tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Butler Did It, with Kaley Cuoco

The Butler Did It, with Kaley Cuoco


Note- Not to be taken seriously, just another tall tale inspired by those in celebrity.


November 24, 2018.


Kaley Cuoco was not overly enthused when her best friend Amy Davidson invited her to a Murder Mystery Dinner on Thanksgiving. Located on Westwood Blvd Keith and Margo's dinner party was at Matteo's Restaurant, and offered an entrée, dessert and coffee. Over the course of four hours in the evening the guests were put in the middle of a homicide investigation, with a prize at the end of the night. Amy had gotten the idea after viewing the episode in 'The Big Bang Theory' when the cast had been involved in just such a caper.

"Come on, it'll be lots of fun."

The flame haired friend Amy had chosen to wear a lavish and regal dress with layered cuffs and a gorgeous asymmetrical hem. On her feet she wore a pair of patent shoes with a quirky polka dot lining and ribbon ties. She looked great and had regained her pre baby figure once more. Kaley had on a red polyester flocked dress that politely understated the beauty of the woman who wore it. It had a sophisticated wrap over collar that flaunted her bosom superbly. Bare legged she chose to wear ankle high shimmering lace booties with wax lacing and a three inch heel.

"Welcome ladies, go right on in."

They were greeted by tonight's host, Jonathan, who steered them towards the other guests in the reception. In the welcome brochure it told that half way through the evening a 'murder' would take place and the investigation would commence. For the price of $68 the dinner consisted of first course of a Caesar Salad followed by Tiramisu for dessert. Utterly bored Kaley would have killed for a vodka and tonic water. She looked around at the mixed group of people who were all well dressed and friendly.

"Won't be long now," said Amy in a state of excitement.

Kaley gave her a weak smile back as she glanced to her left just in time to see a dark skinned man passionately kissing a striking woman in an emerald party dress. His hand was clearly inside the scalloped neckline where he had started to squeeze her breast. There came a slap on his face and the lady stormed off in a huff.

"Wow! Did you see that?" Kaley asked Amy.

"No, what?"

"That guy over there, see?"

"Oh, you mean the butler?"

"Butler? They have a butler here?"

"Yeah, for the murder mystery atmosphere."

Kaley went quiet for a while she sipped hot coffee. She thought him to be the hottest guy she had seen all year, dark tall and good looking. Then the next time she looked up the butler was gazing intently into her eyes. He half smiled and the attractive blonde actress actually blushed.

"Good evening, ladies. I trust everything is to your satisfaction?" His voice had an accent that sounded Spanish or Portuguese and which resonated like music to Kaley.

"Nothing a shot of vodka wouldn't cure." Said Kaley smiling sheepishly and who then winced as Amy trod on her boot and scowled at her.

The butler had a name tag that said 'Juan' on the left breast pocket of his black Tailcoat. Over his crisp white shirt he had a black cut velvet waistcoat and he wore Tattersall trousers. Brazilian? Thought Kaley. He appeared to be dusky, powerfully built and about six feet and a bit. He was clean shaven and sported a shock of jet black hair. He bent to Kaley and whispered something in her ear that Amy could not hear.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing. Hey, I just need to powder my nose."

Kaley rose quickly and found the man in the long corridor that connected the two main dining rooms.

"You came." He stated simply and took the quite struck Kaley by the hand.

"Yes." She answered, intrigued and somewhat girlish.

They came closer to each other and he caressed her hot left cheek and stared into her green eyes that were wide with anticipation. His hand deftly curved around the back of her dress and he pulled her to him. Kaley did not resist as he brought his lips to within an inch of hers. Then they embraced and kissed hard and long, a full sixty seconds.


Kaley groaned low in her throat as Juan parted her lips and poked his tongue inside her warm mouth. Her stomach did flip flops as his tongue ravished hers and her arms came up around his neck. The smell of him was of a one hundred per cent male, perfect for sex. His mouth left hers and snaked up to her left earlobe which he nibbled seductively. What the hell was she doing, thought Kaley. Who is this guy and why is he so fucking desirable? He tongued the hollow of her throat and she purred with delight.



"Kiss me again."

