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The Cabin


I sat in my chair in the living room watching the news. The meteorologist was forecasting the weather for the next few days, nothing but a few clouds, although the temperatures would be a bit cold for this time of year. Next to the television sat the last two bags of gear waiting to be packed in the truck. It was going to be a great weekend, three days at the cabin with no interruptions. I could hear Wendy, my wife in the kitchen, talking on the phone to her best friend, Brenda. The two of them had known each other since they were children, and acted like sisters.

The sudden change of her tone, caused me to tune in to her conversation.

"You're kidding me." Wendy said, her voice strained.

"No, it's not a problem."

"I'm sure. Look, you're my sister."

"No, Jeff won't mind. Besides, he plans on going fishing most of the time anyway."

My heart sank as I realized what was happening. Brenda was worming her way into coming along.

It had become a regular event for her, ever since her husband, Carl had left her. Whenever Wendy and I planned an evening together, Brenda would call with some excuse to tag along. At first I didn't mind, Brenda was pleasant enough, and although not what you would call a looker, she was pretty enough. That and I enjoyed the jealous looks I got from other guys whenever I left with both of them. It might not have been so bad, but whenever the two of them got together, I ended up like the third person on a date, the odd one out.

Wendy walked into the room, the phone still to her ear. I watched as she walked toward me, the sway of her hips a bit exaggerated. I couldn't help but admire her body. She worked constantly at keeping fit, and she looked as good, maybe even better than she did when I met her. Her ass had always been her best asset, a firm round one that just begged to be fucked. She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder, running her hand along the edge of her blouse, exposing the edges of her cantaloupe sized breasts.

"No, I'm sure he won't mind." She said, her look told me I better agree. "Here, ask him yourself."

She handed me the phone, and mouthed the words "Tell her it's OK." Then she stood in front of me, her hands moving along her body, as she gyrated her hips and smiled.

"Hi, Brenda." I said, trying not to sound as disappointed as I was.

"No, it's fine." I said, as she asked what I knew she would ask.

"Wendy will drive her car. That way the two of you can talk on the way up." I said, not wanting to be stuck in the truck with the two of them for three hours. Not knowing Brenda would be spilling her guts, about whatever problem had arisen.

"No, really. It's no problem." I said, before handing the phone back to Wendy.

"We're set then." Wendy said into the phone, as she turned and walked back into the kitchen.

I sunk back into my chair, feeling defeated. The trip to the cabin had just lost its appeal. The cabin was not exactly set up for privacy, the only bedroom was a loft style room overlooking the living room. I got up and grabbed the bags, walking resignedly out to the truck.

Walking back into the house, I was surprised to see Wendy walking toward me, her coat on and her keys in her hand. I had hoped for a little something before we left, now that the week would be shot.

"Leaving already?" I asked as she reached for the door handle.

"I'm sorry." She said, her fingers gently brushing my cheek. "We'll meet you up there."

The drive up to the cabin was quiet, and I found myself wondering about Brenda despite myself. What had happened that had been bad enough for Wendy to pretty much wreck our week away. As I started down the drive toward the cabin, I felt the worries and disappointment fade, as the view of the cabin, nestled amongst the trees on the edge of the lake came into view. The whole place was remote, one of only seven cabins on a lake almost a mile wide. All of the places had been built so that they melded with the surroundings, blending into the natural view.

There weren't a lot of amenities. We had running water, and indoor plumbing. Bottled gas supplied a supplemental heat system, and electricity was provided by underground cable. But there was no cable TV, or phone service. In fact we didn't even have an antenna. We did have a television and a selection of movies, but that was about it. Although not officially a private lake, there were no boat launches, or beaches, and we were so far off in the middle of nowhere we never had uninvited guests.

After hauling in all the bags and putting things away, I turned on the water heater and started a fire in the fireplace. It had just gotten dark when the sound of a car alerted me to the arrival of the two women. I considered meeting them at the door, but decided not to, just my subtle way of making my true feelings known. I could hear their voices, laughing and joking as they walked up to the house. I got up and walked to the fire, pretending to be working the logs when they walked in.

"Hi honey." Wendy called out as they stepped into the house.

