tagLoving WivesThe Business Trip Ch. 01

The Business Trip Ch. 01



The business dinner was exhausting; but at the end of it, Bob and Miri were sure they'd made the sale -- and if they brought home a contract to install the 3 million dollar software package, they'd both be looking at huge bonuses, and the trip the two couples had been planning for years would finally happen.

Bob and Miri were neighbors. He'd recommended her to his supervisor a few years ago, she'd started as his assistant, and she'd quickly worked her way up to his level. Since they worked so well together, they'd been chosen to fly out together to make the presentation.

They both called home during the taxi ride back to the hotel, to tell their spouses, Becky and Mark, the good news. They were going to be out here one more night after this one, so Miri suggested to Mark that he offer to fix dinner for Becky (Mark was handy in the kitchen; Becky, notoriously not).

"Wanna stop at the hotel bar for a drink when we get back?" Bob asked. "Unwind a bit?"

"The drink sounds great, but the bar doesn't. Let's raid the mini-bar in my room. We're on an expense account, and we deserve it."

"It's a deal."

They got upstairs, and Miri used her electronic key to let them in. "I can't wait to get out of this," she said, unzipping the back of her dress and pulling it over her head.

"Miri!" Bob shouted, seeing his neighbor wearing only shoes, stocking and thong panties.

"Oh my fucking god!" She screamed, grabbing the dress and pulling it to her chest. "I wasn't thinking. Oh god, I'm used to being in hotels with Mark, and I just-- this is so embarrassing."

"It's okay," Bob said, "I really didn't see anything." Which was a well-meaning lie, because he'd gotten a good look at right breast, and even now as her back was to him, he had an unobstructed view of most of her ass.

She ran into the bathroom. "Do you want me to go?" he asked.

When she came out, she was wearing a fluffy white hotel robe. "No," she said, "the harm's already done. And now I really need that drink, maybe two, and I hate to drink alone."

He took off his suit jacket and laid it across the arm of the couch. He noticed her watching him. "What," he said, "you're waiting for me to strip naked too?"

"Don't tease me. I'm still mortified. And let's not mention this amusing anecdote to Mark and Becky, okay?"

"It's a deal."

She handed him a beer, while she opened a wine cooler for herself. "So..." she said. "Did I look okay at least?"

He smiled. "You can strip naked for me any time."

"Maybe you should have kept going after you took off your jack-- okay, wait, this is getting a bit weird."

"You're right," Bob said. "Too long a day, too many drinks."



Bob went back to his his room, got undressed, and crawled into bed. A few minutes later, without really intending to, he began jerking off, thinking about his neighbor and co-worker, and wondering how she'd have reacted if he'd walked over to her and untied her bathrobe.


There was a 400-pound elephant in the room when Bob and Miri met for breakfast the next morning.

Well, less a 400-pound elephant, exactly, than Miri's right breast, and Bob's memory of having seen it the night before. As well as most of her ass.

For Miri's part, she'd been on one hand mortified but on the other hand a little excited about Bob seeing her last night. She rarely masturbated, but she did last night. Still, it felt awkward: she had to work with Bob, today and in the future, and now she could see him glancing at the front of her cream-colored blouse, probably wondering whether she was wearing a bra underneath (she was, and in hindsight should have been last night).

"Okay, listen," she said, "what happened last night, happened. We just have to move past it."

"You're right," Bob said.

"And yet you're still staring at my tits."

"Sorry. I know I'm being a pig."

"And it's oddly flattering. But we work together, and you're married to my best friend."

He frowned a little, and she could tell he thought she was reprimanding him. That certainly wouldn't help their personal and business relationships either. She put both hands on one of his, leaned forward and said "The truth is, I was tempted myself." And then in a near-whisper: "And who knows... if the four of us manage to take that Aruba trip next spring, and it's okay with Becky, maybe we'll all go to one of the topless beaches."


Things stayed a bit awkward between Bob and Miri for the rest of the day -- a sexual tension had suddenly been added to their relationship, after all -- but they got through it and continued their presentations to various department heads.

Meanwhile, Mark had left work a couple of hours early to prepare dinner for Becky. He was fixing a seafood risotto, a dish he was particularly proud of, but which he never got to cook at home because of Miri's seafood allergy.

Becky let herself in at 7, wearing heels and the sort of dress you'd wear to a fancy dinner out. "Don't you look nice," Mark commented as he continued to stir the risotto. "You got a late date afterward?"

"I just figured if I'm getting treated to a classy dinner, I should dress the part."

Mark looked down at his own jeans and polo shirt. "Maybe I should go change, then. I feel under-dressed."

"No need. You know what they say, there's nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen."

"Oh, so I'm sexy now?"

Becky made a show of giving him the once-over. "Oh, you have your moments."

Mark smiled, and told Becky to help herself to some wine while he continued to stir. He'd bought two bottles of white this afternoon: one for cooking, and one for drinking.