The butler obliged and at the same time he gripped her right thigh, just under the hem of her dress. She gasped as his fingers flexed on her soft flesh and she felt a delightful tingling in her Agent Provocateur tie side panties. She felt reckless and thrilled at the turn of events as she tasted his sweet mouth. Again he squeezed her thigh and Kaley felt that certain dampness between her legs.

"The second dining room is empty. Shall we?"

Utterly taken by this Latin Lothario Kaley was like putty in his hands as he led her inside the large room. Things ramped up a gear as Juan backed the curvaceous blonde up against the dining table and pressed his strong body to hers. They kissed with heavy breathing and wet lips as his hand slid up her dress to her panty line.


Kaley flushed as Juan went down onto his knees and boldly pushed up her dress to expose her underwear. With an uncontrollable urge her left leg came up to hook over his shoulder which presented her wet crotch to his face. Through the panties he put his pursed lips to her muff and kissed her mound. With her heart in her mouth Kaley fingered his thick mane as he tugged her panties down her legs and off over her boots.

"He's a fast worker,' she thought, as evidenced by his boob pawing of the lady in green earlier.

She looked from right to left and saw nobody in the room and sighed softy as she relaxed. Kaley widened her stance as he planted his lips to her downy covered pussy and gripped her upper thighs at the junction of her bikini line. Her hips shifted as the dark skinned man plunged his tongue into her very wet pussy and his smooth face soon became coated in her juices.

"Your cunt is on fire, my sweet lady."

For some reason Kaley felt slightly shocked by his use of that four letter word but it simply intoxicated her. Her breasts heaved in the neckline of her dress as she bumped her bared backside against the wood of the table. Naked from her waist down to her boots Kaley felt shamelessly wicked as she looked down at the bobbing head of the butler between her thighs.

"Oh, fuck!"

His thumb found her puckered anus and pressed at it hard and Kaley felt her cunt squirt fluids as her pussy gave a mini spasm. Her hips rocked forwards as she revelled in his nibbling and licking of her hard clit. Juan stood after a while and helped the dizzy blonde onto her knees at his shoes as he unzipped his trousers. Kaley aided him in dragging them to his knees closely followed by his boxer shorts.


Kaley gaped open mouthed as she contemplated the mans erection which stood out stiff and proud. His groin and upper thighs were thick with black hair and his balls sat high and round in his dark scrotum. She noted his long shaft had a slight curvature to the left at about the halfway mark which she found interesting.

"Nice cock."

His breathing grew rougher as her tongue swirled all around the fat head. Her fingers traversed over the shaft which appeared a tad darker than the rest of his South American complexion. Kaley sucked him in and virtually inhaled his knob as she breathed through flared nostrils. His eyes rolled back in his head as her expert tongue seemed to trace every vein on his rigid cock.

"Kaley! Kaley, are you in here?"

"Oh shit! It's Amy!" Said Kaley as she let the hot cock smack back on the belly of an equally surprised Juan.

Kaley and Juan jumped up and adjusted their clothing as Amy entered the empty dining room. Juan slipped the discarded Agent Provocateur panties into his coat pocket as he vanished quickly.

"Where have you been? The murder just took place."

Kaley fanned her flushed face to cool down from the outstanding foreplay and looked about for Juan.

"Where? Why did?"


"Oh nothing. Let's go back."


"So, what did I miss?" Said Kaley with a yawn, her head going this way and that in an attempt to sight the missing butler.

"Jonathan introduced Lady Green who has a stash of money which her greedy family want to get their hands on. Next thing she's on her back with a knife in her chest. Well..."

Kaley tuned her friend out as the group filed out of the initial dining room and into the other one which she and Juan had just vacated. As they walked the cool air of the restaurant air conditioning wafted up the dress of Kaley and the fresh air made he realise that she was panty less. She made a sardonic grin at the naughty thought and looked at Amy who still blathered on about evidence or some such nonsense. If only she knew. That was when Kaley saw the butler standing at the entrance to the now empty room with a mischievous glint in his gorgeous eyes. He nodded with a mere motion of his head, beckoning to her to follow, and went inside.

"Hey! I just thought of something. Meet me back here in a half hour."

Amy muttered, puzzled and surprised as Kaley rushed off. The bubbly blonde opened the door to the dining room, now cleared of the dinner things to see the Brazilian hunk standing with his arms crossed.

"I think we have unfinished business, no?"

