tagErotic CouplingsThe Butler's Surprise

The Butler's Surprise


Ray closed the lid on his toolbox, locking away the screwdrivers he'd just finished using. He returned the box to his closet and got the Shop-Vac to clean up the dust and bits from his efforts. Wouldn't do to leave telltale signs of his duplicity for Kelly to spot, after all.

Having finished the sweeping, he checked the time. She wasn't due for another 45 minutes yet. Good. He shucked his clothes and headed for the shower. His surprise would fill automatically while he washed.

While in the shower, he thought about Kelly. How sweet she was. True to her name, she was a fetching lass of Irish descent, with the red hair and sparkling green eyes of legend. Yes, and the temper to match. The few times he'd screwed-up, like forgetting her birthday, he'd seen those eyes flash all the lightning bolts of Heaven. She'd turned into a demon-thing...more horrid than all the banshees of Erin. But that wasn't why Ray'd set-up his surprise. He'd done it for love. Kelly had brought more joy and happiness into his life than he'd ever believed he could know. Seeing her tousled head of auburn curls when she first woke up...the way she used just a little-too-much sugar in her tea...how she cried when the fox gets the rabbit on a National Geographic Special...all that she was. And the sex -- oh, Sainted Mother, the SEX. When Kelly was in his arms, she was nearly insatiable. And not just for her own pleasures...but to please him as well.

His hands were rubbing soap across his furry chest as he mused in this way. And suddenly it wasn't his hands caressing him, but Kelly's. He already had begun to grow hard at the thoughts of her naked body, and now the urge for release was beginning to be felt in earnest. But he knew enough to wait. So, sighing, Ray reached for the tap and knocked the C handle up a few notches. Fortunately he had his own house, so there was no neighbor in earshot to hear his shout as the frigid stinging water chilled his ardor.

When Kelly arrived, he was ready. He'd prepared everything as far in advance as he could, and now came Zero Hour. Hearing her car in the drive, he stepped behind his front door and waited to hear her steps. Then, as she was reaching to insert her key in the lock, he opened the door. She started, surprised. And her brows knit in confusion as she beheld Ray wearing a stiffly starched black uniform. She'd seen it before...or at least she'd seen something like it before. Three days before, Ray had rented a movie for them to watch. The chief protagonist had been an old-fashioned English butler. Now Ray stood, back straight and proud with nose elevated slightly, in an identical outfit. He even wore the dickey and cummerbund and patent leather shoes from the movie. Kelly, at a loss for words, just stood in awe, until the words, "wha...what are you doing, Ray," found voice.

"Welcome home, Madam," said Ray, making a valiant attempt at a British accent. "As per your orders, the staff have been dismissed for the evening, and Cook has prepared a meal for you. I've laid-out a dressing gown for you, and after dinner I shall draw your bath." Of course, it sounded more like 'ahftar dinnar I shall drawr yawr bawth,' but it meant the same. Ray stepped aside, giving a sweeping bow and swinging his arm out to the side to encourage Madam's entrance. He'd even gotten a roll of red carpeting to roll out, leading straight into the dining room. Still not knowing what to make of all this, the stunned Kelly could do little more than follow his lead. She stepped inside, and Ray stepped behind her to help her with her coat. Once it had been removed, he addressed her again. "Perhaps Madam would like to change in her boudoir? I took the liberty of laying-out a dressing gown for Madam's use. The dinner will be a few minutes yet, so Madam needn't hurry." He was really playing the subservient butler role to the hilt...completely straight-faced. By now, Kelly was starting to get the idea too, and she was going along with it. "Why, thank you, Jeeves," which had been the name of the butler in the movie. "I would like that. Come with me." So saying, she headed for the bedroom. Ray/Jeeves followed obediently two steps behind (as was his proper position, after all).

Once in the bedroom, Kelly noticed the huge spray of white roses on her bed. Ray/Jeeves dashed towards them, apologizing, "Oh, do forgive me, Madam...these arrived earlier today and I just haven't had a second to put them in water," but she stopped him before he could get away.

"Who are they from, Jeeves?"

"I'm sorry, Madam, I wouldn't know...not my place to ask."

Kelly found the card in the bouquet and opened it. It was a simple card, reading, "My Dearest Kelly...I will love you far longer than these poor symbols shall last. You are my life. Ray." Ray/Jeeves was at her elbow as she read it, and he asked, "Some secret admirer, perhaps, Madam?"