Both women had their arms full of stuff, and I sat there watching as they unloaded it onto the table. They made several trips, carrying arm loads of stuff in from the car. I just stood there watching, amazed by the assortment of food, and other things they brought in.

"Could you fire up the grill, honey?" Wendy said, pulling out three steaks. "I'm starving."

I nodded and headed out to the yard to fire up the grill, realizing that I was hungry as well. As I stood outside, looking out across the lake as the grill heated up, I heard the door open behind me. I turned around to see Brenda step out onto the patio and close the door. I watched as she walked toward me, a somber look on her face. She smiled tentatively as she walked up to me, her hands clasped together in front of her, her fingers rubbing together nervously.

Brenda was not what you would call a looker. She was a bit shorter than Wendy, who was five foot five, and probably weighed a bit more. Her breasts were much smaller, maybe a B cup, and her ass looked almost lick a continuation of her waist. Still, she was attractive enough that it was strange she hadn't hooked up with someone after the divorce.

"I just wanted to thank you for letting me come along." She said as she stopped a few feet away. "It's been kind of rough since Carl left, and, well, anyway, thanks for letting me come with you guys."

"Look, Brenda." I began, wanting to tell her how I actually felt, but knowing I wouldn't. "Wendy said you needed to get away, and that's good enough for me. You're like her sister, and I guess that makes you my sister-in-law, so, well you're like family. And family takes care of family."

"Thanks Jeff. I know this was supposed to be alone time for the two of you, and I am sorry. It's just that I couldn't. I mean, Carl called, and wanted to try again. I almost told him yes just so that I would have to be alone. It's just not easy being alone." She said, taking a step closer. "I'll try and stay out of the way, and if you guys want some alone time, just say so."

"I'll do that." I said, stepping past her and walking into the cabin. I wasn't sure why, but being around her made me feel uncomfortable. It wasn't anything she did or said, but it still gave me a feeling. Sometimes I would catch her watching me, and it wasn't a pleasant look.

Wendy had the steaks laid out on a platter, and was making a salad when I walked back in. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Thanks for not saying no." she said, picking up the platter and handing it to me. "Carl's really got her fucked up."

I nodded, taking the platter and grabbing a meat fork. "So what's the sleeping arrangements?" I asked, nodding toward the door. "I doubt she'll be able to take the couch, not with her bad back."

"I love you, Jeff." Wendy said, smiling at me. "I promise to make this up to you."

"I'll hold you to that." I said as I slapped her ass before heading back outside to cook the steaks.

Tossing the steaks on the grill, I walked over and checked out the boat, making sure everything was ready for the morning. Satisfied everything was in order, I turned and started back toward the cabin. As I did, I noticed Brenda standing at the edge of the water staring out at the lake. She had taken her shoes off and was standing just far enough in to get her feet wet. She had her back to me, and as I stood there, I noticed her shoulders shake.

I stood there for several minutes, watching her. She didn't move, just stood there staring out across the water, her shoulders shaking every now and then. When the steaks finished cooking, I slid them back onto the platter and walked back inside, leaving Brenda to her thoughts. Wendy looked at me quizzically as I walked in, nodding toward the lake and Brenda.

"How should I know?" I said, walking over and setting the steaks down on the counter. "You go talk to her."

I knew that had been a mistake as soon as I said it. Wendy's face hardened and she slammed the bowl of salad down on the table. She walked past me, her shoulders back, her fists clenched. I stood there watching her go.

The two of them stood outside for almost an hour. By the time they came in, I had finished eating, and brought in some firewood. The fire was burning well, and I had adjusted the flew to ensure it burned through the night. As they stepped inside, I looked at Wendy questioningly. She stared at me, her face hard.

"I'm taking a shower." I said, grabbing a change of clothes from my suitcase.

The two of them ignored me, so I closed my suitcase and went into the bathroom. I turned on the radio and got undressed, waiting for the water to heat up the bathroom. The fireplace did a good job of heating the main room of the cabin, but the bathroom was still cold.

"Almost as cold as the look I got from Wendy." I thought, as I stepped into the shower. "This is going to be one long week."