From the moisture between Kaley's thighs the answer was an unmitigated yes! She felt his eyes on the sumptuous flesh of her cleavage that nearly spilled out of the front of her dress.

"Are you enjoying the evening?" He asked in his dreamy accent.

"Yes." Her voice cracked slightly as she became riveted to the spot.

Suddenly Juan made his move and scooped the voluptuous blonde into his arms and kissed her hungrily. Kaley moaned into his mouth as his right hand tugged the left side of her dress down to let her full breast pop out into his fist. Her breath was erratic as they explored each others mouths and tiny sounds escaped her lips as her boob was thumbed.

"You have perfect breasts, I love the female breasts."

"Thank you," whispered Kaley who tilted her head back as her passionate lover clamped his lips at the point of her bared neck where her pulse beat fast.

Her tits were full and firm and were a size 34C and Kaley was immensely proud of her implants. His thumb circled her stiffening nipple as he worked quickly and diligently, licking the valley between her boobs and sucking on the erect nipples. His left hand found the zip of her dress behind her back and in a split second it fell around her waist. She bent her head forward and her fair and lustrous hair framed her face. In the harsh light of the room her neck, shoulders and exposed tits were highlighted and Juan nodded in approval at the bountiful flesh.

"I want you, sweet lady. And, I will have you."

Kaley whimpered an affirmative as he raised her dress up above her waist, so baring her gorgeous legs and small triangle of soft and light pubic hair between her toned thighs Again she was pinned to the edge of the dining table as before, naked save for the crumpled dress at her midriff and Juan dropped his trousers and freed up his rampant erection. He stepped between her parted legs and they locked eyes as he licked the palm of his left hand slowly. He smeared the saliva on the already wet cunt of Kaley who shivered at the wonderful contact he made with his palm.

"Mmm, yes. Fuck me." She implored him, desperate to be penetrated.

Kaley let out a surprised yelp as she was effortlessly lifted up onto the edge of the table so that her pussy was presented at the perfect angle. She thought he looked quite comical with his cock poking up from his dark pubes and his trousers down to his knees. Juan used his left hand to guide his huge cock to her entrance as his right held her steady at the shoulder. With a satisfied grunt he thrust up into the grateful actress who sucked air in through clenched teeth. Kaley arched her back as she gripped the edge of the wooden table until her knuckles went white as he began to move back and forth, gauging her wetness and tightness as he did so. Her hips lifted from the surface of the table with each hard penetration and her long lashes fluttered against flushed cheeks.

"OH! Fuck! Just as I expected it to feel." BETTER than anything she ever expected to tell the truth.

Juan sawed in and out of Kaley's juiced up cunt as he raised her right leg up onto his left shoulder. His right mitt held and cupped her left tit as they gazed into each others eyes intently. The blonde looker rubbed her clit with a rapid strum of her fingers, so lightly that it appeared that she was making no contact.

"You're so gorgeous." Said Kaley with a soft sigh.

The dark skinned stud hammered her with fast pelvic thrusts as he held her head with his left hand so he could lean in and kiss her hard on the mouth. A dark lock of his thick hair fell between them as their tongues danced in each others mouths. Her right leg came down and her ankle boots bobbed up and down by his hips as he rocked her on her ass.


Then Juan pulled out and removed his trousers and shed his long Tailcoat as Kaley wriggled out of her crumpled dress and spun around so that he got an ideal look at her curvy rump. Kaley swept her tousled hair over the left side of her face and balanced her right knee on the table edge.

"Stick it to me, big boy."

He bumped her meaty butt and his long pole moved up and down the crack of her smooth ass cheeks. His lubricated cock smeared her pale flesh as Kaley moaned and banged back at him in her desire for his prick in her sopping cunt. She looked back into his dreamy eyes and gripped his right bicep with her right hand and squeezed hard.

"Please? PLEASE!" She begged with her gorgeous green eyes wide open.

Juan grinned and held her by the waist and pulled her roughly to him and fed her his length. He planted his hands on her hips and thrust into her slick heat with an already good pace. Kaley pushed back, her eyes tight shut with a mounting look of pleasure on her face. His hips mashed into her backside and as he moved back and forth so she moved with him with no daylight between their glued bodies.

"Oh, fuck."