Kelly's face was blushing slightly and even at this distance Ray could tell her temperature had jumped a couple degrees. But she answered calmly. "Just some poor fool who seeks my favors, Jeeves. Nobody important."

"Of course, Madam. If Madam wishes it, I can contact the delivery boy and find-out the identity of the rascal and set the law on him."

She smiled. "No, I don't think that will be necessary."

"Then, would Madam like to change her clothes for dinner?"

"Yes, Jeeves. Won't you help me?" So saying, she took the roses from his arms, laying them on the dresser where the mirror made them look even more numerous than they really were. Then she sat down on the bed, raising her one foot towards her butler.

Ray/Jeeves bowed his head. "As Madam wishes," he said. Then he knelt on the thick carpeting and began to unbelt her shoe.

Kelly noticed that her servant kept his head bowed, eyes on her foot. She knew that had to be tough for Ray...he was always nuts for her long legs. To be touching them like this and not be allowed to even look up them must be getting him very horny, she mused. Feeling very naughty at these thoughts, she leaned back some, hiking her short business skirt up her thighs. He had one shoe off now, and as she lifted the other foot to him she deliberately let the skirt ride higher until her pantied crotch came into sight. She was becoming aroused at this game as well.

"It's frightfully hot in here, don't you think, Jeeves?" she asked. While speaking, she began to gently brush her fingers with their long, red nails up and down over her cotton-covered vagina.

Ray/Jeeves made a visible effort to swallow the lump in his throat before replying, "...as Madam says." Having removed both her shoes now, he stood up. His arousal was evident by the hard lump in his black slacks.

"Why don't you stay, Jeeves, and help me get undressed," purred Kelly, reaching from her sitting position on the bed to cup his bulge in her slim hand.

Ray/Jeeves reacted as though he'd just grabbed a live rattlesnake. He virtually leaped away, a startled look on his face. "Madam," he gasped, "such behavior...I...I mean...for a servant, a proper butler, to...to...it's just not DONE, Madam." And then before Kelly could stop him, he wheeled on his heel and dashed for the door. "Madam may come to dinner at her convenience," he gasped as he made his flustered exit.

Kelly sat, looking at the now-empty doorway for several seconds. Already she was plotting what she would do to this servant who DARED to refuse his Mistress's wishes. Then she began to strip.

Minutes later, Kelly came back to the dining room. She was wearing the white terry-cloth robe and fuzzy slippers that Ray/Jeeves had laid out for her. On her arrival, she saw that he'd rearranged the furniture slightly. He'd moved the small dining table aside and had brought the speakers from the stereo in the living room in. These were set at strategic locations...largely out of sight, but at good angles for sound. Ray/Jeeves was standing there, still in his starched butler's outfit. He bowed, pulling out a chair for her. "Madam," he offered. The table was set with the good china, and crystal goblets...but only one place setting.

"Won't you be eating, Jeeves," asked Kelly?

"I shall dine, as befits my station, in the servants quarters, Madam," he replied.

"Nonsense. I won't hear such foolishness. Now go and get another plate for yourself."

"But Madam...if the other staff finds out...oh, Madam..."

"You dismissed them for the night, didn't you? Well, I won't tell if you don't."

Ray/Jeeves sighed. "Very well, Madam...as you wish." He disappeared into the kitchen, returning with another setting. He helped Kelly with her chair, then snapped his fingers, calling, "Luigi...play." Simultaneously he kicked a plug into a wall socket, and the stereo in the next room began to play. Soft, Italian violins began to sing, their gentle tones drifting from the speakers. Kelly smiled widely. Ray'd really gone to a lot of trouble for this, she mused.

Ray/Jeeves disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a turine of steaming soup. Serving from the left he ladled soup for them both, then returned the turine to the kitchen. When he returned he'd brought a bottle of wine. He pulled the cork and poured the liquid. Then he sat down at his place, and watched Kelly. He didn't pick-up his own spoon until she'd done so. After all, he was only the hired help. The soup was Cream of Broccoli, and quite good. As the two ate, Kelly addressed her servant. "And what did you do all day, Jeeves?"

"Followed your orders, Madam. Had Randolph wash and shine the Rolls for Sunday, started Mitashi on pruning the rose arbor, checked Cook's list of groceries for the coming month and okayed her menus. I also took the liberty of calling a man to clean the air conditioners for summer's arrival, and..." he continued, astounding Kelly. She'd never known Ray had such an imagination. He must've spent all day planning this line of gab, she thought. She was jolted back by him asking, "Madam?"

