tagLesbian SexThe Cabin Boy Pt. 03

The Cabin Boy Pt. 03


I knew we were having a guest aboard because I was told to prepare the VIP cabin.

She was my height, 155cm, grey eyes, and short brown hair. Her face wasn't what you'd call beautiful, more 'interesting'. Her nose was kind of crooked, which oddly enough was sort of sexy somehow. I thought she was a bit chubby until I took her long brown leather coat with the wide racoon collar. She had a big bosom, thin waist and nice hips that tapered to shapely legs. Another twenty or so taller and her figure would be a knockout. She wore a high collar cotton blouse in a very pale tan, and mid calf beige linen skirt. Her shoes were 'sensible' shiny oxblood square toe flats.

We girls were in the galley after serving the Officers Mess and Tina was telling us she knew the guest as she'd been one of the first she'd been given to as a pleasure slave at Lady Parkwoods. She was telling us about that part of her life when the Admiral came for her.

"Ladies. Good evening. May I have my cabin boy back?"

Oh, My, Goddess! The Admiral in her dress uniform! I swear if we were not all seated, our panties would have all just fallen to the deck. Even Marie, the chef, giggled like a virgin.

So, the next afternoon a call came to bring coffee for two to the Captain's cabin. When I got to the bridge Captain Sue was saying to the guest "I'm sorry, but she's the Admiral's cabin boy, and not available. Ah, here's our coffee, lets sit in my cabin."

The conversation continued as I served the coffee. "As I've explained, this is a cargo ship, and I just don't have a pleasure slave on my crew."

"Well, I'm quite disappointed Captain. I will let my personal friend, Lady Parkwood know about this."

I stifled a giggle as Captain Sue gave me a surreptitious wink. Obviously the lady didn't know who Captain Sue's wife was.

"I'm sorry Mam, but, as I said, that's just how it is aboard Angela Merkel."

I don't know what came over me. "Captain, may I see you on the bridge for a moment?"

"Excuse us for a moment."

We stepped out of the cabin. "Well Ms Lang, why so formal, no 'Sue'?"

"Well, er Captain Sue, er, if it's all right with you, and the guest, I mean, after my watch, like, I could be the lady's, ah, you know, pleasure slave, I mean, you know, er."

My face was burning. I looked down at my toes. I'd just made a complete fool of myself. How would Captain Sue react? Laugh at stupid Mai, or be angry?

Her finger lifted my chin. Her mouth in a surprised 'O'. "Why Ms Lang, I never would have thought you'd have such ideas. OK, Mai, if the lady wants you, you are relieved of your normal duties for the duration. This will make for a much smoother voyage. Come.."

"Ms Benton, may I introduce Mai Lang. She'd like to be your pleasure slave for the trip."

A smile came to her lips. Her eyes traveled from my toes to my face. She patted the seat beside her. I'm Barbi. Come, sit while the Captain and I finish our coffee, Hun."

Barbi practically gulped her coffee down, thanked Captain Sue, then taking my hand led me to the VIP suite.

Goddess, what have I done? What do I do now?

As soon as the cabin door was shut she gave me a quick kiss on the lips then held me straight armed by my shoulders. She looked me in the eyes. " This is your first time as a pleasure slave, isn't it Hun?"

"Yes, Mam."

"It's Barbi, now, you're not a virgin though?"

"No ma...er Barbi."

She sat on the couch. "Good, Come here. Sit with me and we'll get to know each other."

She told me about herself. Single for a long time, fifty something years old. Owns her one person lumber trading company, buying and selling timber and lumber on the international market.

"Know what Mai? I'm not actually that close with Lady Parkwood. I just said that to get the Captain in line."

I giggled.

"You have such a pretty laugh Hun. Say, do you have any other clothes than your sailor uniforms?"

Blush. "No, er Barbi, I've always been a sailor for the company."

"Well, lets think... I know what I have for you! Take off your clothes Hun."

She took a length of red silk with green leaf pattern from one of her bags. "Bra too Hun."

Barbi gently stroked my hardening brown nipples. She gently cupped my little boobies. "My, aren't these just the cutest? Hold up your arms Hun."