Again Juan withdrew and turned Kaley around so that she balanced her weight on her left boot and her right was hoisted up at the knee and made to rest on his right forearm at the level of his hip. He began to fuck her in a standing doggy position with her right boot bobbing in the air. Her boobs bounced and swayed as he angled his hips in such a way that his balls bumped up at her ass.

"How...how do you do that?" She wondered as she looked at his face which was contorted with his exertion.

He gripped her creamy butt with his free hand as he fucked her with his frantic pace. Then he sighed as he let her leg down and slowly withdrew and Kaley gasped at the delicious way his hard cock scraped out of her tight cunt.

"What a fuck!"

Kaley put a hand to the back of his head and kissed him hard. She grabbed his tight, hard butt and slid down all the way to his feet. She parted her lips and let his cock head into her luscious mouth. With her left hand she pulled her silky hair to one side to let him watch his length slide inside her wet lips. His organ twitched as the blonde sucked on him like a popsicle, humming happily as she did so. Then Kaley held her arms around his neck tightly as he lifted her up at the hips and pulled her body to his erect cock. Her legs wrapped around his back as she was lowered onto his knob slowly. Kaley sighed from the utter bliss of the moment as she sat on his cock, her body suspended in mid air. Her head went back and her fair hair fell down as he began to bang her back and forth on his rigid length, pulling her high onto his hairy chest before lowering her back down.


Kaley, consumed by a lustful passion felt her blood pulse as his cock drilled inside her fast and deep. Crushed as she was against him his sweat smeared her tits so much that they shone under the high ceiling light. As his cock became buried up her pussy her clit scraped against his pelvis and her juices ran out and down his ball sack.

"Wow!" She cried as her stomach fluttered with the thrill of being fucked as if she were his personal sex toy.

Her booties tapped on the bottom of his spine as he slammed her lower body against groin. His cock thrust up inside the whimpering Kaley to the hilt so that his balls settled in her butt crack every time he entered her sodden quim.

"And here is where the main suspect made his escape after he had done in Lady Green."

Jonathan burst into the dining room followed by the other rapt guests as he read out his evidence from his script.

"Fuck! Again!"

"Under the table, quickly!"

Juan pushed the naked Kaley right under the forty foot dining table where she crouched down as small as she could make herself. The group filed past and she recognised the shoes of Amy with the polka dot lining and ribbon ties. She smothered her face to supress a giggle. I am so naughty, she thought! When the group had exited the room by the other door Kaley emerged from under the table and stood on wobbly legs as she scanned the room for her Romeo.

"Juan? Juan, where are you?"

Oh shit! Did he fuck off again? Just when she was enjoying herself.

"Sweet lady, come to me."

At the end of the table sat the dark haired hunk, now totally stripped off and seated in a four legged wooden chair, his glistening cock upright in his fist as if on offer to her. I'll take that offer thought Kaley who hurried over to him.

"Hello again."

Kaley dropped to her knees and grasped his pecker and stroked the hard flrsh from root to tip. He thought her hands to be silky soft as they pumped his length with both tight fists. How hot and wet and full were those bee stung lips of hers as his crown popped in and out of her scarlet mouth. Then with one long drawn out groan she surfaced and flung her right leg over him. She hovered above his cock which he pointed straight up so it touched her wet pussy entrance. She draped herself onto his dark matted chest and her big tits crushed against his solid muscles. His hair tickled as she moved on him, kissing him as his hands ran through her mussed hair.

"I love your cock between my legs."

The heated blonde moved her hips on his huge erection and teased herself, aching for him to be inside her steamy cunt but loving the sensation of his organ on her labia. They broke the kiss as she straightened her back and then impaled her pussy slowly on him, inch by agonising inch. Kaley inhaled deeply, as if breathing in his prick, and then she exhaled in a rush when his entire length was in.

"Oh my fucking lord!"

Undeterred she thrust her hips up and then sank down, driving him up her until she was filled again. After that first thrill of pleasure Kaley paused for a moment as his cock stretched her apart, then she shifted with the toes of her boots turned to the floor.

"I need...need...this so bad." Moaned Kaley.

The sweet friction overwhelmed the pair of them as Kaley rode up and down, scraping her nails along his belly which made him grit his teeth. She arched her back and angled her body for an even deeper penetration. Her pussy throbbed on his rippling cock as she fucked him with four or five quick strokes before she lifted off of him with a wicked grin.

"Merda! He cried as his cock slapped back on his belly.

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