"Oh, ummmmm...sorry, Jeeves...my mind was wandering."

"Of course, Madam. I was just saying that we might do well to hire another hand for the stables, if you're planning on going through with that increase in stock this summer."

She sipped her soup, and chuckled. "Yes, Jeeves. Do see to it, won't you. I know I can allow you to take care of all my important needs." And so saying, she reached under the table and slid her hand into the warmth of his crotch. Ray/Jeeves eyes widened and he quickly started getting to his feet.

"Time for the salad, I...I think," he stammered. Then he was all-but running for the kitchen. Kelly giggled. This was fun.

The salad contained baby carrots. Kelly took no end of pleasure in delicately spearing them, one by one, then bringing them to her mouth and performing excellent fellatio on them while Ray/Jeeves watched, cold drops of sweat forming on his upper lip. And the girl was enjoying his discomfort immensely. RAY would have attacked her long ago for her flagrant attempt to arouse him, probably knocking the plates to the floor and mounting her right there on the table, but Jeeves was not allowed to even admit his excitement. And his torment only added to her own arousal. She was having so much fun playing the shameless Mistress that her own body was becoming stimulated. As much as she was enjoying this play-acting, she hoped it wouldn't go into overtime so Ray could return and give her the sex she wanted so badly.

Main course was Prime Rib Au Jus, served with Potatoes Au Gratin. The beef was done to perfection, which confused Kelly. She knew that Ray could cook as well as most men, but PRIME RIB? And the potatoes weren't from Betty Crocker, either. She didn't know, and unless she went out and checked the trash cans she never WOULD, that Ray had bribed a chef at the local 4-star beanery to prepare one of his excellent dishes for CARRY-OUT. When Kelly commented about how delicious the meal was and how she'd never suspected Jeeves could cook so well, he'd merely smiled and said that HE was the BUTLER, and their repast was attributable to Madam's hiring a competent chef for their staff.

Dessert was French Vanilla ice cream with fresh sliced peaches and whipped cream topped with a big, ripe strawberry. When the ice cream was done, Ray/Jeeves began to gather the dishes. Kelly thought about offering to help, but that job was beneath her station. It was while her butler was carrying the serving platter from the beef towards the kitchen that he tripped on the stereo cord and dumped nearly a pint of warm beef gravy down the back of Madam's neck.

Kelly leaped from her chair, the brown splotch on her back spreading rapidly. Ray/Jeeves stood a moment, gaping wide-eyed and open-mouthed in horror at what he'd done. Then he was frantically trying to pat her back dry with his napkin, but to no avail. All the while he was muttering, "Oh, Madam...oh, how clumsy of me..." Of course, his patting and mopping only worsened the mess on Kelly's back.

"Madam, we've got to get this robe into the wash immediately or it will stain," he cautioned. "And, if I may be so bold, I'm sure Madam will want to wash this," he gestured at her back, "mess off. Now come along...I'll draw you a bath."

Never questioning how Ray/Jeeves could have been so clumsy, Kelly allowed him to lead her back the hall towards the bathroom. It was only when he guided her towards the door which lead to the cellar that she asked about her bath.

"Why, Madam...the workmen finished the installation of the new water-heater. But it will require your approval before we can turn it on. Surely Madam does not wish her bath to be cold?" And so, though she wasn't sure what was up, Kelly allowed herself to be escorted down the carpeted steps to the basement. She could hear a sound...a bubbling that she couldn't place.

The basement was dark and her eyes would need a few seconds to adjust to the shadows. But Ray/Jeeves stopped her at the foot of the stairs, and whispered, "I hope Madam won't mind, but I took the liberty of arranging something special for her," and he reached out and flicked a switch.

Flickering lights of red and green came on, but they weren't ceiling lights. The muted glow came from a large, circular object in the middle of the room. For a moment, Kelly didn't know what she was looking at, but then it clicked in her mind. She began to smile.

The Butler's surprise was a rather unconventional bubble bath. Ray had bought a child's pool and assembled it in the basement. It was about 4' deep and an easy 8' across. A heater had been added and a filter, which caused the bubbling, sounds, as well as frothed the box of Mister Bubble that Ray had added to the water. Large, billowy mounds of bubbles shivered on the water in the pool. The whole assembly had been built on a wooden platform that housed the red and green lights under the translucent bottom of the pool so they shone up through the water and bubbles. A small set of stairs had been built up the platform and leading up over the edge of the pool. While Kelly's eyes bugged at it all, Ray/Jeeves hit another switch and soft music began to play from hidden speakers.

