepishly as I waited for an answer, hopping from foot to foot just outside the door.

"Come pee!" she laughed as I swung open the door and took three steps to the toilet.

I exhaled as I sat and, as I started to go, I looked up to see Alison in the shower. The doors were glass and while I hadn't planned it, I was sitting six feet from my completely nude co-worker, looking at that naked butt that I'd visualized countless times through her jeans.

Her body was tan and her head was under the faucet, as the water poured through her hair and down her body. I had never seen Alison naked before; she was beautiful. Her skin was wet and smooth and I have to admit that the sight of another woman showering immediately turned me on, as the steam rose out the top of sliding glass doors, while I took a quick breath of air in through my mouth.

Her boobs were smaller than mine, likely a B cup, and her nipples were a light pink, pointy and longer than mine. I had a C cup and a darker pink with thick nipples and areolas that fit my size, about as big around as a half dollar.

Her body really was perfect and I was looking at her chest, staring at her nipples. They were long and sexy and stood out, and I wondered what it'd be like to touch them. I thought about how I'd put my mouth on them and wondered if her nipples were as sensitive as mine. There were few things better than having my nipples sucked and it was always something that I'd fantasized about doing to another woman.

Her bush was wet with water and though mine is a little darker, we both have tightly trimmed pubic hair covering our business from top to bottom. My eyes moved down and I was staring at her hair as the water passed through, thinking about what it would look like up close, when I realized that I'd been done peeing for a while and was simply zoning out on her naked body.

I was clearly buzzed as I wiped and stood up to flush, as she looked at me from the side of her eyes and smiled as I left the bathroom. I wanted to look at her but didn't. I could feel my heart beating as I walked out the door, thinking about my own upcoming shower.

I heard the water stop and, after a few minutes, Alison came out of the shower wrapped in her towel and walked to her bag, presumably to get ready for bed.

"My turn," I said as I got up, grabbed my panties and shirt, and walked past her to the bathroom.

I went in and closed the door, pulling a towel from the shelf and turning my body to twist the water on. I moved back to the mirror and unbuttoned my shirt, peeling it off and letting it fall to the floor.

As I unhooked my bra and dropped it, I noticed Alison's panties in her bundle of clothes on the floor. I started thinking about how she had looked in the shower, and without thinking, I picked up her panties.

I began to turn them inside out but then dropped them, realizing what I was doing. What was I doing? But I didn't stop. Before I knew it, I picked them back up again and stared at them.

They were warm. I had the thought of this being wrong again but I couldn't resist. I didn't want to resist. I brought them to my face and lightly rubbed them there, barely touching my nose to the warm crotch area, as I gently inhaled. I was completely turned on and I felt my pussy starting to get wet at the idea that I was breathing in Alison's pussy.

I dropped her panties, peeled my panties off and jumped into the shower. And as much as I wanted to get myself off, I resisted, afraid she'd hear me from the other side of the door.

After a while I finished and climbed out of the shower to towel off, patting myself down and brushing out my hair. I wrapped the towel that was almost big enough around me and opened the door to the room, clicking off the bathroom light as I left.

"Best shower ever," I said as I walked past her, as she reclined on the bed and looked through a magazine, while I moved towards my bag on the floor by the far wall.

"I know, it was well-earned after our day of planes!" she laughed.

She was stretched out on top of the covers, wearing light blue cotton panties and a white tank top, with her legs crossed at her ankles, as she continued to turn pages.

I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and could see that her nipples were a little bit hard. I wanted to stare, but I didn't.

I pulled my bag to the top of the dresser and as I did, I felt my towel loosen and then come un-tucked, as it started to fall from my upper body. I'm sure it was the wine making me brave but I didn't try to stop it, as it fell from my chest to my mid-section and then dropped lower, where it caught for a second on my hips, before finally falling to the floor.