After a few more minutes, he poured himself a glass and joined her on the couch, while the risotto "sat" for a while. They discussed how odd it seemed to be at home without their spouses the past couple of nights, and how if this all worked out, and it led to bonuses, maybe they'd all get to go on that Aruba trip they'd been talking about for the last few years.

"Bob better get an extra-large bonus," Becky said. "I'm going to need all new clothing."


"Come on.. nightclubs? The beaches? I don't want to look dowdy next to all those young girls."

"I doubt you could ever look dowdy," Mark said.

"Oh, you're sweet. But really, the bathing suit I wore last summer when we took the trip to the lake? I know it's the best Wal-Mart had to offer, but still..."

"You looked great in it. What are you doing, fishing for compliments?"

"No, really."

"Well, you'd look great in anything. Or nothing."

"You've seen me wearing nothing?" she teased.

"What? No, I mean, uh, that's just an expression."

"I know. I'm just teasing. But you know... Miri and I were talking about it, whether we'd have the nerve to go to one of the topless beaches in Aruba. You might get to see me wearing pretty close to nothing."

"Well, that's intriguing," Mark said.

"Why, thank you. And Mark... are you sneaking little peeks down my dress?"


"So you're telling me I can't trust you not to stare at my tits if I'm topless in Aruba?"

"Honestly? No."

She smiled. "I'll tell you a secret: women only wear dresses like this if we want men to try to peek. It's all harmless, of course: you see the slightest hint of cleavage, a lot less than you'd see at the beach."

"Especially in Aruba," Bob added.

"Well, that's another matter."

"A guy could probably see a lot more than a hint of cleavage in that dress if you leaned over some."

"Bob! You certainly get randy when you've been without your wife for a couple of days."

He shrugged.

She leaned toward him, allowing the top of her dress to blouse out. "Well, you're going to have to behave."

He could see the inner halves of each breast now, almost to the nipples, and could confirm what he'd suspected, that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I will," he said, sliding his finger under the neckline of the dress, just over her left breast, pulling it away from her body just enough to see the nipple.

"That's naughty," she said softly.

"I'll see it in Aruba anyway," he said.

"That's true" She thought for a moment and then said "Oh hell, I wasn't planning to go this far, but do you want to see me now?"

"Are you kidding me?"

She stood up, and pulled her dress over her head. Since she'd already taken off her sandals, she had nothing on but a pair of panties. "Just don't ever tell Bob or Miri."

"Obviously," Mark said, taking in the sight. "Hey, what did you mean 'go this far'?"

"I know you've been trying to catch looks at my tits since we met. Even Miri's noticed it, and mentioned it to me. She thinks it's funny. Not that they're anything special."

"They're beautiful."

"Thanks, but they're really not. You're just you. But I don't mind. So I came over here in that dress," she said, gesturing at the article of clothing discarded on the arm of the couch, "to tease you a little."

"I'm glad you did," Mark said. "Can I touch them?"

"You really shouldn't."

"We really shouldn't be doing any of this."

"True," she said, moving a step closer.

He put his hands on her breasts, and stroked them softly. She moaned softly, then brought her mouth near his ear and said. "We can't fuck. I mean that."

"Okay," he said, moving his mouth to one breast. When she didn't protest, he flicked the nipple with his tongue, then began sucking.

"Nobody else has touched me there since I met B-- oh god, if you keep that up, you're going to make me cum."

"Good," he said, without removing his mouth from her sensitive breast. He moved both hands to her ass, and pulled her body against his. "I want to feel you cum. Cum for me."

"I will. I'm going to cum for you. Oh..."

He snaked his right hand down and around, until his middle finger reached her pussy, covered only by a thin layer of wet panty. He began stroking her hard, while still suckling. "Oh fuck, oh fuckfuckfuck, don't stop, just like that, oh fuck... cumming, cumming... eeeeeeee!"

Before she'd even fully come down from her orgasm, she dropped down to the couch, and started undoing Mark's belt and pants zipper. "Before we realize we shouldn't be doing this," she said, grabbing the waist of his pants and pulling down his pants and underwear in one motion. His cock was rock-hard, and she thrust it into her mouth and began sucking frantically.

Mark's knees began to buckle. He wanted this to last, but he knew it wasn't going to. -- so he decided he'd better just enjoy it.

Within two minutes he was cumming, the first time he'd ever cum in anybody's mouth but Miri's. Becky kept sucking, and he kept cumming, Finally, despite her best effort to swallow it all, she began to cough, letting his cock fall out of her mouth, dripping his cum all over her chest. One small gob fell onto her panties.

"Maybe you'd better take those off so we can clean them, before that stains."

"Funny. Besides, these panties are the only thing keeping us from fucking."

"Would that be so terrible?" Bob asked.

"I told you, that's where I draw the line. Anyway," she said, flicking his spent cock gently with her fingers, "I don't think you'll be 'up' to it for a while yet."

"Guess you're right," Mark said. They got re-dressed, warmed up the neglected risotto, and ate dinner. When they were done, they sat together and had another glass of wine, then Becky helped Mark wash the dishes. Afterward, he said "Stay here tonight."

