tagNonHumanThe Cabin Ch. 01

The Cabin Ch. 01


Author's Note: Warning! The following chapter contains: Tentacles, Extreme Cum Inflation, Transformation, Futanari (at the end), Unreal Sizes, and various other impossibilities. If you're ready for that, read on. Hope you Enjoy.


Blair Scott opened the door of her father's old truck, stepping down with a slight grunt. It wasn't easy having a vehicle almost twice as tall as she was, since Blair stood at only five feet two inches. She shut the door and looked at the cabin, smiling and grimacing at once from the obvious seclusion of the home, but also at how rundown it was, with windows broken and the wood chipping all over. Even so, it was what Blair had wanted, thus she sent a silent thanks to her deceased grandparents for leaving her this place, although it would take a bit of work before it was habitable. She locked her truck and headed towards the cabin, ready for anything reminiscent of The Evil Dead to jump out.

Of course, nothing like that happened. It was easy to imagine though, since the cabin eerily resembled the one used in the movies, though it was in slightly worse condition and actually didn't have a cellar. Blair looked around the place, taking note of various animal droppings on the floor and the destruction suffered by the meagre furniture remaining. Guess it was a good thing they left me some money as well, she thought and pulled out her phone, writing down what she would need done before she dared even think of moving into it. She also reminded herself of how far the closet stores were, noting how long it would take to go there and back.

The place would cost a lot, but her inheritance and her wealthy parents, made it easy enough. Her mother and father spoiled her rotten, even though she had somehow remained tame despite their willingness to buy her any and everything she wanted. Even when her dad had offered to buy her a sleek, sports car for her sixteenth birthday, but she had declined, receiving his truck instead. While she didn't look quite right driving it, not was it in the best shape visually, but it was sturdy and had seen more than a few accidents in its time, leaving the opposing car a wreck while it got by with a few dents. Blair was more than happy with her life, at least outside of her school.

It was never easy to go through high school. The guys were only interested in getting laid, and the girls only cared about their social standing, with very few exceptions, and said exceptions were made into outcasts. Blair was one of those, though not for lack of trying, she had tried to become a heartless bitch like many of the other girls at her school, but she couldn't do it. They shunned her and made it a point to bring attention to her body, small in every way possible, with the only curves stemming from the baby fat that had yet to leave her. As such, she only had a few friends, and even they were more or less acquaintances. The memories brought her eyes down to her body, sighing at her flat chest.

Blair had more or less stopped growing since turning thirteen. She had actually been on the way to being a tall girl, but her body had other ideas evidently, as such she had a slightly pudgy belly, rounded cheeks, and thin arms and legs. Whatever the case, she wasn't athletic, she was only about average in terms of IQ, and she had no real quirks to her. The only thing really different about her from most others, was her liking of nature, or rather, the quiet that came with nature. Even when there wasn't silence, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, or the chirp of birds were often comforting and even served as a way for her to fall asleep, far more efficiently than any lullaby was. Blair smiled as she thought that she only had one more year of school then it was done.

At the age of seventeen, Blair had given up on growing anymore than the inch or two she had gained in the past four years. This wasn't a real concern however, since she had no intention of working for a living, nor having a residence in the city. There was no need to look good, when there was no one to impress, were her thoughts. The fact that her parents were constantly shoving large sums of money into her bank account every month, meant she had more than enough to survive. The amount in her account would have been enough to support a small family for a couple of years all on its own. Blair knew she was evading having to face life, but, given the opportunity, she was certain anyone else would do the same.

Having noted everything that needed replacing, Blair left the cabin. As she walked back to her truck, a scent in the air caught her attention. It was sweet, almost like honey, but less powerful, with another, somehow, bitter scent underlying it. Blair looked around, hoping to find a rare flower to take home, but saw nothing, yet the smell continued to hang in the air, despite having no discernible source. She shrugged and climbed into her vehicle, promising herself that she would look for the when the cabin was finished. As she drove away, she looked in her rear view mirror, and swore she could see something moving. A double check disproved this however. Blair shook her head and continued down the worn down path.