I took my time in the shower, hoping by the time I got out, the two women would have made sleeping arrangements. I knew what they were going to be, and shuddered at the thought of sleeping on the couch. The hot water finally ran out, and I smiled as I shut the shower off. At least neither of them would get a hot shower tonight. As I stepped out into the living room I was not surprised to see a blanket and pillow setting on the couch, and the women already upstairs.

"Good night ladies." I called out, crawling into the blanket.

There was a murmur of voices but no response. I fluffed the pillow and curled up, hoping sleep would come quickly.

The sun was just breaking the horizon when I woke. The fire had burned down low, but was still giving off a good bit of heat. I sat up slowly, my back screaming in protest. I twisted around, feeling the pops as the displaced bones readjusted. The cabin was quiet. I stood up and walked over to the fireplace, throwing two large logs into the glowing embers. Opening the flue, I poked the embers several times as the flames started licking up the sides of the logs.

Satisfied that the fire was going well, I went into the kitchen and fixed a couple of sandwiches to take with me. Then I grabbed a bottle of coke from the fridge, and almost as an afterthought, tossed my bottle of rum in the cooler as well.

It didn't take long to get the boat ready, and by the time I had started out into the water, the sun had cleared the horizon and was shining down across the glass like water. It was going to be a long week, but at least the fishing should be good. I glanced back at the dark cabin as I slowly motored the boat out into open water. "At least I hope the fishing is good." I thought, letting the sound of the motor comfort me.

By late afternoon, I had a full live well of fish and had started releasing everything I caught. The bottle of coke was nearly empty as was the bottle of rum. I had intentionally stayed as far from the cabin as possible, well out of sight. My anger at the situation had subsided, more due to the fishing than the alcohol. As I slowly steered the boat toward the cabin, I saw Wendy standing out by the grill. She waved as I neared the shore and hurried down to the waters edge. She was all smiles as I pulled the boat onto shore.

"How was the fishing?" she asked, grabbing the cooler and the empty coke bottle.

I opened the live well and pulled out one of the five bass.

"Not bad." I said, holding the twenty inch monster up and smiling.

"Great. You get it ready, and I'll grill it." She said, turning and rushing up toward the cabin.

"Women." I thought, grabbing the other three bass and walking over to the table.

A few minutes later I set the filets down beside the grill and walked into the cabin. Brenda was sitting on the couch playing solitaire, while Wendy was busy frying up some potatoes and onions.

"I'm going to hit the shower." I said, holding my hands out like they were covered in fish guts, which they were.

"Okay, honey." Wendy said, looking up and smiling. "I'll get dinner ready."

I shook my head and glanced from Wendy to Brenda, before walking into the bathroom and closing the door. I didn't lock it, hoping that with her good mood, Wendy might pay me a visit. I stood under the shower, letting the water run over me, waiting. Nothing. I could hear their voices talking in the living room.

I took my time finishing my shower, wondering what had brought about the change in attitude. I didn't wonder long. I had learned long ago to not bother trying to understand the mood swings, just enjoy the good times and keep your head down during the bad ones.

The two of them were sitting on the couch when I walked out. They had the television on, and had just started watching a movie. It was one of those love stories, and I ignored them as I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I grabbed a deck of cards and sat down at the table, dealing out a hand of solitaire.

"Aren't you going to watch the movie with us." Wendy called out, turning to look at me.

"Yeah, Jeff." Brenda piped in. "It's the Blue Lagoon."

I begged off, having no desire to watch the movie. I continued playing card while the girls watched.

Suddenly I heard Wendy say, "I could never do that. I mean even if I were stuck on a deserted island, not with my own brother."

"I know what you mean." Brenda responded, "I've seen your brother."

The two of them started laughing, and I went back to playing cards.

"So who would you like to be stuck on an island with?" Wendy asked, staring at her friend.

"Oh, I don't know. It wouldn't matter as long as he had a big one." She held her hands out about a foot apart and started giggling. "What about you?"

Oh, maybe not quite that big." Wendy said, "More like this." Her hands were held just about nine inches apart. "And I know where I could find one of those." She continued, glancing back at me.

"Oh, really." Brenda responded. "I guess that would be fine. Too bad I'm not on a deserted island with someone like that right now."