I was standing there naked, with my back to Alison, and I felt butterflies in my stomach while I looked for my own panties and t-shirt. If she was looking, she was seeing my uncovered butt, and had the same view that I'd had of her when she was showering. It turned me on to think that she might be looking at me.

I fumbled around the bag and still found nothing.

"Ummm," I said as I turned my head to her without turning my body. "You haven't seen a pair of white panties and a yellow t-shirt anywhere around here, have you?"

"Nooo," she said, in a deeper voice than I'd heard her use before. "Wait...didn't you take them into the bathroom?"

"Oh, right...I just love wine!" I laughed, as I turned and walked past her to the bathroom, as she wore an embarrassed smirk on her face.

I grabbed my panties and shirt off the counter and walked back into the room, taking my time as I stood facing her, pretending to look for something else at the foot of the bed. I looked up and saw that she was watching me, first at my tits and then lower as I saw her eyes travel down my body to my bush.

I smiled.

"You're checking me out, aren't you?" I said flirtatiously, as her eyes shot back up to meet mine.

"What?" she said, immediately defensive in her tone and quickly turning back to her magazine. "No I wasn't...I swear, I was just zoning...I'm really tired."

"Uh-huh," I smiled, as I turned back to my bag and pretended to look in it for something else.

She paused for a moment.

"Fine!" she said, as her arm bounced off her leg in mock frustration. "I was totally checking you out but it's your fault because you brought it up at dinner and now I can stop thinking about it!"

I smiled and faced her again, letting my guard down further as my eyes narrowed on her. I was so exposed in front her, my naked body on display and my lust becoming more and more obvious. I could see the lust in her drunk eyes, too, and I was completely turned on and immediately felt myself starting to getting wet again.

Was this going to happen?

"I don't care if you look," I said. "And if we're being honest...I was looking at you while you were in the shower so fair is fair. If you want to check me out, then you should just check me out," I said, as if to dare her to make the next move.

After a pause she said:

"Then maybe I will."

"Maybe you will," I returned.

"Fair is fair," she teased.

She paused again.

"Come over here," she said finally, as she moved forward, leaning up from the headboard.

I walked over to the bed, still naked, and sat on the edge of it, just a couple of feet from her. She inched closer to me and our bodies were a foot apart, as I heard her take a quick breath and blink with that same embarrassed smile on her face.

She looked down at my chest, smiling again as she measured me with her eyes, finally bringing them back up to catch mine. She looked back down at my tits, and I could feel my nipples start to get hard at the attention.

"You can touch them if you want," I said, breathy in my voice, hoping that she'd reach out and feel my skin.

Her fingers reached across her body and she turned her hand over, as her fingernails brushed across my right nipple, while my eyes closed and my head tilted back slightly. She turned her hand over and her two fingers and thumb pulled from my areola and gently closed on my now rock hard nipple, as a jolt of excitement shot through my pussy.

With my eyes still closed I heard myself moan "that feels really good," while she gently pulled my nipple with her three fingers, as I felt myself getting even more wet.

I open my eyes and saw her looking at my face with her mouth slightly open and I instinctively leaned towards her and she met me in the middle, as our lips touched and lightly pushed against each other. We held them together for a few seconds and I couldn't wait any longer, as I gently pushed my tongue past her lips, as our mouths pressed harder together.

She let out a little moan of her own as our tongues started to twist into each other, and, as we picked up speed, I reached my fingers to the back of her neck and pulled her towards me, kissing her deeper with my tongue. I was so wet and my nipples were stiff as I pulled her even closer and let out audible sigh, while our chests pressed together and our tongues tasted each other's mouth.

She leaned back and her fingers were still on my nipple, pulling it and caressing it like an expert, as I reached out my hand to the top of her shirt, feeling both her tits as my fingers swept across the front of her tank top.

She palmed my whole boob with her hand and squeezed, as her five fingers gently pulled across it, stopping together at my nipple, as I started to touch her nipples through the thin material of her tank top. I reached higher and pulled the front of it down, moving my mouth away from hers in time to see the pink of her nipples.

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