It was the 2nd of May when her grandparents had passed and left her the cabin. Now, little over one month later, Blair was dragging her suitcase through the door. Her school year had ended, freeing her of the tortures such a place brought, and, rather than go with her parent's to Greece for summer vacation, she had opted to spend the time in her cabin. It had been finished just a few days ago, with the exterior cleaned to perfection and the insides lightly decorated with rugs and paintings. She had running water and electricity, though the reception and internet connection were almost unusable, however she assumed they wouldn't be necessary. Why she want them when there was such a large area of forest to discover.

She was soon unpacked and settled. Blair went about making sure everything worked fine, not that she didn't trust the company who had renovated the place, she was just making absolutely certain. The shower worked, as did the sparse plug sockets and lights. Happy that her home was in working order, Blair changed out of her school uniform, having driven over here as soon as she was packed. Once she was dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, Blair pulled on her most practical boots and headed out the door. She didn't lock the cabin, since no one lived within ten miles of the place. The moment she stepped foot outside, she was greeted by the illusive scent.

Even in the month since she had last smelt it, the odour had never been far from the forefront of her mind. Eager to find its source, Blair began her journey into the forest. However she didn't get far, her body's weak constitution making it almost impossible to go for more than an hour at a time. Son of a bitch, she cursed in her mind and went back into her cabin, pouring a large glass of water and downing it in several quick gulps. The smell still lingered in the air, but it was distinctly faint, almost unnoticeable had she not smelt it before.

"I'll find it tomorrow." She promised herself and went to her shower, having to peel off her clothes from the sweat. As mentioned before, Blair was far from athletic, though she had her rare spurt of energy, however her stamina was, more or less, non existent. It was one of the reasons her parents had pushed her to learn to drive as soon as possible, since they worried she would find it almost impossible to get around without a vehicle of some kind. Blair was grateful for it, since she was one of the few students at her school who actually drove themselves. She thought back to a year ago, when she had gotten her license just a day before her birthday, reminding her that it was only a couple of days away. Blair silently chided herself for having forgotten in her eagerness to get here.

She sighed as she finished with her shower, dressing in her pyjamas. She had no intention of going out again, since the sun was beginning set and she didn't like the idea of being in the woods without a bright, burning ball of gas in the sky. As such, Blair settled into the new couch in the main room, turning on the tv and flicking through channels, all the while planning out what she would do in the days to come. After a couple of hours of watching tv dramas and documentaries on plants, Blair was struggling to keep her eyes open. With a yawn she turned off the tv and went to her bed, smiling as she fell asleep. She was looking forward to tomorrow.

The next day, Blair was showered and well fed. She had a small backpack on with a couple of bottle of water, with an assortment of sandwiches she'd prepared that morning. She walked out of her cabin and breathed in the air, sighing happily as the scent filled her nostrils. Blair made a guess as to which direction it was coming from and headed there, occasionally stopped to mark a tree in case she got lost, and drinking water at regular intervals. After an hour of walking, she stopped and sat down on what looked to be a mostly clean patch of earth, eating a sandwich as she looked around, seeing the occasional bush rustle as animals played or fled from her.

"This is definitely what I needed." Blair said aloud, leaning her head back and breathing deeply. The scent was slightly stronger now, though she was certain she had a good deal of ground to cover before she found it. As she rested, Blair tried to imagine what a plant would look like for it to produce such a smell, still as sweet and oddly bitter as ever. She imagined a rose like flower on the ground, opening up and revealing beautiful , light pink petals, releasing a pollen that carried this scent. When darkness came, it would close and turn a dark red, waiting for the sun to appear again. Once more eager to find such a discovery, Blair finished her sandwich and stood, brushing crumbs from her shirt. With a quick mouthful of water, she was once more on the move.

