The Cab Ride


"Get ready slut, I'm gonna fuck your throat till I cum" he said brusquely.

I nodded my head slightly and moaned loudly, the vibrations of my vocal chords echoing up the length of his cock. With a grunt of approval he began to thrust himself in and out of my mouth maintaining a controlled depth and pace, but holding my had solidly in place to accept his cock; which I did willingly. He humped my mouth, sliding his cock at a medium pace, going from pressing at the door to my throat to half out, and back again. Over and over, he pumped, grunting and growling with the exertion. I took the punishment stoically, taking the time to rub my clit and pinch my own nipples. I moaned as he fucked my face, loving every second of his thick cock in my mouth. I was totally transformed now. Nothing more than a whole willingly offering itself up as a cum dumpster.

As I heard him gasping for breath, and groaning with pleasure, I began to become desperate for his cum. I thrusted my head forward to meet his pelvic cavitations, once even holding myself deeply upon him as he tried to withdraw his cock. Using the strength of his arms he pulled my mouth bodily off his cock, and stared down into my wide open and begging mouth. Without warning, he spit a giant wad of saliva from his mouth, dropping it with excellent aim down into my awaiting mouth. Before I could protest, he thrust his cock back in, and began to fuck my throat with abandon, paying no heed to my attempted verbal protests, or my efforts to pull away and ease the pressure on my raw throat.

"Take it!" he exclaimed. "Take that fuckin cock you dirty little fucking slut! YEAH!"

With that outburst, he began to cum, and hard. With his cock head poised right at the brim of my throat's entrance, his cum neither shot right down my throat, nor flooded my tongue, but pummeled my tonsils with surprising force. I gagged ferociously, but managed to keep from spewing cum everywhere. The cab driver groaned, and with both hands on the back of my head, bent nearly double over me. His cum continued to surge into the back of my throat, and though smaller than his first load, he still managed to gag me hard enough for cum to squirt out around the edges of his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!" he yelled. "Swallow that shit girl, swallow that shit!"

I gagged horrendously as I forced my throat to accept its bitter reward. My stomach flipped over as it attempted to reject still more cum forced upon my empty stomach. With effort, I swallowed the entire load, and smiled up at the cab driver.

"Good girl. Good little slut." he moaned, stroking my hair. "Good little sluts get rewarded" he cooed. "Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM I'm going to bring 4 or five guys by for you to suck off. Would you like that little girl?"

I vigorously nodded yes. This was going to be QUITE the trip.

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