She wrapped the liquid material around me and fastened it with a silver broach between my boobs. Both her hands went to grip my tush and her tongue was in my mouth. We sat back down and talked, kissed and petted.

The phone rang, I answered."Ms Benton's room, Ms Lang speaking."

Laughter in the background. Donna spoke. "Just calling to see if Ms Benton and her whore will be eating in her room, or if she'll bring her slut to the Officer's Mess?"

More laughter. All three of them. They know I can't tease back.

"Just a moment, please." I ask Barbi. "M'Lady will join the Officers for supper."

Marie now. "Right Mai. Remember to wipe the cunt juice off your chin before dinner." Gales of laughter. "We love you Dear." She rang off. My closest friends.

Barbi was taking off her skirt. Her white lace bra was full of plump boobs. I pulled her panties down. Her bra fell to the floor. She lay back on the couch, and pulled my face to her big soft breasts. Wow. Those big pink eyes with nipples as big around as my thumb standing up, waiting! This called for some concentrated licking and sucking. I ran a finger through her brown bush and slid a finger in to diddle her.

"Oh Mai! Don't stop Hun. Keep going."

Her pussy lips were beautiful flaps. I kissed, licked and gently pulled on them. I licked along them. I smiled up at Barbi. She smiled back. I dove in. Tongue, fingers, kissing , probing, licking. She let go with an "Oooo."

We were cuddled together, Barbi still naked, me still in my sarong when there was a knock at the door. Barbi ran to the head. "You answer that Hun."

When I opened the door Donna craned to see past me, then made a kissy face and stuck out her tongue. "Chef's compliments. Dinner in half an hour Ms."

I barely suppressed a laugh. "Thank you Ms."

Barbi wore a knee length long sleeve, high collar dress with subtle blue, white and grey vertical stripes, and two inch open toe silver heels. She wrapped a pink and red patterned shawl over my shoulders.

"You need makeup and jewelry Dear."

She gave me maroon lip gloss and matching nail polish and sea horse gold earrings.

"Mm, sweet little China doll." Barbi kissed my cheek and off we went to dine.

Some of the officers looked surprised when I sat down with them and Ms. Benton.

Donna whispered "Slut." in my ear when she filled my water glass. I whispered "Whore." when she brought dessert. Tina winked at me when no one was looking. Captain Sue gave me a smile and nod.

When we got back to the VIP suite Ms Benton surprised me completely.

From her luggage she produced a handful of silk scarves. "Tie me down and rape me. Please?"

My chin almost hit the deck. "Huh? Er, pardon?"

"I've been a naughty girl. Please. I need to be punished."

Think quick Mai.

"Right. Why are you still dressed? Take off your clothes and kneel before me. Now!"

She did. And quickly too.

"Wrists." I tied a scarf to each one. "On the bed, on your back, don't make me wait. Go"

I tied her wrists to the bedposts then secured her ankles with two more scarves. Such a sight, beautiful Ms Benton spread eagle and helpless.

"So, Barbi has been a bad girl. Mistress is going to have to discipline her."

"Yes, please."

"Shut up. I did not give you permission to speak." This could be fun. I stroked a finger through her brown bush and gently along her cunt lips.

Oh those big soft boobies. I lifted them together then rubbed my thumbs over her nips until they stood up hard and pink. I pinched then pulled them until she let out a gasp.

"Again without permission? That's twice now. Bad, bad, bad."

I let her breasts flop down and stroked to her cunt. I pinched and pulled one of those flaps. She bit her lips, but didn't make a peep. "That's better, you're learning. Now, please me."

I grabbed the headboard and lowered my pussy to her mouth. Oh Ms Benton, what a talented tongue you have! I stroked her hair as she ate me. I could ride her face all night. So good!

I rolled off her and kissed her cute little crooked nose. Then her mouth, hard and deep. With a flat palm I rubbed her pubic mound.

"You'd like me to finger bang you, wouldn't you? Speak."

"Yes, Yes please Mistress."

"Well, I don't think so."