Hours passed and Blair found herself growing tired. The sun was high in the sky, the heat bearing down on her without mercy. She only had a couple of water bottles left with only one sandwich left. Not a fool, Blair realised she would have to try again at tomorrow, altering her plan to leave either in the early morning or a short while after noon. The walk back was surprisingly easy, though Blair didn't pay much attention to this, her mind filled with images of herself in the news, being hailed as the one who discovered a new, rare plant, one that proved to be popular with people and thus she opened her own store, selling the botanical wonder. Blair giggled at the idea as she shut the door.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around. It wasn't much different from how she spent her time at her parent's place, the only difference was that she had to cook her own food, something she had learned from a young age, her mother urging her to do so. Blair was glad her parents were so good to her, even if she did nothing to deserve it. She often wanted to do something nice for them but, since outgrowing her more childish tendencies, she had no real idea of what to do. Her family were wealthy, anything they wanted they could get, within reason of course. The most she could do was be a good, loving daughter to them.

Tomorrow, she was woken by her alarm. The sun had yet to fully rise, making the weather much more tolerable, giving Blair a perfect opening to explore. As before, she packed several bottles of water and sandwiches, bringing a large marker for the trees. She was out of her temporary home and heading back into the forest just as the sun was cresting the trees. Blair headed in a slightly different direction than before, though it was still to the west, where the breeze seemed to bring the scent from. Her birthday was tomorrow, she thought, and she would like nothing better than to discover something. Blair turned her thoughts to her fantasy from yesterday, grinning widely as she ventured further and further into the woods.

She was surprised as she continued. The sun was completely up and blazing as brightly as ever, the heat intense and yet, Blair had only drunk two bottles, despite having gone a good deal further than yesterday. She had yet to take a rest as well. The smell was stronger than ever now, leading to assume it was definitely coming from that direction, urging her onwards. She stopped after a few more minutes, her surprising endurance running low, and she sat down. Blair took deep breaths as she ate, the occasional gust of wind blowing the scent in her direction, making her antsy to continue. Once she was finished, Blair hopped to her feet and continued on her way.

As she brushed aside a stray vine hanging from an old oak, her eyes went wide. She had stumbled upon a clearing, with a single flower of some kind in the centre, the trees that surrounded the grass making a circle so perfect, it seemed man made. Blair stepped into the clearing, the scent suddenly becoming stronger than ever before. She eyed the flower, deciding it to be the source and walked over to it, kneeling upon reaching the odd plant. It didn't seem to have a stamen, only a tip, the petals were closed and a dark pink in colour, with black and white splotches spread across their expanse. She leaned forward and breathed in through her nose, feeling something like a sugar rush course through her, the scent almost overwhelming. The flower was definitely the source.

Blair marked her way, making sure all of the markings and trees were clearly visible. She had gone out today with the intention of finding the plant, and she had succeeded, now she all she needed to do was bring a camera to picture it. Thankfully, she had an old camcorder from a few years ago she had received from a relative. Blair had never really used it, but she was glad she had randomly decided to pack it. She went back to the cabin, leaving the flower behind, though with some reluctance. She didn't intend to return that day, intending to look around the rest of the woods, hoping she might find another, similar flower. Blair all but skipped back to her home, beaming like she'd won the lottery.

The rest of the day passed by in flurry of activity. Blair was keen to explore, finding another clearing, though it didn't have flower in the centre, though the trees almost seemed to make a canopy of shade, almost like they were planted for just that purpose. A little under a mile from the cabin, Blair found a stream of crystal clear water, stumbling across a family of deer as they were drinking. Even if I hadn't found that flower, she thought, this place is fantastic. Blair grinned and promised herself that she would bring the camera next time she ventured this far. When the sun began to set, she headed back to her cabin, grinning as she fixed her own dinner and watched tv. With any luck tomorrow, her eighteenth birthday, would be just as eventful.