"Me too!" Wendy said, glancing back at me and licking her lips.

I tried to pretend not to be listening as the two of them continued joking around. Gradually their talking quieted and I returned to playing cards. The movie ended a few minutes later and Brenda stretched and yawned.

"Well, I'm going to bed and dream about a deserted island." She joked, standing up and walking toward the steps. "Goodnight you two."

"I'll be up in a few minutes." Wendy replied, looking back at me.

"I hope it's more than a few minutes." Brenda said, laughingly.

As Brenda reached the top of the stairs and disappeared from view, Wendy stood up and walked over to me, her hand slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

"Aren't you tired of sitting over here playing with yourself?" she said coyly, her fingers tracing along the edge of her bra.

She walked up beside me, her hands falling to my shoulders as she pulled my head between her breasts. I responded immediately, my hands reaching behind her to unclasp her bra as my lips planted light kisses across her soft warm flesh. I looked up at her, my hands moving to cup her tits, my mouth encompassing first one nipple then the other. She shivered as I began suckling on her, drawing her rock hard nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, pressing it lightly against my teeth. Her head fell backwards as she held me tight to her chest, my mouth devouring her tits.

"Oh God, Jeff." She whispered. "I need you. I need you in me."

She pulled me from the chair and dragged me into the living room, her hands working frantically at my pants as we walked. As we reached the couch, she quickly tore her own clothes off, and pushed me down, climbing on top of me. Her hands reached between us, grasping my cock and guiding it to her anxiously waiting hole. I could feel her whole body shudder as I slid into her. She sat upright on me, her hips moving in small circles as she ground against me.

My cock was deep inside her, rubbing against her insides, and every time it hit the right spot she would shudder and pull back slightly. Finally I reached up, grabbing her hips, puling her hard against me. She began bucking wildly as I held her imbedded on my cock. Her head was thrown back and her breasts were swaying back and forth as she struggled against my grip. Her whole body was shaking as she began rocking slightly, shuddering with every little move.

"Oh god, oh god, Ohh god!" she cried, falling forward against me. Her breasts pushed hard into my chest as she began bucking furiously, forcing me to allow her some freedom of movement. Her face was buried in my neck as she continued moaning. I could feel her pussy begin to spasm, and her movements became more fevered, her hips moving wildly as her orgasm swept through her. Her lips sought mine, our tongues intertwined as her orgasm built, sweeping through her like a gigantic wave.

Finally she broke off the kiss, her hands reaching up to gently stroke my cheeks. Wrapping her arms around me, her hips still grinding slowly into me. Her eyes turned upward momentarily then she began humping me feverishly. She fell down against me again, her body pressing into mine. Her mouth was against my ear, and I could hear her moaning softly. I drove upward, forcing my cock as deep as it would go, my hands gripping her ass cheeks pulling her downward to meet my thrusts.

"Oh, oh, oh god!" she whispered, as yet another orgasm swept through her. "Oh god, she's watching us." Came her soft words, as she drove down hard against me, her cunt working my cock with steady contractions.

I didn't care. We could have been in front of a whole audience and I wouldn't have stopped at that point. I pulled her tight against me, her hips grinding into me as yet another orgasm swept through her. She began bucking wildly, riding my cock, forcing her hips upward against my hands and then driving back down. I could feel the pressure building as she continued riding me. My cock was pulsing, as it slid deep into her. I began driving upward, meeting her thrusts with my own, forcing my cock as deep as I could into her.

My cock pulsed and twitched violently, and I pulled her down hard, as I shot deep into her. My cum spraying deep into her sent her into yet another orgasm, or perhaps just a continuation of her last one I wasn't sure. It didn't matter. All that mattered was my cock exploding inside her. Slowly she fell against me, her breathing ragged, her body shaking.

"Oh god." She whispered, "I've never."

"I know. Me either." I responded, my arms encircling her waist, pulling her to me.

We stayed like that for some time, just holding each other, enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Light and gentle touches, soft kisses, loving like we hadn't done in years. I felt my body beginning to respond, my cock growing, pressing against her leg. She lifted up slightly and looked at me.

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