He could see she was tempted. "Come on," he said, "neither of us really wants to sleep alone again."

"No fucking," she said.


They went to the bedroom. He stripped naked -- which is how he always slept and she'd certainly seen his cock already -- and although she normally slept naked as well, she kept her panties on. And reminded him once again, no fucking.

At 2am they both woke up. The panties came off, and there was fucking.


Bob and Miri's dinner was far less interesting. They were with clients again, the heads of yet another department (it seemed as if every last employee of this company had to approve the project; but at least they were getting to eat at expensive restaurants at somebody else's expense), and Miri was wearing a very conservative pants suit. And he'd bet his life there was a bra under there, since this wardrobe choice was clearly her way of telling him not to get any more ideas.

"Do you want to hit the hotel bar before we go upstairs?" he asked as they got out of the cab. "I think I need more alcohol right now than is good for me."

"What's wrong?"

"Just stress."

"Because of last night?"

"What? No, no, not that. The meeting with Horton this afternoon. My back's one big knot. If I thought we'd have to work with him again, swear to God, I'd quit this project, bonus or not."

"I don't think the bar's the answer. We have that early meeting tomorrow before our flight home, and the last thing you need is to be hung over. Come upstairs, and I'll give you a back-rub. I'm pretty good at it."

"That would be great. Thanks."

"As long as you remember this means only one of us takes off our shirt, and this time it's not me."

He grinned. "Got it."

She wasn't kidding about her back-rubs, he thought, minutes after he took off his jacket, tie and shirt and lay down on the room's king-sized bed. All the tension is gone, I feel so relaxed, I could... could...d...d...

Well, if I have to have a man fall asleep in bed before I'm through with him, Miri thought, I guess this is the best-case scenario. She realized it would be counter-productive to wake him: he was exhausted, relaxed, and would probably sleep the night.

As quietly as she could, she opened her travel bag and pulled out a nightgown, then started undressing. Naked, she almost giggled out loud as she thought If you wake up now, Bob, you can see what you've wanted to see all day!

She pulled on the nightgown, carefully lifted the sheets on the side of the bed furthest from Bob, and crawled inside.

She hoped Bob realized that she wasn't being stand-offish because she wasn't attracted to him. Just the thought of sleeping in the same bed with him was making her damp. But he was married, she was married, and the two couples were so close... if they got caught fooling around, the consequences would be too awful.

Of course, they were alone here: how would they get caught?

Still. People make mistakes. People think they're fooling everybody, but it always comes out in the end.

It took her a while to fall asleep: she felt frustrated, and she was dying to bring her hand to her wet pussy, but couldn't risk shaking the bed.


Mark woke up slowly, spooning the woman in bed with him. At first he was surprised she was naked, since Miri always wore nightgowns, and then he was even more surprised when he remembered this was Becky.

His hand was resting on her breast, and his cock was wedged between her legs. As he became more aware of his surroundings, and began holding her breast more firmly, his cock began to harden, and he thrust it against the opening of her pussy. She was awake by now, and began thrusting back, and his cock slipped inside her warm wetness. They fucked slowly, lazily, and after she'd had two or three small orgasms, he came, and left his cock inside of her until it finally softened enough to slip out on its own.


When Bob woke up, it took him a moment to remember why he was lying on top of the bedsheets, still wearing his suit pants. Miri was standing by the other wide of the bed, apparently having just woken up herself. "Well, hello there," he said, looking at her nightgown.

Miri looked down: she hadn't realized how sheer the nightgown was: her nipples were poking through, you could see the color of her areolae, and even her bush was clearly visible.

She tried covering herself, but that felt silly. "Stop looking at me," she said.

"Not a chance."

"You perv," she said -- but she knew he could see the slight smile on her face.

She went over to her garment bag, and pulled on a pair of panties under her nightgown. Then, making sure her back was to him, she pulled off her nightgown -- she wasn't worried about him seeing her bare back and the back of her panties at this point -- and put on a bra. Then, no longer concerned about what she was showing, she walked to the closet, chose a dress from a hanger, and put it on. "You might as well make yourself useful," she told him, offering her back so he could zip her up.

"We have the meeting in half an hour," she continued, "so you better go back to your room and change. And shit, I was supposed to call Mark last night. It's two hours later back home, he must be at work by now. Were you supposed to call Becky?"


"Better do that when you get to your room. Now get out of here, I have to make my call and do my girl-stuff."

He left the room, and she took her phone out of her purse and speed-dialed Mark.


Mark looked over at the nightstand clock. He was plenty late for work -- but he'd be happy to call in sick today, if Becky was. For now, though, as long as she was okay just lying here with him, he wasn't going to bring up the subject one way or the other. Who knows when they'll have this chance again?

And then his phone rang.


Mark told Miri he'd made risotto for Becky, which she agreed was a great idea, since he loved it and Miri couldn't eat it. Miri told him yesterday's meetings had gone well, and it looked like they'd get the job. And then she heard a phone ring in the background, apparently very close to Mark.

Was that Becky's ring-tone??

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