Blair awoke with a smile on her face. The sun blazed beyond her curtains, the heat great enough that she had thrown away the covers, but that didn't dampen the mood, nor the sticky feeling that came from the constant sweating of her body. Blair had never been overly fond of the tortuous heat that summer brought, but on that day it meant the flower would no doubt be in bloom. Her mind flashed back to it, thinking of the large petals curled up, as if protecting something within. From her brief observation yesterday, she assumed it only had four petals, and that they were a good deal lighter on the insides than their outside appearance. As before, she showered, ate and packed up. With that done, she left for her discovery.

Like yesterday, the sun bore down on her like an overbearing ruler. And yet, it didn't bother her nearly as much. Her skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, her shirt clung to her chest, as did her shorts, but none of it was a bother to her. Blair was uncertain whether it was simply her excitement, or that her body suddenly become much stronger, thus the heat didn't bother her. Whatever the reason, she was nearing the clearing, her prior markings showing the path clearly. She passed one that had a small message beneath it 'clearing is just up ahead' it was signed with a smiley face, causing Blair to grin at her own note. As she had written, the clearing was soon in sight.

She brushed away the vines once more and stepped onto the grass. The wind picked up, creating ripples in the grass and bringing the scent back to the forefront of her mind. Blair leaned her head back and breathed the delightful air in, sighing happily as she looked back down, her grin widening to show her perfect teeth. The flower was in bloom, its four petals lying on the ground, occasionally swaying with the breeze, while in the centre was a large stamen of sorts, with a bulbous tip. Surrounding the stamen were dozens, or hundreds, of tiny feeler like vines, and, while possibly a trick of the light, Blair swore she could see them moving against the slight breeze. Now more excited than before, Blair reached into her backpack and pulled out her camera.

She had made sure it was fully charged and armed with a large memory card. It was simple to use; push a button and it recorded, push a different one and it took a picture, automatically saving to the memory card. Blair wasted no time and began to take as many pictures as she could, before pulling out a tripod, which had been given to her with the camera, and set it up to record. She was going to stake her claim on the flower, and this was her proof. With it set up and recording, Blair made sure she and the flower were in frame and began.

"My name is Blair Scott, and I'm here with a new, never before seen breed of flower. As you can see, it is clearly different to anything we've seen before." As she spoke she kept her eyes focused on the red light, making sure she was looking at whoever may watch this. As such, Blair failed to notice the flower's vines stretching out towards her.

"As far as I am aware, I'm the first human being to find this botanical treasure, so I hereby declare it the Blair Robus." As she named it a vine reached her shoe, but it was thin and careful enough that she failed to notice it, "The Blair Robus seems to produce a strange, sweet scent. This is what drew me to it in the first place. As you can see," Several more vines had reached her feet now, each one beginning to coil around her sock covered leg, taking care not to reveal themselves until they were ready, "It has four petals, each one is a dark pink on the outside, with white and black splotches all over it. On the inside of the petals, it is a pale white with streaks of blue. I've yet to determine if this plant is poisonous." As she finished, she let out a low moan.

The vines had climbed up her leg. Dozens had reached her now, a platoon of them lightly wrapping around her ankles, while the others ventured upwards, finding her panties and slipping inside of them, inadvertently stimulating her hairless pussy. Blair moaned out at this, but composed herself and continued.

"It only appears to bloom when the sun is directly on it, as yesterday I came and it hadn't, despite small rays of sunlight hitting it, oh!" She suddenly yelped, feeling something rub against her clitoral hood, sending a shock of pleasure through her body, "What the fuck was that?" She asked aloud, but cleared her throat, and promised herself she would edit these parts out. The camera's display was opposite where she stood, but it caught everything, as the vines grew bold, rapidly climbing up until they were crawling across her stomach. This time, Blair was unable to maintain her composure and looked down, about to pull her shirt up, expecting to find a bug of somekind. As she gripped the hem she let loose a shriek of shock as her wrists were suddenly bound.

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