tagAnalThe Butt Plug

The Butt Plug


Completely naked, her wrists are bound tightly together with rope in front of her. Her ankles are attached to a long spreader bar. She was leaning uncomfortably on her knees and elbows facing the headboard of the bed. Her head lowered, she waited for what felt like an eternity for her Master when she heard Him move which made her jump. He chuckled to Himself and felt between her legs. She was wetter than He had anticipated her to be.

He took a large butt plug and placed it before her mouth. She knew what to do and opened her mouth immediately, licking and sucking as if it was her Owner's cock. "Such a hungry little cock whore" He smiled. She moaned, knowing this was true and she felt her cheeks turn a slight rose colour.

He pulled it away from her mouth and walked behind her. He rubbed the tip of the butt plug gently up and down, spreading the wetness to her arsehole. When He was sure she was properly lubed with her juices, He started to slide the large plug inside her tight little hole. She moaned as she felt her hole open up. She had never been a huge fan of anal play. But she trusted her new Owner to know what is best for her and that He would be as gentle as He could.

The pain started to get too much for her and she asked Him to stop. When He didn't respond and carried on, she began to panic. "Relax baby girl" He said soothingly. She tried to concentrate on relaxing her arsehole but it was no good.

He stopped pushing the plug in and let her get used to the feel of the little bit that was in. He reached down and started making slow circles against her clit. He wanted this to be a good experience for her, so if she could concentrate on her clit rather than her arsehole it would be better for future times.

After a few minutes she started to relax so He started gently pushing the plug inside her again. When it got to the thickest part of the plug He rubbed her clit harder and faster, which started her moaning like a bitch in heat. "Good girl" He said, to which she just moaned more.

The rest of the plug went in easily and His cock throbbed at the sight of her filled arse. He was still rubbing her clit when her breathing quickened. "Please may I cum?" she managed to breath.

"Not yet" He said and she moaned, clearly needing the release. Using his now spare hand, He pulled on the butt plug, pulling it out slightly and then pushed it back in. He began to fuck her arse with the butt plug and she began to enjoy it.

"Please" she begged, "please may I cum?"

"Not yet" He replied. She should know by now that begging does not work on Him. He started fucking her arse roughly and slowed down the pace on her clit. Her cunt was dripping now. "Such a dirty little whore, letting me fuck your arse like this" He said. She moaned in desperation.

Barely coherent now, He could just make out what she was saying "Please, please, please let me cum!"

"Alright, cum you dirty little fuck slut!" He commanded.

And with those words, her body shook violently as the orgasm took over her. He continued to fuck her arsehole and rub her clit until the orgasm subsided, and then he slowed to a halt. He took his fingers away but left the plug inside her.

"Thank you Daddy" she breathed.

"Good girl. My little girl liked that didn't she?"

She nodded and He untied her wrists and took the spreader bar off her ankles before rolling her onto her back and climbing onto the bed to cuddle her close. After a while she began to feel sleepy, but He still had a throbbing cock and He wasn't done with her yet....

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