He leaned close to Kelly and whispered, "Surprise, Madam. I took the liberty of arranging a small surprise for Madam's pleasure. And now," he said, stepping forward to assist her ascent to the pool, "I will leave Madam to her bath...unless Madam requires further assistance..." he finished, sounding hopeful.

Kelly stepped up the stairs, and swished her fingers in the water. It was scented, and just shy of being too warm for comfort. Her mind was stunned by this. Ray had really done it this time. Then her mischievous side re-surfaced and a sly grin touched her lips. "Well, Jeeves, since the mess on my back IS your fault, I think it only proper that you STAY and scrub my back."

Immediately, Ray snapped back into his 'shocked and dismayed' act. "But...but, Madam. That means you would be...UNCLOTHED before me. I...I couldn't...oh, Madam."

"Consider that an order, Jeeves." Kelly was really having fun with this.

Ray/Jeeves swallowed hard. "Yeh...yes, Madam...as you say," he stammered. Then he reached shaking hands out to help her remove her robe. It slid from her shoulders, and he lightly tossed it onto a near-by chair. Then, taking her hand, he lead her up the ladder and into the water. Her long legs disappeared under the carpet of bubbles, and the foam swallowed her slim body. Her rump settled on the bottom, the bubbling water coming up to swirl around the pointed mounds of her breasts.

"Now, Jeeves," she said coquettishly, "you will stand there and watch until I'm ready for you to wash my back." Then she smiled at him, throwing every ounce of 'come-hither' into it that she possessed.

With the steam rising between Kelly and her Butler, she couldn't see his lip twitch nervously as he replied, "yes, Madam." And so he stood, at attention, and watched while his Mistress grabbed the washcloth draped over the side of the tub and began to slowly wash her shoulders.

Kelly hummed softly to herself as she washed the back of her neck, and then down the length of her slim arms. Ray/Jeeves kept his cool, and tried to think about baseball. Then she began to scrub the nubbly washcloth over her breasts, teasing her nipples into hardness. "MMmmmmmmm," she purred, "that feels soooo gooood. Do you like it when things tickle your nipples, Jeeves?" Of course, Kelly knew that Ray loved having his nipples teased, but she asked anyway. "I sure do. It makes me hot and then I just wanna grab a handsome man and do...oooooh, the most naughty things." Ray/Jeeves listened and watched, trying very hard to think about reciting a poem he'd learned in grade school.

Kelly leaned back in the water, lifting her long right leg from the bubbles. She pointed her toes at her servant and commanded, "Jeeves, wash my legs."

Ray/Jeeves swallowed hard, and stepped closer to the pool to comply. His stiffening member was forming a tent in his slacks and

his fingers were trembling ever-so-slightly with tense passion. It was when he was only a foot from the pool that Kelly's arm rocketed

from the water and heaved the sopping washcloth at him.

The soaking missile hit dead center of Ray/Jeeves solar plexus, spraying a small flood of scented water in all directions. It even knocked him back a step, but he quickly recovered. Then he stood, staring at his drenched belly, while Kelly fought to get her giggling under control. He looked so comical standing there in his oh-so-proper butler's outfit, dripping wet from hair to shoes, that she simply couldn't help herself.

Ray/Jeeves raised his head, jaw set in defiant anger and eyes flashing, and squared his shoulders indignantly. "MADAM," he sputtered. "Was that really necessary?"

Kelly managed to suppress her laughter momentarily. Long enough to say, "Oh, shut up, Jeeves. You can't wash your Mistress properly from OUTSIDE the tub, and you can't get in the tub in your uniform. Now, get undressed and get in."

His "anger" evaporated immediately, a falsehood vanished like smoke. "Well," he muttered, "it's not proper, but Madam does have a point." So saying, he began to untie his shoes. After them, his jacket and shirt came off. All the while, Kelly watched approvingly. Ray was no Adonis, to be sure. But his body was well-proportioned and in reasonably good shape. And as Ray/Jeeves opened his pants and his stiffness was released Kelly just had to smile. He was so eager that his manhood was swollen and purple.

When he was naked, Kelly again raised her leg, and once more ordered her servant to wash her. She had reasoned that Ray, being a confirmed leg-man, would really go nuts over this. But since Jeeves was "in control" and just COULDN'T make passes at his Mistress, this imposed restraint ought to drive him crazy. She was right.

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