I teased her some more. Gently stroking along her pussy lips. Almost putting a finger in. Almost kissing where she needed kissing. Stroking and fondling those big soft breasts. Tracing a finger all over her beautiful face.

Barbi whimpered. I couldn't take it any more.

I spread her open and began lapping her honey. I fingered and kissed. I touched the tip of a finger to her clit and she let go with a lovely 'whoop.'

I untied her and we cuddled to sleep. This pleasure slave, good work if you can get it.

As part of the galley watch I was used to waking at oh five hundred. I slipped out as Barbi slept, went to my cabin to shower and change then collected our breakfast from the galley and returned to the VIP suite just as she was waking. Setting the tray down I picked up her thick, soft plush pink robe and held it for her to slip into. I reached around her waist and tied the sash as I whispered in her ear, "Good morning Barbi."

"Mm, China Doll." She leaned back to me.

She dressed after breakfast in a robin''s egg blue dress. Vee collar that showed a hint of cleavage, snug waist and a full skirt with it's hem just below her knees.

"Know what I'd like to do today Hun? I'd like to tour the ship. I've never been on a freighter before."

"Well, um, gee Barbi, you'll have to ask Captain Sue. I'm quarter deck crew and can't go forward of the break."

"The what?"

"That railing just in front of the bridge."

We found Captain Sue and the Admiral on the raised bench overlooking the bridge. When Barbi said she'd like a tour of the ship the Admiral hopped to the deck, held out her hand and said she's love to take Ms Benton for a tour on condition she joined her in her cabin for lunch. I was sent to help Tina prepare for lunch.

As we set the table for four Tina and I gossiped. She said she had something I'd look cute in for Ms Benton.

When I took off my uniform she said "Why you naughty sailor." when she saw my pink satin half cup bra. She gave me a cute little pleated dark blue mini skirt and a cuddly turquoise puff sleeve cashmere sweater.

The look Barbi and the Admiral gave me indicated they approved.

After a long slow relaxed lunch in the Admiral's cabin Barbi and I went back to her cabin.

"Come here Hun, time for an afternoon nap." Her dress was off in a flash. I made a show of stripping off my skirt and sweater, then bra and panties. Barbi pulled down her panties then released her big soft boobs. We kissed and finger banged each other on top of the blankets. Soon Barbi was gently snoring. I put my mind to making this voyage memorable for our VIP guest.

When Barbi opened her eyes there was a moment of panic. I'd bound her wrists and ankles in silk scarves, A necktie gagged her. I was dressed and sat on a chair facing the bed.

"Yes, Darling, you are bound and gagged. Now my pretty, let me explain he rules.

"In this cabin, I am the Mistress. You will do as I say. You will be my fuck toy. Your only thoughts will be how to please me.

"Outside this cabin, I will be your pleasure slave. Everyone will assume I'm your slut, servant, and your fuck doll.

"Do you want to play this game for the rest of the voyage?"

She nodded enthusiastically. I swear she even managed to smile gagged. Her eyes were lit up in anticipation.

I removed her gag. "Might as well start pleasing me now, bitch." I climbed up, held my skirt up with one hand and lifted her talented mouth to my pussy with the other and rode her face to a very satisfying orgasm. I rolled off and cuddled Barbi. "I think we have an understanding here, don't we?"

"Mm. yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress?"

"That's better."

A knock at the door. I threw a blanket over Barbi's still bound body and answered it. Donna peeked by me.

"Shh Donna, she's asleep."

"Captain's compliments" she whispered "Dinner is half an hour."

Throughout dinner I sat demurely beside Ms Benton VIP. Part of my mind was working on how far I could take this game.

As soon as the cabin door was shut she turned to me, and bowed her head. "Mistress."

"Take off your clothes, put them in the laundry hamper, then I want you on your knees, there." I pointed at the middle of the floor. "Now!"

As she was doing what I'd ordered I was looking through her luggage. I found the one with the lingerie. I was looking for a couple of sexy nighties. There was a red sheer 'baby doll' with fur trim, and a satin, deep blue peignoir. Barbi would look so fuckable in the gossamer 'baby doll', and I love the sheer feel of satin and silk by my skin.

But, what's that lump under that slip? Oh Barbi!

She was waiting on her knees. "Hold up your arms." I smoothed the red nightie over her, smoothing and molesting it into alignment.

"Looks like my fucktoy has been to the naughty store." I held up the big red ball gag that was under her slip. I dangled it in front of her. "Open up, Darling. Lets see if one size really does fit all."

I sent her to the foot of the bed as I picked up two silk scarves. "Hands on the bedposts."

I tied her wrists. I went to her luggage and returned with a wide white leather belt. I sat on the edge of the bed. I gently stroked the belt along her smooth white back.

"Isn't perception interesting? You probably see this belt as an accessory that matches those lovely white heels over there. I, on the other hand, see it as an instrument of discipline. You do have good taste. This subtle leather, such good workmanship. Well, lets introduce you to the whip, shall we?"

As I walked around behind Barbi, I stroked her smooth soft back. I stood with my hips to her tush, reached around her and cupped and squeezed those wonderful soft breasts. What a turn on. her plump tush, those big hooters swaying free, the thread of drool hanging from her gagged mouth.

"Are you turned on too? I just wish I had a big nasty strap on. Wouldn't you like that? A big black knob stretching your sphincter apart until it feels like it'll rip, then a long deep thrust as I bugger you. I wonder, is my fuck toy an ass virgin. Yes! A big strap on, I'd remove your gag so I could hear you screaming and begging me to stop as I sodomize you. Oh my, I'm getting all turned on. How about you?"

I run my finger along her cunt lips.

"Oh Barbi, you are."

I lift the belt off her back. "Lets get some color into this white little ass."

My first swing was a bit tentative, the next harder, the third really hard. I was surprised how much noise a gagged person can make.

I couldn't continue. What if someone heard? And the penalties for harming a Citizen were severe. I just couldn't

I removed her gag and untied her wrists. "I'm sorry Barbi, I'm sorry. Please, Forgive me. So sorry."

She stood up straight and wrapped her arms around me. "Huh?"

"Oh no darling, you were magnificent. Why did you stop? I'm so turned on! Lay back on the bed Mai, let me worship you, let me take you to heaven."

With fluid grace she lifted the silken nightie over my head and gently laid me onto the bed, caressing me so gently.

Our lips met and parted. With the gentlest touch her hand cupped my left breast, then she was kissing and suckling on my right boob. Her tongue traced circles around my tits. Her fingers stroked my little black bush. She gave me the most sensuous foot massage and toe sucking service. Oh heaven!

Her tongue was inside me, then she kissed her way up to my lips. She gave me the most amazing finger fuck as she whispered endearments in my ear.

She pulled the blanket up and cooed me to sleep in her arms.

Days I was Ms.Benton's dress up doll. One morning she pinned the hem of my uniform skirt up to show lots of thigh. "No bra Hun, wear this." She handed me one of her sweaters. It was the softest cuddly angora turtleneck ever. It's loose folds flowed around me. My Goddess I felt so sexy I just wanted to cuddle. When no one was looking she'd give me a sweet kiss or gentle stroke.

As soon as we were in her cabin at night she'd strip and get to her knees as I sat on the couch, enjoying.

"Bring me the belt and your ball gag."

"Yes Mistress."

Sometimes I wouldn't whip her, which made her frantic. I'd tie her wrists behind her back and sit with her, kissing and teasing until she was shaking with anticipation, then pull her to the floor between my legs and enjoy her talented mouth. Then I'd tease her some more, until I couldn't take any more. Then I'd pleasure her through multiple orgasms, release her and we'd spoon together to dreamland.

As the hills of our home land rose above the horizon I was called to Captain Sue's office.

"Mai, you've been owned by the company and went to sea at twelve. I, we, have always been impressed with your work and dedication to the ship.

"Now, this is a very unusual situation, so, I'm going to do something very unusual, and possibly illegal. I'm going to let you decide.

"Ms.Benton has asked to buy you. I'm going to let you decide. Do you want to go with her, or stay with 'Angela Merkel' as galley crew?"


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